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Where To Find The Best Late-Night Food In Melbourne?

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    Our city takes great pride in its reputation as the "Late Evening Champion." Only in this city can you go out clubbing into the small hours and then treat yourself to a lovely meal. These foods are ideal for keeping the step by step in your partying step if you need to dry up a bit or simply do not want the evening to end.

    Perhaps you're a natural night owl or you've been up partying till the early hours. If you find yourself in Melbourne, Australia's "city which never sleeps," you may take advantage of the many restaurants and bars that stay open late to serve late-night revellers and early risers. Try some of Melbourne's best late-night meals, including the Big Mac, sirloin, and delectable parma.

    Dragon Hot Pot

    dragon hot pot melbourne

    Soup that never runs out? That's the 24-Hour Hot Pot.

    This eatery is open round-the-clock and never closes.

    In recent years, Dragon Hot Pot has actively expanded via franchising, opening a total of six sites in Box Hill as well as the Central Business District. During peak dinner hours, the cosy Russell Avenue location (which is open 24/7) regularly sees lines stretching out an adjacent door. Crowds flock to Dragon Hot Pot around the clock because of its wide variety of ingredients, stylish branding, plus Mandopop hits, but not everyone like the spicy soups that feature prominent hairs. It's one of the more expensive options for a hotpot experience on your own, so it's best to go with a companion to split the cost.


    Definition: Italian

    All meals are served until 3 AM daily.

    With the surprising arrival of that extremely late night cafe serving some darn great meals, Mornane Venue has finally borne fruit, having previously been a nondescript, bucket corner. There are probably a lot of Arlechins in any given city. The cork-lined ceiling and alluringly arched arch make this location feel like the headquarters of a shadowy organisation. It can accommodate up to 40 people and has a marble bar carved into statues, state-of-the-art lighting, and a major section of the Grossi wine collection on display in glass cases. The midnight Italian cuisine will not help you stick to your plan to go to bed at 10 p.m. While it may look like a heavy alcoholic meal, this dish is actually a light and airy spiral of perfectly pan dente spaghetti wrapped around a flavorful sugo, brackish water huge capers, and gorgeous basil leaves. You could compare it to a puttanesca, but with greater efficiency, if you were performing it in the air.

    Butcher's Diner

    butchers diner melbourne

    What Is It: An Always-Open Restaurant

    Daily, the kitchen closes at 2 a.m.

    Because of his dedication to the CBD market, Con Christopoulos keeps his shop up until 2 AM, seven nights a week. It's a valid reason to order takeout at 2 a.m. or eat steak for morning. Former member of a European Group and butcher for City Wine Shop, European, Kirk's, and French Saloon Simon Poole is now in charge of the kitchen at Butcher's Diner. A vegan dispenser is around the clock, so the restaurant isn't as predatory as it might seem from the menu.

    Supper Inn

    Which language is this: Cantonese?

    Food service ends at 2:30 AM daily.

    Consistency is essential in the hospitality industry. This restaurant has been a favourite of the city's working class for decades because of its reputation for delivering superb Cantonese food at affordable prices till 2:30 in the morning. The selection on our menu is quite large. The menu is massive, but the regulars know where to go for the greatest items. Consisting of chicken and ginger, this congee is a comforting meal. Oysters from the Coast can be found in a pool of aromatic soy stock. Quail with a kick and a whole flounder cooked in a spicy broth. Both the slow-cooked suckling pig, which meat seems to be the sweetest or whose skin tastes as confections, salty toffee, and the pork with oil-soaked, spicy eggplant seasoned with salted fish in the hotpot.

    Bar Romantica

    bar romantica melbourne

    What Is It? Italian New Wave

    Time That the Kitchen Is Closed: 5 p.m. - Late (Wed-Sun)

    Both romance and Romantica are very much alive and flourishing. Café Romantica, a local favourite pizza parlour and dive bar, has closed after 30 years in business. Reopened as a quaint wine bar serving patrons well into the night, it has seen better days. In honour of the bar's predecessor, the 'Pizza Romantica' features basic ingredients like passata, chopped cabbage, fior di latte cheese, and fresh basil. Spicy orange oil known as nduja can be added to the salami to give it a little extra kick.

