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    Sweet fillings like custard or ricotta are piped into cannoli shells and then fried until they're a delicate golden colour. From the tiny cannulicchi to the massive cannolone, all sizes are claimed to have their roots in Palermo, Sicily. Giant tubes of smaller cannoli, the size of a birthday cake, can be ordered from some stores for special occasions.

    But cannoli aren’t just a bakery staple. Many Italian diners across Melbourne have them on their dessert menus, and in their savoury section, too. And some grocers sell empty shells ready for DIY piping at home. But if you prefer to leave it to the experts, here are some of the best spots to get cannoli around Melbourne.

    There aren't many better reasons to purchase tiramisu than the rich, crisp-shelled swigs you'll get when they arrive in your doorstep, but this order might support a Victorian business that has survived the trauma of not one but two lockdowns. Formerly a destination for which people would fly across state lines, the boutique desserterie L Cannoleria is now available for delivery to Sydney (and the rest of the country) courtesy of a partnership with gourmet grocery store Co-Lab Pantry.

    Sweet pastry dough is rolled out, shaped into a hollow cylinder, and fried to create cannoli, a dish with roots on the Italian island of Sicily. Ricotta or custard is typically used as the filling, and then placed inside the shell. At La Cannoleria, not only can you buy boxes of cannoli for $9 each, but you can also try making cannoli on your own, if only to learn how difficult they are and to increase your respect for their talent by a factor of ten. Six big or twelve little shells with a fill of ricotta, crushed pistachio, and icing sugar are included in a DIY cannoli package, priced at $24 per kit.


    Cannoli In Melbourne

    In Melbourne, you can easily find delicious cannoli. With the existing limitations on your freedom of movement, though, you should double-check that you're headed in the right direction whenever you leave the house.

    Cavallaro & Sons

    For well over fifty years, the Cavallaro line has been producing authentic Sicilian pastries. T. Cavallaro & Sons was founded in 1956 after the family moved from Lipari to Melbourne. Cannoli have been the bakery's signature item throughout time. These are thin tubes of fried pastry that are filled with patisserie cream of various flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate, or the more typical ricotta, marsala, and almonds.

    Tomasso's sons, Tony and Carmen, who share their father's kind nature, now run the business and are there six days a week, just like their father was. The base for any good cannoli is a dough mixture crafted using the secret Cavallaro family recipe. After the dough has been kneaded, it is separated into smaller batches and refined and use a granite machine brought from Milan during Tomasso's reign.

    The finished dough is formed into tubes and cut into separate rounds; it is extraordinarily smooth and free of excess air. During the busiest shopping season before Christmas, up to 13 family members from three generations labour together in the cramped kitchen at the back of the business to meet the high demand for these delicious treats. Each cannoli is stuffed to order, keeping the shell light and crisp despite the decadent cream filling. Wedding cakes and Italian cookies are also available, however they play a supporting role at the bakery.

    King & Godfree Espresso Bar

    The historic King & Godfree property at the intersection of Again only and Faraday streets in Carlton underwent major renovations starting in 2015. It has always been a popular destination for Italian deli products, coffee, food, and groceries; in fact, it is widely recognised as a trailblazer in the introduction of Italian products to Australians. In December 2018, however, it underwent an expansion, welcoming not one but three distinct businesses: the King & Article will describe Coffee Bar, a deli, and a grocery store. rooftop bar.

    When taken as a whole, it is classic rather than trendy. There are 45 chairs available at the espresso bar on the ground floor. Omelettes with minced lamb and chives and pork and fennel meatballs with cannellini toasted beans are just two of the items on the limited breakfast menu. There is a specific panino menu available beginning at 10 a.m., or you can create your own sandwich.

    Pasta, salad, and Pidapipo gelato are all staples, and the cicchetti menu debuts between 4 and 7 p.m., coinciding with the aperitivo hour. Ingrid Tuft of Ringwood, New Jersey, is the ceramicist behind the hand-thrown plates, and Lucas Bowen of Seattle, Washington, serves up the powerful house blend espresso. There is also cold brew and filter options.

