What Are The Best Hotels In Melbourne?

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    For a long time, Melbourne, a state for its energy and creativity, had a severe lack of unique places to stay.

    However, the industry has been revitalised in recent years by a number of openings and refurbishments in the city centre and beyond, giving visitors to Australia's greatest populous city a genuine array of options.

    Here you will find a list of the best hotels in every category, from quaint B&Bs with an art focus to elegant French-style grand dames with a view of the park.

    Here, have this tenner that you found on the ground. Now is the time for everyone to get serious. Melbourne is home to a wide range of guesthouses, from the simple to the extravagant.

    There are plenty of high-quality hoteliers in Melbourne, but everybody ought to make at least one monthly reservation at Crown Towers. Please note that these are merely a selection of our favourites.

    The time has come to assist yourself to a robes and alcohol in the minibar.

    Melbourne's Best Hotels

    Just over ten miles from Melbourne's CBD sits Chadstone, the Southern Hemisphere's tallest shopping complex. Newly built as part the Sofitel's MGallery series, the Chadstone Hotel promotes itself as a fantastic option for Australian shoppers, but will also attract international guests thanks to its luxurious facilities.

    The soundproofing and soft Sofitel MyBeds in the Art Deco-inspired suites make them ideal for unwinding after a day of shopping. The rooms also include dusty pink wood panels and extra-deep immersion time tubs.

    Crown Towers

    If you're looking for a magnificent 5-star hotel in Melbourne, look no further than Crown Towers, where you can take in some of the city's most stunning views without ever leaving your room. The five-star South Bank hotel truly deserves every one of its reviews praising its impeccable service. Many accolades have been bestowed upon this wonderful hotel, which is a part of the Crown Victoria gigantic and can provide for your every need.

    Victoria's amenities provide visitors with all they need to enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. Elegant, large, and elegantly appointed, each room at this Melbourne hotel features panoramic views of the river or the city.

    Though all of the rooms at the 5-star Victorian Hotel are luxurious and pleasant, the Executive Suite sticks out for its extravagance and its stunning sunset views. Bored with doing nothing all day long? So that you can spend your holiday with a permanent grin on your face, the hotel offers a large selection of restaurants, bars, the world-famous Crown Casino, numerous tennis courts, a massive hot tub, a spa that really can transform your life, clubs, shopping, and more.

    You don't have to go very far to find some of the great scenery of the city skyline from of the best rooftop lounge in Melbourne, at 28 Skybar Lounge, despite the fact that there are many cool shops, restaurants, and attractions within the city itself. As a result, this evening will change forever.

    The Langham Melbourne 

    five-star hotel that combines intimacy and luxury There's no doubt that Langham Melbourne is one of the city's finest hotels. A magnificent lobby with an abundance of gorgeous floral arrangements, an grand staircase, antique furnishings, and well curated artwork greets tired travellers upon their arrival.

    Hotel guests are consistently impressed by the hotel's modern, large accommodations. Staying inside a River Room or even a River Corner Room puts you in sync with Melbourne's vibrant atmosphere. In your spare time, you must discover all that our award-winning hotel has to offer.

    The hotel's Chuan Spa is regarded as one of Melbourne's finest, and the hotel's state-of-the-art fitness centre is a wonderful spot to work on your body while rubbing shoulders with a few of Australia's A-listers & Olympians.

    Enjoy a romantic sunset over the water at the five-star hotel's Melba Restaurant with your special someone. You can eat some Five Spice duck pancakes while watching the sun go down over Melbourne's Southbank thru the hotel's floor-to-ceiling windows. That sweetness can't be matched.


    Sofitel Melbourne On Collins

    This 5-star Sofitel Melbourne near Collins contributes to Melbourne's enchanted atmosphere. The exquisite Sofitel is commonly considered to be among the top hotels in this cutting-edge city. At Melbourne on Collins, you'll find unrivalled opulence.

