Where Is The Best Place To Shop In Melbourne?

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    A guide is a fantastic alternative if you don't people felt like discovering the city's best shopping districts on your own.

    Shopping at an outlet mall is a great way to save money while perusing the wares of well-known brands.

    One of the popular tours in the city is called "Bargains and Bubbly," and for good reason: it's per day trip to the best outlet stores, complete with lunch as well as a glass of bubbles, even without cost of carrying your purchases around all day.

    The most popular day trip offered by Outlet Shopping Tour is ideal for those who wish to do some shopping but don't want to spend the whole day doing it.

    Melbourne's Best Shopping Area

    There are almost two hundred stores here, many of which provide high-quality apparel and accessories at affordable costs. If you don't have time to make the trip to Chadstone, you may discover many of the same stores in the compact Melbourne Emporium.

    NGV Design Store

    The NGV shop recently added a new jewellery area featuring one-of-a-kind pieces. At the NGV International, you'll find one of the best design boutiques in town, showcasing the creations of local designers, artists, and manufacturers.

    An exciting new development is the addition of a special jewellery section to the store. Do we have any Christmas shoppers among us? Inspiring the pieces on display are a wide range of things, including the picturesque coastline of New Zealand and also the gallery's current lavish show, Italian Jewels: Versace Style.

    Amsterdam's Galerie Ra worked with NGV to commision original paintings from NGV co-founder and theatrical artist Paul Degree.

    The glass pieces designed by Australian furniture maker Grant Featherston in the 1940s are the highlight of yet another collection.

    These colourful, gold, and transparent pieces were taken out of storage by Mary Robust and resilient, Featherston's wife, and jeweller Blanche Tilden.

    We have a lot of tourist destinations in Melbourne. Just visit Melbourne to help you create the perfect getaway for yourself.

    Lucy Folk Jewellery

    Whether you're looking to show your friendship to one person or the globe at large, a set from Lucy Folk bracelet is a beautiful way to do so.

    When most people think of friendship jewellery, they image a necklace in the shape of a heart with its two halves joined together. Although cute, such items are better suited for kids than for grownups who want to show off their love for a significant other.

    Intricate macramé friendship bangles with plating are Lucy Folk's speciality. They are reminiscent of the string necklaces We made in summer camp, only prettier. You can also get some nice rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

    SO: ME Space: South Melbourne Market

    Its South Melbourne Market is known for its excellent seafood and bargain clothing, but it has much more to offer.

    Stay away from the deeply priced tracksuits and head to SO:ME Space, an small design market with a rotating cast of local makers.

    Mr. Simple sells men's apparel, Lost in Seasons has shoes made by local artisans, and TheSuperCool sells stylish furnishings.


    FAQs Place To Shop In Melbourne

    From timeless opals to cozy Uggs, a Sherrin footy and iconic Melbourne prints, there's something for everyone on our list.

    • Sherrin Football. 
    • Skipping Girl Vinegar Sign Print. 
    • Jar of Vegemite.
    • Dame Edna Glasses. 
    • Kids Penguin Beanie. 
    • Opals. 
    • Ugg Boots.

    This city is just like Paris or Milan of the southern and eastern hemispheres. With some wonderful arcades, buzzing shopping centers, and stylish boutiques, shopping in Melbourne is considered as real fun when you are visiting Australia and also it is known as the best shopping destination in the world.

    Almost 1000 stores in Melbourne's central shopping precinct will stay open late every day of the week, in a significant agreement to be announced.

    Later this month all retailers in and around the Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne Central, Melbourne's GPO and the new Emporium Melbourne will begin trading until at least 7pm every night.

    Late-night trading will continue on Thursdays and Fridays, when shops are open until 9pm.

    Now with over 550 stores, it is the biggest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere. It has some of the largest worldwide brands from fashion to retail. The centre has become its own city with a free shuttle bus taking you from Melbourne's CBD to Chadstone Shopping Centre.

    Melbourne is known for being one of the most liveable cities on earth. Often referred to as 'the Sporting Capital of the World', besides this it is also famous for its graffitied laneways, excellent coffee, cultural diversity and bayside location. This eclectic Australian city has something for everyone.

    Third Drawer Down Southside

    In the center of Prahran, the southern outpost of Third Drawer Down, staffed by the same affable people, has opened. Camille Walala painted the façade, and within you'll find a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind knickknacks, furnishings, and more.

    They have recently worked with a Bristol artist to create a line of gifts and home goods.

