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Where To Find The Best Greek Restaurant In Melbourne?

Greek cuisine is supposedly the product of a experience between European and Mediterranean cuisines. It's an unexpected combination of flavours that combines the greatest aspects of each and never fails to satisfy. Everything from pita bread and souvlaki to slow-cooked lamb and rotisserie chicken, seafood and dolmades, and cheese and baklava can be found at Melbourne's finest Greek restaurants.

Many Greek eateries in Melbourne, Australia's city, are open early in the morning and stay up late at night, so you can fill your mornings and evenings with authentic Greek flavours.

Get a taste of Greece without leaving Melbourne with this list of the city's top Greek restaurants.

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    Are you even a Melburnian if you haven't been to Stalactites? One of the top Greek restaurants in Melbourne, this central business district institution is owned by a storied local family. The ceiling is encrusted in stalactites, and the service is lightning fast, making it completely unique. Even though there is often a wait for a table in the evenings, it is well worth the trouble. Have some pita and dips first, then dive into the subs and gyros. They also provide a terrific kids' menu that goes beyond the usual burgers and fries.

    Stalactites is widely considered to be Melbourne's best Greek restaurant. Since 1978, diners have been able to start or end their evening with a typical Greek feast of souvlaki, traditional dips, and baked items at this dependable restaurant. Numerous delicious dips, lamb gyros, and chicken and moussaka that will knock you out are all on the menu at this restaurant. The Tsitsipas souvlaki is highly recommended; it is a lamb gyro with pomegranate, basil, mint, feta, chips, and a dash of chilli.

    Bahari The Hellenic Palate

    bahari the hellenic palate melbourne

    In 2014, Philip Vakos, a former contestant on MasterChef, opened Bahari on Swan Street, where he has been serving his interpretations of Greek dishes ever since. Aside from the in-house service at the restaurant, cocktail bar, and upstairs dining room, the business has expanded to provide out-of-house feasts, picnic hampers, catering services, masterclasses, and grazing boxes. Vakos' unique "Gringlish" flair is filtered through the menu to create a fun and approachable set of dishes perfect for sharing. You can't go wrong with the saganaki sliders or the moussaka toastie, which we both highly recommend.

    In Melbourne, you won't find a better Greek meal than at The Hellenic Palate, Bahari. The rationale behind the restaurant's irresistible menu is rooted in traditional Greek values, which contribute to the establishment's distinct atmosphere. A rotating selection of specials ensures that repeat visitors always have something new to experience. However, the moussaka, which is stacked with a hefty amount of potato and based with hearty ground meat, remains a popular choice. The chicken meatballs in spanakopita sauce and the Kataifi prawns with aioli are two other mouthwatering options.


    Tsindos, a Greek restaurant in Melbourne's CBD that has been run by the same family since 1975, is widely considered to be among the city's best eateries. They have been serving up souvlaki, dolmades, genista, and moussaka for three generations now. Whether you're vegetarian or a carnivore, you're sure to discover a salad that hits the spot. To complete your authentic Greek evening, they serve a variety of Greek wines and spirits to complement your meal.

    On Melbourne's Lonsdale Street, you'll find a number of great restaurants, including Tsindos Greek Cuisine. For almost four decades, Tsindos has been serving up delicious, genuine Greek cuisine. The quiet atmosphere at Tsindos is perfect for deep conversations with close friends. This third-rate Melbourne Greek restaurant offers a wide variety of appetisers, main courses, and desserts, including a variety of dips, dolmades, beef tartar, saganaki, Greek salad, meat small plates, souvlaki, seafood plates, and more. Traditional Greek appetisers include halloumi, grilled artichokes with feta, fried zucchini, and many others.

    Venus & Co. Kitchen And Bar

    Say Venus & Co is a Melbourne, Australia, Greek restaurant with a Cypriot twist. Cypriot food combines the best of Greek and Mediterranean cooking styles. The restaurant serves traditional dishes and drinks made using premium ingredients. However, tread carefully! One of their slow-roasted lamb shoulders is deadly with its honey and pomegranate sauce, confit garlic, and mint yoghurt. The Halva Sundae entices with its salted caramel and sesame brittle-flavored sesame ice cream.