    Located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD on Collins Street, this cutting-edge hotel is a standout because to its seamless fusion of French elegance with Australian breezyness. The light and understated elegance of the guest rooms, restaurant, and lounges contributes to a restful and enjoyable stay.

    The views of Parramatta's skyline and stunning cityscape from levels 35–47 are just breathtaking. You should not miss the chance to have a glass of champagne under a canopy of glass on the fifteenth level of the hotel, despite the fact that it may be tough to tear yourself away from the plush luxury of your bed and the stunning panoramas of a city from your window.

    A lunch at the restaurant NO 35 or a drink at the Atrium Lounge on 35, both on the 35th level, will leave you in awe of a Melbourne skyline.

    Recognized artwork may be found in Sofi's Lounge, around the hotel, and even in your room.

    Guests at Collins Street may walk to nearby parks, upscale shopping, fine dining, and exciting attractions. Melbourne's premier hotel will provide a romantic backdrop for your stay, guaranteeing that your stay will be memorable.

    Looking for the best places to visit in Melbourne to create your dream vacation?

    FAQs About Best Hotels In Melbourne

    The average price for a 3-star hotel in Melbourne is 78 USD, the average price for a 4-star hotel in Melbourne is 126 USD, and the average price for a 5-star hotel in Melbourne is 145 USD.

    A forecast surge of thousands of hotel rooms over the next three years in Melbourne is expected to challenge the city’s strong occupancy and room rates.

    Developers across the city have been busy rejigging prospective apartment plans to accommodate hotels or are adding hotel rooms to existing developments in a bid to counter slowing residential unit sales, a trend that has dramatically accelerated hotel supply.

    You can book it at any age but they won’t let you check in unless you are 18+ and you’ll have to show ID at check in.

    Showcasing the latest design thinking from Marriott Hotels, all 189 guestrooms are thoughtfully-designed to offer a perfect balance of modern utilitarian look with inspiration from residential interiors.

    Greater Melbourne currently has 378 hotels with 34,603 rooms, most of them concentrated in the central city, according to STR.

    Park Hyatt Melbourne 

    The five-star hotels is universally recognised as the pinnacle of sophistication and refinement. The Hyatt Park in Melbourne. The Parliament Square hotel has won numerous awards and is widely regarded as one of the finest places to stay in all of Melbourne.

    Views of Fitzroy Gardens , St. Patrick's Cathedral, among other major attractions, may be seen from the large, elegant rooms furnished in an art deco style.

    The hotel has a large heated pool where guests can unwind, a spa where they can get a massage, a fitness centre with all the latest equipment, private sports lessons, and an afternoon tea service where they can enjoy scones with butter, jam, and champagne whilst also looking out onto the hotel's gorgeous gardens.

    Melbourne's CBD, museums, galleries, restaurants, as well as other popular tourist destinations are all easily accessible by foot. At the hotel's highly regarded Radius restaurant and bar, guests may have a meal while taking in the picturesque views of the hotel's well-kept grounds with a distinct Tuscan flavour. At this swanky Melbourne hotel, you'll feel loved and cared for from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave.

    park hyatt

    Crown Metropol Melbourne

    Each morning just at 5-star Crown Metropol Melbourne, one of Melbourne's best hotels, you'll be greeted with sparkling sunshine and endless possibilities. Here, at the 5-star hotel that's the envy of the globe,

    Crown Towers Melbourne treats each and every one of its guests like a king or queen.

    Rooms 8–26 are the most palatial in the hotel, and they include sleek modern furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows with views of Port Phillip Bay or Melbourne's gorgeous skyline.

    After a hard day of business or sightseeing, guests may relax in the hotel's Isika Spa, and the hotel's conference rooms are ideal for holding productive gatherings. The ten outpatient offices, vitality pools, stunningly gorgeous infinity pool, and gym at the top of Melbourne's Central Business District at the exquisite Isika Day Spa offer a splendid respite.

    Crown Melbourne has much more restaurant than the number of days in the month, making it tough to choose where to enjoy your first excellent meal.

