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Where To Find The Best Music Festival In Melbourne?

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    For Melbourne's annual music festivals, thousands of Australians make the trip. The perfect way to celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve, a summer day, or any other holiday.

    The many music festivals held in Melbourne each have their own unique vibe and programme, showcasing a wide range of musical genres and forms of artistic expression. If you're planning a trip to Melbourne, you should definitely attend one of these fantastic music festivals.

    Melbourne, Australia, is home to some of the world's finest music festivals. You've found it, so stop looking!

    In all travels, Melbourne stands out as one of the very best metropolitan areas. There are some of the best music festivals in the world held in Melbourne, and we could definitely see myself living there permanently. If you haven't already, you should do yourself favour and plan a trip there as soon as possible. Whether you're in town to soak up the cafe culture, check out the incredible nightlife, or admire the stunning graffiti that covers the city's laneways, you're bound to fall in love with Melbourne.

    Popular Melbourne itineraries include visits to Canberra, Australia's cultural capital, where you won't have time to sit still for really long if you're like eachother! Take a look at suggested Melbourne celebrations and get excited about your next trip!

    Melbourne's Best Music Festival

    The city of Melbourne is one of the most exciting and enjoyable places ever been. There are some of the best music festivals in the world held in Melbourne, and we could definitely picture ourselves living there permanently. If you haven't already, you should yourself a favour & plan a vacation there as soon as possible.

    Whether you're in town to soak up the cafe culture, check out the fantastic nightlife, or admire the gorgeous graffiti that covers the city's laneways, you're bound to fall in love with Melbourne.

    St. Jerome's Laneway Festival

    Caledonian Lane near Melbourne is where the St. Jerome's Laneway Festival first began. The festival featured a different emerging band each Sunday throughout the summer, drawing in a large and appreciative audience each time.

    The festival has expanded significantly over the past decade, taking place not just in Brisbane, Adelaide, or Sydney but in a number of other Australian cities as well.

    performances have also been held in Auckland, Detroit, and Singapore. The likes of Flume, Partial fulfilment of the requirements, Lawrence Joy, Lcd Soundsystem, and Yearlings are just some of the major names in alternative pop and rock that have played at Laneway. Currently, festivities in Melbourne may be seen at the Footscray Community Art Center and all along the River.

    music festival

    Rainbow Serpent

    One of the greatest music and arts festivals in Melbourne, Rainbow Serpent attracts over 15,000 people throughout the Victoria Day holiday weekend.

    At this wacky festival, electronic dance music, namely psychedelic trance, plays endlessly. The festival includes a market, food stalls, a seminar, a solar theatre, as well as a children's area, in addition to the excellent visual performance art. Exciting opportunities are always available. Participants are encouraged to focus on religion, sustainability, and well-being, as well as to express themselves creatively via the use of tattoos and costume, at this year's event.

    A Day On The Green

    However, whereas the Rainbow Dragon Festival and just a day spent on the Green couldn't be more different, they both have their own special charm.

    Looking for just a low-key event to attend? A Week on The Green is the place to be. The festival has hosted about 30 concerts annually in a few of Australia's most picturesque wine areas.

    Mariah Aguilera, Elton John, & Alicia Keys are just a few of the A-list performers who have graced the Day on Green stage. Enjoy the beautiful scenery with such a picnic, some wine, and some music while the sun sets.

    A trip to Melbourne is ideal if you just want to kick back and take it easy on your vacation.

    FAQs Best Music Festival In Melbourne

    The Woodstock Festival was a three-day pop and rock concert that turned out to be the most popular music event in history. It became a symbol of the hippie movement of the 1960s.

    Four young men organized the festival. The original idea was to stage a concert that would raise enough money to build a recording studio for young musicians at Woodstock, New York.

    The organizers expected about 50,000 people, but as the date came nearer it became clear that far more people wanted to be at the event. 

    A few days before the festival began hundreds of thousands of pop and rock fans were on their way to Woodstock. There were not enough gates where tickets were checked and fans made holes in the fences, so lots of people just walked in. 

    About 300,000 to 500,000 people were at the concert.

    Even though Sydneysiders are reluctant to admit it, it’s now been declared official. Melbourne is the live music capital of the world. 

    The findings come from Music Victoria’s Live Music Census, which looks at a variety of subjects surrounding live music throughout the state. 

