what are the best hair salons in melbourne

What Are The Best Hair Salons In Melbourne?

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    Everyone knows the feeling of shame and hopelessness that follows a poorly executed hair cut or colour.

    So, we have gathered a list of the best hair salons in Melbourne, Australia, providing everything from basic cuts and colours to more advanced services like weave & dreadlock installation.

    After working with these professionals, you should experience fewer bald spots in the future.

    The fact that Melbourne, widely regarded as one Australia's fashion capitals, seems to have a barbershop on every block only adds to the difficulty of this search.

    A long-term commitment to your "mane man" (excuse the pun) can result in everlasting happiness and beautiful locks.

    If you're looking for a new hairstyle or a classic cut and colour, look no further than Melbourne's award-winning salons.

    Your search for a new hairstylist ends when you find one you love. Good news: we've scouted out the top Melbourne hair salons, where you can count on getting a stylish new cut every time.

    FAQs About Hair Salons

    Australia's most decorated hairstylist, Caterina Di Biase of Melbourne's Heading Out Hair salons, continued her extraordinary string of wins last night, accepting their Expo trophy for Australian Hairdresser of the Year for the second time.

    The price of Standard men's haircuts in an ex-pat area of the city in Melbourne is AU$36. This average is based on eight price points. It can be considered reliable and accurate.

    To answer 'how much do you tip for a $20 haircut,' you should tip between $3 and $4 on a $20 haircut, depending on how good your haircut was and how much tip you'd like to leave. $3 is a 15% tip, and $4 is a 20% tip.

    Overall, we found that the nationwide average price range is $40-$66. Most haircuts cost around $53 on average. But the result depends on a few factors.

    Foils tend to work best when taking dark hair four or more shades lighter. The same is true if you want hair with a lot of contrast with both highlights and lowlights or prefer an even distribution of colour. If you are looking to add non-uniform chunks or sweeps of colour, balayage is a better option.

    The Best Hair Salons In Melbourne To Make You Look And Feel Your Best


    A bad haircut or colour can bring up a lot of negative emotions in a woman, and she has probably felt them before. Anywhere from a dramatic improvement in your outlook and sense of self-worth to a desire to spend the next six weeks hiding under the covers, the new hairstyle can have a profound effect.

    You can get rid of that uncomfortable feeling for good by going to a reputable hair salon. We've done the legwork to find the best hairdressers in Brisbane so that you may leave every time feeling and looking fantastic.


    Spada is a hip spa in the Prahran area of Melbourne. It claims to facilitate the achievement of your ideal hair. There is no mistaking that you have arrived at the wrong hair salon if you are looking for a cheap trim. To get a great haircut and have a great time, though, this is the place to be.

    When you visit Spada, your professional stylist will spend as much time as you need to get you the results you want. Spada offers professionals who will assist you pick a style that complements your features.

    Organika Hair

    If you're sick of the overpowering smell of chemicals, don't hesitate to visit Organika Hair. Beautiful hair without ammonia, salts, paraben, or any other toxic chemicals? That's what you'll get from the great team at Organika.

    Instead, they use cutting-edge, organic hair products to help you achieve the glossy locks of your dreams without compromising your health.

    Edwards And Co

    It's possible that Edwards and Co. has just been open in Melbourne for a short while. The salon has only been around for a few years, yet its stellar reputation precedes it. This salon is well-known for being among the finest in the city.

    This is especially relevant if you are a blonde or aspire to be one. The secret of Edwards and Co.'s renowned platinum blonde hair can be found by simply visiting their Instagram feed.

    All around Australia, especially in Melbourne

    studio has continued to strengthen its position as one of the best salons in the country. The salon's blond-color services are the reason for its widespread notoriety.

    If you've been pondering going blond but are worried about coming back with a brassy mop or a tint that completely washes you out, the experts at Edwards and Co. can help.

    Xiang Hair

    Since 1989, Xiang Hair has already been Melbourne's go-to salon provider. Since then, the company's reputation for quality has grown and it has expanded to four other cities.