    Bodega Underground

    Exactly What Is It: a Mexican Dish

    If you're planning on eating here, please note that the kitchen closes daily at 3 a.m., Monday through

    Banners advertising tits, 'taches, & Tecate, the "golden age" in Mexican movies, can be found downstairs. The bar counter is the best place to sit, as the furnishings is suggestive of a cantina rather than a bar. Taking shots is the standard, and the tempo of the music will make you feel like you're continuously slipping behind. The cocktail culture revolves around inventive uses of mezcal rather than tequila. Since we can buy food there until 3 a.m., when we'd normally be in bed, it's one of our favourite places to hang out late at night. That's why fajitas are such a big deal on the menu. Corn tortillas pair well with salty and greasy foods like fish and chips, ham, grilled octopus, soft and starchy vegetables like potatoes and mushrooms. The two tacos per dish are more reminiscent of Californian fusion food than authentic Mexican fare, and may be topped with a variety of ingredients like the house-made chipotle cream cheese, crème, consists of pv, guacamole, and more. There are many of options beyond potato salad and canned corn for vegetarians and vegans.

    Melbourne Supper Club

    melbourne supper club melbourne

    Exactly What Is It: a Mexican Dish

    Sun - Thu 4 AM; Fri - Sat 6 AM

    Melbourne Supper Club, located behind a thick wooden door and up a flight of stairs, is one of the city's most sought-after after-hours destinations. Although the plush leather and velvet decor and long bar are certainly draws in their own right, the extensive wine list, matured rums, and seductive bar fare are what keep customers coming back. Opening in April, Siglo is a rooftop bar where you can enjoy the coming summer & Spring Street while being waited on.

    Bar Margaux

    Definition: a French restaurant

    As for when the kitchen closes, it's 1 am on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

    No one should be shocked to learn that a night out at Bar Margaux includes a fun cocktail. The CBD basement bar's ancestry includes not just the trophy-laden the gin and tonic bar the Everleigh, but also the dive eatery Heartbreaking loss, so the establishment is in good genetic company. It's fair to say that the alcohol performance is proportional to the nighttime revelry. The menu features everything you'd expect to find at a restaurant of this type. Although the kitchen is open until 3 a.m., you wouldn't think that a bar would serve such high-quality fare as French onion soup, respectable steak frites, and an unbelievably rich crab Brioche mon ami.

    Bar Ampere

    bar ampere melbourne

    A: It's European-style snacks.

    The kitchen closes every night at 3 a.m.

    Fans of alcoholic beverages, you have travelled to the future, and at least the 1930s. When Vernon Chalker, the eccentric pioneer in the field behind Mme Brussels & Gin Palace, took it on challenge of designing Ampère, he didn't make it simple on himself. He had to create a modern bar that mirrored an era that was obsessed with the future. Everyone was shocked when he actually pulled it off. A European-inspired menu is available until 3 am the next night of the week from the bar's small back kitchen.

    Magic Mountain Saloon

    To wit: Thai

    Note that the kitchen closes on Wednesday and Thursday at midnight.

    Intense red lighting makes nearly everything look better. This CBD hotspot has three floors packed with elevated seating, and the surreal vibe comes from the red lighting, pounding house music, & suspendered waiters. Magic Mountain, a combination restaurant, bar, and early eatery, was naturally envisioned of, designed, and constructed by the same hospitality experts responsible for Cookie, Boney, as well as the Twat in Town. If you've had a few too many beers, you might pass on the gamey smoked eel, allspice but instead red pepper coleslaw, and fiery vegetable forest curry in favour of a heaping tray of crunchy fried chicken ribs to garlic butter, rich, comforting pad Thai, as well as crumbly roti.


    shujinko melbourne

    It's Ramen, That's What It Is

    What Time Does the Kitchen Shut Down: Daily at 11 p.m.; Weekends at 12:30 a.m.

