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Where To Find Melbourne’s Favorite Oyster Food?

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    No one can be neutral about oysters; you either love them or hate them and wouldn't eat them unless you were stuck on a desert island and have nothing else to eat.

    Member of a group that demands more. Then you've found the appropriate manual. While you're slurping down a half-dozen or more oysters, you may take in the ocean views at some of these places. In certain establishments, they are served with condiments meant to complement the wine.

    The oysters at many of these places are excellent and only cost a dollar or two. That's helping to debunk the myth that oysters are only appropriate for celebratory occasions and should be doused in champagne.

    Oysters in Victoria are not very well-known. However, the states of Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania produce the highest quality oysters in the country. However, these eateries never run out of fresh oysters because Melbourne is so close to those three states.

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    Melbourne's Favorite Oyster Food

    Love they or hate them, oysters are a wonderful maritime gem that enjoys widespread popularity. Australia is the source of some of the world's finest oysters, and lovers of the silky-flesh shellfish can choose from a number of delivery options. We'll presume you're an oyster connoisseur because you're here. Regrettably, there is little room for compromise when it comes to these delectable marine delicacies. And if there's anything thing that all oyster lovers can agree on, it's the satisfaction of polishing off a dozen at a time while still having time to pour yourself a nice flute of bubbly.

    The Atlantic Restaurant and Oyster Bar

    Among the many excellent restaurants along the river in the Crown complex, the Atlantic Restaurant & Oyster Bar stands out. The custom oven in the kitchen measures nine metres in length and weighs two and a half tonnes. It's a large establishment with enough room for 300 diners and a culinary staff of 28 to live up to the prestige of the site.

    Blackmilk, a Melbourne interior design firm, installed nooks and alcoves and nett curtains to create private booths for diners. Kwangho Lee, a renowned designer from South Korea, is responsible for the ropey lighting. It's no surprise that fresh fish is the main attraction: The dishes have a Japanese influence and the oysters are shucked at order just at oyster bar. In the meanwhile, the menu bar features both bone-in and boneless fish, whole fish for sharing, and preparations ranging from pan roast to wood fire.

    Halo Club 

    The Halo Club is a monthly membership delivery service that sends out a new batch of fresh oysters, making it the Netflix of oyster industry. The Halo Society is a prestigious group of oyster connoisseurs. Using oysters harvested in South Australia's Coffin Bay, they are among the top oyster distribution services in Australia. When you join up, we'll send you three dozen gorgeous oysters and a custom shucking equipment.

    Vue de Monde

    Because of its stellar reputation, dining at Vue de Monde comes with tremendous expectations. Some of the top restaurants in the country are run by celebrity chefs, fortunately. The Rialto's observation deck at level 55 is the restaurant's third location, and it offers a breathtaking panorama of the entire city, from Docklands to the Handle faucet . the faucet.

    Hugh Allen, who took over as executive chef at Vue in 2019 when Bennett stepped down, is changing the restaurant's focus from its original European inspiration to indigenous Australian foods and cooking methods. The stunning vista is complemented with a $10 ,000,000 fit-out that is dark and elegant with a current Australian touch. Large enough to fit an entire family, the kangaroo leather-topped tables are typically reserved for romantic encounters between two people. They effectively store a sprinkling of river rocks that can be used as salt and peppers makers, butter dishes, or even containers for silverware. The soft seats of 'Roo make a return appearance.

    One of the affable and astute cooks brings each item towards the table and describes it. Each course on the 14- to 17-meal menu is predetermined. Recent specials have included marron tail curry with a bisque prepared with native lemongrass, wild garlic, damson heads, whitebait bones, and Tasmanian mussels; salted South Australian kangaroo with native alpine pepper; and grilled baby corn with macadamia miso.

    Vue is more than just a restaurant; it's an experience. Everything about dining here is theatrical, from open kitchen towards the service to the food. The professionalism of the staff makes it easy to place your confidence in them and watch the show.

    East 33

    East 33 has a variety of fresh caught and slurped oysters that are sure to please any oyster connoisseur, whether you're a frequent punter or Mermellier. Get two dozen excellent Sydney rock oysters and a bottle of Veuve delivered to your apartment the next day and take your evening to the next level, as the Sydney-based company has indeed been having a moment through COVID lockdowns.


