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Which Is The Best Night Bar In Melbourne?

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    Amazingly, Melbourne is home to a wide variety of high-quality watering holes. As we worked on this list of the best single malt pubs in Fremantle, we started to question if every other structure in the city also served as a watering spot.

    Classic martinis, raspberry liqueurs, and other potent botanical beverages can be ordered at any quality Melbourne gin bar. True connoisseurs of fine dining will be overjoyed to discover a bottle of unique gin suitable for sipping neat. This is a list of Melbourne's top 17 gin bars. Like a well-curated distillery menu or a thriving juniper shrub, this one just improves with age.

    The Best Nightclub in Melbourne

    Melbourne's bar scene is unlike any other. This is because there is such a vast range of businesses to choose from: from the conventional hangouts to hidden cocktail bars down back alleys, whisky bars, and wine shops. This means that no matter what kind of drink you're looking for, you'll be able to find enough of it in Melbourne.

    A fantastic bar has excellent drinks and a melancholy or energetic atmosphere, depending on the customer's taste. Melbourne, however, is home to some of the world's finest watering holes.

    However, they all offer more than these two necessities, and each of them has its own advantages.

    To complement their drinks, some establishments provide complementary food menus. Our city is home to a wide variety of residents, some of whom make proud use of the rooftops and city vistas, and others who choose to remain unseen in the shadows of some of the most well-known laneways.

    What we drink is also changing as a consequence of these establishments. All of these businesses will shape the pub culture for the foreseeable future by emphasising non-alcoholic and low-alcoholic drinks on their drink menus or by using restaurant techniques to craft cocktails.

    Clooney Kitchen & Bar

    Many locals and visitors alike consider Clooney Kitchen & Bar to be the best bar in the whole of Port Melbourne, perfect for a night out with friends over drinks and delicious food.

    Time Out magazine named them 2019's best new bar, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day at the office or to get together with friends for just a fun night out.

    This Melbourne gin bar has created a drink menu that is both simple and sophisticated, and they have taken great care to source only the greatest quality ingredients. Our top pick is indeed the Gin & Yuzu Spider, which combines Nosferatu Bloody Orange Gin, citric syrup, citrus, tonic water, and citrus foam.

    night bar

    Bijou Bottle Store

    The central location of this Melbourne gin palace, which also serves as a bottle shop, is hard to beat. Unwind on the weekend in a structure that has been welcoming visitors since 1901. Bijou Bottle Shop has a vast selection of gins, along with a wide selection of rotating house-made cocktails. The finest way to spend a day in Melbourne is at the city's amazing pub scene.

    Bad Frankie

    A lot such as the Australian history teacher you never really had but always wanted, Bad Frankie is the one bar in the world that serves only spirits made in Australia.

    Bad Frankie, decided to name after the cretin who forbidden the narrow still very much in Australia and therefore stymied any chance of the a naturopathic craft alcohol industry for 150 years, carries a wide selection of the best white and brown spirit world that are now made in the country and offers qualified employees to back it up. It's okay to branch out and try something new so long as you support a local business.

    The Everleigh Melbourne

    Michael Madrusan, well-known for his work just at internationally renowned bar Milk & Honey, is the mastermind behind this posh cocktail lounge. Once all 30 guests have been seated, the mood is affectionate and refined, just right for enjoying one of the top-notch cocktails brought out on a trolley from the tiny bar. They have fantastic gin cocktails, but everything on the menu as well as the service is also excellent.

    FAQs Best Night Bar In Melbourne

    Melbourne is renowned for its nightlife, meaning there are a wealth of great cocktail bars to check out. The top-rated by review is 1806, which is one of the more unique cocktail bars in the city. Definitely worth a try.

    Melbourne has been tagged amongst the world’s most attractive, livable places. And if ‘livable’ to you means going out and having a good time with the best nightlife in Melbourne, then boy have you got it right! 

    The once quiet streets of the city have turned all jazzy and fun with a plethora of bars, pubs, clubs, discotheques, restaurants, cruises, theatres, and other entertainment options, all of which turn ten times more exciting once the sun goes down!

    Apart from an amazing nightlife, you’ll be greeted by the most amazing people in the multicultural, progressive city of Melbourne. 

    Popping into a bar for a solo drink always seems like a great idea: you’re there on your own terms, you don’t have to wait on any of your friends, you don’t have to make conversation with an early Tinder date. Maybe you’ll even win the favor of that bartender you like.