    How Melbourne went without a 24hr ramen bar for so long is beyond eachother. A major advantage is Shujinko's location in the city's business center, not far from some of the city's best nightlife. This is bad news for city dwellers who like to eat late at night, as there will be not any more oily kebabs or mysteriously lengthy burgers from of the Golden Arches. As an alternative, a bowl of warm soup with perfectly slurpable rice noodles is like gas after just one late night out. Clear your sinuses with super karakuchi ramen, and wake up your taste buds with the umami bomb of black ramen.


    A: It's European-style snacks.

    Tuesday through Saturday at 3 a.m. is the final call for the kitchen.

    We recommend going there after midnight, when the crowd has thinned out, the theatregoers have gone home, only the night owls have been left to gaze up just at Spring Street canopy, and you won't have to compete with anyone for a table by the window. As a result of 2017's amendments to the Cigarette Act, Siglo is likely to be perceived as a smoking establishment. However, Siglo's renowned party pies will now be available only at the indoor bar, while classy bar snack foods will continue to be accessible at your bar counter. A minor issue at best. As an appetiser, try the Crust Kevlar fish tartare and grilled zucchini, which taste like miniature gift bags from gay Paree. Get a cheap sarnie or even a streaky spanakopita as well as a seat inside on a plastic chair before the main event.


    stalactites melbourne

    Exactly What It Is Greek

    Please note that the kitchen closes at midnight Sunday through Thursday and at 2:00 AM on Friday and Saturday.

    No matter how big or small your night is shaping up to be, an early souva is always a good idea. The rotisserie giro at Stalactites, fortunately, never stops turning. In under 5 minutes, your freshly made souva will be ready for the table or bundled for takeout. The smoky lamb in the lamb souva is complemented by the abundance of crunchy lettuce but also paneer sauce. No matter what kind of less-portable device you use, you'll still be able to enjoy the same lightning-fast speeds. Relax and enjoy some time under the real plaster stalactite-adorned roof while setting out a small platter of blended lamb and chicken giro. The kebabs steaks are deliciously charred from of the jizz, but a protein tray isn't enough on its own. In addition to the extra flatbread, tzatziki, salad, and anything else you'd want to build your tiny souls on, get some bits, which were not quite as new as they might have been because of the fryer on with us visit but instead were nicely extensive experience with thyme.

    Le Bon Ton

    Southern Barbecue, That's What It Is

    Monday through Thursday, 10:00 PM; Friday and Saturday, 5:00 AM

    For many harried Melburnians, the late-night brief is almost perfectly met by this 'N'awlins-themed burrow of barbeque and boozing. Only the late-night menu, including the 1975 wings and $1 oysters, is available after midnight. Only a few starters and sides are available, as well as two sandwich options and four different pie selections. A basket of spicy roasted chicken tenders with a side of mascarpone, peppery white gravy is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Hot sauce and seeded brioche make the chopped pulled pork sandwich with eggplant, kosher dills, and yellow stilton our favourite. Even if you've blown your diet on the spicy cheese fries, you might want to stick around for the pie. Please be aware that there is an inexplicable closure of the kitchen on Friday and Saturday nights from 11 p.m. to nightfall.

    Fries And Rocket Burgers

    rocket burgers and fries melbourne

    Burgers, that's what.

    When the kitchen closes: every day at midnight

    Crowded conditions for cyclists are common near the corner of Elizabeth & Footscray streets in the CBD, where hundreds of people with headphones in their ears generate traffic jams. Later on, however, it's the late-night burgers that bring the crowds. Given that its primary function is to serve as a takeout spot, the restaurant has only 7 seats and a somewhat tiny table. But it won't matter much because this gap opened in 2015 and keeps these grills smoking there until 6 am on major party nights. While the restaurant's menu may be on the modest side, the quality of the food more than makes up for the lack of variety. Fries with extra toppings like pork and cheese? Count me in for a bucketful. American cheese and huge bits of wilted spinach provide a smokey flavour to these golden fries. In addition to being well named, the man-burger is the Matthew's Noah of burgers, featuring two of each ingredient: burgers, bacon, and cheese


    You can find Alaska right in the middle of Sydney Road, the epicentre of international food in Brunswick. Alaska has been serving authentic Turkish cuisine till 5 am, six days a week, for nearly half a century. In addition to the bread prepared in a real wood-burning oven, you may now enjoy some authentic Turkish dips. The standard Veggie sandwiches are stuffed with shrub branches, beef mince, shallot, tomato, and rice, and they're sure to quench any parched appetites. It has a fantastic Bun bo hue and Gozlome that are prepared daily in a cedar oven. As genuine Turkish street cuisine, the kebabs at Alasya are the finest choice for a quick bite. Bread is hand-rolled, stuffed, and grilled; a special honey-curry sauce is served on the side.