    A tea towel depicting a huge, expensive room full of trash encapsulates the attitude of irreverent surprise and scorn for the unnecessarily twee that has earned Third Drawers Down a cult following. Designers both at home and abroad have come up with a wide variety of quirky and useful items, such as splatter mugs, egg cups in the shape of camels, and wallets built from butter and jelly sandwiches.


    Simon Johnson: Toorak

    This renowned dealer's prices may be steep, but they stock a number of pieces that are otherwise hard to get. Drinks, breads, chocolate, wine by the tablespoon, tea, cereal, preserves, olive oil, jellies, marmalade, candies, nectaries, condiments, sauces, household goods, and pickles are just some of the many products they sell.

    Pickings And Parry

    How often do you look at old images of working guys and marvel at their sartorial sophistication? Confused? Fear not.

    An old Faema espresso maker, some train luggage racks, a Triumph motorcycle, and several hand-painted placards are on show. To Pickings and Parry, traditional workmanship that creates enduring works of art is of the highest value. The Pike Brothers' selvedge denim pants are identical to those sold in 1937, and their cotton sport shirts are produced in Germany with the same vintage round machinery used to produce uniforms for the German armed forces.

    The store carries a wide variety of useful tools and equipment, including brass or brown leather office set and axe, tweed caps, robust soled leather boots, automobile goggles, and specialised publications. Faulkner's, a barbershop catering to kids, is tucked down in the basement as well.

    You should have a haircut, a shave with a straight razor, or a trim of your moustache and beard, and you should stock up on grooming products like pomade and unguent. Pickings and Parry is like stepping back in time to a more innocent era, when men worked long hours yet still managed to look dapper.

    Looking for the best places to visit in Melbourne to create your dream vacation?

    Embiggen Books 

    Embiggen Books is a hidden gem in Melbourne Central that fosters open minds, intelligent conversation, and a passion for reading. Embiggen Books' enormous popular science section is what makes the store stand out, but they also have swoon-worthy art & desk books and a rotating selection of the newest should novels and classics.

    The building was designed to look like a cosy library, replete with soaring ceilings, wooden stairs, and rows upon rows of shelves.

    Owners and customers alike keep things relaxed and amicable despite the building's age.

    Embiggen, formerly located in Queensland's Sunshine Coast, relocated to Melbourne a few decades previously and has since welcomed notable speakers including Nobel laureates.

    Bee Sustainable

    In front yards and on top of garages, a small but formidable army of little winged workers is building an empire. Melbourne's several rooftop skylines. Like the owner of a boutique in East Moncton called Bee Sustainable, they experience a surge in business throughout the spring.

    Time Out arrives to find the business owner smiling broadly as he marks honey jars & unpacks boxes of preparation for the day's activities. Items including cheese-making kits, grain mills, and seeds are displayed neatly on the timber shelves alongside a broad selection of beeswax products.

    Knives for extracting nectar, protective gear, and even exotica like "queen excluders" can be found at the back, along with tools for building beehives and removing honeycomb.

    It can be daunting for a beginner, but joining a beekeepers class or group is your best choice for learning the ropes. If you're just getting started, stop by Redpath's shop once a month to sign up for one of his classes. For roughly $500, he can provide you with everything you need to build a hive, including about 10,000 bees. It's arduous, but he seems to have little to gain from his efforts nonetheless.

    Five short years ago, he was an IT professor at Monash University; today, he's a Wall Street advisor. He wanted nothing more than to reunite with his small black and yellow companions and leave the business world behind. If the prospect of spending years seeing your ideal microsociety bloom doesn't appeal to you, perhaps the ripple effects from beekeeping could.

    The bees will aid in pollination, which could lead to a bumper crop that you'll need to put up in the freezer or the pantry.

    Having animals as pets has helped bring many people closer to nature, and that's something many keepers have been happy to talk about. When you're the queen of the beehive, you get a lot of privileges, the first of which is access to free, tasty honeycomb.

    Bourke Street Mall

    Some of Australia's best known businesses have storefronts on Bourke Street Mall, the one of the city's main pedestrian thoroughfares.

    There are two of the largest clothing stores in the world here, and both of them have cafés where customers can sit down and get something to eat or drink without leaving the store.

    The mall features a wide selection of retailers, including a well Spanish retailer Zara, as well as Cue, Roger David, & Ever New. Explore not only Bourke Street Mall, but also the arcade and side streets that branch off of it. To learn when times individual stores are open and closed, it is essential to do some preliminary web research.

