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Where To Find The Best Mexican Restaurant In Melbourne?

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    Regional specialities and varied meals from all throughout Mexico have won the stomachs and hearts of foodies everywhere. The romanticism of Mexican cuisine is unrivalled, from the tender meat in slow-cooked tacos to the bright, balancing flavours of pico de gallo.

    Relax with a cold one (not that one) because we've compiled a list of the greatest Mexican eateries in Melbourne. Something about eating Mexican food makes you feel like you've been whisked away. The smokiness, crispness, lime, avocado, heat, and coriander all play a role. In a nutshell, it means absolutely everything.


    mamasita melbourne

    It's no surprise that one of Melbourne's first taquerias, Mamasita, is still serving up delicious Mexican food. The rockling ceviche with aj panca, pomelo, river mint, and fennel the mushroom tostadas poblano, cotija, and huitlacoche, and the lengua tacos with arbol salsa, braised ox tongue, and crema are all excellent places to start exploring the varied menu. Plus, that's just the start of it.

    You'll find one of Melbourne's first modern Mexican hotspots, Mamasita, at the top of a stairwell that doesn't look like much at first glance. Make these mouthwatering pulled chicken, jalapeno cream, and black bean puree tostadas to wow even the pickiest eaters. Equally delicious are tacos made with marinated fish and served with chipotle mayo and pico de gallo. The bar has decent drinks as well. Anybody up for a margarita with cucumber and jalapeo? Friends, there is good news: reservations are now being accepted.

    Hotel Jesus

    hotel jesus melbourne

    A no-frills Mexican bar and restaurant (think blue and white tiles and Coca-Cola signs), it serves hearty food and has a good reputation. Given the limited space, we suggest ordering from the "feed me" menu, which has a chef's choice of the restaurant's most popular meals served family-style.

    Customers of Mamasita now have TWO PLACES to enjoy their favourite dish. The Mexican-themed Hotel Jesus in the Central Business District has a younger sibling in Collingwood. Located smack dab in the heart of Smith Street, this tostaderia is well-known not only for its wide selection of alcoholic beverages, such as tequila, mezcal, cocktails, and sangria on tap, but also for its pig and pineapple tortillas and seafood-stuffed tacos.

    El Sabor By El Cielo

    el sabor by el cielo melbourne

    Located on two floors, this cantina offers some of the best Mexican cuisine in Melbourne. We prefer the El Cielo (local favourites) corn tortillas, especially the chicken sopes (handmade, thick corn tortillas filled with delicious chicken).

    Los Hermanos Mexican Taquería

    los hermanos mexican taquería melbourne

    Los Hermanos is the place to go for genuine Mexican cuisine served late into the night. Slow-cooked leg of lamb served on an open tortilla is the standout dish, known as de barbacoa (if the name seems familiar, it's because it's the origin of the phrase "barbeque").
    Now, with inexpensive tailor-made pants, $5 tacos are luring people to Brunswick. At Los Hermanos, you may eat till you burst for only $5, and you can choose from seven different taco fillings (including lamb, chicken, zucchini and green beans, potato, and eggs infused with Jalapeo). (You'll have enough of cash left over to buy tequila).

    Los Hermanos throws the best Mexican celebrations in town. It's the sort of spot where you can keep the party going or grab some late-night tacos. There's no way to go wrong if you and your friends split a few dishes and a few beverages. It's one of the top Mexican restaurants in Melbourne and offers everything you'd expect from a genuine Taqueria.

    Hello Jose

    hello jose melbourne

    Sure, why not. It's a compact menu, but it does the job admirably, guiding you cheerfully through the world of tacos (mainly meat ones). Flavors that are sharp, clean, and energising, and go swimmingly with any of the available tequilas.

    Hello José has set up shop on the outskirts of the fresh produce and One Direction memorabilia haven that is Queen Vic Market, bringing with it more than just knockoff ugg boots and hot jam doughnuts. Although the menu is rather small, the flavours will have you throwing away your Old El Paso soft taco kits before the day is over.