    Melbourne has earned the title of "Late Evening Champion" due to the large number of nightlife establishments that remain open until the wee hours of the morning to accommodate partygoers and early risers alike. Dragon Hot Pot is an all-day, all-night hot pot joint that boasts a plethora of ingredients, chic packaging, and popular Mandopop tunes. The cosy Russell Avenue spot gets queues out the door at prime dinnertime. An Italian hotpot restaurant open nightly till 3 a.m., Mornane Venue provides food. It can fit up to 40 guests and features a marble bar with statuettes carved into it, cutting-edge lighting, and a substantial portion of the Grossi wine collection showcased in glass cabinets.

    The midnight Italian food is a light and airy spiral of spaghetti wrapped around a savoury sugo, brackish water capers, and attractive basil leaves, but it will not help you keep to your goal to go to bed at 10 p.m. Butcher's Diner's kitchen is now under the direction of Simon Poole, and Con Christopoulos keeps his shop open until 2 AM, seven nights a week. Because of its long history of serving cheap, authentic Cantonese cuisine till 2:30 in the morning, Dinner Inn has become a favourite of the city's working class. Bar Romantica serves a wide variety of food, from congee to oysters to quail to flounder to pork with oil-soaked spicy eggplant seasoned with salted fish in the hotpot.

    Content Summary

    1. Our town is very pleased with its status as the Late Night Champion.
    2. This is the only city where you may party until the wee hours and then have a nice lunch.
    3. If you're feeling a little tipsy or just don't want the night to finish, these snacks will keep you on your feet and ready to party.
    4. Many restaurants and pubs in Melbourne, Australia, the "city which never sleeps," are open late to accommodate both night owls and early birds.
    5. You can get a great Big Mac, steak, or tasty parma at any of Melbourne's late-night eateries.
    6. With a focus on franchising growth, Dragon Hot Pot has opened six locations in the CBD and neighbouring suburbs in the past few years.
    7. The cosy Russell Avenue location (open 24/7) regularly sees lines extending out an adjacent door during peak supper hours.
    8. Dragon Hot Pot attracts customers around the clock thanks to its extensive menu, hip branding, and playlist of Mandopop classics, but not everyone is a fan of the restaurant's fiery soups with visible hairs.
    9. Because to the high cost, this is one of the few hotpot experiences that is better shared with a friend or significant other.
    10. Mornane Venue, which had previously been a nondescript, bucket corner, has finally borne fruit with the unexpected appearance of that incredibly late night cafe selling some darn amazing food.
    11. Cork covers the ceiling, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a secret society's headquarters.
    12. It can fit up to 40 guests and features a marble bar with statuettes carved into it, cutting-edge lighting, and a substantial portion of the Grossi wine collection showcased in glass cabinets.
    13. You can forget about getting to bed by 10 p.m. thanks to the midnight Italian food. To the untrained eye, this dish's spiral of flawlessly pan-cooked spaghetti, sugo, big capers from brackish water, and fresh basil leaves would look like a hefty alcoholic feast, but it's actually quite the opposite.
    14. Con Christopoulos, who is committed to the CBD industry, maintains his store open till 2 AM, seven nights a week.
    15. It's an acceptable justification for late-night takeaway or steak for breakfast.
    16. Simon Poole, once a European Group member and the butcher for City Wine Store, European, Kirk's, and French Saloon, is currently in charge of the kitchen of Butcher's Diner.
    17. The restaurant is not as predatory as it seems from the menu because a vegan dispenser is available 24/7.
    18. For decades, the city's working class has frequented this eatery because of its reputation for serving excellent Cantonese cuisine at reasonable costs till 2:30 in the morning.
    19. The pork with oil-soaked, spicy eggplant seasoned with salted fish in the hotpot, and the slow-cooked suckling pig, the meat of which appears to be the sweetest or whose skin tastes as confections, salty toffee.