    Jim's Greek Tavern

    Although the paper tablecloths, Greek goddess statuettes, and whitewashed walls of Jim's Greek Tavern are straight out of the 1980s, the restaurant has updated its service to accommodate modern diners by scheduling two seatings each evening, beginning at 6:30 and 8:00. Not that everyone follows it religiously or anything. Jim's is endearing in part because of the chaotic service and lack of a menu. The server instead strolls up to us and lists out the menu items: "Dips, saganaki, calamari, gyros, Greek salad..." We nod our heads in agreement.

    Dinner at Jim's Greek Tavern is a Melbourne institution, a mandatory passage through time for every generation. But once you visit, you'll know why everyone talks about it. If you're looking for a genuine Greek tavern experience in Melbourne, look no further than Jim's. People have been coming here for decades despite its hectic atmosphere, loud atmosphere, and often perplexing layout, all because of the delicious food. If you haven't already, you should make plans to visit.

    Jim's Greek Tavern is characterised by its Greek goddess statuettes, palace-like walls, and frantic dining ambience, complete with servers shouting orders in Greek. A boisterous, long-running brick tavern with an open fire serving traditional Greek fare such as souvlaki and meze. This reputable establishment has been around for quite some time, and it continues to provide its signature extravagant takes on timeless classics. Who will show you the ropes as you peruse a spread of homemade dips and an assortment of meats and seafood? Seafood, lamb, and Galaktoboureko are other house specialities (a dessert).


    Agapi has always been the go-to location in Melbourne for people in search of authentic Greek fare. The menu is designed to be shared, so that diners can sample multiple dishes. The best Greek restaurant in Richmond has everything a diner could want for, including delicious dips and starters, grilled and baked meats, and a beautiful setting with friendly service. For some delicious variety, try the quail or a mixed grill with items like grilled lamb chops and souvlaki. A wonderful spot for a group to sit down and eat together.


    yassa's melbourne

    Tourist traps abound in Southbank, but Yassas is one of the better options. They have recently expanded to Docklands and Eastland, bringing their brand of Greek cuisine to the suburbs. we'd give the yemista here a chef's kiss and the calamari would get mine. You should definitely go in for a feast if you're feeling hungry. Two different types of feasts are available, as well as a children's feast and sharing platters (including a dessert plate).

    Yassas is out of this world because it has three locations that are always packed when it's open. We've taken traditional Greek street food and given it a Melbourne spin, so you can enjoy the lively atmosphere of Greece while eating some of Australia's best. Everything from appetisers to desserts can be found on their extensive menu, but don't miss out on their hallmark meals. Traditional Skepasti is a pita sandwich stuffed with your choice of filling, cheese, tomato, onion, and special sauce and served with chips or salad. The shop also sells individually packaged gyros.

    Demitri's Feast

    As promised, the cuisine is authentic Greek and was prepared by a Greek man. Famous for its tapas-style menu, its devotion to ouzo, and its support of the Richmond Football Club, this establishment is both a casual café and a bar. But regardless of your interest in Australian rules football, Dimitri's is a welcoming spot to have a drink or settle down for a Greek feast. Do not leave without sampling the grilled calamari and the grilled chicken skewers cooked in a special sauce. It's okay if you want to thank us afterwards.

    The Greek fare at Demitri's Feast is always freshly prepared and reliably authentic. The menu at this cosy cafe, known for its Greek-centric main courses and plant-filled courtyard, features a variety of modern classics as well as Greek delicacies, such as mezze, grilled meats, and seafood, washed down with an equally varied beverage menu. Menu items range from slow-roasted goat with lemon potatoes to wide bean meatballs with feta and yoghurt. The back, canopied courtyard is ideal for eating outside in the fresh air.

    Theodora's Bar And Grill

    Warning: The food at Theodora's Bar and Grill is not for the faint of heart. Despite its dedication to authentic Greek cooking, Theodora's does not top the list as Melbourne's greatest Greek restaurant. You can get a deluxe seafood platter for $55 per person, a classic meat platter for $48 per person, or a Paradosiako (traditional) dinner for $65 per person at this restaurant. The Mezedes (main) menu at Theodora's features vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.


    The question is, "High tea for who?" Salona in Richmond hopes to change your views about Greek food and high tea by serving both. The Mediterranean plate stand of delicacies sounds amazing, and we'd love to make reservations for either the standard or bottomless Athenian High Tea (we bet you can guess which one we're interested in). Not only do they serve high tea, but they also feature a small yet delectable menu for lunch and dinner, as well as cocktail flights and a variety of mezze plates. If you're in the mood for a supper with a side of decadence, head to Salona.