    Xiang has been one of Australia's top salons for a long time now, making it a no-brainer to book your next hair appointment. The stylists have had intensive training to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your hair when you leave the salon.

    Toni & Guy

    Toni & Guy were widely regarded as the industry leaders in premium hair care. Because of their fantastic salons and innovative hair care products, the company has quickly risen to the top of the global hair care industry.

    You know you're getting the greatest service possible whenever you visit a salon that carries this brand to get your hair cut, coloured, treated, or styled. They've been around for over fifty years, and they're still at the forefront of new trends in colouring and clothing.

    Oscar Oscar

    The Oscar Oscar is conveniently located near several of Melbourne's best retail areas. You can get salon-quality hair without travelling too far. Relax for a while amid the height of opulence. You'll be pampered by several of Australia's best hairstylists while receiving top-notch service at Oscar Oscar.

    Rokk Ebony

    Rokk Ebony is the best modern hairstylist in Melbourne. The goal of this salon is to make each client feel special by giving them with a personalised experience. As seen by their numerous accolades, Rokk Ebony's team clearly have exceptional skill in the art of hairstyling. Since they are passionate, dedicated, and exceptionally skilled, you should trust this group with your hair makeover.


    Biba is unquestionably the best hairstylist in the business, as evidenced by the many awards she has received. Biba has been recognised as "Australian Hairdresser the Year" on two separate occasions due to her dedication to excellence in her field.

    Biba has a knack for recreating her favourite looks thanks to her attention to detail and familiarity with the most modern hair trends. You can have all your needs met by going to one of brand's 13 Melbourne sites.

    Heading Out Hair And Beauty

    Anthony Martino runs the salon called Heading Out Hair and Beauty. Since its opening by a serial businessman 25 years ago, the salon has grown to become a leader in its field and first of its kind for such brand.

    Heading Out has quickly become one of Melbourne's most prestigious beauty parlours thanks to its commitment to providing its clientele with nothing but the best in hair care. Heading Out is the perfect salon to visit if you're in a hair rut because they're always up-to-date on the latest fashion and beauty trends.

    Meddlers By Dunkley McKenzie

    Meddlers, a salon by Dunkley McKenzie in South Yarra, is a stunning establishment. Thirteen years ago, Chris Dunkley and Gary McKenzie opened up shop with the goal of offering a unique and inspiring space in which consumers could browse the latest fashions in comfort and style.

    Meddlers by DMC has delivered on its promise by providing a welcoming space where male and female clients may get great haircuts and colour in a wide range of fashionable options. There used to be just a few people working at the salon, but now there's a huge team there with a wide range of expertise and a friendly, relaxed vibe.

    It comes as no surprise that Gary and Chris constantly cranking up the difficulty because to their outstanding skill. They have both worked backstage at fashion shows, photo sessions, and TV commercials, as well as being ambassadors for the top ’s grooming brand, America Crew.

    what are the best hair salons in melbourne3

    Human Salon

    All of the female stylists in Human Salon are located at Curtin House. Due to the limited number of chairs and sinks available, the salon is noticeably quieter than one might expect from a business of its kind.

    While their hair is being cut or coloured, clients can enjoy a hot drink from the cafe. The salon dog Wookie might even be there to act as a model for people who want to emulate his beachy waves.

    African Queens Hair Salon

    Mary Asamoah, the manager of the Richmond salon, is interested in the biology and chemistry of hair. This means she not only has a thorough understanding of how to perform chemical hair products like colouring, straightening, & perming, but also knows which products are best suited to preventing damage to the widest possible variety of hair types and textures.

    If you've had trouble finding a salon that knows how to treat and style hair with an Afro texture, you've found the right place.

    Delilah Hair Studio

    Hairstylist Adrian Panayiotis, who has been in the business for over 25 years, established Delilah Studio through 2007. The stylists at this salon take great pride in working with clients to achieve their desired hairstyles, whether that be a particular type of curl, a dry cut, freehand hair watercolour, balayage, a short cut, or something else entirely.