    Cannoli Bar

    When we were kids, our grandfather would always bring a box of Neapolitan sweets to the table on Sundays. His favourite was the ricotta cannoli. Even yet, he certainly didn't anticipate one day making a living serving up his all-time favourite dessert from boyhood.

    Fresh fillings are used to make the Cannoli at this location. Ricotta that has been sweetened and piped into the Sicilian staple. The tips are finished with chopped pistachios. Oreos, Nutella, and Ferrero Rochers are three examples of non-Sicilian flavours that can be found alongside more conventional options like chocolate and vanilla custard. There is a small list of pizza, as well as various Sicilian sweets including almond pastries and cassata siciliane, which consists of layers of sponge cake, sweet ricotta, and candied fruit.

    The Cannoli Bar is located in a converted milk bar on Riviera Road, which is primarily made up of homes. Various artists, including Gianni Morandi, Rino Gaetano, and Frank Sinatra, perform their music over the speakers. The garage from nonno's house was the inspiration for the shop's rustic design.

    The original sign for the "Pura Milk" milk bar is crammed into a shelf alongside aluminium coffee pots, potted plants, toys, empty wine bottles, and other assorted trinkets. Repurposed rungs from an old ladder become a set of shelves. Mellini's ancestors hail from the Italian region , Catania, represented by the restaurant's elephant logo.

    Rocco's Deli

    It's either not worth it or a good idea to visit Rocco's Deli while feeling peckish. The staff here is well-versed with grazing boards and turns out fantastic cannoli. Try one of their delicious cannoli filled with custard or ricotta after you've snacked on one of their freshly made paninis.

    Zero Gradi

    A pizza chef's reputation rests on his mastery of the pizza oven. In 2014, the 400 Gradi's owner was awarded the title of world champion. He opened a gelateria, so it makes reasonable that he would spend two years commuting to or from Naples to study the art of creating authentic gelato. Zero G has 18 different flavours available. While many traditional Neapolitan dishes are always on the menu, Di Francesco frequently introduces new flavours.

    Panna cotta, a pizzelle, and either dark or white cocoa drizzle are served as optional extras. Sitting down to savour Zero Gradi with other people is highly encouraged, as the space is laid up like a desserts café complete with chairs and seating both inside and out. There's also a variety of pastries, smoothies, coffee, and communal desserts at Zero Gradi.

    Mediterranean Wholesalers

    The Sydney Road institution that is Mediterranean Wholesalers. It opened in 1941 as a coffee bar and expanded into wholesale in the 1970s. Followers travel from far and wide to stock up on anything from canned goods and cleaning supplies to saucepans and porcelain donkeys. It's the Costco of imported Italian products; they stock everything and sell in quantity.

    The pasta section is miles long and has every conceivable shape and colour of noodles. Ear-shaped pasta, anyone? Sure, no sweat. Striped, rainbow-colored ribbon pasta? Let your freak flag fly. You can also try making pasta by hand with a classic machine. San Daniele bacon, capocollo, bresaola, and tonnes of Italian cheeses are just some of the high-quality goods you'll find at the deli. You can also get Italian wineries and liquors here that you probably haven't seen since your youth. You should rent a trolley and spend a lot of time here.

    mediterranean wholesalers

    Baker D. Chirico

    Baker is well-known because to its distinctive packaging and the fact that its employees all seem like they belong at Scanlan & Theodore. The bread here is some of the best in Melbourne, and thankfully the bakery's aesthetics don't overpower the quality. Nutritionists, food critics, and foodies love the whole-wheat bread; Easter shoppers line up for hot cross buns, and the nougat has become so popular that it is now sold at The Essential Ingredient. Finally, Chirico's cannoli and bombolini are always gone long before the shop closes. With such high demand, and that's not even counting the orders from Melbourne's finest restaurants, the lengthy baking hours mean you can sometimes get a freshly baked, still-warm loaf in the middle of the day to enjoy with your coffee and raspberry frangipane dessert.

    Cannoleria by That’s Amore

    Since opening his Thomastown cheese factory and store, That's Amore, in 2008, the Italian immigrant has been creating burrata, mozzarella, ricotta, and other cheeses by hand. After working in the milk industry for some time, his Sicilian roots compelled him to launch a second company, Cannoleria by That's Amore, which is only dedicated to making cannoli, a traditional delicacy in the island.