    You may have gyros, calamari, and creamy dips in a small room decorated with Greek-style murals at Salona. The authentic Greek cuisine and genuine hospitality at the elegant Salon in Richmond are drawing rave reviews and customers. Additionally, the proprietors have done an excellent job celebrating regional dishes and keeping traditional recipes alive. And the local custom is to host lavish banquets. Popular items on the $35 per person lunch buffet include seed-crusted saganaki croquettes, zucchini and smoked feta kofte, chicken gyros, greek salad, and chips sprinkled with oregano.

    Gracie Greco

    gracie greco melbourne

    New to Melbourne's dining scene, Gracie Greco in Camberwell is a family-run tavern providing authentic Greek fare. Grandma and grandpa are whipping up a feast in the kitchen, while the two boys tend to the front of the house and the restaurant's gorgeous bar. The honey and toasted sesame seed-slathered grilled halloumi is very mouthwatering. Stuffed peppers (genista) are fantastic; both vegetarian and meat versions are offered. In this house, nobody eats last. Greek doughnuts, or loukoumades, are a must-try for dessert.

    Melina On The Rooftop

    When we think about Greece, we frequently image those breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean. Views from Melina on the Rooftop aren't as as breathtaking as those from Santorini, but they nevertheless provide a fantastic panorama of Melbourne's central business district. Rooftop bar and restaurant inspired by the Greek actress-turned-politician Melina Mercouri. They have some fantastic cocktails and some really impressive grazing platters that are inspired by meze. It's the ideal place for a leisurely meal or evening out with a special someone.

    Eleni's Kitchen And Bar

    Eleni's Kitchen and Bar in Yarraville is the place to go for hearty, home-style meals. Eleni's is the best Greek restaurant in Melbourne, serving up homemade dishes in a setting that celebrates its 50th anniversary of family-run business in Yarraville this year. You may enjoy the beautiful weather and live music on the terrace on the weekends. Their in-house pastry chef creates beautiful, custom sweets that are truly works of art.


    Ambrosia is the place to go if you're craving charcoal barbeque. Although the food isn't authentically Greek, the charcoal skewers and steaks are sure to please any carnivore. The appetiser menu is substantial enough to be a meal in and of itself, and there are many vegetarian alternatives available if you don't eat meat. The wine list is equally extensive, with not only domestic selections but also wines from Italy and France.

    Mediterranean Greek Tavern

    In John and Angelo's Mediterranean Greek Tavern, freshness is of the utmost importance. You can trust that you're eating the freshest food possible because it's all chosen and picked by hand from the market each morning specifically for that night's dinner. Fish, calamari, prawns, and oysters are among the daily seafood specials, along with a wide variety of other entrees, Greek wines, and sharing platters. It's a fantastic hidden gem in the area and well worth the money.


    The Cretan influence in Philhellene is a celebration of the regional Greek cuisine and culture featured in the Good Food Guide. Philhellene's menu is dominated by Susie and John's mother's traditional Greek dishes, making a meal there feel like a visit to their own home. Every dish, from the dips to the souvlakis, is infused with the owners' enthusiasm for Greek culture and cuisine.

    Olive Oil And Butter

    olive oil and butter melbourne

    Even though Olive Oil and Butter is technically a cafe, we felt it was important enough to include. For the best pastries and sweets inspired by the Mediterranean, head to this popular local brunch establishment. Everything on the menu, including the variety of filo pastries, is prepared fresh daily right there in the shop. In addition to the tempting pastries in the display case, they also sell a variety of gourmet cuisine items. Good for a leisurely brunch or a chat over coffee.


    The sheep. The meat was incredible; easily the greatest lamb we've ever had. The flesh is tender, salty, and easy to pull apart after being slow-cooked for at least 10 hours, while the fat toffees into a dark caramel chew that is brightened by an underlying smoosh of oregano and garlic. The golden chips, toasted in olive oil, are served on the side. This is where clarity shines brightest: right here. This is Camberwell, by the way. They got really lucky.