    The study found Melbourne boasts one live music venue for every 9,503 residents, making Melbourne the live music capital of the world on a per-capita basis. 

    By comparison London has 245 venues (one per 34,350 residents), New York has 453 venues (one per 18,554 residents) and Los Angeles 510 venues (one per 19,607 residents)

    Further findings include that live music attracted more attendance than the AFL, Spring Racing Carnival, A League, Basketball, Netball, NRL, Cricket and the Australian Grand Prix combined. 

    Melbourne is a global music capital with an inclusive and culturally diverse music culture. Our city leads the world in helping emerging and established musicians to be creative and self-reliant.

    Workshops, dances, drum circles, kids areas, arts, and crafts vendors plus more are at almost every festival. Impromptu jams also happen, and festival musicians often join in, so be ready if you're an instrumentalist: you might get a chance to jam with one of your musical heroes!

    They offer an easy weekend activity, the chance to spend time with friends and loved ones, see multiple bands and music artists in one place, shop, and enjoy delicious local food. When they take place in a small town, music festivals also offer many benefits to the surrounding community: Boost the local economy.


    An event that began as a little beach party with in woods now is widely regarded to be one of Melbourne's best music festivals. The festival is in its 25th year and has expanded to include five days and five stages. Earthcore is a one-of-a-kind festival because it features cutting-edge electronic music from throughout the world alongside unique cultural experiences.

    The event offers a great selection of entertaining activities. Makeovers, cult movies, and cutting-edge music or art exhibits are all available at the Fluff station.


    Festival Of The Falls Music And Arts

    The Falls Arts and Music Festival has been a staple of the New Year's Eileen scene since it first began in 1993. Since its one-day beginnings in Lorne, the Falls Festival has expanded to Marion Harbour and Byron Bay. There are now people who specifically travel to Melbourne to attend this festival, as it is now one of the city's most well-attended music events.

    At the Topples Music and Arts Festival, local and foreign artists and musicians perform in a wide variety of genres in front of a backdrop of breathtaking natural beauty. Among the many bands that perform regularly, The Living End, This same John Butler Trio, and it's Something for Kate are among the most well-known. Celebration of the New Year at the Topples Culture as well as Dance Carnival is the pinnacle of New Year's Eve events.

    Melbourne Music Week 

    Celebrations for MMW, an important annual event in Melbourne, fill the city and spill over into many houses of worship.

    SHOUSE, the group responsible for the worldwide hit "Love Tonight," would be making a special appearance at this year's event. The Melbourne Museum will be hosting a one-night-only event. WAT Artists Fam Jam to Loure, Akosia, & Dan Whitford of Cut Copy is just one of many Melbourne talent-based events taking place at Max Watt's.

    Dutty Tribqu, featuring two selectors from Melbourne and Naarm playing back-to-back and digging deep into their document collections to bring user a wide range of sounds and escapes, is one of several shows that will take place at Mpavillion, a temporary artistic haven.

    The Melbourne Music Festival is a multidisciplinary festival that showcases a wide variety of creative disciplines, not just music and also film, art, layout, and culinary creations. Melbourne Music Week (MMW) is a nine-day annual music festival hosted by City of Melbourne and celebrating the music of Australia.

    Our first decade of operation has resulted in the collaboration of over 2,200 artists, the production of 1,000 events, the activation of 200 venues across the city, and the attendance of over 350,000 music lovers.

    Beyond The City 

    Previously held in the Valley, the music festival is now located in the metropolis. Don't miss out on this two-day celebration just at Sidney Myer Music Bowl, which features performances by some of Australia's most celebrated artists. In order to witness the best of the local talent, this festival is the place to be.

    The disco-beat single "Milkumana" by King Stingray of Arnhem Land is a must-listen. Rhythm Section CEO and selector Bradley Zero is also flying in from the UK for the event.

    An eclectic collection of musical ability that is well worth the cost of admission.

    Sun Cycle NYD 2022 

    Sun Cycle is finally coming back to the Coburg Velodrome for a fun-filled day of classic tunes and partying.

    In addition to Tornado Baldwin, Sleep D, and Briggs, New Zealand's prestigious house-music team, Chaos With In CBD, will indeed be performing at the Northside venue. unparalleled multi-sensory evidence. , and the best way to ring in the Year with tunes and art installations from acclaimed musicians like A.Kid and Elixir Orange.

