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Where To Find The Best Fishing Spot In Melbourne?

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    Good luck finding better fishing areas than those in Melbourne. Whether you're looking for a quaint freshwater brook or a vast coastal bay, the metropolitan region has it all. Casting a fly rod is a relaxing hobby. Fishing from the pier. Fishing on the beach. Everything is within easy driving distance. The best saltwater fishing can be had in a real rockpool, not at the Rockpool Bar & Grill.

    You can locate plenty of trout and perch in one of Edinburgh's freshwater hot spots if you search for "best diving near me" on Google. The possibilities for catching salmon, snapper, flathead, trout, whiting, and many other species skyrocket when fishing in saltwater. While it's common practise to advocate for catch-and-release fishing, there's also generally a grill ready to be fired up.

    The top fishing sites in Melbourne have been compiled here to save you time and energy. We've included some of the more well-known places, but we've also made an effort to add some hidden gems. Let's go right in, then.

    Types Of Fish In Melbourne & Victoria

    Trout and perch are the most common fish caught in Melbourne's freshwater lakes and rivers. Whatever may happen, it's best to take the fight out to Port Phillip Bay. The following is a more comprehensive list of fish and marine animals that can be found around Melbourne and Victoria:

    • Oceanic salmon
    • Bass from Australia
    • In Australia, we call this fish grayling.
    • The Black Bream
    • Carp Brown trout
    • Sockeye salmon
    • Shaggy eel
    • Eel with a long snout
    • Pigeon in English
    • Flathead Perch from the Estuary
    • The freshwater catfish
    • Jellyfish shark
    • Placement of great value
    • Coat made of leather
    • The Macquarie vantage
    • Cod from the Murray River
    • Prawn
    • Blackfish of the river and the rainbow trout
    • Blackfish with two spines
    • Silver rung
    • Fishing for Australian Snapper
    • Those creepy-crawly creatures, the spider crabs
    • We eat squid, trout, and cod.
    • Whiting

    Albert Lake Park

    Albert Creek Park is one of Melbourne's best kept fishing secrets, despite its undeniable popularity among dog walkers and city dwellers. It is in close proximity to the central business district (CBD), and its location next to the Sprint Race track and golfer course makes it an ideal weekend retreat. Cast your line into the thicket anyway, and you could be pleasantly surprised by what bites.

    With its five kilometres of shoreline along a golf course and the world-famous Grand Prix track, Albert Park Lake is a fishing destination that is vastly underappreciated. You can be in the heart of Melbourne in just five minutes. Therefore, this location is ideal for city inhabitants who are interested in fishing for rainbow trout and silver perch sans having to travel too far.

    Patterson River

    patterson river melbourne

    Get out into the 'burbs to find one of Victoria's most popular boating and fishing destinations. If you fish near the river's mouth, you might catch a snapper, flathead, or indeed a squid. Then, paddle upstream to attract bream, chinook, mullet, and other fish. Parks, barbeque areas, fishing piers, conveniences, walking paths, gardens, and even cultural centre line each side of the river.

    Though it's only five kilometres long, the Patterson River serves as one of the most frequently used access points for boats into Port Phillips Bay in Victoria. Those who fish the estuaries regularly for bream, mullet, Australia salmon, and trevally often choose this lure. And there's no need to pack light: Launching Way has everything from fuel to fishing licences to tackle and bait.

    Altona Pier

    It is no surprise that millions and millions of Pokémon Go gamers formerly congregated at this hub, which also features playgrounds, cafés, and a popular beach. Of course, when the sun is shining or the temperature is high, the place is swarming with people. If you're only interested in pier fishing, get there early to beat the crowds. Accessible parking and a wide range of fish species are yours for the taking.

    Altona Pier has recently come into the spotlight due to the presence of some extremely uncommon Pokemon there.

    However, in the physical world, this spot is excellent for capturing real fish because to the recent building of the ecotourism site approximately 50 metres from the pier. It's also not far from the reef and rocks where fisherman can catch plenty of snappers in the summer.

    During a tidal shift, you can expect to catch the most fish. Pinkies, for instance, are captured on the incoming tide, whilst flatheads are caught during the ebb.

    Brimbank Park

    This popular striper fishing spot on the outskirts of greater Melbourne's Maribyrnong River is alive with surface and under activity. If you use live bait, you could catch redfin tuna as well as carp. Brimbank Park is more than just a great place to fish; it's the starting point for all sorts of exciting adventures.

    The Maribyrnong District Parklands include this small hot spot. In aside to fishing, it is also a great place for picnics, canoe trips, bird viewing, kite flying, and long strolls through the beautiful scenery. However, carp, brown trout, and short-finned eel are among the species you're most likely to catch when you wet a line.


    anglesea fishing port melbourne

    Because of the distance from Melbourne, a trip to Anglesea is best planned for a complete weekend. Located just inside the gateway to Great Ocean Road it features both pristine beaches and extensive estuary networks. That means you have the option of fishing from land or water, while taking in the surrounding beauty. You could catch a gummy shark if you went fishing at night on the beach.

