what are the best barbecue spots in melbourne

What Are The Best Barbecue Spots In Melbourne?

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    A family barbeque is the quintessential Australian experience. There's no need to choose between a light summer meal and a full beach picnic. City governments across the country instal hundreds of free barbeques in parks every year because barbeque is an integral part of American culture.

    The true difficulty lies in locating an appropriate public location for a barbeque. It's never a fun time when you get to a park with all of the ingredients for a cookout, only to discover there's no barbeque to use.
    To solve this problem, there are a few ingenious strategies.

    Every public BBQ in Melbourne, and perhaps every BBQ in Australia, is listed inside the Meat inside a Park. Find local barbeque establishments using their handy search function, or refine your results by providing an address. Simple.

    The official government website in your area probably also lists public barbeques you can use.

    It's possible you'd rather grill out in the open air. If so, you can enquire with Parks Victoria about the availability of public barbeques in your intended travel location; let's be honest, writers adore eating in parks.

    Please do your best to clean up after yourselves so that the shared spaces remain nice. Have an amazing time at the barbeque!

    FAQs About Barbecue Spots

    Parks In Melbourne With Bbq Facilities

    A fantastic destination for a barbecue is the historic Studley Park Boathouse at Yarra Bend Park. Close to the historic building are multiple electric barbecues, picnic tables and a picnic shelter. The Herring Island picnic area has free barbecues and picnic areas.

    North Fitzroy's Edinburgh Gardens is regularly mentioned in travel guides as one of Melbourne's most popular parks; maybe that explains why it can be next to impossible to score a shaded spot to enjoy lunch on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The 24-hectare gardens include three separate barbecue areas.

    The gardens adjoin the popular Melbourne Museum, the Royal Exhibition Building and the renowned Carlton Gardens Tennis Courts. The site even includes BBQ facilities and a playground for the kids.

    5 Tips For Grilling On A Public Grill

    • Clean out the grates as best as you can.
    • Remove any ashes or debris from the bottom. 
    • Cover the grates with foil if you like. 
    • Make sure you preheat the grill if you're not using foil. 
    • Clean up.

    When invited to an Australian BBQ, always bring a dish along unless told otherwise. Some hosts prefer that they take care of all the food and drinks. In that case, it is still a good idea to get something like a bottle of wine, chocolates or a thoughtful gift as a means to thank them for the invite.

    The Best BBQ & Picnic Spots In Melbourne

    what are the best barbecue spots in melbourne2

    As among the most iconic summertime activities, the picnic has been enjoyed by people all over the world since prehistoric times. You deserve every ounce of praise, amen.

    Rippon Lea House & Gardens

    An elegant picnic might be had in the Victorian-era Rippon Pond Kitchen & Gardens. It's easy to imagine yourself having a wireless sexual encounter in the garden, which has been designed to look like a scene from Fern Gully.

    Relax on a mat and watch the afternoon pass, or choose from a number of nature excursions through orchards. We know you're here to load up on healthy snacks like fruit, dip, bread, or freshly squeezed juices from Auntie Laura's Health Foods for a large gathering.

    If you find tapas to be less than appealing, Glicks, famous for its poppy seed bagel, is only down the street. On your special day, indulge in some tempting cookies, cakes, or pastries from Dana Patisserie.

    In the event that you forget the liquor and burnables for the traditional shrimp on the barbie, you can have them delivered for free by Cable Car Wine & Spirits and have their boyfriend pick up just the backstraps either Karalee Gourmet Foods or Livingston Seafoods.

    St Kilda Botanical Gardens

    Businesses on Blessington have a greater responsibility to ensure that their customers have a pleasant experience as they travel to Pleasantville. The lush tropical palm trees, verdant foliage, and sparkling lake make these gardens ideal for every type of picnic, from a peaceful family event to a rowdier get-together.

    Bring a buddy over with some cheese, pick up a six-pack or local craft brews or a delicious drop from Usage Street Cellars, and round out the meal with a loaf a crunchy, chewy, fresh-from-the-oven pumpkin seed loaf at Woodfrog Bakery.

    Have they not shrunk human beings to the size of grasshoppers? Take the kids, relatives, or shetland ponies to 7 Apple Gelato for the tastiest banana and dulce de leche gelato in town. Stop by Kotch Lane just on way there for a selection of tasty, freshly prepared sandwiches and salads if you don't feeling like cooking. easily transportable and ideally suited for a picnic takeout packets.