    Even if Southbank's museums, galleries, and other attractions were within walking distance, guests wouldn't need to leave the hotel to have a good time since there are so many exciting things to do and see right there.

    Grand Hyatt Melbourne

    A Grand Hyatt Melbourne lives up to its name as a 5-star hotel that consistently places high among the best in the city. The best hotel is Melbourne is appropriately described as "grand" because of the exceptional quality of its service, amenities, and common areas.

    Guests' moods and appreciation for beauty are lifted by the hotel's impressive art collection, cutting-edge facilities, and luxurious furnishings.

    Both the Club King Room and also the Grand River Room provide breathtaking views of Melbourne's skyline and the storied Yarra River, respectively. You may check "Glamourous Living" of your list because this hotel boasts everything you could want, including an Afternoon Tea in Elegance by Christina Re, the exclusive Theologian Georgio Salon, remarkable wet amenities, and outstanding eating and drinking places.

    If at all possible, request a room just on 31st floor, which provides entry to the Grande Club, where guests can enjoy free snacks and drinks while taking in spectacular views of Brisbane's cityscape. In the vicinity of Fitzroy Gardens, Victoria Markets, and the Melbourne Zoo, you can embark on your own urban exploration. What a great life, right?

    Jackalope, Merricks North

    When it debuted that year, it was unlike anything anyone on the Peninsula had ever seen before. An innovative showcase of contemporary Chinese art, design, fine wine, and gastronomy has been established on a 27-acre vineyard about an hour's drive south of Melbourne by a 30-year-old Chinese businessperson. The architectural firm Carr Design Group has designed a remarkable and significant structure. The Flaggerdoot bar, inspired by David Lynch, is located in a refurbished 1876 farmhouse with a towering glossy black granite monument of a curious mythological jackalope in the driveway.

    As well as the historic chamber room the winery, which are now Rare Hare restaurant, the property also features two stunning modern garage structures coated in burnt timber and sooty zinc.

    The interiors are peppered with art and attempted to light by strips of colourful neon, while the bedrooms are monochrome with Japanese bath tubs, metallic drapes, and views so over inky outdoor pool to the magnificent grey hills of vines & bush beyond. After a day of relaxing at the beach or tasting wine at a local vineyard, you should spent your nights at the lively Doot Doot Doot restaurant. Since Stanaway only utilises seasonal foods, he has to change the menu of his 5 dinner every two weeks.

    Fine dining at its finest, with a visually gorgeous kitchen to match. The 10,000 bulbs strung over the ceiling represent the yeast used in Champagne's fermentation, while the bubbles themselves are a metaphor for the sparkling wine. Also, we haven't finished our tasks yet.

    His second Jackalope, designed in collaboration with March Studio, will debut in 2020 on Flinders Lane in Melbourne. Please keep your hats on.

    The Mitchelton Hotel, Goulburn Valley

    Even though the Mitchelton Property has long been discussed among Australia's most passionate oenophiles, few have had actual cause to visit the vineyard. We  mean, until now.

    Tucked away in the rural heart of Central Victoria, on a horseshoe bend of the peaceful Goulburn River, sits the city's brand-new hotel—the fulfilment of a dream that has percolating for half a century. Its location next to the ghostly white limbs of river red gums and trembling willows that dip their arms and legs into to the waters creates a scene reminiscent of a landscape painted by a painter who hasn't forgotten to breathe.

    The Melbourne experts just at Hecker Guthrie studio, masters of minimalist design, were tasked with doing just that. Natural materials and dark tones were used extensively to create this sophisticated and alluring space, which featured chocolate-brown American-oak outer outer sheath, dove-grey marble that engulfed floors and crept up to encompass registries and form benches, caramel buttery cowhide armchairs, and grey sheer textiles curtains with a satiny, granular gauze.

    The textures of the room are the show blockers, but the abundance of natural light flooding in through the tall windows is a distant contender.