    One of the most famous and well-respected Japanese restaurants in the world first opened in New York as both a hangout for Manhattan's wealthy and famous. From Beijing to Budapest, Nobu has expanded his empire of fine Japanese dining establishments. As a matter of fact, in 2007 we acquired one at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.

    As the "it" restaurant in major cities across the world and a business partner of Robert De Niro, Nobu was naturally welcomed with open arms when it first opened its doors in Melbourne. Here, Peruvian flavours and Japanese cooking techniques meet to create a fusion that is both unique and delicious. Authentic Nobu techniques will be applied to fresh fish from Down Under. Tiradito, a Peruvian meal consisting of paper-thin slices of marinated fish, is one such example. The yellowtail ceviche with jalapeo and the black cod in miso are also well regarded.

    Of course, the price tag reflects the status symbol's celebrity status. Nonetheless, for fans of high-caliber Japanese food and to experience what all the fuss is about, Nobu is worth it.

    South Melbourne Market

    It is one of the best tasting market in the city due to the abundance of butchers, bakers, grocers, fishmongers, fortune tellers, and snack kiosks that make full use of the available produce. It's a step up from Delhi, but during summer, the night markets get raucous with live music and alcoholic beverages.

    For almost 150 years, shoppers have been able to peruse the markets, which, like Queen Victoria, are a popular tourist destination in their own right destination as they are a source of fresh food. SO: ME is a feature of the market since it is a compact area where local designers may sell their wares. The designers change on a regular basis, so there is always something fresh to choose from.

    The Fish Shoppe

    Oysters from The Cod Shop are sustainable, ethical, and traceable, so you can feel good about re-stocking them. Situated in South Melbourne & Collingwood, you can easily pick up a dozen or more, or have them send out their fresh, high-quality seafood anywhere in the world.

    Rockpool Bar & Grill

    Among the first thing you would notice after passing the hard at work oyster shucker is the ham locker. Massive beef sides are on open display, and a gleaming meat slicer suggests that it will not be messed with.

    Exactly like this, Rockpool is why we adore it. You might visit for the vista, the ambience, or the prestigious name recognition. The complaint, however, is impossible to ignore.

    One cannot possibly mistake this establishment for anything else than a steakhouse. Walls are adorned with stunning cow photography, and the aroma of the cooking grill is irresistible. While the beef is certainly delicious, we recommend trying something else from the menu as well, such as the twelve-hour roast pork with aromatic fruits and seasoned balsamic or the lobster quiche with prawn sauce.

    Neil Perry has brought the Rockpool concept to Melbourne, and it's a wonderful place to spend a classy evening. Large groups of people dining together generate lively chatter, whether they consist of gamblers or young professionals getting ready for a night on the town. This is a substantial experience in the finest possible way, from the ceiling-to-floor wine racks to the enormous flavours of the grill.

    rockpool bar & grill


    Sitting on top of Taxi Kitchen and Transport Public Bar, Transit Rooftop Bar is the swanky part of the Transport hotel's menu. After a hard day, relax at Transit in its luxurious Fed Square quarters and take in the Yarra from the comfort of a drink.

    The pub is well aware of its excellent viewing location and makes the most of it. Enjoy the river, the city, and the sunset from Transit's spacious outdoor deck. Wine and beer are available, but Transit's true speciality is mixed drinks.

    Notable drinks include the Famous and Naked. The Taxi Kitchen is located downstairs and serves dishes such Chinese duck over five-spice caramel and candied pig with red Nam Jim.

    The music at Transit, a jazz + cocktail club, will feature plenty of swerves, swings, and improvised solos. Every Saturday night at 9 o'clock, local musicians take the stage, while on Tuesdays and Fridays, a baby grand piano is played from 6 to 9 o'clock in the evening. Once the pianist has finished playing on a Friday, the DJ starts playing, and everyone gets up to dance and your Sunday session is upgraded with acoustic from 3-6 pm.

    Cumulus Up Wine Bar

    It's not unusual for a popular restaurant to have a bar attached to it to accommodate the influx of extra customers, but it's much less normal for the bar to be so well-done that it draws in customers on its own. Five months after the founding of the ever-popular Cumulus Inc. below it, in 2013, Cumulus Up launched, and it remains the greatest of its kind venue that’s only getting more popular.

    Start with a visit to the Marion Wine Bar, a fine dining establishment next door to Cutler & Co that opened in 2015 and boasts one of the city's most extensive wine selections. There's a good variety of wines available by glass, and the whole list features all of the most popular grape varieties from throughout the world, both old and modern.