    But reality doesn’t always match up with this breezy, solo-drinking dream. Maybe you can’t find a seat. Maybe you can only talk to strangers by shouting. Maybe you want to befriend that bartender, but they always seem busy.

    If you live in a big city with dozens of nearby bars, it’s intimidating. How do you find a place where you always feel welcome? Where should you sit? What should you order? For expert help, we talked to a few bartenders. Here are their best recommendations for rolling solo.


    Bars are often better if you are on a night out, as they often play louder music and will have specials on drinks such as spirits and mixers (eg vodka and coke). Clubs are very much for a big night out dancing with friends, as they have very loud music and big dance floors, though often not much room to sit down.

    One thing's for sure: you're never short of places to party in Melbourne. The Victorian capital is famous for its nightlife. From bars and restaurants to clubs that keep going until the sun is up, Melbournites are spoiled for choice every weekend.

    Eau De Vie Melbourne

    After entering this secret venue, you will be whisked away to a land of artistic profusion and gastronomic pleasure. Eau De Vie serves up some of the most creative and tasty cocktails in town. They have a wide variety of gins available at the front bar, and the whisky selection behind the scenes is incredible. Among Melbourne's finest watering holes, this is a must-visit. As a result, the price of your trip reflects this.


    Four Pillars Gin Distillery

    Four Pillars Gin is produced in the Yarra Valley, which is close to Melbourne. They first opened in 2013 and have been using their expertise in botanicals to create premium gins ever since. All of their gins, from the flagship Unique Dry Gin to the Negroni-specific gin, are founded upon the same four principles.

    Each bottle is crafted with traditional, exotic, & native ingredients, Yarra Valley spring water, and a whole lot of love. Due to its primary focus as a vermouth distillery, there is little opportunity for mischief here, but the drinks are top-notch.

    Union Electric Bar & Rooftop Gin Garden

    Once unknown to locals, this bar is now frequented by those seeking Latin American music & cocktails in Melbourne.

    The name "Union Automatic Bar" and "Mountaintop Gin Garden" both imply that patrons will be treated to some of the best gin mixed drinks in Melbourne. The menu's emphasis on fresh produce is accentuated by the addition of eye-catching garnishes like raspberry barley shrub, elderflower, as well as micro herbs. Remember that there is no food service at the bar.


    Since its opening in 2007, this bar—which takes its title from the first printed use of the word "cocktail"—has been a favourite among the locals.

    The bar staff aren't your typical undergrads trying to make ends meet, but they know their gin. The classic cocktails that feature juniper are made with the same degree of care and attention as the house cocktails. In this case, you should acquire a Corpse Quick heal and count to three.

    Take in all that Melbourne has to offer, from the city itself to its cuisine and culture. Just learn what you can do in Melbourne to have a great holiday.

    Romeo Lane

    When one-night-only visitors to Melbourne ask where they should go out for a drink.

    It has everything one would expect from a Melbourne bar: a hidden laneway location, obscure signage, civilised times of operation, expert barmen with tattoos and beards, and so on. However, the bar's almost obsessive attention to detail elevates it above and beyond the merely good.

    Romeo Lane was once the site of the home's living room in the 19th century. The close quarters, shared table, open fire pit, and illumination, which is augmented by such a wash of red bright colors from the Pellegrini's sign from across lane, all contribute to the room's cosy, welcoming ambience. The dim glow of a candle illuminates dark wood and fine cut particle glasses and decanters.

    It will be delivered at the proper temperature and dilution, served in a silver coaster made for the purpose and accompanied by a small, shallow pan for almond pits.

    A visit to this bar will transport you to another era, as its vintage decor and furnishings will make you feel like you've stepped into a time warp. Here, the best option is a cocktail. The owners appreciate more subtle alcoholic beverages.

    Alluding to classic cocktails, we use properly broken glass, good ice, few garnishes, and no more than two or three ingredients. These ingredients weren't picked because of their price tag or reputation, but because they did a better job.

    They might swap out the rum in a Mai Tai for a spritzer, or they could mix Mezcal, Amaro Serbia, and passionfruit for just a sweet but rather smoky wonder when the temperature rises.

    The cocktails are prepared with the same precision as the Martinis, and the service is as steady and unassuming as the bartenders themselves.

