where are the best outdoor cinemas in melbourne

Where Are The Best Outdoor Cinemas In Melbourne?

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    During the warmer months, Edinburgh's long days and pleasant nights make for the ideal setting for an outdoor theatre. That's why there are so many in Melbourne. Our city has many great places to watch a movie outdoors, including classic 1950s-style drive-ins and outdoor rooftop theatres in various suburbs.

    A trip to one of Melbourne's top outdoor theatres is unlike any other way to spend a warm summer night in the city. Enjoy the outdoors while being engrossed in the action on the big screen. Take in the beautiful scenery as you breathe in fresh air and watch the stars twinkle above. Are a nutshell, these temporary movie theatres in Melbourne offer an ideal romantic date evening, whether alone, with friends, or the whole family.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Tip: Unless you've found out any of this info first, you will need a camping chair, a coat (when the sun goes down, it gets COLD), a torch, a blanket, a picnic, as mentioned above, waterproofs and an umbrella. As I said, some companies will provide limited chairs and even bean bags to get comfy on.

    Whether onboard a boat or at a local park, Outdoor Cinema is a fun and innovative way to spend time with friends.

    A drive-in theatre or drive-in cinema is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand, and a large parking area for automobiles.

    Add a few blankets to keep everyone nice and toasty during the movie. The temperatures require only a light jacket, where you'll need a snowsuit to stay warm, you'll likely need to add some heat to your yard. One great way to do so is with an outdoor fireplace.

    You are welcome to dress as casually or as smartly as you like. However, the theatre is entirely outdoors, so please remember to come prepared for all types of weather, including sun cream, waterproofs and jumpers. We do sell picnic blankets and shawls.

    Sunset Cinema

    sunset cinema

    Sunset Cinema is Melbourne Central Business District's (CBD) most enchanted and top-notch outdoor movie theatre. Relax as the sun goes down and enjoy the latest blockbuster on a giant screen in a park. Reserve a bean lounger, your favourite drink, and a box of popcorn at the grass lounge, and save money if you bring three friends. Grant Burge wine and Young Henrys, along with all the essential movie-watching munchies and onsite meals, are available for your enjoyment.

    Cameo Cinemas

    Cameo Cinemas of the Dandenong Ranges turns their backyard into a lush, cultural haven every summer for the enjoyment of the public. Please close this window cinema in Melbourne displays a wide variety of films, from Hollywood hits to indie flicks, to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Relax on a deck chair or beanbag and snack on Sassafras candies and homemade chocolate topping as you watch the woodland give way to the stars. Put on your earbuds and the massive 14m widescreen will make you feel like you're there in the middle of the action.

    In the summer, Belgrave's Cameo Cinemas opens up an outdoor theatre in the lush woodlands of the Dandenong Ranges, screening everything from blockbuster hits to independent features. Outdoor moviegoers can arrive an hour before showtime to enjoy the beautiful scenery and purchase snacks like Sassafras Sweet Co. candy and homemade chocolate topping. Dogs are welcome too, but please pick up after them.

    Puffing Billy is the first thing that usually comes to mind when we think about Belgrave. Even so, the outdoor Cameo Cinemas theatre at the Dandenong Range's base brings a touch of nostalgia to moviegoers. Throughout the golf season, you may relax with a drink at the on-site bar while watching classic reruns or the newest movies. However, canine companions are not only allowed, but actively encouraged.

    Rooftop Cinema

    Put in some glistening white drapes in place of those dark black ones Melbourne skyline as the backdrop to your cinema with Rooftop Cinema.

    No matter the film you choose to watch in this breathtaking location, you can rest assured that you'll be treated to nothing but the most entertaining classics and new releases. You will be in the heart of the action, but high above the commotion thanks to your prime location. Come enjoy the best of Melbourne's urban oasis at this rooftop movie theatre in the central business district.

    There is plenty of room for people to spread out on the plush director's chairs at this rooftop theatre in south Melbourne. The Classic Rooftop is closed for repairs at the moment, but it will reopen on November 11 with such a 12.07 showing of No Time to Die, Daniel Craig's final outing as James Bond. It's still open for afternoon cocktails on the 22nd of every month, so walk up to the rooftop bar in the meanwhile.