    The Mitchelton aesthetic may be described as Zen-like, but the vibe is anything but zen. The estate's iconic white building and the basement door and restaurant's asymmetry pitched roofs were both designed in the 1960s, but the new building has a distinct Nordic flavour that complements these older buildings.

    Design-wise, the area certainly holds its own, but its true selling point is that it is relatively unknown to the general public.

    Lindenderry At Red Hill

    With a cosy, stripped aesthetic reminds of Ilse Crawford, the new design integrates the natural fair skinned greens but instead taupes of a nearby bush with plush bed linen, rich timbers, and sculpted lighting. In the winter, the sound of crackling logs in marble fireplaces fills the air.

    Thoughtful integration of antique furniture such as closets, original art, and nailhead that were passed down from generation to generation helps keep the space feeling warm and inviting despite its otherwise contemporary aesthetic.

    Chef Paul Witherington uses only the best of the region's produce, such as the sweet and salty blue molluscs from European Port Bay. The honeyed glow of the evening dining room's brass sconces stands in sharp contrast to the blonde wood as well as reeded glass of the daytime lunch room.

    All of the bedrooms feature fireplaces, while some feature mirrors and others feature candy-striped wallpaper. All of the rooms look out onto either lush gardens or authentic Italian courtyards. Although games of bocce and croquet more commonly associated with Europe are available, the mint flavoring walking trails, brightly coloured rosellas, and pale green grass hills you'll transfer on ones way to the door will immediately remind you that you're in Australia, not Europe.

    This villa or hotel may have inspired the many others that followed its minimalist, contemporary design in the area.

    Let's visit Melbourne to help you create the most unforgettable vacation of your life.

    Lon Retreat

    A shocking discovery can be found on the land where the new pampering resort is being constructed. The oceanside dune system conceals a network of mineral springs. The current owner's ancestors dug a hole 30 metres over a century ago to get to them, possibly to fill the cow troughs.

    When turned on, the tub's faucet releases a torrent of water that has been obviously warmed to 40 degrees Celsius. These 250 acres just on Island is situated Peninsula, around a hour and half west of Melbourne, have been in Gemes' family for six generations. Even though Lon has been promoted as a place to get away from the stress of everyday life, it also acts as a reassuring base of stability for its residents.

    The sandstone mansion's seven chic, contemporary rooms all have tranquil views in every direction.

    Space has been prepared for stargazing with plenty of glass, binoculars, and cowhide holster chairs. The spa has a mineral pool in addition to three treatment areas where visitors can get beauty treatments and body scrubs using Subtle Energies oils, which draw inspiration from Ayurveda. The farm features numerous walking trails that lead you through the forest, around the pond, and finally to the water's edge.

    Hammocks and outdoor seating are available in addition to the orchard and tranquil gardens. In the lobby, you can help yourself to a basket of locally grown strawberries, or you can order a bouquet of soft pink proteas to appreciate in your room.

    The village's cafes, restaurants, and shops are just a minute away by car, and the on-site honesty restaurant and Makers and Natural farmers larder are stocked with delectable local fare.

    This lo-fi sanctuary makes a winning new salty-air weekend add-on to a Melbourne trip. 

    Hotel Chadstone Melbourne - MGallery by Sofitel

    Just over ten miles from Melbourne's CBD sits Chadstone, the largest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere. The newly built Chadstone Hotel is a part of Sofitel's MGallery gathering and promotes itself as a good choice for Australian shopaholics. However, the hotel will also attract international guests due to its luxurious features.

    The rooms, which are decorated in an Art Deco style but are actually more contemporary, are ideal for unwinding after a long day of having to shop thanks to their plush Sofitel MyBeds, dusty-pink furnishings, extra-deep immersive experience time tubs, and exceptional soundproofing.

    Adelphi Hotel

    Located in the centre of Melbourne, the Adelphi is indeed a 34-room guesthouse known for its opulent, slightly kitsch decor. Every room has a coffee machine to make waking up in the morning a breeze, as well as the common areas are decked out with whimsical details like candy jars and liquorice-inspired stools.