    Until the middle of 2019, Melburnians could only purchase these fine golden tubes there at original location and also at occasional pop-up shops. However, that changed after these permanent quarters opened with restaurateur Dario Di Clerico. Yellow, blue, and white are That's Amore's characteristic colours, and you'll see them throughout the store. A modest yet powerful shop, with an L-shaped counter made of wood. Cannoli are stacked like miniature towers in the glass case that is held by one arm. Space for a cashier is tight in the other. A Scrabble-style menu with the day's specials is posted on the far wall. The Personal visit cheese factory begins each day by making ricotta, which is then blended with a variety of flavours and textures before being piped into cannoli.

    You can choose from classic flavours like ricotta, hazelnut and chocolates, lemon, or chocolate, or try something new like peanut butter with jelly, berries and white chocolate, or Bacio with hazelnuts and crushed Baci candy. One giant cannoli costs $5, and you can get a package of three for $12. Mini cannoli are also available and cost $2.50 each (or $5 for a package of five). The group has also tried out several flavours of Vegemite, ricotta flavoured with truffles, and salted-caramel popcorn. As well as cheese, That's Amore now serves some of the finest cannoli in Melbourne with their Cannoleria business.

    The filling here centres around homemade ricotta, which is made in-house. Next, they incorporate fresh, locally-grown ingredients to create mouthwatering dishes. Thomastown is home to their retail location, however you can also find them at South Victoria Market, Pinnacles Shopping Centre, and the Queen Mother Night Market.

    Trivelli Cakes

    Trivelli has been providing the people of Coburg with delicious cakes and cannoli since 1965. Grace Marchitto has taken the reins of the family firm, which has become well-known for its custom cakes and cartocci. Cannoli come in a variety of flavours, some of which are less common than others. Others, however, are as classic as they come, such as pistachio, ricotta, or a mixture of vanilla and chocolate custard sprinkled with confectioners' sugar.

    Matteo’s Delicatessen

    Sandwiches at Matteo's are among the best in town, and the deli also offers the kinds of authentic Italian fare you'd find in a neighbourhood market. There are tins of expensive fish, packs of gnocchi, jars if bright red tomato puree, bottles of wine glaze, and more crammed onto the shelves from floor to ceiling. In the meantime, the refrigerators are supplied with deli meats (several types of salami, mortadella, and ham), cheeses, and marinated vegetables, all of which are ready to be placed on grazing plates or in panini and taken away to be eaten at a street table after the lockdown is lifted.

    There are only a few sandwiches to choose from on the menu. The Real Italian is Matteo's version on the Caprese; the SPS is a melty, Reuben-like situation; and the Cold Cuts is as meaty as you'd expect, with provolone and house-made sauces. The crew also provides occasional specialities, such as an old-school meatball sub smothered with sugo.

    Matteo's offers pies from Fantastic Pies and pastizzi from The Real Maltese Pastizzi Co. in addition to its deli selection. You may also get up some pastries from Ned's Bake or Cannoleria, or even some Mediterranean biscotti that are perfect for dunking in your Industry Beans coffee.

    Eat Cannoli

    In 2017, they started making gluten-free cannoli in a vintage RV they named Ivana. Before launching their first store city Preston in December 2018, they were already creating cannoli for markets, festivals, and other events. Having worked at Choose as Florentino and The North, he has been a chef for over 20 years Melbourne Hotel, among others).

    Eat Cannoli, which is approved by Coeliac Australia, has both traditional and unique flavour combinations. Eat Cannoli's seasonal menu is top-notch, with both traditional dishes and unique twists on old favourites. All of their cannoli are also certified as safe for anyone with gluten sensitivities by the Coeliac Society. Because of the availability of vegan options, there is no valid excuse for you to skip out on this establishment.

    If you'd like Eat Cannoli to cater your next event, they can create custom flavours just for you. Eat Cannoli is now serving not only their signature cannoli, but also fantastic meatball paninis and other savoury dishes. The Ricotta "OG" is a must-try; it's made of whipped ricotta, candied orange, chocolate chips, and honey from the couple's beehives, which are located on the roof of their garage.