    Anglers will appreciate the convenience of Angelsea, situated as it is near the start of the Pacific Coast Highway. The beaches are beautiful and there is a great estuary. The estuary and seashore provide the greatest diversity of fish species.

    It's possible to have a good day in the water and the sun even if you're not a fan of fishing. The entrance to the estuary is also a good place to rent a boat.

    Yarra River

    The epic waterway, if there has ever been one, runs for nearly 250 kilometres, making it a true Australian landmark. Some of the finest fishing in the region can be found along with boat trips, parks, restaurants, events, a restaurant, and more.

    Warrandyte State Park, the Punt Road Bridge, and Yarra Bend Park are all good places to begin your tour along the Yarra River. Believe me, you won't regret it.

    Barwon Heads

    Barwon Heads is the gateway to some of Sophie's finest fishing and much more besides. Located on the Bellarine Peninsula's southwestern tip, this picturesque township is a hive of activity. There's a good chance you won't catch nothing if you try surf fishing for salmon. You may also hire a boat and head out to Bass Strait, where you'll find an abundance of wildlife.

    Jells Park Lake

    jells park lake melbourne

    This artificial lake in Wheelers Hill's Dandenong Creek Valley has three piers, although only two are open to anglers. Over a million people visit the park every year, making it one of the most popular tourist spots in the country. Stay for walking paths, cafes, picnic spots, sports facilities, and more in Victoria's beautiful lake region.

    Sorrento Pier

    Anglers looking for whiting, squid, crab, salmon, and other creatures frequent this historic pier, which was built in 1870. Though, even if you aren't interested in fishing, there is still much to explore and see in the area. This includes activities like snorkelling, boating, kayaking, and golfing at night, as well as viewing the migration of swarms of spider crabs in the fall. Wineries, lighthouses, mazes, parks, and more are all conveniently located near Mornington Peninsula.

    Bostock Reservoir

    Let's face it: when everybody knew about Melbourne and Victoria's best kept fishing secrets, they wouldn't be secrets for long. Bostock Reservoir isn't exactly off the beaten path, but it could be the next greatest option. So, visit this lesser-known location if you're looking for a relaxing getaway where you can enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and successful trout fishing.

    Jells Park

    Wheelers Hill

    Jells Park is a popular destination for weekend strolls, bike rides, picnics, and family fun thanks to its location on the banks of the picturesque Dandenong Creek. The park's rich Native bushland area conservation route also attract a wide variety of endemic birds and other animals. If you're willing to venture outside of the conservation zone, carp, short-finned eel, and even redfin eel can be caught from the wharves on the southwestern side of the lake.

    Maribyrnong River

    maribyrnong river melbourne

    The Maribyrnong River is an oldie but a goodie that begins its journey on the slopes of Mount Monash, winds through the suburbs of Footscray and Recognizable, and empties into Port Phillip Bay. The river's width makes it suitable for sailing, and rowers and speedboats frequently choose it over PTV's choppy waters. You may catch bream, yellow-eye mullet, and even Australian salmon from the various jetties and fishery platforms in nature reserves along the river. Fishing for the first time is fun at the approved family ponding places along the road.

    Plenty Gorge Park

    If you're getting bored of fishing in the river, give Blue Lake inside Plenty Valley Park near South Morang a try. Located barely 15 kilometres from the central business district, this quarry-turned-fishing-hole is surrounded by beautiful countryside and teeming with wildlife. Get your fishing licence and bait ready for this one.

    Yarra Bend Park

    yarra bend park melbourne

    Fishing enthusiasts from Melbourne flock to Yarra Bend Park. You'd be stupid not to put this one on your list, since it features over 16 kms of river frontage and breathtaking vistas of the cityscape and Chiltern Ranges. Possibly the most tranquil setting the city has to offer, the park's northern international fly-casting pool is as good a place as any to hone your casting skills as you wait for such fish to come to you. Be sure to verify fishing regulations in the area before you cast.

    Just around the next corner lies some of the best fishing you'll ever do. With nearly 16 kilometres of riverfront bushland, Yarra Bend Park is a popular tract of natural vegetation close to Melbourne's central business district. In addition to being an excellent fishing spot, this location also provides a breathtaking panorama of the cityscape and international fly-casting pool.

    An outdoor grill is available so you can prepare and share the day's catch with loved ones. It's a terrific place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without going too far out of your way.


    The most common freshwater fish captured in Melbourne are trout and perch. If you're looking for a great place to fish in Melbourne, look no further than Albert Creek Park. Snapper, flathead, and even squid can be caught by fishing near the river's mouth. The presence of Pokemon Go gamers at Altona Pier has made it more appealing to fisherman. Picnics, canoe rides, bird watching, kite flying, and leisurely strolls are just some of the activities that may be enjoyed in Brimbank Park.