    20. The New Wave of Italy The kitchen is closed from 5:00 p.m. until late (Wed-Sun) Romance and Romantica are both thriving and successful in the modern world.
    21. Café Romantica, a popular pizza joint and dive bar in the neighbourhood, has shut down after 30 years in operation.
    22. It has seen better days, but it has been reopened as a cosy wine bar that stays open late.
    23. The "Pizza Romantica," named after the bar's precursor, is made with simple ingredients like passata, chopped cabbage, fior di latte cheese, and fresh basil.
    24. The salami can be made hotter by mixing in a spicy orange oil called nduja.
    25. Subway Bodegas Can You Identify This: a Traditional Mexican Meal The kitchen closes at 3 a.m. every day (Monday–Sunday), so plan accordingly if you wish to eat here. Below, you may find banners advertising tits, 'taches, and Tecate, the beer of choice during the "golden age" of Mexican cinema.
    26. Given that the decor is more reminiscent of a cantina than a bar, the ideal spot to sit is at the bar counter.
    27. The norm is to take shots, and the music's fast beat will make you feel like you're always falling behind.
    28. Instead of tequila, mezcal has become the spirit of choice in the cocktail culture of the region.
    29. Even though we should be sleeping, it's one of our favourite late-night hangouts because we can get food there until 3 a.m.
    30. Salty and fatty meals, such as fish and chips, ham, grilled octopus, and mashed potatoes or grilled mushrooms, go nicely with corn tortillas.
    31. Each order comes with two tacos that may be customised with your choice of fillings and toppings like pv, guacamole, sour cream, and a house-made chipotle cream cheese.
    32. Can You Identify This: a Traditional Mexican Meal Times: Daily at 4 AM; Weekends at 6 AM One of the city's most popular after-hours spots, Melbourne Supper Club may be found behind a heavy wooden door and up a set of steps.
    33. The wide wine selection, aged rums, and tempting bar food are what really bring in the crowds, while the plush leather and velvet decor and long bar are nice bonuses.
    34. Siglo, a rooftop bar overlooking the upcoming summer and Spring Street, will open to the public in April.
    35. The Bar Margaux A typical French restaurant. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, the kitchen shuts at 1 am, and on Fridays and Saturdays, it stays open until 3 am.
    36. It's not news that a night out at Bar Margaux includes a tasty cocktail.
    37. The basement bar in the Central Business District can trace its roots back to both the award-winning gin and tonic bar the Everleigh and the seedy dive restaurant that once occupied the same space. Tragic loss; the establishment shares this trait with its ancestors.
    38. Alcohol consumption tends to increase in tandem with the intensity of the partying at night.
    39. Everything you might want to find at a restaurant of this genre may be found here.
    40. You wouldn't expect a bar to serve French onion soup, passable steak frites, and an unbelievable rich crab Brioche mon ami, but the kitchen is open till 3 a.m.
    41. There is a daily 3 a.m. kitchen curfew. It's the future, or at least the 1930s, for those of you who enjoy drinking alcoholic beverages.
    42. As the quirky pioneer behind such classics as Mme. Brussels and Gin Palace, Vernon Chalker didn't take the easy way out when he took on the job of inventing Ampère.
    43. The bar's tiny rear kitchen serves a cuisine with a European flair until 3 a.m. the following weeknight.
    44. Bar at the Top of the World Thai, to be specific. Please be aware that the kitchen is closed at midnight on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
    45. With its red lights, thumping house music, and suspendered waiters, this CBD hotspot creates a distinctly strange atmosphere.
    46. The same hospitality gurus who conceptualised, planned, and built Cookie, Boney, and the Twat in Town also conceived up, created, and erected Magic Mountain, a hybrid restaurant, bar, and early eatery.
    47. After a few beers, you may find yourself craving fried chicken ribs with garlic butter, creamy, comfortable pad Thai, and crumbly roti instead of gamey smoked eel, allspice but instead red pepper coleslaw, and hot vegetable forest curry.
    48. That's Right, It's Ramen When does the kitchen close: Between 11pm nightly and 12:30am on weekends. We can't believe Melbourne didn't have a 24-hour ramen bar sooner.