    Si Senor Art Taqueria

    si senor taqueria melbourne

    Si Senor's motto is "Eat, Drink, Love Taco," and we couldn't agree more. This eccentric taqueria not only serves up some of the finest Mexican cuisine in town, but it also boasts one of the liveliest courtyards in the area. Feast on tacos and chunky guacamole while drinking margaritas or tequila, and you've got yourself a fiesta.

    Jalisco Mexican

    jalisco mexican melbourne

    It was in the Mexican state of Jalisco that tequila was first produced. We may assume that this vibrant eatery stocks well over a hundred bottles of the finest vintages. The tiger prawn taco and stuffed jalapeos with chipotle mayo are two of our favourite dishes, and they perfectly complement the restaurant's lively atmosphere.

    Little Hop

    little hop melbourne

    The red storefront of Little Hop, a popular taco shop in the Fitzroy neighbourhood, is a constant hub of activity. You'll be elbow to elbow with other customers while you chow down on their legendary fish tacos and sip on your craft cocktail in the restaurant's compact, softly lit interior with candle lighting. There is an excellent selection of craft beers available both on tap and in cans.


    taquito melbourne

    Although it was slow to get started, Taquito is now widely recognised as serving some of the finest Mexican cuisine outside of the city proper. You can trust that Mexican-born owner Alec Villarreal and New Zealand-born chef Paul Clarke, who is enamoured with Mexican food, will take you on an authentic culinary trip across Mexico City and beyond.

    Bodega Underground

    People that have worked in the hospitality industry at Royal Saxon and Hawker Hall are behind Bodega Underground, so you know you're in good hands. Enjoy the best of Mexico's (and the booziest parts of Mexico's) culture in Bodega's hip underground setting with a plate of tacos and a glass of tequila. Additionally, their tacos at 3 a.m. are unrivalled.

    How about a little piece of Mexico City in a basement on the outskirts of Chinatown? Dimly lighted but lively with chatter and Mexi-kitsch furnishings, Bodega Underground is all about having a good time. Check out the enormous agave bible and the cheap drinks during happy hour. From all-you-can-eat brunch to midnight munchies, everything on the menu is gluten-free (until 1 am). On special request, we can make several of our recipes vegan, too.

    South Of The Wall

    One of the best 2017 debuts still stands out to us. We fell in love with South of the Wall because of their extensive margarita menu (ten different margaritas, baby!) and the Donald Trump painting in the restaurant's bright patio in the back. Fantastic place to hold company events after hours (tequila shots optional) and on languid Saturday afternoons. There is an air of Tikki about the furnishings. Strange, but it does the job. Try the kingfish ceviche, a recommendation from the pros.

    Bodriggy & Co

    bodriggy & co melbourne

    If you're looking for a Mexican restaurant in Melbourne with a more substantial and "sophisticated" menu than the average, then go no further than Bodriggy & Co. So, if the word "tacos" makes you roll your eyes when you see it on the menu at your typical bar, you won't find it here. Ceviche, if you're feeling nice, cauliflower steak, and if you're really hungry, some luscious beef short rib. Tacos are also available. Furthermore, they're fantastic.

    Radio Mexico

    One of the best things about the St. Kilda restaurant scene is how it combines street food and high-end cuisine. Radio Mexico has everything you might want from a contemporary Mexican restaurant, including a menu full of authentic, flavorful meals like chipotle tamarind spanner crab, pork ribs, and potato, chorizo quesadillas and corn. Miniature tacos with a crunchy cheese crust and tender pork inside deserve a shout-out, too.

    La Tortilleria

    la tortilleria melbourne

    And trust us when we say that La Tortilleria's tortillas are the best in Australia since they are the only ones made from scratch using a stone grinder. Possibly the best kept secret in all of Western Europe is this tiny boutique eatery, which can be found in a residential cul-de-sac in the fashionable Kensington neighbourhood. Tacos (made with homemade tortillas) are $4.50 per on Tuesdays ($6.50 for fish tacos), and they have a special taco night every Monday.

    Trippy Taco

    Trippy Taco, Melbourne's only vegetarian Mexican restaurant, is tucked away on Gertrude Street. Trippy is the place to be for hipsters drinking craft beer late into the night, but don't let that stop you from stopping by for a late brunch or a late night meal. If you don't think it's great, we challenge you to go there, order a jug of sangria, a huge plate of nachos, a burrito, and some sick beats, and then come back and tell me you don't like it.