    Many of Melbourne's best restaurants and bars can be found on Flinders Lane, not far from where The Adelphi is located. Also deserving of recognition is the Omnomnom Kitchen, a dessert haven located within the structure.

    When things down below get too much, head up to the slatted infinity pool for some much-needed relaxation.

    Immerse yourself in the wonderful place in Melbourne right. Explore and visit Melbourne.

    Pan Pacific Melbourne

    Located on the waterfront in South Wharf, a neighbourhood brimming with discount dining and shopping options, the Pan Ocean Melbourne is a stylish and sophisticated hotel that looks out over a row of redeveloped 19th-century shipment sheds housing vibrant restaurants and bars.

    The Melbourne Occasion Exhibition Centre, which hosts a wide variety of events such as concerts, industry events, and conferences, is right next to the hotel, and all 396 rooms offer breathtaking views of a river and cityscape.

    United Places Botanic Gardens

    Tucked away in Melbourne's posh South Yarra district is a 12-suite household hotel with views of the Royal Botanic Gardens.

    United Places is a relatively new addition to a city's posh lodging options; rooms feature minimalist design with considerate touches like amenities from cult perfume label Le Services and duvet covers and towels knitted by hand in southern Istanbul.

    Guests can have a personal set up in their room for breakfast just at nearby Isabel 159, and the hotel's butler service is available around the clock.


    The Cullen

    The Prahran neighbourhood is home to a 118-room hotel honouring the late, early-modern Australian artist Adam Cullen. The hotel's suites, which range from production companies to penthouses, are all decorated in his trademark style and feature his artwork.

    When people talk about the lively Studies, they often mention how great the restaurants there are. The rooms have kitchenettes and there is a market directly across the street, so guests can easily stock up on food.

    Smart cars can be rented by the hour and for the day, and there are two restaurants on-site.


    Many new hotels and renovated older ones have opened in Melbourne in recent years, expanding the city's hospitality options for tourists. Hotel options in Melbourne range from cosy bed and breakfasts with an art theme to luxurious French-style grand dames with a view of the park. The Crown Towers is a luxury hotel in South Bank that is known for its breathtaking views and friendly staff. Chadstone, the tallest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere, is another fantastic alternative for consumers in Australia. The Langham Melbourne is a five-star hotel with stunning vistas of the city or the Yarra River and has won numerous awards.

    There are plenty of places to eat and drink, as well as tennis courts, a spa, nightclubs, shopping, and the world-famous Crown Casino. The hotel's spacious, contemporary rooms, such as the Executive Suite, River Room, and River Corner Room, are a big draw for visitors. The hotel's fitness centre and Chuan Spa are both highly rated as some of the best in Melbourne. At the Melba Restaurant, guests may watch the sun set over the ocean and share a romantic meal with their loved one. The Sofitel Melbourne On Collins, located on Collins Street in the heart of the city, is a 5-star hotel with unparalleled luxury and stunning views of the Parramatta skyline.

    It offers an afternoon tea service, a huge heated pool, a spa, and a fitness centre. In addition to the parks and premium shopping and dining options, interesting attractions, and other fun activities that are all within walking distance. There are beautiful vistas of Fitzroy Gardens, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and the Melbourne Central Business District from the Park Hyatt Melbourne. There are several five-star hotels in Melbourne, including the Crown Metropol, Grand Hyatt, and Crown Towers. Rooms 8–26 at Crown Towers Melbourne are fit for a king or queen, with contemporary furnishings and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Port Phillip Bay or Melbourne's stunning skyline. The hotel's Isika Spa is a great place to unwind, and the conference spaces are perfect for hosting successful events.

