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Where To Find The Best Cookies In Melbourne?

When they're still warm and fresh from the oven, that is. If that sounds like bliss, you should find the greatest cookie shops in Melbourne. Cookies range from the traditional chocolate chip to the unique bacon and maple syrup varieties. Now that you're here, you can learn where to get the greatest cookies in Melbourne from our top picks!

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    Purchese & Burch Sweet Studio(South Yarra)

    burch & purchese sweet studio(south yarra) melbourne

    There's no convincing us not to put our lips on these delicious morsels of beauty. Darren Purchese's South Yarra confectionery shop, Purchese and Burch Sweet Studio, sells a white chocolate, mint and pistachio persuader cookie ($13 for $13.50). The lemon oil used in the perfume gives it a lovely aroma and a clean, crisp feel. An exquisitely crumbly cookie base made from Iranian pistachios and butter is topped with a layer of mint and white chocolate. All of the treats here, including the cookies, are made from scratch right before your eyes.

    Dolcetti (West Melbourne)

    We recommend the amaretti with pistachios and sour cherries. If you're looking for the best Sicilian tarts, cakes and cookies in Australia, look no further than West Melbourne, where a family-run bakery is serving up delicious treats. The pasticceria takes its inspiration from Sicily and bakes all of its goods in-house using seasonal ingredients. Marianna DiBartolo, a pastry chef, invented Dolcetti as a tribute to her Sicilian background and her passion for baking. Seven Seeds and Dukes Coffee Roasters are just two of the many urban cafes that receive daily fresh deliveries of Dolcetti's premium goods.

    Paperboy Kitchen (CBD)

    Taste the cookie that looks like a milk bar. Paperboy Kitchen is a trendy Vietnamese lunch eatery on Little Lonsdale Street, and while they aren't "cookie specialists" per speaking, the flavour they carry is unmatched. The milk bar cookie ($4), the lone cookie option, is not for the faint of heart. The cookie is loaded with white and dark chocolate pieces and digestive biscuits made with rolled oats. Crushed pretzels, vinegar and salt chips are added for an extra burst of flavour, creating the ideal balance between salty and sweet. When paired with Vietnamese iced coffee from a filter, the cookie really shines.

    The Milk Bar Cookie, created by Paperboy Kitchen on Little Lonsdale Street, is a delicious sweet and sour creation that deserves all the credit it can get. This flavour explosion is a mashup of sweet and salty elements, with white and dark chocolate chips providing the sweet and crushed pretzels and salt and vinegar chips the salty. The hearty oats serve as the glue for this eclectic blend, and the iced Vietnamese coffee is the ideal complement.

    Amici Bakery Café (Prahran)

    Check out an Anzac cookie. Among Australians, the Anzac cookie is a firm favourite, therefore no list of cookies would be complete without it. The enormous Anzac biscuit ($4.50) at Amici Bakery Café in Prahran is legendary. The rich combination of golden syrup, coconut and rolled oats makes for a delicious snack to enjoy with a cup of hot coffee. The thin cookie stands out from the crowd because of its ideal chew-to-crunch ratio. In addition to being a significantly larger option to the café's sweeter cookies, its low glycemic index will keep you fuller for longer.

    The Grain Store (CBD)

    Indulge in a couple of chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk. Indulging in these sweets is like going back in time to when you were a kid again. Grain Store cookies are made by hand in a residence in the heart of the Central Business District. We can guarantee you that these taste nothing like regular chocolate chip cookies. Fresh, in-season ingredients like real vanilla beans, artisan cultured butter, unbleached organic flour, free-range eggs, and chocolate are used in every dish at The Grain Store. The cookies are cooked to order and served with a glass of milk (either regular or quinoa milk, skinny milk, or soy milk for an additional $2). It's preferable to dunk the warm cookies in the milk while the chocolate is still oozy. The cookie's sweetness is well balanced by the addition of a pinch of salt.