    The curl creams sold at the salon are made with Australian ingredients and feature enticing scents like cinnamon and cedarwood.

    Neel Loves Curls

    You've probably been through more than your fair share of truly awful haircuts because not every hairstylist could indeed give you a good trim if you've got curly hair. As luck would have it, Neel is a pro when it comes to curls.

    To be clear, he only works with curly hair, as well as his salon does not welcome clients with straight hair. Neel can take unruly curls out of your hair and leave you with tidy, manageable ringlets. In addition, he offers the equipment necessary to create salon-worthy curls at home.


    These dudes are dreadlock experts; they invented their own method of dreadlocking that doesn't involve waxes, chemicals, rough interlocking, or backcombing. Dreading will cause minimal length loss, and the stress on your scalp will be greatly reduced.

    If you want your dreadlocks to grow, stay healthy, and last, the staff will also suggest some high-quality cleansers and hair products.

    Rubi Hair 

    Whether visitors want to go from your natural brunette to the a lovely pastel, the skilled fashion designers at Rubi Hair are ready for the task.

    Reviews from satisfied customers attest that stylists never compromise hair health when applying bleach or dye, so you can get your hair coloured however you like without worrying about it breaking.


    This premier Prahran salon in Melbourne is a go-to for locals in search of expert advice on everything from blowouts to haircuts to bold new colour techniques.

    Professional hairstylists and dyers can do more than just short, straight hair. They can also make longer, wavy, as well as extremely curly hair.

    Cream Melbourne

    A haven from the rush and bustle of Brunswick Street, this salon has plush seating, lovely decor, and plenty of refreshments and greenery.

    Salon goers have praised the salon's cutting and other services, but it's the blonde highlights colouring that's gotten the most praise.

    Rakis On Collins 

    The Paris end of Collins Street is home to a salon that cares deeply about its clients' hair health and uses a large number of trained professionals capable of handling hair of any type or texture.

    The balayage highlights, in addition to a wash-and-go waves, are praised by reviewers for their subtlety and naturalness, making them a standout feature of the salon.

    Organika Hair 

    This Elgin Street business is a must-see for clean beauty proponents in the Melbourne area because it does not are using the toxic substances and ingredients that are commonly associated with beauty and personal care products and services.

    In addition to the salon's each services, the menu also includes pure hand-made chocolates and spore beauty shots, both of which are sure to be hits with the salon's wellness clientele.

    Franck Provost Paris 

    Reviews from previous customers suggest that appointments can be made quickly, even on moment's notice, which really is great news if you need to stop in for a quick visit to get your highlights touched up or your hair trimmed.

    Whether you're looking for a new cut, colour, or twist on your signature balayage, the stylists at this salon come highly recommended thanks to their glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

    Ibiza Hair 

    Stylish and contemporary, this salon offers its clientele a full spectrum of hair care options, from precise haircuts to specialised services like spray-on curls and hair extensions.

    Clients of the this Albert Road salon rave about the friendly and attentive service they receive from the stylists as well as other staff.

    Tumi Hair

    what are the best hair salons in melbourne2

    A salon that has received rave reviews from patrons for its ability to perform both basic haircuts and high-end colouring.

    no210 Salon

    In case you're looking for a stylist to help you try out some more daring hues this autumn, look no further than No210 on Victoria Street, where past guests have raved about the salon's balayage & fantastical colour services. Don't be fooled by the slick interior; Daniel Choi as well as his professionally trained staff can handle any and all of your colouring requirements.

    Unico Hair

    Professional hairstylist Sofia Basile is responsible again for salon's friendly ambience, extensive menu, and prime Brunswick Street location.

    The salon's natural production line is also utilised throughout services because it is free of a synthetic additives and chemicals typically found in the beauty industry.

    Melbourne's Best Barbers

    The development of the trendy dude, street style, the hipster has made it more important than ever to dress sharply, keep up a decent grooming regimen, and have a fantastic haircut. That calls for a trip to Melbourne's top barbershops so you can get to know yourself a little better with each trim.