    Barkly Square Open Air Cinema

    Barkly Square Courtyard Cinema provides patrons with the same variety as a commercial theatre in the city's heart, as well as the starry skies and relaxing atmosphere of Melbourne's premier outdoor theatre. McDougall Lane comes to life every Saturday night in December and January to show an arthouse or modern film appropriate for the whole family, with snacks and beverages for sale by local businesses. Make-A-Wish, VicDeaf, and are just few of the organisations that will benefit from the sale of these items Melbourne City Mission.

    Moonlight Cinema

    Australia's Summers wouldn't be the same without the Moonlight Cinema. Get your favourite bottle of Rosé and your picnic blanket ready, because Melbourne is hosting a very magical pop-up cinema. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more atmospheric environment to watch the latest and greatest flicks than the Central Lawns of Melbourne Gardens.

    When the sun goes down and the Botanic Gardens cool down, there's nothing like watching a movie there. On a warm summer evening, gather your loved ones for a movie and a picnic, or choose one of the street food provide the fare. The start of the 2021 season of Moonlight Cinema has not been officially confirmed, however it is likely to occur in December.

    For the past quarter-century, every summer on the central lawn of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Moonlight Cinemas has been the place to be. Bring a blanket and some snacks for a picnic and a movie on a warm summer night. Gold Turf is for you if you're looking for something with a little more opulence. Bean bed service and free ice-cream from the Gourmet Lounge are on the house. Moonlight Cinemas is going to be showing all of your favourite romantic comedies and cult classics, so be on the lookout.

    Openair Cinemas

    Take a stroll down St. Kilda's picture-perfect shoreline and then settle in at the American Express Story “ Cinema. This classic Summer event has a live band, sunset cocktails, delicious food, and, of course, award-winning films. If you want to wow your date, take them to Melbourne's most popular and highly outdoor cinema.

    Lido Cinemas

    lido cinemas

    Rooftop bars are some of the most popular gathering points for the warm summer months. But we're taking things to the next level with Lido Cinemas, Melbourne's premier rooftop movie theatre. Enjoy the city's scenery and the fresh air while watching a fiery lineup of recent hits and all-time favourites. New tearjerker "A Star Is Born" can be followed by old favourites like "Kindergarten Cop" and "Die Hard" for a good laugh the next day. Go see the movie on their terrace Melbourne session times to see your prefered film before they are all taken up.

    Lido on the Roof is an all-year outdoor cinema where you can watch the latest releases. It has been running successfully for some years, and the independent film scene seems to be here to stay. The rooftop bar and screen are the crown jewels of the movie complex, which also features a jazz lounge and intimate inside theatres. For the sake of argument, let's assume the weather play up—this is Melbourne after all, they'll transfer your tickets to another show, so there's no need to worry about missing out. You can grab a drink and close the gap with your pals at the bar an hour before filming sessions begin.

    Barefoot Cinema

    Barefoot Cinema is a pop-up theatre in Melbourne, so if you need any excuse to visit the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, you have it. Find everything the Summer fun you've been looking for here, from lawn games and food trucks to air mattresses and picnic blankets, with breathtaking scenery and clear, starry nights. This isn't just another outdoor movie; rather, it's a full afternoon of fun in the great outdoors, perfect for a couple, a group of friends, or the whole family.

    Barefoot Cinema is returning in Victoria after a two-year absence, giving moviegoers a chance to see films in scenic outdoor settings. Mount Martha, St. Kilda, and Site of the former Park are just a few of the amazing places the movies will be shown at this year.

    The Barefoot Cinema, located in the scenic Mount Martha mostly on Mornington Peninsula, screens both current titles and classics on their large outdoor screen. It's the perfect place to catch the latest Bond film, No Time to Die, or the amusing Don't Look Up while taking in the summer sunset. But there's good news for city dwellers, even though barefoot living is currently only possible in Mount Martha. St. Kilda will have a Barefoot Cinema in February, and Werribee will have one in late March.