    Catani Gardens, St Kilda Beach Foreshore

    Catani Gardens, at the intersection of Fitzroy Street as well as the Esplanade, is the finest place to combine a beachside BBQ with a stroll all along sand. The Catani Gardens are spread out across six hectares all along St. Kilda shoreline and are studded with orderly rows of palm trees.

    Spend the day lounging on the beach and in the park with a picnic bench and grill, and then continue the celebration in one of the numerous St. Kilda bars or restaurants.

    A picnic is not complete without beer at St. Kilda Villas Bar & Bottleshop as well as the finest dairy items in town from Milk the Cow.

    If you're in market for sausages, T.O.M.S. has you covered with flavours as diverse as chicken and sage in addition to the more traditional beef and paprika. Nutrition Explosion, a super smoothies at Il Fornaio, contains raw chocolate, seeds, walnuts, coconut, soy, & banana. Boom!

    The Tana Kaik Garden, Also Known As The Royal Botanic Gardens

    There is a great emphasis on getting a tan. All the South Yarra yum yum tomb in Nike frees, all the men clocking 6kilometres personal bests, all the Melbourne Grammar girls enjoying fast service lattes, and all the tourists converge on Central Park, the city's expansive natural landscape. Within the Botanic Gardens, visitors can enjoy Myer Music Bowl, the sole Chapel of Memory, and a huge herbarium.

    Grab a cup of coffee at My Legendary Girlfriend and relax by one of the numerous lakes, beneath a shade of a tree, or in the middle of the enormous jungle for some amazing scenery-enhanced selfies.

    You may satisfy any craving with a sandwich or a scoop of gelato from the Spring Street Grocer, which is also conveniently placed. If you get here early enough, you can snag a spot at one of the BBQs set up all along Yarra Valley, at which you can observe rowers and also in our very own snakey stream, and have a steak from Hudson Meats, their free-range burger will still have you mooing.

    Acquire a bottle of vino and unwind. In no time at all, you'll be cracking up after sampling some of the Botanical's delicious and nutritious pinot and some of South Yarra Sharper Fruits' grapes, fruits, and other plump, luscious fruits.

    Stables Of Como

    Is today the day you aim to make a good impression on others? The Stable on Como is where you need to be. Located directly to the south of the beautiful Como House, the Como Gardens provide visitors a look into the lavish lifestyles of Melbourne's elite in the year 1853. The grounds have beautiful flower beds, manicured grass, and monumental statues.

    If you grow hungry while mingling with the aristocracy, you can get a readymade picnic basket from the Stables de Para ser, the joy of the House's catering staff.

    You can get all the ingredients to make a Noisette baguette salad, white cooked ziti, and a handcrafted Spoked Wheel for about $50. Are you sure that won't work? Bringing a bottle of alcohol, a cricket set, or even a bag of boules will elevate your picnic to a whole new level.

    Edinburgh Gardens

    One of the most beautiful parks on the list is Edinburgh Gardens, which is frequently used for picnics and is frequently the site of children's birthday celebrations and Ultimate Frisbee tournaments. At any time of year, We can go to this place and enjoy the great weather, communal barbeque pits, basketball & table tennis courts, and children's and adult playgrounds.

    North Carlton Superb Meats is a popular local butcher, and many people go there to satisfy their hunger. Fatty microcontrollers and melting fat patties make Danny's Burgers legendary; if you can't find a BBQ, order some to go.

    The Green Grocer has delicious baked goods, and you can get great coffee at The Tin Pot or Munster Haus. The vast Piedmonte's Market has everything you could possibly need for a nice picnic, including breads, olive oils, and dips.

    Carlton Gardens

    Do you enjoy reading, watching people relax in the sun, and gawking at pretty fountains? The Carlton Gardens are the perfect place for a picnic. You are surrounded on all sides by the ancient Royal Exhibition. There are public play areas, a sizable playground, and several grassy knolls excellent for spreading up a picnic blanket, all within walking distance of the Melbourne Museum and the iconic Federation Building.

    Those rumbling stomachs should dial the number for D.O.C.'s takeout service, where they may order pizza and pasta meals from their trendy new deli to be delivered to their door. However, if cheese is what you're wanting, you won't find La Latteria Mozzarella Laboratory, whose fresh mozzarellas created in-house are legendary and whose helpful staff will gladly guide you towards the best selection.

    Skinner & Dutton has the best meat cuts inside the northside, whereas the bezel has delicious pierogi dumplings as well as the Rathdowne Cooperative Delicatessen is dip central.