    Among locals in Melbourne, Stalactites is revered as the city's finest Greek eatery. Indulge in a traditional Greek meal as the evening's centrepiece or capper at this restaurant, which has been serving patrons since 1978. Here is a list of the best Greek restaurants in Melbourne, so you may travel to Greece without leaving the city. Melbourne, Australia's Say Venus & Co is a Greek eatery with a Cypriot spin. Tsindos, located in the heart of Athens, has been serving up authentic Greek food for nearly four decades.

    Their honey and pomegranate sauce on one of their slow-roasted lamb shoulders is lethal. Visit Jim's Tavern in Melbourne for an authentic taste of a Greek tavern. For as long as I can remember, Melbourne residents in quest of genuine Greek cuisine have made Agapi their first and only stop. With their new locations in Docklands and Eastland, Yassa's has brought their unique take on Greek cuisine to the suburbs. We reimagined classic Greek street fare with a modern Melbourne twist.

    Demitri's Feast, Theodora's Bar & Grill, and Salona all have some of the city's finest menu options. Please be aware that the fare at these establishments is not for the faint of stomach. Some of the best Greek dining in Melbourne can be found at Salon, Eleni's Kitchen & Bar, and Gracie Greco. The Greek-born actress-turned-politician Melina Mercouri was the inspiration for the name of this chic rooftop eatery. Grilled halloumi smeared with honey and toasted sesame seeds is delicious.

    The Mediterranean Greek Tavern owned by John and Angelo is a hidden gem in Camberwell. The Greek delicacies that Susie and John's mother used to make are what you'll find most often on the menu at Philhellene. Fresh daily in-house preparation goes into everything from the savoury pies to the sweet pastries, including the diversity of filo pastries.