    Mister Bianco

    The dishes on Mister Bianco's menu are accompanied by an educational overview of Sicilian culture. Pasta and braised meals are among the more well-known cuisines from the region, but there are also surprise German influences. That's because of a brief period in Sicily's history when Mussolini ceded authority to Germany and indeed the island became a fortress. When cooking dishes from his parent's native country, he takes great care to preserve their traditional flavours.

    Vargetto divides his time between the Mister Bianco neighbourhood, his city restaurant Massi, and his newest venture, Fondata 1872, in the Yarra Valley. First of the three was Mister Bianco. It has mushroomed, creating a labyrinthine maze of rooms and corridors throughout the entire building. Up the nearly right angle stairwell are many more eating areas, perfect for small, exclusive gatherings.

    The service and food at this cosy restaurant are generous. Meals are best enjoyed in the southern Italian tradition of being shared, grazing style, amongst all those seated at the table. You break the ice by eating bread seasoned with charcoal salt. First and foremost are stuzzichini, which are "to pick" appetisers in the southern Italian tradition. Pork and veal sliders with mozzarella cheese, or tuna alla zingara with guacamole puree and pumpkin seeds are examples of the light and portable dishes you may expect to find at this restaurant.

    Veal, twice-cooked pork belly, and braised beef cheek wit creamed späztle are just some of the heartier main courses available, in addition to the several pastas created in-house. With proper portion control, you should be able to save room for dessert. At the end of the meal, the waiter will swoop by with a massive copper pot containing tiramisu.


    Impasto Forno Antico

    The proprietor spent his childhood in a bakery. It was difficult to resist with multiple generations of bakers in the family. In the northwestern suburbs of Melbourne, Alessio and his father Armando are now selling their most prized family recipes.

    One of Melbourne's biggest Italian groups considers Impasto Forno Antico a landmark. The Villanis were well-known in the community for their authentic Italian bread when they moved in, having actually owned bakeries in Hunting Park's Milleara Shopping Complex and East Keilor's Dinah Parade. The Villanis are known for making excellent ciabatta, a type of Italian bread known for its crisp exterior and fluffy interior. South Australian-grown and milled Laucke whole-wheat flour is used to make the dough. It has an 80% moisture content and is baked in an electric stone-base oven after 36 hours of leavening.

    Both a cafe and a gelateria have been added to the location since it first opened in 2014. Both the pesto rice bowl with fruit, pesto, pine nuts, and parmesan, and the prosciutto cheese panini are fan favourites. Pasta al italiano and veal parmigiana are two examples of oven-baked recipes that have been passed down through the years. Three different restaurants, Genobile Brothers, Sapori International, and That's Important resources include Amore Cheese. There is also homemade gelato.


    Cannolis are made by rolling out sweet pastry dough, cutting it into hollow cylinders, and deep-frying them. In most cases, a sweet filling such as custard or ricotta is used and then stuffed into the pastry shell. There are several supermarkets where you may buy piped-in shells to use in your own home plumbing projects. The bakery's namesake product is the creamy pastry shells known as cannoli, which come in a variety of flavours. The cicchetti menu opens between 4 and 7 p.m., serving up pasta, salad, and Pidapipo gelato.

    daily. The Cannoli Bar on Riviera Road was formerly a milk bar. There is music playing from a variety of performers, including Gianni Morandi. The hand-thrown dinnerware was created by Ingrid Tuft of Ringwood, New Jersey. For imported Italian goods, Mediterranean Wholesalers is like Walmart.

    There are noodles of every size, colour, and shape imaginable in the pasta aisle, which seems to go on forever. Bread at D. ChiricoBaker ranks among Melbourne's best, and the stylish interior doesn't detract from the excellent fare on offer. Only That's Amore in Melbourne's Coburg neighbourhood sold cannoli till about the middle of 2019. Together with restaurateur Dario Di Clerico, they have finally launched a permanent presence in Thomastown.