    Village Cantina

    village cantina melbourne

    The Village Cantina in Yarraville is a strong contender for the title of greatest Mexican restaurant in Melbourne, as it serves some of the city's most delicious and reasonably priced Mexican cuisine. You should definitely check out this vibrant diner as soon as possible because of the great prices on items like tacos and meal combos.

    Tres A Cinco

    Tres a Cinco, just next door to Movida on Melbourne's trendy Hosier Lane, has quickly become a local favourite. During those gloomy times, Sarai Castillo, a Mexican chef, delivered takeout meals reminiscent of her home country. Since they were so well received, she is now in charge of the physical restaurant. Say welcome to her crispy corn tortilla tuna tostadas topped with chipotle aioli, avocado, and fried leeks.

    Saporito Taquito

    When exploring Southbank's alleyways, have you come across Saporito Taquito? It serves delicious traditional Mexican fare and a wide selection of drinks, including exotic brews. Easily prepared dishes like chicken tostadas and fish tacos marinated in beer are on the menu. Accompany the meat with a dish of guacamole spiked with pico de gallo salsa. If you're on a strict vegetarian diet, try the broccoli with cheese, truffle, and nut butter.


    mejico melbourne

    Authentic Mexican cuisine, from breakfast to midnight munchies, sourced directly from local farmers' markets. This Mejico method is what makes this CBD establishment so highly recommended. Flavors and cooking methods from Mexico City and the Yucatán Peninsula served as inspiration. In order to get you started on your journey without leaving your seat, we'll make fresh guacamole right at your table. Margarita cheesecake comes first, followed by the Daylesford beef brisket empanadas.

    El Sabor

    El Sabor, a quaint cantina close to Queen Victoria Market, serves up authentic Mexican food that's been prepared with the freshest ingredients. In particular, we like the sopes. Toppings like chicken, steak, spicy potatoes, and more are served on handmade corn tortillas. Look into the daily lunch specials while you're there. Whatever you order, make sure to save room for the traditional flan. Green Plateau

    Visit the sixth floor of Curtin House for a party on the weekend or a tasty treat any night of the week. Mesa Verde is a hip old-meets-new restaurant that delivers authentic Mexican cuisine with a modern twist. Imagine eating raw oysters topped with a spicy oil and a green apple mignonette. And pickled fennel and onion-chile jam atop crispy lamb ribs. Also, they have one of the largest selections of tequila and mezcal in all of Australia.

    Traditional Mexican fare is served up at the daring and original Mesa Verde, which also boasts one of Australia's largest tequila and mezcal collections. Spicy food lovers can add some of their signature "Hazard sauce" to any dish for an extra kick that will leave even the toughest men in tears. On Fridays and Saturdays, there are live DJs and a lively crowd.


    Although it was slow to get started, Taquito is now widely recognised as serving some of the finest Mexican cuisine outside of the city proper. You can trust that Mexican-born owner Alec Villarreal and New Zealand-born chef Paul Clarke, who is enamoured with Mexican food, will take you on an authentic culinary trip across Mexico City and beyond.


    Amigos, at the end of Hardware Lane nearest Lonsdale Street, is the perfect place to celebrate any event. The restaurant has three floors, each with its own atmosphere and variety of delectable options, such as laneway dining in the open air. Do you plan to stick with tried-and-true corn chips, guacamole, and burritos? Or maybe a fajita with honey mustard chicken, for a little more sophistication? No matter what you order, you'll have food envy.

    Touché Hombre

    touché hombre melbourne

    Touché Hombre has been going strong since 2011 and shows no signs of slowing down; it's all about the fiesta, with a wide variety of communal snacks to share, long tables, and an outstanding selection of tequilas. Tacos, elotes, fried chicken, seasoned corn, ceviche, and many other dishes are available. Therefore, if you're looking for the best Mexican food in Melbourne, Touché Hombre is your best bet.