    Bourke Street Mall

    You can go to the GPO, a shopping centre that used to be a mail sorting facility, on Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall.

    The GPO in Melbourne, Australia, houses several shops and boutiques that together make a small but attractive shopping arcade. Local favourites like Larson Earrings or Altered or Tailored can be found alongside international powerhouses like H&M. Renting out Alto Gatherings Space is prevalent because it is a convenient location for hosting private events.

    The Block Arcade

    In the heart of the Business District stands the iconic Block Arcade. The glass ceiling and mosaic tile floor of the Arcade are both impressive examples of 19th-century architecture. Some of the more well-known and specialised stores in the region are Crabtree & Creme, Wittner Footwear, Australian By Designs, and Haigh's Chocolates.

    Melbourne Central

    In addition to being the location of Melbourne's main train station, "Melbourne Central" is also a bustling shopping and food precinct with numerous well-known retailers.

    Bardot, Colette, Converse, Road, Foot Locker, Gap, Mechanics that describes the motion, Nike, RM Wilson, and Rebel Sports are just a few of the more recognisable names in the retail sector that target the fashion-conscious consumer.

    There are a plethora of places to shop for cosmetics and other beauty supplies, such as Major Apple Cosmetic products, Sephora, Bonaparte Perdis, Priceline, as well as Mecca Maxima.

    The entertainment options at the shopping centre include a Hoyts movie theatre, as well as Strike bowling and a bar. Access to Melbourne Center is simple via public transport, and parking can be found nearby for a fee.


    Immerse yourself in the wonderful place in Melbourne right. Explore and visit Melbourne.

    Queen Victoria Village (QV)

    QV is a bustling commercial and retail district in the heart of Melbourne's central business district.

    Located at the crossroads of Lonsdale as well as Swanston streets in Melbourne's Central Business District, QV is a popular shopping destination. We have over 120 stores, so you can have almost everything you require in one visit.

    Target Centre

    The Target Centre, a tiny arcade off Bourke Street, is home to a variety of shops including Target, City Chic, Novo Sneakers, Creelman's Pharmacy, Antique Cellars, and Mister Minit. Swanston Street's Target Centre is just across Bourke Street, making it convenient for shoppers. In addition, there are a number of carparks within walking distance of Target Centre.

    Emporium Melbourne

    To attract wealthy customers, they invited a number of well-known international brands to set up shop in their establishment. The Emporium's proximity to Melbourne Central makes it simple to access the city's other major shopping and transportation nodes.

    If you're looking for luxury brands, this is your best bet outside the two largest department stores. Armani Exchange, Charles Keller, Camilla and Marc, Helen Zampatti, Kate Shovel, Dion Choi, Lancome, Chanel, Rodd and Gunn, Provides a cost - effective Theodore, and White Suede are just a few of the stores that are found here. The downtown area does not have any parking options. The good news is that several parking garages are conveniently located nearby.

    Collins 234 Boutique Place

    As the name suggests, Collins Street, in the heart of the city, is lined with unique boutiques. Clothing boutiques Mollini, Saba, as well as Indigo share the ground floor with Dymocks. Pay lots are located close to the downtown area. You can drive there, pay for parking at a lot, or use the train or monorail to get there.

    Queen Victoria Markets

    This same Queen Victoria Markets have been Melbourne's central hub for decades. Produce, meat, seafood, chicken, cheese, and wine can all be found at this Southern Hemisphere staple, the largest open - air market of its kind. The other sheds stock a wide variety of merchandise, including clothing, leather goods, shoes, tourist trinkets, sports, jewellery, and more.

    The Queen Victoria Markets are an essential part of any trip to Melbourne because they truly have something for everyone. You can take the tram or bus to get to the nearby markets and parks.

    Chadstone Shopping Centre

    The Chadstone Shopping Centre is one of the largest suburban shopping centers in Australia, and it is located in a south-eastern Melbourne suburb. An entire day can be easily spent shopping at Chadstone SC, as it is home to numerous Australian chain stores.

    Retailers such as Myer, David Jones, Gap, Iphone, Dymocks, Tiffany & Co., Victoria's Secret, High - speed wi, Kmart, Target, and countless others can be found there. In addition, a Tourism Food store Passport is available for tourists to pick up in the CBD of Melbourne, which will entitle them to discounts and deals at a number of different stores. Persons who does not permanently reside inside the area is considered a visitor. It's convenient to get to; visitors can take the free Clothing Space craft from Union Square, ride the bus or train, or even drive in and park for nothing.