    Earl Canteen (CBD)

    earl canteen (cbd) melbourne

    The Callebaut chocolate and sea salt biscuit is highly recommended. The speciality sandwiches at Earl Canteen aren't the only thing that have made it famous. There seems to be a cult following for this delicious cookie ($3.50) at Earl Canteen. The cookies have a crisp outside and a chewy interior, and they're loaded with chocolate chips. However, these chips aren't produced with any old chocolate; they're made with 65% cacao Callebaut (Belgian) chocolate, making them the perfect complement to the briny sea salt. In addition, each of their four locations bakes their cookies from scratch every day. Don't leave without sampling the lime zest sugar and coconut cookie and the health-conscious muesli cookie; all are part of the same line.

    Earl Canteen is home to more than just some of Melbourne's finest sandwiches. You can pick up one of their delicious cookies at any of their three locations in the city's core (Bourke Street, Collins Place, or the emporium). There are many tempting choices, but the Callebaut chocolate and sea salt cookie is simply out of this world. Something about the combination of the deep, decadent flavour of Belgian chocolate and the crisp, salty taste of the sea makes us well up with emotion. It's true that their coconut and lime zest sugar cookie is also excellent.

    Cobb Lane (Yarraville)

    Test out a cookie stuffed with chocolate chips and peanut butter. Cobb Lane, a cosy café run by Matt Forbes in Yarraville, is home to a delicious cookie that is cooked on the premises daily. The chewy, soft texture of the chocolate chip cookie and peanut butter ($5) is just the right complement to the cookie's rich chocolate flavour and crunchy nuts. Pieces of milk chocolate and roasted peanuts melt in your mouth in this cookie. In addition, the excellent news is that Not only are they gluten-free, but so are many of their baked goods.

    We rarely make it across the West Gate Bridge without stopping at Matt Forbes' delectable refuge of baked goods, Cobb Lane, and we think Yarraville is the perfect place to turn back the clock with its quaint village of yesteryear vibe. It's a little cafe where getting a seat during peak hours is nearly impossible, but the takeout coffee is excellent (perfect for sneakily dunking your cookie), and the gluten-free peanut butter cookie is delicious (proof that you don't need wheat to make a good cookie). We also really enjoy their salted caramel and cardamom cookie and our favourite is the double chocolate and hazelnut one if you're into that sort of thing.

    Dench Bakers

    Pistachio pinolate petits are a must-try. There's a reason why Dench Bakers has become so popular among Melburnians with an appetite for delicious treats. Their sweets are all prepared by hand, and they put a lot of care into making them look good. Pistachio pinolate petits, a new addition to the baking selection, are available for $2.70 per or $8.50 for a package of 135g. Because of the crushed pistachios, the cookies are a vibrant green colour and have a delicious nutty, crumbly feel. The only difficulty is limiting yourself to just one.

    Candied Bakery (Spotswood)

    Here, have a chocolate marshmallow cookie. Spotswood's Candied Bakery is an Australian establishment with a distinctly European and American flavour. The marshmallow and chocolate cookie ($5.20) is a best-seller because of its sugar content and the combination of chocolate chunks, chewy marshmallow discs, and a pinch of sea salt on top. Get one of their renowned apple pie shakes ($7.50) to wash it down. If you like peanut butter, you should try their jelly cookie and peanut butter, which consists of two thin cookies sandwiching a filling of cream and jam in between them.

    Ace (Fitzroy)

    Here, have a cookie with jelly and peanut butter. Ace raw cookies and milk is one of the vendors at the Smith Street coworking space Like-Minded Projects, and it is a paradise for raw food fans. Their jelly and peanut butter cookie ($5, chewiest of the cookies) is the bomb, with its 100% raw components including crushed almonds and a drizzle of raspberry chia jam. The cookies are almost guilt-free to eat because they are high in protein and low in sugar. Two Ace cookies and some Zebra Dream ice cream would make a delicious ice cream sandwich.

    Truman Cafe

    The foamy, sweet, melty bliss of a marshmallow on our cheekily outstretched tongues was one of our favourite childhood experiences. This is why a baby chino is the ultimate treat for every child. Sadly, we have also been lazy on the white chocolate-loving front ever since we were knee-high to a grasshopper, which likely explains why we frequently find ourselves making a beeline for the Truman Cafe in Albert Park. The combination of their fantastic marshmallow and white chocolate biscuit is devastatingly delicious.

    Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop 

    mister nice guy's bakeshop  melbourne

    Mister Nice Guy in Ascot Vale has delicious cookies, and they bring them in discreet boxes so you don't have to humiliate yourself by purchasing too many. If you have a sweet craving, we really recommend their vanilla cookie option; all of their cookies are vegan, and several are gluten-free as well, so you may ignore your dietary restrictions if you like. If you're planning on visiting the Ascot Vale store on Union Road, you might want to call ahead to make sure the cookies will be available.

    Three Bags Full

    It's probably not a huge shock that when it comes to baking our favourite sweets, we tend to rely more on chocolate chips and the like than on actual fruit. Abbotsford's Three Bags Full has been a staple of the fruity cookie market for quite some time. We can't resist their chocolate (well, so it's not ALL fruit), apricot and macadamia version, which also has a nice nutty flavour. White chocolate, macadamia, and cranberry, as well as the gluten-free apricot and pistachio varieties, are also highly recommended.

    The Original New York Style Cookie, Baked Right Here in Melbourne

    Australians in Melbourne are wary of American eating trends and goods. Aside from a select few, we have a strong aversion to hospitality chains and have been known to vehemently reject the attempts of US hospo major hitters to establish themselves in our city (just ask Starbucks). This perspective stems largely from the value we place on uniqueness, our support for the "underdog," and our devotion to quality, all of which are more typical of independently owned and operated restaurants.

    Phonebook-Thick Cookies Manhattan's Mom-and-Pop Bakeries.

    Americans tend to associate bad things with American food, including high sugar, high fat, and excessive amounts, all of which Melburnians tend to avoid. However, some American culinary trends have definitely made it past our radar. To give just one example, a 24-year-old English teacher from Melbourne's far northern suburbs was the first to bring the New York City Cookie, arguably the most decadent of East Coast delicacies, to the city.

    Many of Manhattan's "mum and pop" bakeries have been making thick phonebook cookies for decades. When eaten warm, the New York City cookie reveals its full glory, complete with melting chocolate chips and rich fillings. Amar, a long-time hobby baker and proud owner of a tremendous sweet tooth, saw a segment on the appropriately titled TV show "Food Porn" that showcased the legendary cookies of New York City's esteemed Levain Bakery. 


    Melbourne has Australia's best biscuits. Find Melbourne's best cookies here! The Grain Store's chocolate chip cookies taste like childhood. The Earl Canteen Callebaut chocolate and sea salt biscuit has a cult following. Callebaut chocolate and sea salt cookies are incredible.

    Try gluten-free peanut butter or salted caramel and cardamom cookies. Smith Street coworking space Like-Minded Projects sells Ace raw cookies and milk. Their jelly and peanut butter biscuit ($5) has crushed almonds and raspberry chia jam. Abbotsford's Three Bags Full has long been a fruity cookie classic. New York City Cookies are the most sumptuous East Coast treats. Warm cookies show melting chocolate chips and luscious fillings.