    The number of restaurants at Crown Melbourne exceeds the number of days in the month, and the museums, galleries, and other points of interest of Southbank are easily accessible on foot. Located on a 27-acre vineyard approximately an hour's drive south of Melbourne, The Jackalope, Merricks North, is a cutting-edge exhibition of modern Chinese art, design, excellent wine, and gourmet cuisine. The Flaggerdoot bar is housed in a renovated 1876 farmhouse that features a towering glossy black granite statue of a mysterious mythological jackalope in the driveway (a nod to David Lynch's inspiration). Oenophiles in Australia have long talked about the Mitchelton Hotel in Goulburn Valley, but few have had a reason to actually visit the vineyard. Although the Mitchelton style has been called "Zen," the atmosphere is everything but tranquil.

    Cocoa-brown American-oak outer sheathing, dove-grey marble that engulfed floors and crept up to encompass registries and form benches, caramel-buttery cowhide armchairs, and grey sheer textiles curtains with a satiny, granular gauze were all part of the sophisticated and alluring space designed by the experts at Melbourne's Hecker Guthrie studio. There are fireplaces in each bedroom, as well as mirrors and various wallpaper patterns. Only the freshest local ingredients go into the dishes prepared by Chef Paul Witherington, and the honeyed glow of the brass sconces in the evening dining room is a striking contrast to the blonde wood and reeded glass of the lunch room.

    The oceanside dunes of Melbourne, Australia's new Lon Retreat hide a system of mineral springs. The seven stylish, contemporary rooms in this sandstone mansion all look out over peaceful landscapes, and the spa features a mineral pool and three treatment rooms. The farm has many paths for strolling and hammocks to relax in, and it just takes a minute to drive into town to enjoy the many cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. Delicious regional meals may be found at the on-site honesty restaurant and Makers and Natural farmers larder. This low-key haven is the perfect sea breeze weekend addition to any vacation to Melbourne.

    The Chadstone Hotel, which markets itself as a great option for Australian shopaholics, is a part of Sofitel's MGallery collection. It has extra-deep immersive experience time baths, dusty-pink decor, Sofitel MyBeds, and superior soundproofing. The Adelphi Hotel is a small, luxurious hotel with only 34 rooms. The Pan Ocean Melbourne is a high-end hotel with a view of a lively strip of restaurants and cafes housed in repurposed 19th-century shipping sheds. Take a trip to Melbourne and see everything it has to offer.

    United Places Botanic Gardens, a 12-suite family hotel with views of the Royal Botanic Gardens, is conveniently located near to the Melbourne Occasion Exhibition Centre. The Cullen is a 118-room hotel furnished in Adam Cullen's signature style and adorned with his artwork, named for the late, pioneering Australian modernist. There are two restaurants on-site in addition to the room's kitchenette, a market across the street, and the convenience of a market.