    Dreamland Theme Park Music Festival 

    The idea of hosting a music festival amongst towering, glittering coasters at the a real-life theme park is no longer a pipe dream. What Fun Ticket and Contagious Entertainment have made deserves to be called Dreamland, and that is the name they have chosen. That includes unrestricted use of all the rides and games at the fair and amusement parks. What you dream up in Dreamland is exactly what you get. As such, it's akin to a "all you can play" pass for the carnival. You're riding a roller coaster above a festival where DJs are playing on five different stages to a deliriously happy crowd. This scenery has the potential to leave a lasting impression.

    At the numerous pop-up bars, or rather food stands, you can get anything you want to drink or eat all night long. Sorry, but if you're under 18 years old, you'll have had to find somewhere else to spend your time.

    District Live: Summer Music Sessions

    The District Docklands will celebrate Melbourne's love of musical performances with a saturday full of free showings by artists, DJs, but also bands as part of their District Live: Popular Summer Sessions.

    Rainbow Serpent

    Some of the 15,000 festivalgoers treat Rainbow like a family reunion, anticipating it all year long. For others, it was a brand-new entry point to exploration and rest, an opportunity to connect with others who share similar passions, and a way to pay tribute to Mother Nature, one another, and the pursuit of peace. This festival is about more than just listening to electronica; it's a place to explore and deepen your spirituality, as well as to heal through movement, meditation, and dance.

    Strawberry Fields

    Each year, in the third weekend of November, a group of people travel from outside Melbourne, Australia, and spend three days in a field celebrating the arts. The best up-and-coming and established digital creatives from Australia and beyond are showcased here annually.

    Explore a wide range of artistic expressions, from live performances and art exhibitions to market stalls and workshops and online discussion forums, and allow your senses to be engaged in the process.

    Babylon Festival

    For three days, festival-goers in the middle of Australia's wilderness will be immersed in Babylon, a magical music and lifestyle festival. A one-of-a-kind musical experience with a curated roster of live and digital musicians from all over the globe.

    Let Go Fest

    We've planned a variety of events to bring the neighbourhood together in the hopes that everyone will have a fantastic time. Let Go Fest., a festival featuring multiple genres and stages, will take place at the Mornington Racecourse on February 20. This festival celebrates a wide variety of musical styles, from rock and roll to live sound performances to house music to disco to advert to Melbourne bounce to Rhythm and blues to hip hop to trap to techno, and features a fantastic mix of alternate solution and pass Australian and international acts.

    They hope that everyone will be able to find something they like in the lineup thanks to the wide variety of genres represented and the affordable prices. There's a wide variety of styles here, so listeners of all preferences can find something they like. The daylong event features a free quiet disco as well as a free ferris wheel, among many other free activities.

    Electric Gardens Festival

    Each year during the Australia Morning Long Weekend, Electric Gardens, an independent outdoor boutique music festival, takes place in five different neighbourhoods across Australia and, in 2019, for the first time, in New Zealand. The quality of a music chosen by the headliners and the legendary status of their live performances have earned them widespread acclaim, and the production quality are unquestionably high. The iconic Sydney event, Centennial Park, is modelled after the huge European warmer months music festivals.

    Pitch Music & Arts Festival

    A torrent of noise. The four days of unearthly electronic music were interwoven with the fine arts and landscape. Victoria is a young and promising city, and it has attracted a gathering of local and international artists who have formed bubbles of plein air.

    Golden Plains Festival

    It's no exaggeration to say that the three days of the Solid gold Plains Music Event are among the most memorable of your life. It occurs in the autumn, when the weather is still warm and the humidity and temperature are relatively stable. In the late afternoon, the sun sinks slowly behind the trees, turning them a golden honey colour, before finally setting for the night. By March, GP has lost interest in the Spring Fool and his antics. Those in the market should consult GP.

    The Meredith Music Festival's little brother, this event takes place at the same Meredith Godly Theater, but on a much smaller scale in order to achieve a more eerie silence.

    No commercialism or advertisements will be present in the entire holiday weekend.

    Its purpose is to act as a safe haven. You can pitch a tent pretty much anywhere, stock it with whatever you want, and relax for the weekend. A couch, for instance, would be welcome in the Amphitheatre. To have a three-day weekend to relax and unwind.

    music festival

    Midsumma Festival

    Midsumma Festival is an annual celebration of queer, intersex, transgender, bi, lesbian, and gay culture held annually in Melbourne, Australia, in January and February. It began as a week-long commemoration of gay pride in 1989. This event has evolved into a 3 extravaganza over the years, with the having opened Carnival alone attracting as many as 180,000 people.