    There is a wide range of cannoli flavours available, some of which are more unusual than others. In 2017, Eat Cannoli began operating out of a vintage RV and producing gluten-free cannoli. Eat Cannoli, a new Italian restaurant, has opened in Preston, and they have an excellent seasonal menu. According to the Coeliac Society, their cannoli are completely gluten-free for those who need to avoid it. Some of Sicily's most well-known dishes include pasta and braised meats.

    Due to the fact that Mussolini ceded Sicily to Germany, you may also see some unexpected German influences. Traditions such as pasta al italiano and veal parmigiana are just two examples of oven-baked dishes that have been passed down through the generations. Produced and processed in South Australia The dough is made using 100% whole wheat flour from Laucke.

    Content Summary

    1. It is said that all cannoli, from the tiniest cannulicchi to the largest cannolone, have their origins in Palermo, Sicily.
    2. Some shops allow customers to buy cannoli in the size of a birthday cake, which comes in a giant tube.
    3. They can be found in the sweet and savoury sections of the menus at many Italian restaurants in Melbourne.
    4. If you'd rather not make your own cannoli, though, these are some of the greatest places to buy them in Melbourne.
    5. To make cannoli, a dessert with its origins on the Italian island of Sicily, sweet pastry dough is rolled out, formed into a hollow cylinder, and then fried.
    6. Yummy Cannoli From Melbourne
    7. You can discover some of the best cannoli in the world in Melbourne.
    8. The Cavallaro family has been making traditional Sicilian pastries for nearly fifty years now.
    9. The bakery's cannoli have always been a best-seller.
    10. Tony and Carmen Tomasso, who take after their father in every way (including having to be there six days a week), are the current managers and owners.
    11. Dough made with the Cavallaro family's guarded recipe is the foundation of any delicious cannoli.
    12. Up to 13 family members over three generations work together in the small kitchen at the back of the business during the peak shopping season just before Christmas.
    13. After years of neglect, the historic King & Godfree building at the corner of Again only and Faraday streets in Carlton was renovated beginning in 2015.
    14. But in December of 2018, it expanded to include not one but three new businesses: a deli and a grocery store, as well as a coffee shop named King & Article will describe.
    15. When we were little, every Sunday dinner included a box of Neapolitan candies from our grandfather.
    16. Non-Sicilian flavours, such as Oreos, Nutella, and Ferrero Rochers, can be found among the expected chocolate and vanilla custard.
    17. The menu features a few different kinds of pizza and a few different kinds of Sicilian pastries, such as almond pastries and cassata siciliane, a cake made of layers of sponge cake, sweet ricotta, and candied fruit.
    18. In a residential area, the Cannoli Bar is housed in a former milk bar on Riviera Road.
    19. Over the speakers, you may hear music from a number of different musicians, such as Gianni Morandi, Rino Gaetano, and Frank Sinatra.
    20. The shop's rustic aesthetic was influenced by nonno's old garage.
    21. Sandwich Shop Named After Rocco
    22. If you're feeling hungry, it's either not worth it or a smart idea to stop by Rocco's Deli.
    23. After snacking on one of their freshly cooked paninis, try one of their wonderful cannoli filled with custard or ricotta.
    24. Besides individual desserts, Zero Gradi also offers a selection of pastries, smoothies, coffee, and shared desserts.
    25. The longstanding business on Sydney Road known as Mediterranean Wholesalers.
    26. In a pleasant twist, the bakery's aesthetics don't overshadow the quality of the bread, which is among the best in Melbourne.
    27. Baking takes so long because of the great demand that you can sometimes obtain a freshly made, still-warm loaf in the middle of the day to enjoy with your coffee and raspberry frangipane dessert. This is in addition to the orders from Melbourne's finest restaurants.
    28. The opening of these permanent quarters with restaurateur Dario Di Clerico, however, changed all of that.
    29. Ricotta is the first thing that gets made at the Personal visit cheese factory every morning; later, it gets combined with other flavours and textures and stuffed into cannoli.
    30. In addition to cheese, That's Amore now has a Cannoleria where they serve some of the best cannoli in Melbourne.
    31. Homemade ricotta is the main ingredient in this filling.
    32. Besides their storefront in Thomastown, you can also find them at the South Victoria Market, Pinnacles Shopping Centre, and the Queen Mother Night Market.