    The sheer variety of wine-making locales, grape varieties, and techniques is enough to make one's head spin. This highlights the importance of having knowledgeable bartenders who can guide you through your wine selection. At Cumulus Up, they know how to serve wine so that you may relax and enjoy yourself. No matter how much they teach you, you'll never feel patronised. Not only will your preferences be taken into account, but you will be encouraged to broaden your taste horizons.

    It is possible to have a wonderful evening at Tornado Up without doing anything but eating. Due to its extreme richness, the duck waffle and foie gras is best shared between two people. Even without the accompanying finger lime, the sashimi dish would've been delicious. It tastes like sashimi dusted with sour bursting candy and pairs surprisingly well with wine. Moreover, there is a well curated cheese list, as well as a daily-rotating chef's choice.

    Redesigning the area in 2018, IF Architecture brought new life to the area. The Wine Area, an attractive private dining table with its own door and seating for up to 20 people, is the most prominent new feature. It is one of the most ingenious Melbourne private dining rooms thanks to its floor-to-ceiling glass walls. So, the room is both public enough to benefit from the energy of Cumulus Up and secluded enough for a small gathering.


    Donovans is unlike any other Australian eatery. Also, there is probably not even another restaurant elsewhere in the world that is quite like it. The owners affectionately refer to it as their "home on the beach," and the name is apt. Cocktails are often served in the lounge area near the entrance before dinner. Then you'll be escorted into the dining room, which is divided into many areas and decorated with personal photos, knickknacks, and mismatched chairs to give the impression that you've arrived at a friend's house for a true dinner party. Two Donovans have been serving customers on the floor continuously since the restaurant's launch in 1995.

    Every six months, Gail or her friend Darryl Belle give the interior a new theme by switching out select curios. For instance, "back on our bike" was the slogan used to celebrate the restaurant's reopening in the second half of the year after a $2 million fire had devastated the establishment. There was a cardboard cutout of a Vespa in the lobby, and the men's restrooms were decorated with old Tour de France souvenirs.

    In other words, the menu is varied but static, just the way the regular commenters want it. At least eight of the restaurant's hallmark dishes, including the freeze salmon, seafood vermicelli, chicken pie, M o steak, prawn, bombe Anchorage, duck for two, and the fish and chips, have been on the menu for the majority of the establishment's existence. Chef de cooking Emma D'Alessandro and her staff consistently produce delicious results.

    The service is equally excellent, if rather guarded. All of our meals come with complimentary bread. Everybody receives their main courses at once, and the wine is served in the customary order. Donovans is a beloved of many Melburnians, including those in their twenties and thirties, despite the fact that it is not truly groundbreaking by any metric.


    In late 2017, the trio used their skills to transform a former panel beater's storage facility into a hip bar. Staughton's business partner and architect was involved in the planning process. The spectacular room features a five-meter high ceiling with velvet and leather booths along the walls. It has low lighting at night and a fireplace to make it warm and inviting in the winter. The drink menu is an ode to Australia, but more specifically to the greatest of Australian produce.

    Instead of tacky stereotypical Australiana. Have a glass of Four Pillars gin or some Poltergeist whisky from Tasmania's Shene Estate & Distillery. Or raise a glass of ice-cold lager to our former prime minister, the Hawke's Brewing Co. There are both traditional cocktails and Australian takes on them, like the Bloody Galah and the eucalyptus-oil highball, which can be found on the drink menu.

    The cooks will follow your example. The charcuterie board comprises meats and cheeses from the area, while the raclette is made by an Australian cheesemaker. Natural wines like Victoria's Between Five Bells and beers can be found in the bottle shop located on the lower level. The occasional foreign bottle finds its way into the mix.

    Ocean Made Seafood 

    Certainly you've noticed those bright vans driving around town. Ocean Made has been supplying some of the greatest oysters in Melbourne's restaurants and to the general public from their Collingwood shop for many years. Mix things up including Appellation, Angasi, Sydney Point, and Pacific oysters, all of which may be tried for free at Ocean Made. Closed oysters are also available for purchase so that you can perfect your shucking skills.