    The same moderation can be seen in Romeo Lane's selection of snacks. This is a small but perfectly formed platter of cured and cheeses, complete with 1 teaspoon of mustard and some of France's most famous cheese, served with either mandarin orange juice or pears. simple and easy to grasp; direct and concise. Harmonous with one another.

    In addition to the obvious alcohol problem pleasures, a night out at a great bar can improve your mood and general state of mind. It's them you ought to go home to after a good day or a bad day. Romeo Lane is a reliable source of results. They can make the most of a bar's resources while making it look like they're not even breaking a sweat. The inclusion of this ingredient in the recipe is highly appreciated.

    night bar

    Bar Liberty

    In 2018, we announced that Bar Liberty was our favourite wine bar. But that was then and this is today.

    What changed that made them the cream of the crop again? Even though the leadership at Bar Liberty has changed, the organization's mission remains the same. The bar's staff is hoping that word of mouth will spread far and wide, and that wine connoisseurs from everywhere will make this their first stop when visiting the area.

    They really step up when it counts. Although the selection is still premised on lo-fi principles, the producers featured here create polished examples rather than confusing flaws with personality in mediocre wines.

    It's not just the extensive wine list that's remarkable. On the beverage and spirits list, you can find both classics like Negronis made to locally sourced gin and inventive twists on old favorites like the Sour Grapes. Pneumatically, osiguranje, grain-based ghosts made by ex-Noma chefs at Epistemological Spirit Co will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about liquor. Bourbon shots from an action figure vehicle? There is no evidence that they have stopped functioning. Certain foods, such as steamed sourdough bread and cacio tion Pepe, have been updated while others have remained classics.

    Choose from three different toppings for your flatbread: butter cheese, chicken “ sure with cucumbers, or smoked eel dip. Now instead of salt and pepper vegetables, we serve tempura-battered cabbage slices dusted with nutmeg salt.

    Pippies with smoked clarified butter and wild garlic, rather than XO sauce as well as Chinese doughnuts, are just one example of how Furst has improved upon a fan favourite while keeping it recognisable to loyal customers.

    The small Bar Liberty is, in many ways, very similar to the old Bar Liberty; however, it has been updated to better suit our current drinking and dining habits. When it comes to wine, cocktails, and food, no other wine bar in Melbourne comes close, which is why it was named Time Out Melbourne's Best Wine Bar for 2020.

    Old Palm Liquor

    The east Brunswick bar Old Palm Alcohol is being promoted by the owners as a pub, not a pub as well as wine bar. This is the first time we've ever visited a bar like this, and we love it! A chic menu with such a South African spin is prepared over coals and served alongside a wide selection of wines and beer.

    Old Palm Liquor's wine list is modelled after Neighboring Wine, which is worth noting.

    There are a few exceptions, but for the most part you can expect to find wines that have undergone minimal or no sulphite addition, as well as those that have undergone extended skin contact or amphora ageing. Confused? Don't be nervous. You won't have to keep calling for help as you drink through your wine supply because the bottles will be labelled with details about the vineyard but also winemaking process that went into making them.

    If you're looking for a hearty red to sip on a chilly winter evening, Old Palm Liquor will tell you which ones are best served chilled. Obviously, if you prefer traditional beverages or have a conventional or austere palate, it's best to stick to beers and spirits unless you have a particularly deep pocket.

    This same 'Everyday Wine' page is great for wine drinkers who want to broaden their horizons but are put off with wines that are oxidative, mousy, overcast, or acidic. The page not only records approachable negligible wines, but also ones that are affordable.

    The dishes at Old Palm are meant to be shared, but also chef Jordaan makes use of the opportunity to implement South African flavours into meals like beef carpaccio flavoured like biltong and grilled rockling flavoured with Cape Malay herbal remedies and peppers and cooked over a grill n't yet dissimilar to the a brain, one that instils char and smoke.

    An excellent candidate for best bar snack of the year are splayed shallots with the bases still attached, battered and breaded until golden brown, then surpassed of sour nut cream as well as a reach of diced, delish jalapeno.

    The bar's decor is very 1970s in style (lots of wood, browns and beige), but it also feels like a cross between a fictional ski lodge and an RSL. Old Palm Liquor is about as Brunswick as you'll find with a normal wine list and a menu infused with flavours we rarely, if ever, see, but its achievement is demonstrated by its everytime dining rooms. If you don't want to be let down, you should call ahead and make a reservation.