    Abbotsford Convent

    Our Abbotsford Convent is a beautiful picnic spot throughout the year, and come summer, when the Convent's Supermarket reopens, you won't have had to worry about a thing. In its fourth year, the Supper Market is an each for all your eating, drinking, & relaxing needs, with merchants selling it all from Himalayan and Indonesian to Mexican and Turkish to French and timber pizzas and fish & chips. Don't leave without sampling something sweet from the concessions.

    Wine and beer for keep the mouth happy, arts and crafts to keep the hands busy, and evenings of musical performances to keep the lips busy have never made a picnic look more enticing. Every Friday night during the summer, picnickers can be seen at Abbotsford Convent again for Supper Market.

    The Nature Strip

    It's over there, towards the trees. A tiny patch of grass along the kerb is all that passes for "nature" in this urban setting. Southsiders who haven't gotten on to these wonderful innovations are wasting away on the grass verge, which has been converted into a hipsters paradise wherein individuals can eat, drink, party, and enjoy a great time in typical Northern style.

    Wherever in the natural area you decide to have your picnic, you will find a wide variety of food and drink options to take with you. Pick purchase a handy thug sack from a Liquorland nearby you if you want to take care of the drinks, cigarettes, and rollies yourself.

    You can get a 10-pack of Coles' own brand hotdogs, perfect for a picnic, for only $4.95. For one dollar, you can get a slice of white bread that will last you for two meals. Winning!

    The Best Barbecue Restaurants In Melbourne, Australia

    Melbourne, Australia's "Foodie Capital," had enthusiastically embraced the American BBQ trend. In the beginning, it was the juicy pulled pork, but today it's the tender beef brisket. Here are some of the best places to get a delicious campfire supper.

    Big Boy Bbq

    Big Boy BBQ, located in Caulfield South since 2011, was Melbourne's first true 'low and slow' barbeque joint. After a cross-country trip fueled his obsession, Lance Rosen opened two more outlets.

    Over the course of 16 hours, dry rubs have penetrated the meat of the prime rib and also the lamb shoulder. Vinegar-dressed cole slaw is an excellent side dish since its sharpness cuts through the fatty pork. We'll finish off the meal with a slice of creamy peanut butter pie, a classic American dessert.

    The cuisine is made at the glacial pace essential to maintain flavour and tenderness, but the atmosphere is reminiscent of a Kansas City steakhouse and just a fast food restaurant.

    Ike’s Rack Shack

    Enjoy several of Ike's ribs while unwinding in the nautically themed bar at The Beaufort. To pay tribute to the American clubs favoured by sailors, this nautically themed pub has housed temporary barbeque booths (like Fancy Hank's) inside the past.

    Conversely, Ike's has been an secretive city BBQ club member since 2014. This institution proudly displays Americana compared to others like it. Experience a taste of the Old West amidst the saloon's rustic wood furnishings and cow skulls.

    The hickory-smoked and maple-glazed pork ribs are what really make this establishment stand out. These are best enjoyed with a few rockabilly tunes and an India Pale Ale.

    A rack shop located at 421 Rathdowne Street in Carlton, Victoria, Australia, owned by a man named Ike.

    Le Bon Ton

    The cuisine draws inspiration from oyster bars of Orleans, fusing Gulf Coast seafood with cured meats from Texas smokers. It is operated and owned by the same New Mexico brothers who also run the wildly successful Chingón in neighbouring Richmond.

    Une Fois Ton has indeed been pared down to the bare basics, with high ceilings and dark tile. While sipping absinthe in chaise lounges, diners gather around candlelit wooden tables illuminated by beautiful metal pendants.

    A secluded AstroTurf courtyard is the setting for all the smoking action. Get a group of friends together, get a pitcher or New Orleans Sazeracs, and dive into the 'Southern Glory' sharing menu, where chefs from Texas offer up plates piled high with ironbark-pricked shrimp and a variety of delectable trimmings.

    Address: Le Bon Ton, 51 Gipps St., Collingwood, VIC, Australia

    Up In Smoke

    The stunning architecture by Münch Valenti Architectural style, the trendy concrete bar, and the black-painted exposed walls at Footscray, from the same company that brought you the animal flesh sensation 8bit, put a modern take on traditional American watering places.

    Up in Smoke's menu is always changing to include new international foods and craft beers from all around the world. In spite of the fact that the $20,000 Yoder Woodsman cannabis user was made in Tex, the bar's decor has departed from its Deep South vibe.