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    1. Melbourne is known as a state with lots of life and imagination, yet for a long time there wasn't a wide variety of interesting locations to stay.
    2. Recent years, however, have seen a resurgence of the sector thanks to a number of openings and renovations in the city centre and outside, providing visitors to Australia's most populated city with a genuine variety of options.
    3. It's possible to find every type of guesthouse in Melbourne, from the most basic to the most luxurious.
    4. Even though Melbourne is home to many 5-star hotels, visitors should all book at least one night per month at Crown Towers.
    5. The Finest Hotels in Melbourne The tallest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere, Chadstone, is located just over ten miles from Melbourne's central business district.
    6. Buildings that are Crowned as the Tallest in the World Crown Towers is a superb 5-star hotel in Melbourne that offers some of the city's most breathtaking vistas without requiring guests to leave the comfort of their rooms.
    7. Five-star South Bank hotel's service is as lauded as it is written up to be.
    8. Accommodations in Victoria have everything a traveller may want for a relaxing and enjoyable stay.
    9. Every accommodation at this 5-star hotel in Melbourne is spacious and well decorated, and many provide breathtaking views of the river or the city.
    10. The Executive Suite at the 5-star Victorian Hotel stands out for its opulence and its spectacular sunset views, although all of the rooms in the hotel are comfortable and elegant.
    11. The hotel has everything you might want for a relaxing and enjoyable stay, including a wide variety of dining options, pubs, the world-famous Crown Casino, a giant hot tub, multiple tennis courts, a spa that can truly change your life, clubs, shopping, and more.
    12. Intimate and opulent, the Langham Melbourne is a five-star hotel. The Langham Melbourne is undeniably one of the best accommodations in the city.
    13. The hotel's modern, spacious rooms are always a hit with visitors.
    14. One of Melbourne's best spas, Chuan Spa, can be found at this hotel, and so can a top-notch fitness centre where you can work on your physique while mingling with some of Australia's most famous faces and Olympic athletes.
    15. Sunsets over the ocean at the Melba Restaurant of the five-star hotel are especially lovely.
    16. This luxurious hotel is located in Melbourne, Australia, and is known as the Sofit About Collins The luxurious Sofitel Melbourne Collins adds to the city's magical ambience.
    17. The luxurious Sofitel is frequently mentioned as one of the best hotels in this progressive metropolis.
    18. This cutting-edge hotel on Collins Street in Melbourne's central business district is notable for its successful combination of French refinement with laid-back Australian style.
    19. From levels 35–47, you can take in amazing views of Parramatta's skyline and beautiful cityscape.
    20. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Melbourne skyline from the Atrium Lounge on 35 or the restaurant NO 35 on the building's 35th floor.
    21. Your stay at Melbourne's best hotel will be unforgettable because to the romantic atmosphere it provides.
    22. A Stay at the Park Hyatt Melbourne A stay at a five-star hotel is widely regarded as the epitome of luxury and elegance.
    23. The Parliament Square Hotel is one of the most well acclaimed hotels in all of Melbourne, having earned a number of honours for its excellence.
    24. Guests can enjoy a meal at the hotel's highly respected Radius restaurant and bar while gazing out at the hotel's well-kept grounds, which have a particular Tuscan flavour.
    25. Melbourne's Remarkable Crown Casino and Hotel One of Melbourne's finest hotels, the 5-star Crown Metropol Melbourne welcomes you every day with dazzling sunshine and boundless opportunities.
    26. The hotel's most luxurious accommodations can be found in rooms 8 through 26, which are appointed with contemporary furnishings and include floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Port Phillip Bay or Melbourne's stunning skyline.
    27. The hotel's Isika Spa is a great place to unwind after a long day of work or touring, and the hotel's meeting spaces are perfect for conducting business.
    28. Guests wouldn't have to leave the hotel for a nice time, even if the museums, galleries, and other attractions of Southbank were within walking distance.
    29. Hyatt Regency Melbourne In keeping with its name, the A Grand Hyatt Melbourne is a 5-star establishment that routinely achieves top rankings among Melbourne's finest.
    30. The nicest hotel in Melbourne has such luxurious services and facilities that the word "grand" is an apt descriptor.
    31. The hotel's modern design, state-of-the-art amenities, and sumptuous decor are sure to put guests in a better mood and increase their appreciation for aesthetics.
    32. If you can swing it, ask for a room on the 31st floor, as it is the only floor with access to the Grande Club, where you can enjoy complimentary snacks and drinks while taking in breathtaking views of Brisbane's skyline.
    33. You can go on your own urban excursion in the neighbourhood of Fitzroy Gardens, Victoria Markets, and the Melbourne Zoo.