    Celebrated Melbourne restaurateur Scott Pickett – whose stable venues include. A group of famous people—including Matilda, Estelle, and others—have stepped in to prevent the 2020 closure of this eatery. He hasn't tried to improve upon what already works, as seen by the fact that the Thai menu, which has been around since 2005 but has its roots in the original Longrain in Sydney (which debuted in 1999).

    Signature Banquet ($75) features traditional Longrain specialities such grilled scallop in betel quid, seared five-spice ham hock, and emerald papaya salad. New meals prepared in the Longrain manner but "with a native touch" can be found at the $95 Royal Banquet. You can get spanner shrimp on, a light believed to have originated curry flavoured with jasmine with seablite then served with the a fried bun, or red kangaroo curry w wild carrot and Thai basil.

    Pickett's other bar, the recently opened Longsong, is an extension of Longrain; like Longrain, it serves alcoholic drinks and Thai street food in a more relaxed setting in its loft area.

    Melbourne Public

    Oysters at Melbourne Public are only $2 from 4 to 7 p.m. on Fridays. Have mine au natural or Enhanced, and the only restriction is you have to order a drink. There will be live music provided by local DJs all night long, plus $16 Espresso Martinis to wash down your molluscs.

    The Fishmonger’s Son 

    We have nothing but praise for the Carlton North location of Fishmonger's Son. In particular, their lobster roll is incredible. These fish are from the next generation shop has some of the best oyster options in Melbourne, includes a rotating selection of Angasi, Appellation, and Imperial Miyagi oysters. An assortment of implements, including a stuffing knife , Yarra Valley bloodied gin caviar, are at your disposal.


    One of the greatest places to get oysters shipped to you is Australia's online seafood market. Sydney Rock and Atlantic Oysters are available in a range of sizes at Manettas, from standard to XXL. If you really care about eating things when they are at their freshest, you can request them partially open and even keep on living.

    oyster food3


    Philippe Mouchel, a chef from Normandy and a protégé of the great Paul Bocuse, has opened a new restaurant under the name Philippe. Melbourne dining since 1991. Even though the wave-like roof, painted floor, and exposed brickwork were already present when Mouchel moved in, the lighting was much improved by architects Crosier Scott.

    Along one wall is a large zinc bar, while along another are vertical gardens. Philippe centres on his open kitchen. The restaurant is entirely French, thus all of the orders are shouted out in French. Emphasize Gransagne, formerly of two-Michelin-starred L'Esperance in Burgundy, has been hired as chef de cuisine at Mouchel. Classic French cuisine with a modern twist are prepared using vegetables from Gippsland and Geelong farms and cooked on a Josper grill. Food is grilled or roasted and served with a little garnish and no strong sauces or marinades.

    Examples of such traditional yet forward-thinking cuisine includes beetroot-cured Rainbow trout with nut aioli and roast pork with carrot, cumin, and bacon emulsion. The renowned rotisserie chicken from Mouchel remains a menu option. You can choose from three distinct preparations of premium steak. As with all other foods, desserts have their own seasons. When it comes to wine, the focus is on classiness rather than quantity. About 50 Australian and French wines are stored underground.


    Victoria's oysters are not exactly household names. The best oysters in Australia come from the waters around the states of Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania. Due to Melbourne's proximity to all three states, the city's restaurants never run out of fresh oysters. Oyster aficionados can find respectable company in the Halo Society. One of the best oyster distribution services in Australia, they source their oysters from Coffin Bay in South Australia.

    At Vue de Monde, the kangaroo leather-topped tables are saved for the most intimate of meetings. Every oyster lover will appreciate East 33's selection of freshly shucked oysters. Naturally, people in Melbourne greeted the arrival of Nobu with open arms. There are numerous butchers, bakers, grocers, and fishmongers in South Melbourne Market, making it one of the greatest tasting markets in the city. No one would ever think twice about mistaking this place for anything other than a steakhouse.

    The upscale option at the Transport hotel is the Transit Rooftop Bar. Dishes like Chinese duck over five-spice caramel and candied pig with red Nam Jim can be found in the Taxi Kitchen, which is located on the lower level. Guests at Transit can enjoy jazz as well as a variety of cocktails. If you're looking for a place with a wide variety of wines available by the glass, go no farther than Marion Wine Bar. At Cumulus Up, the bartenders are wine experts who are happy to help you choose the right bottle.