    Until 6 in the evening, smoked meat will not be accessible. It's still difficult to decide between the many tantalising small meals available, including such pulled pork shoulder sandwiches, brisket charred ends tacos, and dark baba ganoush.

    Australia's Up in Smoke can be found at 28 Hopkins Street in Footscray.

    Fancy Hank’s

    After years of cooking barbeque all across town, Fancy Hank's finally settled in the middle of town in 2014. Those tempting cigarette aromas from the smoke below will reach you before you even reach the summit of the steps.

    The bar's limited menu includes sandwiches, but We suggest opting for the cured meats instead. Some examples include beef brisket, Carolina cut pork, and tender ribs served with a sweet succotash.

    It's as simple as placing a order just at bar, waiting for a notification, and then picking it up from the kitchen. Extremely fundamental: focus on the monotonous hum. Everything from coffee molasses to jalapeo & peach sauce is homemade and delicious.

    what are the best barbecue spots in melbourne3


    When bacon is featured in your restaurant's trademark cocktail, you know you're serving up some serious meat. The eccentric Richmond, Virginia restaurant Meatmother is every bit as good as the hype. The classic Bacon Sour is made with bacon-infused Maker's Mark bourbon, caraway-infused brown honey, lime juice, egg white, as well as a rasher for garnish.

    Enjoy it at the dark downstairs bar before dinner, but know that you won't bee able to finish the huge meat tray afterwards. If you're feeling adventurous, start with the fried Found that significant peppers and move onto the beef rib. Unless you head over to its sister restaurant, Meatmaiden, you won't find another institution that makes butchering appear this chic.

    167 Swan St., Meatmother, Richmond, Victoria, Australia


    Australia's city governments set up free barbeques for the public every year in the thousands. Using the Meat inside a Park website, locating local barbeque restaurants, or inquiring with Parks Victoria about the availability of public barbeques are all viable options for locating an appropriate public spot for a barbeque. Have a fantastic time at the barbeque, and don't forget to pick up after yourselves. Since ancient times, people all throughout the world have been enjoying the classic summer pastime of having a picnic. A few excellent picnic spots in Melbourne include Rippon Lea House & Gardens, St. Kilda Botanic Gardens, Catani Gardens, and Kotch Lane.

    You can lay down on a mat and watch the day go by, or you can go on one of the several orchard hikes that Rippon Pond Kitchen & Gardens offers. Bring a friend, some cheese, and a six-pack of local craft beers or a bottle of wine from Usage Street Cellars to St. Kilda Gardens, and then round out the meal with a loaf of crispy, chewy, fresh-from-the-oven pumpkin seed bread from Woodfrog Bakery. If you're looking for the best banana and dulce de leche gelato in town, take the kids, relatives, or shetland ponies to 7 Apple Gelato on Kotch Lane. Last but not least, swing by Auntie Laura's Health Foods for some nutritious eats like fresh produce, dips, breads, and juices.

    Content Summary

    1. The Australian way of life centres around backyard barbeques with friends and family.
    2. Since barbecuing is so essential to American tradition, local governments all throughout the country set up hundreds of free grills in public parks every summer.
    3. Finding a good public place to have a barbeque is the real challenge.
    4. The worst thing about bringing all the fixings for a picnic to a park without a barbeque is finding out there isn't one to use.
    5. There are a couple clever approaches to this issue.
    6. The Meat inside a Park features a comprehensive directory of all public barbeques in Melbourne, and maybe all of Australia.
    7. Use the site's search bar to locate nearby barbeque joints, and narrow down your options by entering an address.
    8. A directory of free public grills can be found on your local government website.
    9. Because, let's be honest, authors love dining in parks, you might want to check with Parks Victoria to see if they have any public barbeques in your destination of choice.
    10. The picnic is one of the most universally recognised symbols of summer and has been enjoyed by people from all walks of life since prehistoric times.
    11. Home and Gardens at Rippon Lea Rippon Pond Kitchen & Gardens, which dates back to the Victorian era, is a beautiful spot for a sophisticated picnic.
    12. The Botanic Gardens at St. Kilda The stores along Blessington have an even greater obligation to the people who are making the trip to Pleasantville to make sure they have a good day.
    13. These gardens are perfect for any kind of picnic, from quiet family gatherings to rowdy parties, thanks to the abundance of tropical palm trees, lush vegetation, and shimmering lake.
    14. Enjoy the best banana and dulce de leche gelato in town at 7 Apple Gelato with your family, friends, or even your shetland pony.
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