    33. Since 1965, Trivelli has been serving up sweet treats to the residents of Coburg in the form of cakes and cannoli.
    34. There is a wide range of cannoli flavours available, some of which are more unusual than others.
    35. In 2017, they began producing gluten-free cannoli in a vintage RV they named Ivana.
    36. They started making cannoli for markets, festivals, and other occasions well before opening their first store in Preston this past December.
    37. After 20 years as a chef (during which time he has worked at such illustrious establishments as Melbourne Hotel's Choose as Florentino and The North, among many others), he is ready to retire.
    38. Coeliac Australia has given its stamp of approval to Eat Cannoli, which features both classic and innovative flavour combinations.
    39. The seasonal menu at Eat Cannoli is excellent, featuring both classic dishes and inventive takes on customer favourites.
    40. Their cannoli have also been tested and approved by the Coeliac Society, making them suitable for those with gluten intolerance.
    41. You may have Eat Cannoli cater your next event and have them make special flavours for you.
    42. It's no longer just about the cannoli at Eat Cannoli; they've expanded their menu to include delicious savoury options like meatball paninis and more.
    43. Mister Bianco's menu includes an informative history of Sicily and its cuisine.
    44. Even while pasta and braised dishes are among the most well-known dishes associated with the region, German influences can be found in the cooking as well.
    45. It's because for a short time in history, Mussolini handed over control of Sicily to Germany, turning the island into a fortress.
    46. He takes special care to maintain authentic flavours when preparing dishes from his parents' homeland.
    47. As a result of its explosive growth, the structure is now a confusing maze of rooms and passageways.
    48. Both the service and the portions at this cosy eatery are rather enough.
    49. When dining with friends or family in southern Italy, it's customary to pass small plates around the table and graze on various dishes.
    50. A staple of southern Italian cuisine are the "to pick" appetisers known as stuzzichini.
    51. The owner worked at a bakery since he was a little boy.
    52. With so many generations of bakers in the family, it was hard to say no.
    53. Alessio and his father Armando are now peddling their most treasured family recipes in Melbourne's far north-west suburbs.
    54. Impasto Forno Antico is revered by one of Melbourne's largest Italian communities.
    55. After owning bakeries in the Milleara Shopping Complex in Hunting Park and the Dinah Parade in East Keilor, the Villanis were already well-known in the neighbourhood for their genuine Italian bread when they arrived.
    56. Italian bread with a crusty surface and airy interior, ciabatta, is a speciality of the Villanis.
    57. Since its 2014 debut, the space has welcomed the addition of both a cafe and a gelateria.
    58. The prosciutto cheese panini and the pesto rice bowl with fruit, pesto, pine nuts, and parmesan, respectively, are two of the most popular items on the menu.
    59. Traditional oven-baked Italian dishes like pasta al italiano and veal parmigiana have been passed down through the generations.

    FAQs About Cannoli In Melbourne

    Having 2-3 people on cannoli duty helps keep the process moving along, with one person rolling and cutting, one person dusting, egging, and placing onto metal tubes, and one person frying the shells and removing shells from tubes for re-use. If you have 8 tubes on hand, the process will go well.

    Other variations include using small chocolate chips, maraschino cherries, or dipping the ends of cannoli in chopped pistachios. Orange zest, lime zest, or chopped candied citron can be used in place of the lemon zest. Aluminum foil can be used to keep food moist, cook it evenly, and make clean-up easier.

    They should take about 45-60 seconds in all and should be visibly golden brown (keep cooking a little longer if they aren't) and the dough will bubble and blister. Carefully take each one out of the oil using the tongs and shake the cannoli off the mould very carefully onto kitchen paper.

    Your cannoli can have a room temperature or cold filling but they will not generally be served warm. Cannoli that are filled should be served within an hour to prevent the shell from losing its crispness.

    The traditional cannoli originated in the Sicilian city of Palermo. It is believed that the cannoli's filling originated with the Saracens, an ancient Arabic peoples, when they brought sugar cane to region. Cannoli were once referred to by the Sicilians as Cappeli de Turchi, or Turkish hats.

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