    Bar Margaux

    No one should be surprised by the high standard of the cocktails at Bar Margaux. The Central Business District basement bar is a part of a long line of profitable entrepreneurs, including the Everleigh, a trophy-filled cocktail saloon, and the Massive disappointment, a similar dive bar. At twelve in the morning, nothing is more hedonistic than a bottle of fine liquor.

    What's more surprising is that the third bar, which specialises in cocktails with in classic Melbourne style, also serves as a restaurant serving outstanding food and drinks.

    The checkerboard floor, white subway tiles, washrooms, cabled glass dividers, and made of gold back bar lighting at Bar Margaux in Melbourne are all expertly assembled to avert cliché and make the room feel like the right spot at the right time, despite being based on a New York copy of the a Parisian cafe.

    Time spent with him in a New York bar was well spent, as he has a firm grasp on the layout needs of a late-night location like this, such as the requirement for private, dim kiosks and adequate room for exhibits in the centre.

    The catering staff has also worked very hard. The menu is an all-star cast of French bistro staples, just like the ambience. A bar that provides food until 3 a.m. probably isn't going to serve you the best French onion soup, most authentic steak fries, or most decadent lobster Croissant monsieur (and later on weekends).

    On the other hand, there's more to living than partying until dawn. Discounted burgundy and burgers, or champagne and oysters, are just two examples of the Golden Hour specials that can keep a bar or restaurant buzzing and reminiscent of the Mad Men era.

    The precision with which your cocktail is prepared in a Madrusa bar is on par with that of any other of the city's bars. Margaux follows the current trend of serving smaller cocktails by offering "drink" size cocktails that can be finished in three gulps, making them perfect for those times when you need to pretend to be sober.

    There is no dip in quality between the hours of 4 p.m. and 4 a.m. in Melbourne's nightlife because of bars like Bar Margaux. We're glad it finally arrived.

    Black Pearl

    It was never necessary for a string of major international awards to convince Melburnians that BlackPearl is where you should go if you want a great cocktail, but those praises obviously helped carry in the visitors who now include the bar as a must-see on their itineraries.

    Mick Conte and her family's rack have been an example of competence for sixteen years, an eternal life with in bar business. Several of us owe our expertise of fine cocktails to them.

    They don't rest on their laurels by only offering classic works, but rather update their catalogue frequently to accommodate customers' tastes and the changing of the seasons.

    This summer was spent reimagining the cheesy beverages you'd discover at an all-inclusive hotel in an effort to emphasise a relaxed, tropical atmosphere. The real, locally made curaçao used here gives the party drink serious flavour and aroma, something that you won't find in many of the world's best cocktail bars, but you will find here.

    A cocktail which it defies logic, the Lady Finger combines bourbon and banana before adding citric acid, Earl Grey tea, as well as falernum to tone down the intense flavours.

    This same Black Pearl is a legendary ship, but legends only live up to the standards of their generosity. Some of Australia's most acclaimed bartenders cut their teeth here, and many others have followed in their footsteps. Thanks to the strong team culture which Conte has fostered with her unwavering commitment, she has risen to the position of unique female leader inside a stereotypical masculine field. Even if the bar is commercially successful, this is what will ensure its iconic status for decades to come.

    We're relieved that the spotlight hasn't made them haughty or superior. Get a terrific strawberry, relax on the lounge chairs, and when you're hungry, excavate into a tray of sandwiches while wearing the shoes that are most at ease for you.

    Six days a week, locals, clocked-out hospo labourers, and Google Maps-guided tourists are all handled with the same tier of warmth. Although the high quality of the cocktails requires that they be did enjoy soberly, who of us hasn't had more over a few.

    Gerald's Bar

    Gerald's neighbourhood bar has been talk of the sleepy Carlton North suburbs ever since it opened in 2007.

    They have never let a change in leadership dampen a good time, making them true Legends of 2019 - Time Out Cafe Awards.

    With its excellent theme song as well as a Facebook post of such a young Michael Reynolds watching over you, Gerald's has always had a warm and inviting vibe.

    Even though there are a few dead ends on the wine list that spans two hundred bottles, the staff are more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect bottle. You can find both classic bottles from all over the world and the new, weird skin wines that all the hipsters are drinking these days. In this establishment, a small group of regulars votes on which roses and whites would be served by the panel for the following five courses.