    Village Cinemas Coburg Drive-In

    The Coburg Drive-In has a massive 33-meter widescreen, perfect for watching the latest blockbusters with a car full of friends. You may enjoy the best and most traditional outdoor cinema in Melbourne by tuning in the sound through our car's FM stereo broadcast.

    Dromana Drive-In

    With five huge screens and fixed each evening at home, the Dromana Drive-In has to have a flick to suit every flavours. Enjoy your favourite shakes, burgers, and fries before the movie at the one-of-a-kind Shel's Diner, decorated like a classic American diner from the 1950s replete with back-seat benches, a jukebox, marble herringbone tiled, movie memorabilia, and more. Only three drive-in theatres remain in the state of Victoria, but Dromana Drive-In was originally one of 60.

    Need some beachy ambience with that movie? Since 1962, the four screens of the Dromana drive-in have been showing movies to patrons. You may now eat at the in-house diner while watching both cult classics and the latest blockbusters.

    Opened in 1962, Dromana Drive-In has seen over a million customers. The staff there knows what they're doing when it comes to the silver screen. The movies still have that nostalgic feel, reminiscent of films like Grease, though possibly with fewer biker jackets and far more eco-friendly cars these days. The price of a movie ticket is $45 per carload, whether or not all seats are occupied. The old-school diner will bring your order out to your vehicle.

    Lunar Drive-In

    lunar drive in

    The longest drive-in theatre in Australia, the Lunar Drive-in Opera Dandenong, is open every day of the year. See a movie on one of these four screens while munching on an Aussie burger from the Lunar Cafe for just $30 per carload. For more than 60 years, Lunar Drive-In has been providing Melbourne with the greatest in outdoor film entertainment.

    In 1956, Dandenong, Australia was home to Australia's largest drive-in theatre, the Lunar. Besides showing movies every day, the Lunar Café also serves takeout every weeknight before and after the showings. The award-winning chef is said to provide the greatest burgers with hot jam doughnuts at the theatre.

    Qv Cinema

    At QV Cinema, you can see anything from cult classics to the latest blockbusters to special screenings based on a variety of themes. In-person acts, special guests, and unexpected events bars and doggie dress-up nights, A fantastic night of entertainment awaits you. Melbourne's best outdoor movie screening is happening right in the heart of the city.

    Palace Cinemas

    palace cinemas

    When night falls, the screen atop Westgarth Outdoors Cinema illuminates with the stars. Behind their theatre is a stunning courtyard, perfect for an outdoor pop-up cinema showing the latest blockbusters in Melbourne. So kick back with a fizzy spritz or a premium beer and use their high-definition headphones for a unique cinematic experience in a 1920s-inspired building.

    Fed Summer Films

    Federation Square

    Relax in a deck chair while watching a film on the outdoor screen. Each year's Epa Summer Films lineup is a veritable who's who of cinematic greats; if you're feeling nostalgic, revisit Godzilla or Jaws. Australian gems such as The Citadel, The Dish, and Muriel's Wedding are shown alongside Hollywood's top films. It's recommended that you look through the entire schedule in order to select a film that suits your tastes rather than relying on Netflix for entertainment.

    Disney+ Drive-In

    Ascot Vale

    A number of outdoor and drive-in theatres can be found in Melbourne, but this is among the most heartfelt. There is no other way to define the partnership between Open Air Cinema and Disney+ but as a match made in heaven. This summer, the Disney+ Drive-In is at the Melbourne Showgrounds showing a lineup of classic films for your enjoyment. Pretty Woman, Ballet Rouge!, The Thought Of wearing Prada, 10 Things I Don't Like About You, and The History Of the place are just a few of the Disney masterpieces on the lineup. It's a drive-in movie theatre with a modern twist: DoorDash delivery of concessions to your car.

    Village Cinemas Coburg Drive-In


    The Coburg Drive-In, operated by Village Cinemas, is a cultural landmark in Melbourne. Enjoy the newest films in the convenience of your own vehicle, and don't worry about missing a thing thanks to the massive 33m screen that lets everyone view the action, even those in the very back row. Send your four-legged friends and order from the United states Village Diner, or have the Coburg Drive-In app bring you all your favourite screen-time munchies without leaving your car.