    South Wharf

    As far as outlet malls move, DFO on South Wharf is where it's at in Melbourne. Presenting over 120 discount department stores selling popular brands the same as Lorna Jane, Mimco, Paul Alexander, Kernel, Victoria's Secret, & Nike.

    Other well-known brands include Calvin Klein Denim, Cue, M.J. Dybala, Sass and or Bide, and Adidas.

    Retailers like Bed Bath & Further than that, Nick Scali, as well as JB Hi-Fi stock an extensive selection of home decor and electronics. Transportation options include driving (with paid parking) or taking public transportation (train or tram) to the downtown area.


    Harbour Town Melbourne, some other open-air outlet mall in Docklands, is located across the body of water from DFO. Shops like Costco, Debt securities Outlet, Duck Pond, Levi's Outlet, Aristocratic Doulton Outlet, Cumbria, Forever New, as well as Toy World are just a few of the more than one hundred that can be found here. The Melbourne Star, located within the complex, serves as a popular entertainment and dining hub, and the centre is also home to Glow Golf, the O'Brien Group Arena, and Simulator World. To reach the centre or the park, you can take a tram, bus, or subway for as little as $3.

    Chapel Street

    From South Yarra, through Prahran and St. Kilda East, as well as ultimately ending in St. Kilda, Chapel Street is among Melbourne's best known shopping stretches. There are seven sections of the street, each with its own set of stores and services. Trams run frequently during the day, making it easy to reach Chapel Street.

    Prahran Market

    Prahran Market, was one Melbourne's longest living markets, has already been luring hungry patrons since over 125 years. Mr. Currywurst, The Street food Man, Ann's Rainbow trout & Chips, Devil Sushi, and dozens more vendors set up shop at this weekly market to sell everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to meats and seafood to baked goods and tea.


    It's possible to save a lot of money when window shopping your favourite brands at an outlet mall. The best outlet malls are the destination of choice for many people's "Bargains and Bubbly" day trip, which includes shopping, lunch, and champagne. Unique jewellery pieces are now available in a dedicated section of the NGV Design Store. If you want to do some shopping but don't want to devote an entire day to it, the Outlet Shopping Tour is for you.

    Paul Degree, co-founder of the National Gallery of Victoria and a renowned theatrical artist, created a series of paintings commissioned by the Galerie Ra in conjunction with the NGV. Mary Robust and resilient, Grant Featherston's wife, and jeweller Blanche Tilden dug up the glass pieces he had developed in the 1940s from storage. Lucy Folk Jewelry is a wonderful gift for a friend, whether you're trying to connect with someone locally or across the world. ME A collection of local artisans sell their wares at Space, a compact design market. Mr. Simple sells men's clothing, Lost in Seasons provides shoes handcrafted by local artisans, and TheSuperCool sells chic home furnishings, all within walking distance of South Melbourne Market, which is well-known for its fresh seafood and low prices. Third Drawer Down's new southern location, located in the Melbourne suburb of Prahran, is run by the same friendly team.

    The front of the store was painted by Camille Walala, and inside you'll find a trove of one-of-a-kind furnishings, decorations, and more. Items like splatter mugs, egg cups shaped like camels, and wallets made from butter and jelly sandwiches have been created by designers all across the world. The shop also sells a large selection of practical tools and equipment, such as a brass or brown leather office set and axe, tweed caps, sturdy soled leather boots, vehicle goggles, and specialised publications. Embiggen Books is a Melbourne Central gem that encourages curiosity, discussion, and a love of books. The space was styled as a cosy library, complete with high ceilings, wooden stairs, and a seemingly endless supply of shelves.

    East Moncton's Bee Sustainable is a boutique run by a little but mighty army of little winged workers. The easiest way for a beginner to learn the ropes is to enrol in a class or club dedicated to beekeeping. Perhaps the knock-on consequences of beekeeping will pique your interest if the thought of spending years watching your ideal microsociety flourish doesn't. Having pets has helped people connect with nature, and Bourke Street Mall and Block Arcade are two of the most popular shopping areas in Melbourne. The GPO, formerly a mail sorting facility, is now a modest but charming shopping arcade where you can find shops like Larson Earrings and Altered or Tailored, both of which are popular among the locals.