    Everything about Mexican food is romantic, from the slow-cooked meat in tacos to the fresh flavours of pico de gallo. The unique cuisine and regional specialities of Mexico have captured the hearts and stomachs of foodies worldwide. The new 'Chef's Feed Me' menu at Mamasita has chef-selected dishes from the restaurant's regular menu, delivered in a communal setting. When it comes to Mexican food in Melbourne, few places can compare to El Sabor By El Cielo. Cheap tacos at Los Hermanos in Brunswick will leave you stuffed.

    Flavors that are crisp and fresh while also being energising and suitable for pairing with any of the tequilas on hand. Our go-to orders include the tiger prawn taco and the stuffed jalapeos with chipotle mayo. Everything on the menu, from breakfast buffets to late-night snacks, is safe for gluten-free diners (until 1 am). The margaritas at South of the Wall are some of 2017's most anticipated new drinks. The menu of Bodriggy & Co. is more extensive and upscale than at most other restaurants.

    Made fresh daily with a stone grinder, the tortillas at La Tortilleria are unrivalled in Australia. Hipsters may be found here till the wee hours of the morning sipping on artisan beers, making Trippy Taco the place to be. Among the many excellent Mexican eateries in Melbourne, the Village Cantina in Yarraville is among the best. It didn't take long for Tres a Cinco to become a fan favourite in the neighbourhood. Delicious authentic Mexican cuisine and a broad variety of drinks, including unusual beverages, are available at Saporito Taquito.

    As a trendy old-meets-new eatery, Mesa Verde serves you traditional Mexican fare with a contemporary touch. When it comes to tequila and mezcal, they have one of Australia's best options. El Sabor offers delicious Mexican cuisine made with only the finest ingredients. In Australia, Mesa Verde has one of the widest selections of tequila and mezcal. After launching in 2011, Touché Hombre has been consistently successful. On each of Amigos' three stories, diners may enjoy a unique ambience and an array of tasty fare.