    49. Shujinko's central location in the city's business district is a huge perk, as is its proximity to some of the best nightlife in the area.
    50. It means no more oily kebabs or curiously long burgers from the Golden Arches at midnight, which is bad news for city dwellers who like to dine late.
    51. When you're feeling the effects of a late night out on the town, nothing beats a bowl of steaming soup with delightfully slurpable rice noodles.
    52. Super karakuchi ramen is great for clearing out your sinuses, and black ramen is an umami bomb that will get your taste buds working.
    53. Around midnight, when the theatregoers have gone home and the night owls are left to look up at the Spring Street canopy, the throng has thinned out and you won't have to fight for a table by the window.
    54. Due to changes made to the Cigarette Act in 2017, Siglo is now commonly viewed as a smoking location.
    55. Only the indoor bar will include Siglo's famous party pies, but the upscale bar snacks will still be available at your bar top.
    56. Have the Crust Kevlar fish tartare and grilled zucchini as an appetiser; they're like little gay Parisian present baskets on a plate.
    57. Pre-show activities include sitting on a plastic chair inside while eating a cheap sarnie or a streaky spanakopita.
    58. Exact Greek Equivalent Sunday through Thursday, kitchen closes at midnight, while on Friday and Saturday, it stays open until 2:00 a.m.
    59. An early souva is recommended regardless of the size of your planned evening's activities.
    60. Souva can be cooked from scratch and served hot or packaged for takeout in less than 5 minutes.
    61. Lamb souva's smokey lamb is balanced with the fresh bite of romaine and iceberg, and the creamy richness of paneer sauce.
    62. You can still experience the same blistering speeds on any less-portable device.
    63. Set out a small tray of lamb and chicken giro and relax under the actual plaster stalactite-adorned ceiling.
    64. Delicious though the jizz-charred kebabs and steaks may be, a protein platter isn't sufficient on its own.
    65. Get some parts, which weren't quite as new as they may have been if the fryer hadn't been on with us visit but were fairly extensive encounter with thyme, in addition to the extra flatbread, tzatziki, salad, and anything else you'd want to build your tiny souls on.
    66. That's Right, It's Some Real Le Bon Ton Southern Barbeque Time: 10:00 PM EST, Monday through Thursday; 5:00 AM EST, Friday and Saturday This 'N'awlins-themed den of barbeque and boozing caters nearly perfectly to the needs of tired Melburnians late at night.
    67. At midnight, you may only order from the special late-night menu, which has items like $1 oysters and the 1975 wings.
    68. There are only a couple of salads, a couple of sandwiches, and maybe four pies to choose from.
    69. One way to get even the pickiest consumer to try roasted chicken is to serve them a basketful of tenders doused in a rich, peppery white sauce.
    70. Our favourite is the chopped pulled pork sandwich on seeded brioche with eggplant, kosher dills, and yellow stilton, doused in hot sauce.

    FAQs About Late Night Food

    While Melbourne's restaurants close at around 10 pm, several CBD venues offer late-night eats. These restaurants, such as Forester's Pub & Dining and Lucky Coq, offer dining options until 3 am.

    For the most part, the Melbourne CBD offers a range of late-night places to eat, particularly in areas close to Chinatown.

    Unhealthy foods with a lot of fat (ahem, Big Mac) and a lot of sugar (we're looking at your extra-large caffeinated soda) can be extra hard to digest while you're sleeping. As a result, they can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as acid reflux, nausea, and abdominal bloating.

    • Denny's.
    • Jack in the Box.
    • Dunkin'
    • Carl's Jr./Hardees.
    • IHOP.
    • Burger King.
    • Whataburger.
    • Arby's.
    • Lamb Roast. There's nothing more Aussie than a Sunday roast.
    • Banh mi. Thousands of refugees settled in Melbourne after the Vietnam War, and with them came a wave of incredible Vietnamese bakeries. 
    • Gozleme. 
    • Hot jam doughnut. 
    • Pippies in XO.
    • The magic.
    • Capricciosa pizza.
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