    Not sure what you want? Pay attention to what experts have to say. Have you decided exactly what it is that you want? Don't mess with the experts; they'll make it happen. Looking for a barber near Melbourne's CBD, Southbank, or Northbank? Book an appointment at one of our recommended Melbourne barbershops today.

    Pickings And Parry

    However, not all barbers are created equal. These final gentlemen represent the pinnacle of achievement in each field. If you're looking for Melbourne's best barbershop, look no farther than Pickings & Parry.

    There is a highly competent barbershop inside the men's clothes business. Join in on a tradition as classic and refined as the style around you with a glass of complimentary whisky in hand.

    Postal code: 3065; location: Shop 3, 166 Gertrude St., Fitzroy

    Electric Brain Barbershop

    In other terms, the reason there is always a queue outside of Electric Brain was probably because it is as interesting as it sounds. People with cool hairstyles, cool tattoos, and cool conversations may be found in the this trendy cash-only hangout.

    Postal code: 3057; street number: 114 Lygon St; address: Brunswick East

    Kings Domain

    Do you have sufficient knowledge to be labelled an expert? If you claim to be a king, you should be regarded as such. Kings Domain is home to some of Melbourne's finest barbers. They'll give you a cut that's unlike anything other and then instruct you in the ins and outs of scalp hygiene.

    While the warming tingle of the shaving cream runs down your spine, help yourself to a complimentary beverage. The privileges of royalty are undeniable. If you're in South Yarra or the Melbourne CBD on your lunch break, you should check out their venues.

    Postal Address: 1/177 Toorak Rd., South Yarra, Victoria 3141

    Men+Co Barber Shop

    Men+Co was established by Chris Dunkley and Gary McKenzie, two of Melbourne's most well-known and widely-traveled barbers and stylists, respectively. The store places a premium on flexibility and technical expertise, so that everyone from the businessman to a gentleman can discover something to his liking.

    So whether you're looking for a traditional fade or a trendy beard cut, one of our Master Barbers will give you the best possible service. As a result, Men+Co represents the epitome of modern, unrestricted hairstyling. It's not hard to understand why both of their CBD barbershops in Melbourne are consistently busy.

    The location is: Unit 3, 377 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000.

    The Bearded Man

    The name gives nothing away. The Bearded Man will always make room for you, beard or even no beard. There is a definite hipster vibe here, we'll be damned if the majority of hipsters don't also know how to properly groom themselves.

    That is to say, the guys in this region are well-versed in the delicate art of craning their necks. One may discover one of the best male barbers in Melbourne at this salon, which also features bimonthly DJ sets and the latest industry Bean coffee.

    Postal Code: 3181; Postal Code: 203; Street: Chapel


    In Melbourne, Australia, the greatest hair salons provide not only the standard fare of cuts and colours, but also more specialised options like weave and dreadlock installation. These salons are dedicated to the long-term health and beauty of their "mane man," if you'll pardon the pun. At Spada, a trendy spa in Melbourne's Prahran neighbourhood, experts can help you find a look that plays off your best attributes. Gorgeous hair, free of harsh chemicals like ammonia, salts, and parabens, is what you'll find at Brisbane's Organika Hair salon. Two of Australia's best salons for platinum blonde hair are Edwards And Co. and Xiang Hair.

    Edwards and Co. has been operating for a while, and its blond-color services have been rather popular in that time. A pioneer in the industry since 1989, Xiang Hair has now spread to four additional locations across China. After more than fifty years in business, Toni & Guy has established themselves as the go-to experts for luxury hair care. Oscar If you're looking for salon-quality hair without the hassle of a long commute, Oscar is ideally situated near some of Melbourne's greatest shopping locations. The stylists at Rokk Ebony are well-known for their mastery of the hairstyling craft.