    Anglesea is known for its gorgeous beaches and large estuary networks. Sophie's best fishing and more can be accessed from Barwon Heads. There are three piers in Jells Park Lake, but only two are accessible to anglers. Even while Bostock Reservoir isn't exactly off the beaten path, it may be your best bet. On the weekends, locals and visitors go to Jells Park for leisurely strolls, bike rides, picnics, and family fun.

    The Maribyrnong River is a classic that passes through the residential areas of Footscray and Recognizable before draining into Port Phillip Bay. Yarra Bend Park's 16 kilometres of riverbank bushland and worldwide fly-casting pool attract a large number of anglers. A great area to get away from the city without travelling too far out of your way to do so is here. The catch of the day can be cooked up on the outdoor barbeque and enjoyed by everybody.

    Content Summary

    • Fish in Melbourne and Victoria The most common freshwater fish captured in Melbourne are trout and perch.
    • There is a park called Brimbank Park.
    • This section of the Maribyrnong River is teeming with surface and under activity, making it a prime location for striper fishing on the fringes of greater Melbourne.
    • Given its distance from Melbourne, a visit to Anglesea is best scheduled for a full weekend.
    • In order to get started on your journey down the Yarra River, you can start at Warrandyte State Park, the Punt Road Bridge, or Yarra Bend Park.
    • This is the place where the Barwon Heads are located.
    • Sophie's best fishing and more can be accessed from Barwon Heads.
    • Jells Park, situated on the banks of the scenic Dandenong Creek, is a popular site for weekend strolls, bike rides, picnics, and family fun.
    • Instead of fishing in the river, try your luck at Blue Lake at Plenty Valley Park, which is located close to South Morang.
    • Prepare your fishing licence and bait.
    • Yarra Bend Park is a popular destination for Melbourne's fishing community.
    • Yarra Bend Park is a popular stretch of natural vegetation close to Melbourne's core business district, featuring over 16 kilometres of riverfront woodland.
    • This is not only a fantastic place to cast your fly, but it also offers a stunning view of the cityscape and attracts fly fishermen from all over the world.

    FAQs About Fishing Port

    If you plan to fish on a natural lake, look for spots along the shoreline that contain patches of aquatic vegetation such as lily pads or reeds. Any areas where you notice a change in the type or thickness of vegetation are good spots to focus on.

    Try to find a place without obvious weeds growing near the shore. While the weeds might be a great home for fish, they can be really tough to fish in. The best spots tend to be near — but in not — weeds or near structures like a rocky drop-off or a downed tree.

    Port Phillip and Western Port Bay are considered Victoria's Snapper Hotspots.

    The most commonly caught species are trout, redfin, golden perch and Australia's largest freshwater fish: the Murray cod. So cast a line on the mighty Murray for the eponymous cod. In Gippsland, the Tarwin River is brimming with bream, and the Aron River is home to trout and redfin.

    Melbourne has a lot to offer when it comes to fishing. There are so many rivers, creeks, beaches, and rockpools to enjoy across the city and beyond. We've reeled in the best fishing spots around Melbourne, so you never come home empty-handed.

    Blue Lake at Plenty Gorge Park

    If you're looking for a wonderful fishing spot close to Melbourne, Plenty Gorge Park is the place to go. Cast your line into Blue Lake, where you'll find a wide variety of fish to catch.

    This quiet retreat is only 20 miles from the heart of Melbourne. You'll forget you're so close to civilisation thanks to the peace and quiet and the crisp air.

    You'll be in the middle of stunning natural scenery and native fauna, and there's even a fishing hole in a disused quarry nearby.

    Barwon Heads Beach

    A great winter activity for Melbourne residents is fishing in Barwon Heads. From the boat launch to the practise greens, this location is loaded with excellent fishing options.

    This is a wonderful place for families to bring their kids. To keep an eye out your children as they play in the sand, you can cast your line right from the shore.

    Jubilee Lake

    jubilee lake melbourne

    If you're looking to really escape the city, this is the one for you! Jubilee Lake, which is located near the beautiful Daylesford, is worth the drive. Canoeing, hiking, and other outdoor pursuits are just a few of the many things to do, and cabins are available for rent.

    There are BBQ grills available, and trout, redfin, and tench are regularly introduced to the lake.

    Are There Limits On How Much Fish I Can Catch Around Melbourne?


    The length of the fish you reel in will tell you whether or not it's a keeper and ready for the cooking pot, or whether it's more of a kiss-and-release.

    The Victorian Fish Authority sets size and bag limitations for several fish species and states;

    You need to immediately begin checking fish for compliance with minimum size requirements. Fish that are too little should be released right away. Keep the fish's mouth closed and measure it from the tip of its nose towards the end of its tail.

    Keep your ruler handy.

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