    St Kilda Festival

    Celebrating community, live artists, and the beautiful St. Kilda foreshore, the St. Kilda Festival is Australia's largest community festival.

    In the years since it began in 1980, the Church of st Kilda Festival has become an annual event beloved by locals and tourists alike. Every year on the second Tuesday of February, over 400,000 people attend the St. Kilda Festival.

    The best musicians in the country perform on multiple stages throughout the festival, which also includes trainings, children's programming, sports, dance, carnivals, food and drink, and markets and shops.

    Put in a full day at Melbourne's finest bar and discover why it's considered the best in the city.

    Melbourne International Jazz Festival

    Beginning in 1998, Melbourne has hosted an annual festival dedicated to the art of jazz.

    Because Melbourne is bursting at the seams with jazz vitality, the Festival is held in concert venues, arts venues, jazz clubs, and throughout the streets.

    The festival planners want as many individuals as possible to experience the profoundly personal effect that band may have on it's own listener, so they tailor the lineup to a diverse range of ages, musical preferences, and demographics.

    Happy Wanderer Festival

    It's a place where you can find fresh, delicious meals and drinks, as well as encouraging social gatherings with a group of artists and wanderers who welcome you to join people on their travels.

    Move on to the place where you and your partner will spend the rest of your lives with bare feet in the dirt, hearts full of love, and bellies full of laughter. A working bee was held on a scenic farm in East And north Victoria a few years ago by such a brother, a sister, as well as a pair of adopted kin, and the Happy Traveller Festival was born.

    Camp was set up by Broken Body of water and several Melbourne live acts were duped into making the journey up to Yin Barun, where the cows had to be moved from an organic rotunda and the truck was converted into a stage with Christmas lights.

    All of that led to the formation of the Happy Wanderer's original core group of travellers.

    For your convenience, we have accumulated a list of the top things to do when visiting Melbourne to assist you in making the most informed decisions when planning your trip.

    White Night

    Come celebrate the end of winter and the arrival of spring with a "Reinvented" White Elephant Party.

    This year marks the debut of White Night Reimagined, which will take place over three night time in three key precincts throughout Melbourne's internal city parks and orchards.

    Explore the Carlton Flower beds, Treasury Gardens, as well as Birrarung Morrissey in three different and exciting ways.

    Experience fantastical journeys created by artists from all over the world. The event will feature this same best of Victoria's locally grown produce and talent, including musical performances and appetising food.

    Ecstatic Festival 2020

    In 2020, the Ecstatic Festival will return for a second year of bringing people from all walks of life together to share a season of conscious as well as creative celebration. In an effort to maintain a cosy, intimate atmosphere, the festival cap is set at 500 attendees.

    It includes embodied dancing did lead by seasoned Overjoyed Dance DJs/facilitators and a wide range of artistic as well as holistic workshops.

    The festival would not exist without the participation of each and every person here, who has contributed to our ability to connect with one another, learn from one another, and make lasting memories. Stay away from booze and drugs. We guarantee only positive vibes and happiness.

    Mount Beauty Music Festival

    Three days of local nonprofits showcasing international and indigenous music, art, as well as culture to raise money and awareness for their causes. A hub of cultural activity, the town's museums, galleries, and other exhibitions attract visitors of all ages to the valley's natural beauty.

    White Night

    As winter comes to a close and spring begins to bloom, we invite you to join us for an "Reimagined" White Night. This year marks the debut of White Night Reimagined, a three-night event taking place in three strategically important precincts of Melbourne's inner - city areas parks and gardens.

    Explore the Carlton Gardens, Reserve bank Gardens, as well as Birrarung Morrissey in three different and exciting ways.

    Experience fantastical journeys created by artists from all over the world. The event will also feature live musical performances and an array of tasty treats to highlight this same best of Victoria's culinary scene.