    Indulge in the duck waffles and foie gras at Tornado Up, but split them between two individuals. Donovans, with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls, is one of the most innovative Melbourne private dining rooms. The most eye-catching addition is the Wine Area, a private dining area for up to 20 people with its own door. Gail or her pal Darryl Belle will change the decor every six months. The drink selections pay tribute to Australia, and more specifically to the best of Australian food.

    There are local meats and cheeses on the charcuterie board, and an Australian cheesemaker is responsible for the raclette. If you'd like to practise your shucking talents, you can also buy closed oysters. Between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m. on Fridays, oysters at Melbourne Public are only $2. Incredible lobster roll may be found at The Fishmonger's Son.

    The online seafood market in Australia is one of the best sites to order oysters for delivery. Some of Melbourne's finest oysters may be found at Manettas. Melbourne locals have been dining at Manettas since 1991. Philippe is a total Francophile, so all commands are given via French yelling. French classics with a modern touch are prepared by Chef Philippe Mouchel using vegetables from farms in Gippsland and Geelong and a Josper grill.

    Content Summary

    1. Victoria's oysters are not exactly household names.
    2. The best oysters in Australia come from the waters around the states of Wales, South Australia, and Tasmania.
    3. Whether you adore them or despise them, oysters are an exquisite marine gem that is widely cherished.
    4. There are a lot of convenient ways for oyster connoisseurs to get their hands on some of Australia's finest exports, including the silky-flesh shellfish.
    5. When it comes to dining options, the Atlantic Restaurant & Oyster Bar at the Crown complex on the river is unparalleled.
    6. Oysters are shucked to order and the cuisine has a Japanese flair.
    7. Oyster aficionados can find respectable company in the Halo Society.
    8. Expectations at Vue de Monde are sky-high due to the restaurant's exceptional reputation.
    9. Thankfully, celebrity chefs manage some of the best restaurants in the country.
    10. Hugh Allen, who replaced Bennett as Vue's chief chef in 2019, is shifting the restaurant's focus from European influences to native Australian ingredients and techniques.
    11. Recent features have included salted South Australian kangaroo with native alpine pepper, grilled baby corn with macadamia miso, and a marron tail curry served with a bisque made from native lemongrass, wild garlic, damson heads, whitebait bones, and Tasmanian mussels.
    12. If you're an oyster connoisseur, whether you're a regular punter or a Mermellier, you'll love East 33's selection of freshly fished and shucked oysters.
    13. It all started in New York, where one of the most renowned Japanese restaurants in the world became a regular destination for the city's elite.
    14. Nobu has opened upscale Japanese restaurants all over the world, from Beijing to Budapest.
    15. Since Nobu is the "it" restaurant in many global metropolises and Robert De Niro is a business partner, it was met with great enthusiasm when it initially opened in Melbourne.
    16. An interesting and tasty mashup of traditional Peruvian flavours and modern Japanese cooking methods may be found here.
    17. The fresh fish from Down Under will be prepared using classic Nobu methods.
    18. Due to the high concentration of butchers, bakers, grocery stores, fishmongers, fortune tellers, and snack booths, this market is often considered to be among the best in the city in terms of flavour.
    19. You can feel good about restocking oysters from The Cod Shop since they are sustainable, ethical, and traceable.
    20. The ham locker is one of the first things you might see after passing the busy oyster shucker.
    21. The Rockpool concept, pioneered to Melbourne by Neil Perry, is a great spot to go for a fancy dinner.
    22. Located above both the Taxi Kitchen and the Transport Public Bar, the Transit Rooftop Bar is the most upscale option at the Transport hotel.
    23. Transit has a large outside terrace where you can take in views of the river, the city, and the sunset.
    24. Chinese duck over five-spice caramel and candied pig with red Nam Jim are just a couple of the items you can have at the Taxi Kitchen, which is located on the lower level.
    25. There will be plenty of unexpected turns, swings, and improvised solos in the music at Transit, a jazz + cocktail club.
    26. A bar in an already busy restaurant is nothing out of the ordinary, but it is unusual for the bar to be so beautifully done that it attracts people even when the restaurant is not busy.
    27. Cumulus Up opened in 2013, just five months after the inception of the ever-popular Cumulus Inc. below it, and it is now the largest and fastest-growing venue of its kind.
    28. Start off your evening with a trip to the Marion Wine Bar, a fine dining restaurant that opened in 2015 right next door to Cutler & Co and is home to one of the city's most comprehensive wine lists.