    Content Summary

    1. According to popular belief, Greek food is the offspring of a meeting of European and Mediterranean cooking styles.
    2. Greek restaurants in Melbourne provide a wide variety of dishes, from pita and souvlaki to slow-cooked lamb and rotisserie chicken, seafood and dolmades, and cheese and baklava.
    3. Melbourne, the capital of Australia, is home to a large Greek diaspora, and the city's many Greek restaurants stay up early and late so that you may fill your mornings and evenings with delicious, genuine Greek fare.
    4. Here is a list of the best Greek restaurants in Melbourne, so you may travel to Greece without leaving the city.
    5. This CBD institution is owned by a legendary Melbourne family and is widely considered to be the best Greek restaurant in the city.
    6. Among locals in Melbourne, Stalactites is revered as the city's finest Greek eatery.
    7. The Bahari Flavors of the Greek Table Former MasterChef competitor Philip Vakos established Bahari on Swan Street in 2014. Since then, he has been providing his own unique take on traditional Greek fare.
    8. The enticing food is inspired by traditional Greek traditions, which also give the restaurant its unique vibe.
    9. Specials are changed regularly so that regulars can try something fresh each time they come.
    10. Tsindos Tsindos is a Greek restaurant in Melbourne's central business district that has been owned and operated by the same family since 1975.
    11. Three generations of their family have been serving up Greek staples like souvlaki, dolmades, genista, and moussaka.
    12. The authentic Greek experience is rounded up by a selection of Greek wines and spirits.
    13. Among the many excellent dining options on Melbourne's Lonsdale Street is Tsindos Greek Cuisine.
    14. Tsindos, located in the heart of Athens, has been serving up authentic Greek food for nearly four decades.
    15. Tsindos's tranquil setting is ideal for in-depth discussions between good friends.
    16. This average Greek restaurant in Melbourne serves a wide range of appetisers, main courses, and desserts, including a number of different dips, dolmades, beef tartar, saganaki, Greek salad, meat small plates, souvlaki, seafood plates, and more.
    17. A Kitchen and Bar by the Name of Venus & Co. Say Greek food with a Cypriot touch may be found at Venus & Co. in Melbourne, Australia.
    18. Cypriot cuisine is a delicious fusion of Greek and Mediterranean flavours.
    19. The restaurant's classic dishes and drinks are all crafted with high-quality, fresh ingredients.
    20. Melbourne residents can't call themselves true Melburnians without having experienced at least one generational dinner at Jim's Greek Tavern.
    21. Visit Jim's Tavern in Melbourne for an authentic taste of a Greek tavern.
    22. You may recognise Jim's Greek Tavern by its Greek goddess statuettes, its palace-like walls, and its frenzied eating atmosphere, complete with waitresses shouting orders in Greek.
    23. For as long as I can remember, Melburnians in quest of genuine Greek cuisine have made Agapi Agapi their first and only stop.
    24. Delicious dips and starters, grilled and baked meats, a lovely atmosphere, and attentive service are just some of the highlights at Richmond's finest Greek restaurant.
    25. Yassa's There are plenty of bad options for tourists in Southbank, but Yassas isn't one of them.
    26. So that you can experience the exciting ambience of Greece while dining on some of Australia's greatest, we've given traditional Greek street food a Melbourne twist.
    27. Celebration of Demitri The food is genuine Greek, as promised, and the chef is a native Greek.
    28. In addition to being a popular bar and café, this location is well-known for its tapas-style menu, love of ouzo, and enthusiasm for the Richmond Football Club.
    29. Dimitri's is a great place to stop for a drink or to settle down for a Greek feast, regardless of whether or not you are interested in Australian rules football.
    30. Demitri's Feast serves up authentic Greek cuisine that is reliably freshly cooked.
    31. Modern classics and Greek specialities including mezze, grilled meats, and shellfish can be found on the menu of this cosy cafe, which is well-known for its Greek-centric main meals and plant-filled courtyard.
    32. Taverna Theodora's A word of caution, though: the menu at Theodora's Bar and Grill is not for the faint of stomach.
    33. Theodora's strives for authenticity in its Greek cuisine but is not considered the best Greek restaurant in Melbourne.
    34. At this eatery, you can receive a Paradosiako (traditional) meal for $65 per person, a classic meat platter for $48 per person, or a luxury seafood platter for $55.
    35. Options for vegetarians, vegans, and those avoiding gluten can be found on Theodora's main menu, known as Mezedes.
    36. They provide a limited but delicious lunch and dinner menu, as well as drink flights and a selection of mezze dishes, in addition to serving high tea.
    37. Salona is the place to go for a dinner with a dash of opulence.
    38. Salona is a cosy restaurant serving Greek-inspired fare including gyros, calamari, and cheesy dips.
    39. Elegant Salon in Richmond is winning fans and customers with its delicious Greek fare and warm friendliness.
    40. And extravagant meals are the norm in this part of the world.
    41. This is Gracie Greco. Gracie Greco in Camberwell, Melbourne, is a new family-run tavern serving traditional Greek food.
    42. The Greek doughnuts, called loukoumades, are a delicious sweet treat.
    43. Rooftop With Melina Those stunning views of the Mediterranean are often what come to mind when we think about Greece.
    44. Melina on the Rooftop may not have Santorini-level vistas, but it does offer an excellent look at Melbourne's downtown area.
    45. Melina Mercouri-themed rooftop bar and eatery, named after the Greek actress-turned-politician.
    46. It's perfect for a romantic evening out or a long, leisurely lunch for two.
    47. The charcoal skewers and steaks are guaranteed to please any carnivore, but the meal isn't actually Greek.
    48. The appetisers are filling enough to serve as a meal, and vegetarians will find plenty of options.
    49. Greek Taverna in the Mediterranean Maximum freshness is a priority at John and Angelo's Mediterranean Greek Tavern.
    50. It's an excellent local secret that won't break the bank.

    FAQs About Greek Restaurant

    A truly multicultural city, there are many fantastic Greek restaurants in Melbourne. According to Google Reviews, the top-rated include Stalactites, Yassas and Tsindos.

    You can find good Greek food near the Melbourne CBD in Carlton, like The Real Greek Souvlaki Bar, Achilles Greek Street Food and Hellenic Souvlaki.

    Some of the more popular greek restaurants in Melbourne North East, according to TheFork users, include Triakosia, Mazi Brunswick, and Trapezi. Discover all greek restaurants: greek restaurants near Melbourne North East.

    Tsindos Greek Restaurant is a favourite place for TheFork users. This 9.2 rated restaurant is located in Melbourne (VIC) and would be an excellent choice for your next meal. Triakosia and Philhellene are also some of the more popular greek restaurants in Melbourne (VIC), according to reviews from our users.

    Most of them grow fruit and vegetables in their garden and reap the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. In addition, they eat less meat and sugar, enjoy Ikaria's plant-based food, drink a lot of herb teas, consume tons of olive oil and never skip their daily ritual, a cup of Greek coffee after their mid-afternoon siesta.

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