    Mechanics that describes motion, Nike, RM Wilson, and Rebel Sports are just some of the many well-known stores that can be found in Melbourne Central, a lively shopping and dining zone. There is a wide selection of locations to buy clothes, accessories, and cosmetics. Located in the centre of Melbourne's CBD, Queen Victoria Village (QV) is a thriving commercial and retail zone. It has about 120 shops, including Target, City Chic, Novo Sneakers, Creelman's Pharmacy, Antique Cellars, and Mister Minit. Emporium Melbourne has welcomed a number of prestigious international companies to open stores there in order to cater to the shopping habits of its affluent clientele.

    There are numerous one-of-a-kind stores on Collins Street, and Pay lots may be found in close proximity to the central business district. For decades, Melbourne's core hub has been the Queen Victoria Markets, where you can buy fresh fruit, meat, seafood, chicken, cheese, and wine. One of Australia's major suburban shopping complexes, Chadstone Shopping Centre is home to a wide variety of well-known Australian retailers, as well as a Tourism Food store called Passport. Over one hundred twenty inexpensive department stores, including names like Calvin Klein Denim, Cue, M.J. Dybala, Sass and Bide, and Adidas, can be found at South Wharf. To get to Clothing Space, passengers can take the free shuttle boat from Union Square, ride the bus or rail for free, or even drive there and park for no charge.

    You may find a wide variety of home furnishings and technological devices at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond, Nick Scali, and JB Hi-Fi. Costco, Debt securities Outlet, Duck Pond, Levi's Outlet, Aristocratic Doulton Outlet, Cumbria, Forever New, and Toy World can all be found at Docklands, an outdoor outlet mall just across the water from DFO. From South Yarra to St. Kilda East, shoppers can take advantage of the seven distinct retail and service districts along Chapel Street. One of Melbourne's oldest marketplaces, Prahran Market is home to dozens of merchants selling everything from Mr. Currywurst and The Street Food Man to Ann's Rainbow Trout and Chips and Devil Sushi. To get around, you can either drive yourself or take public transportation.