    There is a wide selection of alcoholic drinks, and the bartenders can even mix you up a medicinal natural remedy, but they won't bother with any elaborate queries. Beer is implied to quench thirst, so there aren't any speciality brews that call for chomping.

    Even on the busiest of nights, the company is never intrusive, and this is done on purpose. Food specials are written in haste on brown paper and tacked to a staircase behind the bar; items that have managed to sell out have been marked off with many slashes of Sharpie.

    BBQ pork ribs one day, a hunt and guava terrine the next; the kitchen provides what it wants. Cut into bite-sized pieces and served with white pickled fishes or a cheese from the daily cheese board.

    During the warm summer months, Gerald and his regulars can be found smoking outside.

    Everyone in town treats him and his bar like they're celebrities. Despite being intended for locals, Gerald's Bar has evolved into a popular destination for out-of-town visitors. At Gerald's, time seems to stand still. How wonderful it would be if it could go on forever.


    Melbourne is one of the world's best locations to live because of its culture and diverse population. One can take a boat ride down the Yarra River, visit one of the many parks, or ride the trams, all of which contribute to the city's distinctly European feel. The Melbourne World Comedy Festival is one of the city's many cultural attractions. Check out the recommended attractions and activities before setting out on a sightseeing adventure. Melbourne is sometimes called "Australia's cultural capital" due to its status as a multicultural metropolis and busy port.

    There are many parks, art galleries, and museums to explore, as well as a diverse selection of buildings to marvel at. The Royal Botanic Gardens provide a haven for approximately 10,000 plant species from around the world, including several that are on the verge of extinction. Live performances and movies beneath the stars are both possibilities during the summer months in the gardens. The gardens are one of the city's best free attractions because they are lovely all year long.

    Melbourne attracts sightseers from all around the world. Featuring almost 70,000 pieces from Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas, the Art Gallery of Victoria is Australia's oldest and most popular public art gallery. A vast variety of Australian art, from ancient Aboriginal pieces to cutting-edge mixed media, can be found at the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square. There are 40 new shows each year at Victoria, Australia's National Gallery, which also hosts family-friendly tours, workshops, and other events on a regular basis. Friday Nights on NGV and Melbourne Winter Masterpieces are two of the NGV's most popular series.

    Whether you're a local or just passing through, you should definitely start your exploration of Melbourne at Federation Square. It faces the city's busiest subway station, Flinders, making it a convenient starting point from which to explore the city.

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    1. Melbourne consistently ranks as one of the world's best places to live due to its reputation as a multicultural hub.
    2. The second-largest city in Australia feels more like a European capital.
    3. Outside of the city's bustle, you can find several interesting day trip possibilities.
    4. Grand Victorian buildings in Rush attest to the city's affluence following the Gold Rush, and the pleasant experience of wandering the area's tree-lined promenades and network of hidden laneways is a bonus.
    5. Check out our suggested sights and activities below before you go out on a sightseeing tour of Melbourne.
    6. Melbourne is often called "Australia's cultural capital" because of this simple fact.
    7. The city of Melbourne is rich in cultural institutions and green spaces.
    8. Moreover, there is a great deal of diverse and fascinating architecture to investigate, ranging from venerable Victorian structures to cutting-edge contemporary works.
    9. When considering possible holiday spots in Australia, there is no competition between Melbourne and any other city.
    10. Use this page as a map to the best sights in Melbourne.
    11. Those Beautiful Gardens Belonging to the Queen The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, Australia, are among the best in the world.
    12. Over 10,000 native plant species from throughout the world call these 38 acres of land home, including several that are very close to extinction.
    13. In the centre of Melbourne's urban sprawl lies the 94-acre oasis known as the Melbourne Gardens, which is home to rare, important, and diverse plant species.
    14. Melbourne attracts sightseers from all around the world.
    15. The National Gallery of Victoria If you're looking for a top-notch cultural experience, look no further than Melbourne's Art Gallery of Victoria.
    16. The Australian public has been flocking to this gallery since the early 1900s, making it the country's de facto cultural mecca.
    17. A vast variety of Australian art, from ancient Aboriginal pieces to cutting-edge mixed media, can be found at the Ian Potter Gallery in Federation Square.
    18. The National Gallery of Victoria is a must-see because there is always something new to see there.
    19. Australia's oldest and most visited art museum, the National Gallery of Victoria, features over 73,000 paintings in its permanent collection (NGV).
    20. Federation Square is a must-see.
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