    29. This shows how crucial it is to have bartenders that are well-versed in wine and can help you make a good choice.
    30. Cumulus Up has wine service down to a science, so you can kick back and unwind.
    31. A night at Tornado Up can be fantastic even if you do nothing more than eat.
    32. The combination of duck waffle and foie gras is so decadent that it's better split between two diners.
    33. This sashimi dish would have been excellent even if it hadn't come with the finger lime.
    34. In 2018, IF Architecture redesigned the area, giving it new life.
    35. The most eye-catching addition is the Wine Area, a private dining area for up to 20 people with its own door.
    36. With its floor-to-ceiling glass walls, this private dining room in Melbourne is among the most innovative of its kind.
    37. In contrast to other restaurants in Australia, Donovans is truly unique.
    38. Since the restaurant's inception in 1995, two Donovans have been working the floor nonstop.
    39. Gail and her friend Darryl Belle change up the decor with new trinkets and accents every six months.
    40. When the restaurant reopened in the summer after a $2 million fire had decimated it in the winter, the slogan read, "back on our bike."
    41. The three friends used their abilities to transform a warehouse belonging to a panel beater into a trendy bar in late 2017.
    42. The drink selections pay tribute to Australia, and more specifically to the best of Australian food.
    43. rather than garish representations of Australia.
    44. Products of the Sea You can't have missed those vehicles, with their flashing lights and all, going about town.
    45. For many years, Ocean Made's shop in Collingwood has been delivering some of the best oysters in Melbourne's restaurants and to the general public.
    46. Ocean Made allows you to sample their oysters for free, so you can try a variety of varieties like Appellation, Angasi, Sydney Point, and Pacific oysters.
    47. Scott Pickett, a well-known restaurateur in Melbourne, is responsible for such reliable establishments as.
    48. To avoid the restaurant's closure in 2020, a number of well-known personalities, including Matilda and Estelle, have stepped in.
    49. The fact that the Thai menu, which has been around since 2005 but traces its roots back to the first Longrain in Sydney demonstrates that he hasn't attempted to build upon what already works (which debuted in 1999).
    50. The $95 Royal Banquet has new dishes made in the traditional Longrain style but "with a native twist."
    51. Pickett's newest bar, Longsong, is an expansion of Longrain; it offers the same alcoholic beverages and Thai street cuisine as Longrain, but in a more casual and comfortable setting in its loft area.
    52. Between the hours of 4 and 7 p.m. on Fridays, oysters at Melbourne Public are only $2.
    53. The Young Fisherman The Fishmonger's Son in Carlton North has earned our highest praise.
    54. There are a variety of high-quality oysters available at this business, including Angasi, Appellation, and Imperial Miyagi varieties.
    55. The online seafood market in Australia is one of the best sites to order oysters for delivery.
    56. Manettas offers Sydney Rock and Atlantic Oysters in sizes ranging from regular to extra large.
    57. Normandy-born chef and Paul Bocuse protege Philippe Mouchel has just opened a restaurant bearing his namesake.
    58. Food in Melbourne since 1991.
    59. When Mouchel came in, the building already had a wave-like roof, a painted floor, and exposed brickwork, but the lighting was much improved by architects Crosier Scott.
    60. It's a completely French establishment, therefore customers place their orders by shouting in French.

    FAQs About Melbourne's Favorite Oyster Food

    Quick Summary. If you want to collect oysters, check with a local fish and wildlife management agency to determine when you can legally harvest them, as these dates are often different each year. The best time to harvest oysters is during the day when the tide is lower than 2 feet.

    Probably the highest altitude you can consume fresh oysters in Melbourne. The oysters here are served with cherry and elderflower. The oysters at this all-day restaurant come from Moonlight Flat, one of Australia's best oyster purveyors.

    Other places serve them up with garnishes designed to be paired with wine. Many of these restaurants are budget-friendly, serving great oysters for $1 or $2 a pop. That’s helping to dispel the idea that oysters are a special-occasion-only food that must be consumed with lots of champagne.

    Though they're available here year-round, oysters are in fact seasonal. You'll find different varieties are best at different times of the year. Sydney rock oysters tend to peak between August and March, and Pacifics between April and September.

    Farmed and harvested from the Nambucca River, on the north coast of New South Wales, these Sydney rock oysters are famous for their fat, rich and creamy texture and slightly salty punch of flavour from their brine.

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