    Content Summary

    1. If you don't feel like finding the city's top shopping areas on your own, a guide is a great option.
    2. It's possible to save a lot of money when window shopping your favourite brands at an outlet mall.
    3. The "Bargains and Bubbly" tour is one of the most well-known in the city, and with good reason: it's a daylong journey through the city's finest outlet malls, complete with lunch and a glass of bubbles, and all without the burden of having to lug about your purchases.
    4. Outlet Shopping Tour's most popular day trip is perfect for individuals who want to do some shopping but don't want to devote an entire day to it.
    5. The Finest Shopping District in Melbourne There are about two hundred shops here, many of which sell fashionable items at reasonable prices.
    6. If you don't have time to visit Chadstone, the smaller Melbourne Emporium may feature many of the same stores.
    7. In the NGV Design Shop, You Can Find Anything You Want Featuring one-of-a-kind pieces, the NGV shop has expanded to include a jewellery section.
    8. There is a great selection of local designers, artists, and manufacturers at the NGV International, one of the greatest design shops in town.
    9. Together with NGV, the Galerie Ra in Amsterdam commissioned a series of paintings by Paul Degree, a co-founder of NGV and a theatre artist.
    10. The glass works created by Australian cabinetmaker Grant Featherston in the 1940s are the focal point of yet another collection.
    11. Lucy's Traditional Jewelry Lucy Folk bracelets are a lovely way to express your friendship, whether it's to a single individual or the entire world.
    12. Many people's mental image of friendship jewellery consists of a necklace in the shape of a heart with its two halves clasped together.
    13. Lucy Folk is known for her elaborate macramé friendship bangles with gold plating.
    14. SO: ME Position: South Melbourne Market South Melbourne Market has a lot more to offer than just cheap clothes and fresh seafood.
    15. Instead of paying exorbitant prices for athletic wear, consider visiting SO:ME Space, a tiny design market that features a changing cast of local makers.
    16. Men's clothes may be found at Mr. Simple, shoes produced by local artists can be purchased at Lost in Seasons, and chic home decor can be purchased from TheSuperCool.
    17. South of the Third Drawer With the same friendly staff, Third Drawer Down has launched a southern location in the heart of Prahran.
    18. The front was painted by Camille Walala, and the interior is filled with one-of-a-kind furnishings, artwork, and more.
    19. Their most recent collaboration is with a Bristol artist on a collection of decorative items for the house.
    20. Third Drawers Down's attitude of irreverent surprise and disgust for the needlessly twee is perfectly captured by a tea towel picturing a vast, costly room full with junk.
    21. Numerous creative and practical goods, such as splatter mugs, egg cups shaped like camels, and wallets made from butter and jelly sandwiches, have been created by designers both at home and abroad.
    22. Pickings and Parry place a premium on the kind of time-tested craftsmanship that results in enduring works of art.
    23. Tweed caps, sturdy soled leather boots, vehicle goggles, and specialised publications are just some of the many helpful tools and equipment available at this shop. Also available is a brass or brown leather office set and axe.
    24. The basement also houses Faulkner's, a children's barbershop.
    25. Get a haircut, a straight razor shave, or a trim of your moustache and beard, and stock up on grooming goods like pomade and unguent.
    26. Embiggen Books is a Melbourne Central gem that encourages curiosity, discussion, and a love of books.
    27. The interior was styled to resemble a cosy library, complete with high ceilings, wooden stairs, and a seemingly endless supply of bookcases.
    28. Originally located on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, Embiggen migrated to Melbourne a few decades ago and has since hosted Nobel laureates and other noteworthy speakers.
    29. Remain Long-Lasting A small but mighty army of little winged workers is constructing their empire in front yards and on top of garages.
    30. Bee Sustainable, an East Moncton boutique, sees a seasonal uptick in customers and sales in the spring.
    31. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, the best way to learn the ropes is to enrol in a beekeeping course or meet up with other novice beekeepers.
    32. In exchange for about ten thousand bees and four hundred and fifty dollars, he will supply you with everything you need to construct a hive.
    33. Shops on the Bourke Street Mall One of the main pedestrian thoroughfares in Melbourne, Bourke Street Mall is home to some of Australia's most recognisable brands.
    34. Don't just stick to Bourke Street Mall; investigate the surrounding arcade and side streets as too.
    35. Finding out what hours stores are open or closed requires some preparatory online investigation.
    36. The Bourke Street Shopping District Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall is home to the GPO, a shopping centre converted from a former postal sorting facility.
    37. Several shops and boutiques make up a modest yet lovely shopping arcade in Melbourne, Australia's GPO.
    38. In the Block's Amusement Center The historic Block Arcade is located right in the middle of the bustling Central Business District.
    39. Crabtree & Creme, Wittner Footwear, Australian By Designs, and Haigh's Chocolates are some of the most popular and specialised shops in the area.
    40. Central Melbourne The "Melbourne Central" shopping and dining complex is located in the same building as Melbourne's central train station.
    41. Public transportation to Melbourne Center is convenient, and parking garages are available nearby for a cost.
    42. Located in the centre of Melbourne's CBD, Queen Victoria Village (QV) is a thriving commercial and retail zone.
    43. The Target Centre on Swanston Street is directly across Bourke Street, giving it a handy location for shoppers.
    44. Parking garages are also conveniently located near Target Centre.
    45. Access to the rest of Melbourne's shopping and transit hubs is made easy by the Emporium's location so close to Melbourne Central.
    46. Outside of the two main department shops, this is the finest place to find high-end labels.
    47. Boutique at 234 Collins Collins Street, located smack in the middle of the city, is home to a wide variety of one-of-a-kind shops.
    48. Visit the local markets and parks with the help of the convenient tram and bus services.
    49. Located in the heart of Chadstone, the Chadstone Shopping Centre One of Australia's major suburban shopping complexes, the Chadstone Shopping Centre can be found in a south-eastern suburb of Melbourne.
    50. Chadstone Shopping Centre is home to various Australian chain stores, making it easy to spend a whole day there.
    51. In addition, visitors can pick up a Tourism Food Shop Passport in Melbourne's central business district to have access to exclusive offers and discounts at a variety of local eateries.
    52. Visitors can take the free Clothing Space boat from Union Square, get on a bus or train, or simply drive there and park for free.
    53. In the South Wharf DFO on South Wharf is the best outlet mall in Melbourne.
    54. Driving (with paid parking) or utilising public transportation (train or tram) are also viable ways for reaching the central business district.
    55. Docklands Just across the water from DFO is Harbour Town Melbourne, another open-air outlet mall in the Docklands area.
    56. The Melbourne Star is a popular entertainment and dining destination within the complex, while other popular attractions include Glow Golf, the O'Brien Group Arena, and Simulator World.
    57. You can use the tram, bus, or metro for as low as $3 to get to the centre of town or the park.
    58. Location: On Chapel Street Chapel Street is a well-known shopping district that extends from South Yarra to Prahran and St. Kilda East before terminating in St. Kilda.
    59. Chapel Street is conveniently accessible thanks to the trams' frequent daytime service.
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