    34. The Jackalope of Merricks North No one on the Peninsula had ever seen anything like it until its introduction that year.
    35. A Chinese entrepreneur in his thirties has transformed a 27-acre vineyard about an hour's drive south of Melbourne into a cutting-edge museum of modern Chinese art, design, exquisite wine, and cuisine.
    36. The Flaggerdoot bar is housed in a renovated 1876 farmhouse that features a towering glossy black granite statue of a mysterious mythological jackalope in the driveway (a nod to David Lynch's inspiration).
    37. Spend your evenings at the exciting Doot Doot Doot after a day at the beach or wine sampling at a nearby vineyard.
    38. His upcoming Jackalope in Melbourne's Flinders Lane was created in tandem with March Studio.
    39. Goulburn Valley's Mitchelton Hotel Although the Mitchelton Property has been the subject of much talk among Australia's most devoted wine enthusiasts, few have actually had the opportunity to visit the property.
    40. Hecker Guthrie firm in Melbourne, Australia, is a go-to for excellent minimalist design, and they were assigned with this.
    41. This elegant and inviting room was designed with a focus on natural materials and dark tones, including a chocolate-brown American-oak outer outer sheath, dove-grey marble that engulfed floors and crept up to encompass registries and form benches, caramel-buttery cowhide armchairs, and grey sheer textiles curtains with a satiny, granular gauze.
    42. The new structure has a particular Nordic flavour that goes well with the estate's distinctive white building and the basement door and restaurant's asymmetric pitched roofs, both of which were created in the 1960s.
    43. Although the neighbourhood is competitive in terms of design, its greatest strength lies in the fact that it is largely unknown to the broader public.
    44. Lindenderry Up on Red Hill The new layout combines the natural fair-skinned greens but taupes of a neighbouring shrub with luxurious bed linen, rich hardwoods, and sculpted lighting to create a cosy, minimalist aesthetic that is reminiscent of Ilse Crawford.
    45. Even though the overall style is modern, the area is kept appealing by the inclusion of heirloom pieces such as closets, original artwork, and nailhead that have been passed down from family to generation.
    46. There are fireplaces in each bedroom, as well as mirrors and various wallpaper patterns.
    47. Each apartment features views of the gardens or traditional Italian courtyards.
    48. Many of the nearby homes and hotels seem to have been modelled after this one's sleek, modern aesthetic.
    49. Let me help you plan the trip of a lifetime by taking you to Melbourne.
    50. To Retreat, Lon The area where the luxurious resort is being built is the site of a surprising discovery.
    51. The dunes along the coast hide a series of natural hot springs.
    52. Six generations of Gemes' family have owned these 250 acres on the Island is situated Peninsula, about an hour and a half west of Melbourne.
    53. Lon may be marketed as a respite from the pressures of daily life, but it also serves as a rock of reliability for its people.
    54. The seven stylish, contemporary rooms in the sandstone mansion all look out over peaceful landscapes.
    55. Mineral baths and Ayurvedic body cleanses utilising Subtle Energies oils are available in the spa's three treatment rooms, as well as the mineral pool.
    56. Sofitel's MGallery collection includes the brand-new Chadstone Hotel, which markets itself as the best option for Australian shoppers.
    57. The suites, which have an Art Deco facade but are more modern inside, are perfect for resting after a long day of shopping with to their luxurious Sofitel MyBeds, dusty-pink décor, extra-deep immersive experience soaking spas, and great soundproofing.
    58. The Adelphi The Adelphi is a 34-room hotel in the heart of Melbourne, famous for its lavish, slightly quirky design.
    59. Each room is equipped with a coffee maker to make waking up in the morning a breeze, and the communal rooms are furnished with fun touches like candy jars and stools reminiscent of liquorice.
    60. Flinders Lane, where The Adelphi is located, is home to some of Melbourne's top eateries and watering holes.
    61. Melbourne, Pan Pacific The Pan Ocean Melbourne is a chic and modern hotel that overlooks a line of renovated 19th-century cargo sheds that now house lively restaurants and bars, and is located on the riverfront in the trendy and affordable South Wharf district.
    62. All 396 rooms look out over the river and cityscape, and the hotel is conveniently located near to the Melbourne Occasion Exhibition Centre, which plays host to a wide range of events, from concerts to trade shows and conferences.
    63. Botanic Gardens of the United Nations Household hotel with 12 rooms with views of the Royal Botanic Gardens, located in Melbourne's upscale South Yarra neighbourhood.
    64. The hotel's butler service is accessible around the clock, and guests can have breakfast delivered to their room from the neighbouring Isabel 159.
    65. The Cullen Family Located in the Prahran area, this 118-room hotel was named for the pioneering Australian modernist Adam Cullen, who passed away in the early 1900s.
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