    Content Summary

    1. If that sounds like heaven, you should find the top cookie stores in Melbourne.
    2. Cookies range from the standard chocolate chip to the exotic bacon and maple syrup variations.
    3. Purchese & Burch Sweet Studio in South Yarra serves Darren Purchese's white chocolate, mint, and pistachio persuader cookie ($13 for $13.50).
    4. West Melbourne's family-run bakery has Australia's greatest Sicilian tarts, pastries, and cookies.
    5. Kitchen (Cbd) Taste the cookie that looks like a milk bar.
    6. The milk bar cookie ($4), the lone cookie choice, is not for the faint of heart.
    7. Amici Bakery Café (Prahran) (Prahran) Check out an Anzac cookie.
    8. Australians love the Anzac cookie, so no cookie list is complete without it.
    9. The giant Anzac biscuit ($4.50) at Amici Bakery Café in Prahran is legendary.
    10. The Grain Store (Cbd) Enjoy chocolate chip cookies and milk.
    11. Earl (Cbd) Callebaut's chocolate-sea salt biscuit is praised.
    12. Don't leave without sampling the lime zest sugar and coconut biscuit and the health-conscious muesli cookie; both are part of the same range.
    13. Earl Canteen serves more than Melbourne's best sandwiches.
    14. The Callebaut chocolate and sea salt biscuit is unbeatable.
    15. Cobb Lane's coconut and lime zest sugar cookie is also great (Yarraville) Try a peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie.
    16. Cobb Lane, a cosy Yarraville café managed by Matt Forbes, makes a fantastic cookie daily.
    17. The chocolate chip cookie with peanut butter ($5)'s chewy, soft texture pairs well with its rich chocolate flavour and crunchy nuts.
    18. Their baked items are also gluten-free, which is great.
    19. We never cross the West Gate Bridge without stopping at Cobb Lane, Matt Forbes' delicious bakery, and we love Yarraville's old-fashioned village feel.
    20. The gluten-free peanut butter cookie is fantastic, and the takeout coffee is great for covertly drowning your treat.
    21. Try Dench Bakers Pistachio pinolate petits.
    22. Candied Bakery (Spotswood) Chocolate marshmallow biscuit, please.
    23. Ace (Fitzroy) (Fitzroy) Have a peanut butter-jelly cookie.
    24. Ace raw cookies and milk, a raw food heaven, is a vendor at Smith Street coworking space Like-Minded Projects.
    25. Their jelly and peanut butter cookie ($5, chewiest) has crushed almonds and raspberry chia jam.
    26. A Zebra Dream ice cream sandwich with two Ace cookies would be wonderful.
    27. This makes a baby chino the best treat for kids.
    28. Their marshmallow-white chocolate biscuit mix is amazing.
    29. Mr. Nice Guy's Bakery Mister Nice Guy in Ascot Vale sells exquisite sweets in discrete boxes.
    30. It's no surprise that we use more chocolate chips than fruit when creating our favourite treats.
    31. Abbotsford's Three Bags Full has long been a fruity cookie classic.
    32. Melbourne Bakes the Original New York Style Cookie Melbourneers distrust American food trends and products.
    33. We dislike hospitality chains and have resisted US hospo giants' attempts to set up shop in our city, except for a handful (just ask Starbucks).
    34. We embrace individuality, support the "underdog," and appreciate quality, which are more typical of independent eateries.
    35. Phonebook-Thick Cookies Manhattan's Mom-and-Pop Bakeries.
    36. Melburnians reject American food because of its high sugar, fat, and quantity.
    37. We missed several American cuisine trends.
    38. A 24-year-old English teacher from Melbourne's northern suburbs introduced the New York City Cookie, one of the most indulgent East Coast treats, to the city.
    39. Manhattan's "mum and pop" bakery have made thick phonebook cookies for decades.
    40. Warm New York City cookies expose their melting chocolate chips and luscious fillings.

    FAQs About Cookies

    • Best Crunch: Tate's Bake Shop.
    • Most Gooey: Toll House.
    • Best Biscuit Cookie: Biscoff.
    • Best Variety Pack: Pepperidge Farm.
    • Best International: Tim Tam.
    • Best Luxury: Milk Bar.
    • Best Wildcard: Oreo.
    • Best Throwback: Dunkaroos.

    It's the same for cookies in your kitchen. They go from soft to hard because they start to dry out, and it begins as soon as you pull them from the oven. Whatever moisture is left in the cookies is always in a state of evaporation. At the same time, the sugars and starches are solidifying.

    Surprisingly, oatmeal raisin cookies topped the survey as the least favourite. However, it was one of the top five cookies America wishes no one would bring to the party or cookie exchange.

    Licorice not only does good damage but also blocks a lot of damage and help your cookies survive. Simply put, spending resources on Licorice is always worth it, while spending on Espresso might not pay off later since you will want to replace him.

    Putting a slice of fresh white bread in the container with the cookies will help the cookies stay soft: fresh bread is moist, and that slice will give up its moisture for the greater good: keeping the cookies from drying out. We recommend white bread so that no flavour is transferred to the cookies.

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