    If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate the holidays, New Year's Eve, a summer day, or any other special occasion, go no further than Melbourne, Australia, home to some of the world's finest music festivals. It features a diverse array of musical styles and artistic expressions and has a distinct atmosphere and schedule. Visit Canberra, Australia's cultural capital, and get pumped up for your upcoming vacation by perusing selected Melbourne celebrations. Some of the world's top music festivals take place in Melbourne, making it one of the world's most dynamic and enjoyable cities. As an illustration, consider St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, which takes place every Sunday during the summer and showcases new and upcoming acts.

    Auckland, Detroit, and Singapore have also played host to performances. There will be celebrations all along the River and at the Footscray Community Art Center. About the Victoria Day long weekend, over 15,000 people attend Rainbow Serpent, a music and arts festival in Melbourne. Earthcore is an unprecedented festival that brings together cutting-edge electronic music from around the world with extraordinary cultural events. Picnics, wine, and music under the stars are all part of A Week on The Green.

    Since its inception in 1993, the Falls Arts and Music Festival has become an annual tradition at New Year's Eileen celebrations in Marion Harbour and Byron Bay. The Topples Music and Arts Festival features both domestic and international artists and musicians performing works in a wide range of genres against the stunning backdrop of the surrounding landscape. The City of Melbourne presents Melbourne Music Week, an annual nine-day music event, to honour and showcase Australian musical talent. SHOUSE, the band behind the international smash "Love Tonight," will perform live this year. One of the many talent-based events in Melbourne, Max Watt's is hosting a WAT Artists Fam Jam to Loure, Akosia, and Dan Whitford of Cut Copy. A number of concerts will be held at Mpavillion, including Dutty Tribqu, which features two pickers from Melbourne and Naarm playing back-to-back and delving deep into their document collections to bring user a wide spectrum of sounds and escapes.

    Content Summary

    1. Thousands of Australians travel each year to attend Melbourne's music festivals.
    2. If you're ever in Melbourne, Australia, you should make it a point to check out one of the city's many excellent music festivals.
    3. There are some of the best music festivals in the world in Melbourne, Australia.
    4. Melbourne hosts some of the most exciting and innovative music events on the planet, and we could easily imagine ourselves settling down there.
    5. Do yourself a favour and arrange a trip there as soon as possible if you haven't already.
    6. Get pumped for your upcoming vacation by perusing this list of recommended celebrations in Melbourne.
    7. The Greatest Music Festival in Melbourne Melbourne, Australia, is a fantastic city with a wide variety of fascinating and fun experiences to offer.
    8. Melbourne has some of the world's most prestigious music festivals, and the city itself is a place we could see ourselves calling home.
    9. Do yourself a favour and book a trip there immediately if you haven't already.
    10. You can't visit Melbourne without falling in love with its cafe culture, excellent nightlife, and beautiful graffiti that covers the city's laneways.
    11. Festival in the Lanes of St. Jerome The first St. Jerome's Laneway Festival took place in Caledonian Lane, a small street not far from Melbourne.
    12. Over the past decade, the festival has grown to include events in many more Australian cities than only Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney.
    13. In addition to Auckland and Detroit, performances have also been held in Singapore.
    14. Right now, people may celebrate in Melbourne all along the River and at the Footscray Community Art Center.
    15. Colorful Cobra Throughout 15,000 people attend Rainbow Serpent over the Victoria Day long weekend, making it one of Melbourne's largest music and arts festivals.
    16. Fun on the Golf Course The Rainbow Dragon Festival and a casual day on the Green are as different as night and day, but each has its own unique appeal.
    17. Earthcore A festival that started as a little beach party in the woods is now considered to be among the greatest in Melbourne.
    18. Concerts and art exhibits at Niagara Falls Since its inception in 1993, the Falls Arts and Music Festival has become an annual tradition for many people celebrating New Year's Eileen.
    19. The Topples Music and Arts Festival features both domestic and international artists and musicians performing works in a wide range of genres against the stunning backdrop of the surrounding landscape.
    20. The New Year's Eve party at the Topples Culture and Dance Carnival is the most spectacular of all the celebrations.
    21. Annually, the city of Melbourne hosts a massive music festival known as Melbourne Music Week (MMW), and the festivities for this event spread throughout the city, including into many places of worship.
    22. For one night only, the Melbourne Museum will play host to a special event.
    23. The Melbourne Music Festival is an annual event that celebrates not just music but also film, art, design, and culinary achievements from around the world.
    24. The City of Melbourne presents Melbourne Music Week (MMW), an annual nine-day music event devoted to showcasing and promoting Australian music.
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