    Biba is the top stylist in Australia; she has won "Australian Hairdresser of the Year" twice. Anthony Martino is at the helm of Heading Out Hair and Beauty, an innovative salon that has quickly become a pioneer in its industry. Meddlers by Dunkley McKenzie is an exquisite salon with a comfortable atmosphere where men and women can get stylish haircuts and colour. Due to their exceptional skill, Gary and Chris keep turning up the difficulty.

    The Curtin House is home to a wide variety of hair salons, including Human Salon, African Queens Hair Salon, Delilah Hair Studio, and Weirdsistas. The chairs and sinks at Human Salon are few and far between. Mary Asamoah, the salon's manager in Richmond, is quite knowledgeable about the use of chemical hair products like dyes, relaxers, and perms since she has a genuine interest in the biology and chemistry of hair. Delilah Studio has been providing high-quality hair services for over 25 years. They take great satisfaction in helping their customers achieve the looks they've always wanted. Curl experts Neel Loves Curls sells the tools you need to replicate salon results at home. Weirdsistas have developed their own dreadlocking technique that does not entail the use of waxes, chemicals, rough interlocking, or backcombing.

    Content Summary

    1. When you find a stylist you like, your quest is over.
    2. The good news is that we have researched the best hair salons in Melbourne, Australia, where you can always get a modern haircut.
    3. Most women can attest to the range of negative feelings that can be triggered by a terrible hair cut or colour.
    4. Visiting a professional hair salon should put an end to the unease you've been experiencing.
    5. The Prahran neighbourhood of Melbourne is home to the trendy spa known as Spada Spada.
    6. However, if you're looking for a fun spot to get a terrific haircut, you've found it.
    7. A.G. Edwards & Co. Edwards and Co. may have only recently begun operations in Melbourne.
    8. Just a few years old, the salon has already established a solid reputation.
    9. This salon has earned a reputation as one of the best in town.
    10. Visit Edwards and Company's Instagram to learn the trick to their famous platinum blonde hair.
    11. Popularity of the salon can be attributed to its blond-color services.
    12. The Xiang Hair Xiang Hair has been Melbourne's premier salon supplier since 1989.
    13. In the words of Toni & Guy When it came to high-end hair care, Toni & Guy were largely considered as the go-to experts.
    14. Two Oscars There are a number of Melbourne's finest shopping districts within easy walking distance of the Oscar Oscar.
    15. In a short amount of time, you can have hair that looks like it was done at a salon.
    16. Soothe your weary bones in the lap of luxury.
    17. Rokk Ebony's team has proven, via their many awards, that they are masters of the hairstyling craft.
    18. Numerous accolades attest to Biba Biba's status as the industry's top hairstylist.
    19. Because of her commitment to excellence in her trade, Biba has been named "Australian Hairdresser of the Year" twice.
    20. To the Front of the Lines for Hair and Glamor Anthony Martino owns and operates Heading Out Hair and Beauty.
    21. The salon, which was founded 25 years ago by a self-described "serial entrepreneur," has quickly risen to the top of its industry and is the pioneer of its particular brand.
    22. Due to its dedication to offering its customers only the finest in hair care, Heading Out has quickly risen to the ranks of Melbourne's most prestigious beauty parlours.
    23. Those who are stuck in a hair rut should definitely check out Heading Out, as they are always on top of the latest fashion and beauty trends.
    24. Dunkley McKenzie's Meddlers Dunkley McKenzie's Meddlers salon in South Yarra is a beautiful space.
    25. Chris Dunkley and Gary McKenzie first started their store 13 years ago with the intention of providing a one-of-a-kind and energising environment in which customers may peruse the season's hottest trends in complete ease and comfort.
    26. Salon d'Humanité Human Salon's female hairstylists are all based out of Curtin House.
    27. a salon catering to African-American women The Richmond salon's manager, Mary Asamoah, has a keen scientific curiosity about hair.
    28. You've finally located the one salon that can properly care for and fashion your Afro-textured hair.
    29. The Delilah Salon Salon owner Adrian Panayiotis, a hairstylist with over 25 years of experience, opened Delilah Studio in 2007.
    30. Fortunately, Neel has mastered the art of curling hair.
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