    Content Summary

    1. The unique cuisine and regional specialities of Mexico have captured the hearts and stomachs of foodies worldwide.
    2. Tender meat in slow-cooked tacos and the bright, balanced flavours of pico de gallo contribute to Mexican food's unparalleled romance.
    3. Kick back with a cool one (no, not that one) because we've found the best Mexican restaurants in Melbourne.
    4. Mamasita
    5. It's no wonder that Mamasita, one of Melbourne's first taquerias, is still going strong.
    6. Mamasita, Melbourne's first modern Mexican hotspot, is located at the top of a stairwell that doesn't look like much from the street.
    7. Fish tacos with a marinade are also wonderful, especially when topped with chipotle mayo and fresh tomato salsa.
    8. Due to the constraints of the dining area, we recommend selecting an item from the "feed me" menu, which offers the chef's selection of the restaurant's most popular dishes, served family-style.
    9. Collingwood is home to a younger version of the Mexican-themed Hotel Jesus seen in the CBD.
    10. I recommend ordering something off the "Chef's Feed Me" menu.
    11. "El Sabor" With help from the heavens This two-story cantina serves excellent Mexican food and has a solid reputation in Melbourne.
    12. Taqueria Los Hermanos
    13. The authentic Mexican food served late into the night at Los Hermanos is worth the trip.
    14. It's a tiny menu, but it does the job brilliantly, bringing you cheerfully through the world of tacos (primarily meat ones) (mainly meat ones).
    15. Hello Jose has opened a shop on the edges of Queen Vic Market, a haven for fresh fruit and One Direction paraphernalia, and he's offering more than just fake uggs and jam doughnuts.
    16. Though the menu is limited, the flavour will have you ditching your Old El Paso soft taco kits before the day is through.
    17. Jalisco is a state in Mexico.
    18. Tequila was first made in the Mexican state of Jalisco.
    19. Short Leap Little Hop, a well-loved taco eatery in the Fitzroy area, is a bustling business with a bright red facade.
    20. The tap beer and canned beer selections are both very good.
    21. Though it took some time for Taquito to get off the ground, it is now widely acknowledged as delivering some of the best Mexican food outside of the city proper.
    22. Trust that owner Alec Villarreal, who was born in Mexico, and chef Paul Clarke, who was born in New Zealand but has fallen in love with Mexican food, will take you on a genuine gastronomic journey across Mexico City and beyond.
    23. In the cool underground atmosphere of Bodega, you can experience the finest of Mexican culture while drinking tequila and eating tacos.
    24. Bodega Underground is a fun hangout spot with low lighting, plenty of people, and a lot of Mexican kitsch.
    25. Everything on the menu, from breakfast buffets to late-night snacks, is safe for gluten-free diners (until 1 am).
    26. Below the Line What we think is one of the best new releases of 2017 is still unforgettable.
    27. Because of their enormous margarita menu (ten kinds of margaritas, baby! ), we fell in love with South of the Wall.
    28. The furniture has a Tikki feel to it.
    29. Look no further than Bodriggy & Co. if you're in search of a Mexican restaurant in Melbourne with a more comprehensive and "refined" cuisine than the norm. So, if the mere mention of the term "tacos" makes you roll your eyes at the menu at your normal bar, you can be assured that you won't find it here.
    30. FM Mexico Radio St. Kilda's restaurants are known for their innovative fusion of high-end and street food.
    31. The Tripping Taco On quiet Gertrude Street, you'll find Trippy Taco, Melbourne's only vegetarian Mexican restaurant.
    32. If you're looking for the best Mexican food in Melbourne at a reasonable price, you should definitely check out the Village Cantina in Yarraville.
    33. Certainly, Your Honest Taqueria According to Si Senor, their motto is "Eat, Drink, Love Taco," and we couldn't agree more.
    34. Some of the best Mexican food in town can be found at this quirky taqueria, which also features a lively patio.
    35. Next door to the popular Movida on Melbourne's hip Hosier Lane is the equally popular Tres a Cinco.
    36. During those dark days, Mexican chef Sarai Castillo sent out takeout meals that were reminiscent of her native country.
    37. Excellent authentic Mexican cuisine and a variety of beverages, including rare and unusual beers, are on offer.
    38. We provide traditional Mexican dishes from breakfast to late night snacks, all prepared using ingredients purchased at area farmers' markets.
    39. The cuisine was inspired by the flavours and techniques of Mexico City and the Yucatán Peninsula.
    40. "El Sabor" El Sabor is a cosy cantina near Queen Victoria Market that provides delicious, freshly made Mexican meals.
    41. Mountainous Area of Greenery You may have a good time any night of the week or on the weekend on the sixth floor of Curtin House.
    42. As a trendy old-meets-new eatery, Mesa Verde serves you traditional Mexican fare with a contemporary touch.
    43. They also feature one of Australia's best tequila and mezcal choices.
    44. Mesa Verde is a bold and creative Mexican restaurant in Australia with one of the country's largest tequila and mezcal collections to complement its authentic Mexican cooking.
    45. Amigos Amigos, located at the very end of Hardware Lane, closest to Lonsdale Street, is an excellent venue for any kind of party.
    46. That's What I Call a Man Slap
    47. Touché Hombre has been thriving since its 2011 inception, and it shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. The restaurant is all about the party, with plenty of appetisers for everyone to enjoy, long tables, and an excellent collection of tequilas.
    48. There are a wide variety of foods to choose from, including tacos, elotes, fried chicken, seasoned corn, and ceviche.
    49. Therefore, Touché Hombre is your best chance for authentic Mexican cuisine in Melbourne.

    FAQs About Mexican Food

    • There aren't any corn tortillas.
    • The corn tortillas aren't gluten-free.
    • There's only one option for salsa, and it's very bland. 
    • You don't spot any cilantro. 
    • You can get your taco in non-taco forms.
    • Chips and queso is a menu option. 
    • The most popular dish is fajitas.

    Because you are not going to the right Mexican restaurant, Mexican food is diverse and full of rich flavours. Food from the Southern states is rich in sauce and spices, the food from the north is different; what it lacks makes up the flavour.

    And indeed – Mexican food popularity has soared in the early 2010s in Australia, according to Google data, and is now one of the most popular ethnic foods here. 

    Any utensil set out before you must wash a diner, whether used or not. So restaurants won't set things out unless they are expected to be used.

    The staff hand prepares freshly grilled chicken into a fairly authentic selection of dishes, including tacos, quesadillas, and Sinaloan-style chicken dinners.

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