    Pentridge Open-Air Cinema


    Pentridge Open-Air Cinema is an outdoor theatre located within the ancient bluestone walls of the former jail, which date back to the 1850s. The theatre is a great place to watch your fave classics, thrillers, dramas, and even the unusual family favourite. Reserve your tickets now for an unforgettable evening under the stars in the summer to watch the latest blockbuster flicks and a selection of classics. Get there early to secure a sun lounger and settle in there for your night of solitary confinement, complete with pop-up bar with live music. You may leave at any moment.

    Bourne Local Open-Air Cinema


    The Bourne open-air theatre at Elwood Park has become a summertime tradition for the local community. Watch recent movies like Dune and Spider-Man: The Way Home, as well as classics like Dirty Dancing, on the beach at night on the massive 10-meter screen. This outdoor theatre has a lot going for it, including dog-friendly policies, live entertainment before the movies start, food trucks, and a bar.


    There are numerous fantastic outdoor cinemas in Melbourne, from vintage 1950s-style drive-ins to modern rooftop venues. Breathe in the crisp air and gaze at the twinkling sky. Unwind as night falls and watch a major motion picture on a huge screen in a park. The Dandenong Range's Cameo Theaters offer moviegoers a taste of yesteryear. Restoration work has necessitated the closure of the Classic Rooftop, but it will reopen on November 11.

    There is as much choice for customers at Barkly Square Courtyard Cinema as they would have at any major multiplex. Moonlight Cinemas has been the local hangout for the past 25 years. Despite there being no official word yet, December of 2021 seems like a good bet for the 2021 season's kickoff. If you're seeking for a more upscale moviegoing experience in Melbourne, look no further than Lido, the city's best rooftop cinema. The rooftop movie theatre Lido is open year-round.

    For the first time in two years, Victoria will once again host Barefoot Cinema. The screen of the Coburg Drive-In is 33 metres in width. There will also be temporary movie theatres in St. Kilda and Werribee. Dromana Drive-In, which has been open since 1962, has served more than a million customers. Weeknights, before and after the showings, you can get some takeout at the Lunar Cafe.

    The five massive screens at QV Cinema play everything from cult classics to the biggest blockbusters. In Melbourne, you can catch the newest blockbusters at Westgarth Outdoors, an outdoor pop-up theatre. Enjoy a night at the movies at the Disney+ Drive-In, located in the Melbourne Showgrounds. The roster of directors, actors, and actresses featured in this year's Epa Summer Films is an all-star cast. The Coburg Drive-In, managed by Melbourne institution Village Cinemas, is a beloved part of the city's historical and cultural fabric.

    The historic bluestone walls of the former jail now house Pentridge Open-Air Cinema. Community members now routinely attend summer performances at the Bourne open-air theatre in Elwood Park.

    Content Summary

    • Spending a beautiful summer night at one of Melbourne's top outdoor theatres is an experience you won't find anywhere else.
    • Though it has not been confirmed, the 2021 season of Moonlight Cinema is expected to kick off in the month of December.
    • For the past twenty-five years, the central lawn of the Royal Botanic Gardens has been transformed into a giant outdoor movie theatre for the duration of the summer thanks to Moonlight Cinemas.
    • On a warm summer night, grab a picnic blanket, some snacks, and head outside to watch a movie under the stars.
    • The latest movies are shown outside all year at Lido on the Roof.
    • After a two-year hiatus, Victoria will once again host Barefoot Cinema, allowing viewers the option to enjoy films in picturesque outdoor locations.
    • This year's film festivals will take place in some truly spectacular locations, including Mount Martha, St. Kilda, and the site of the old Park.
    • The Dromana drive-in theatre has been presenting films to customers continuously since 1962.
    • Dromana Drive-In, which has been open since 1962, has served more than a million customers.
    • There is always a terrific selection of classic movies to watch at Epa Summer Films; if you're in the mood, you can always watch Godzilla or Jaws again.
    • Disney+ Drive-In is set up at the Melbourne Showgrounds this summer, showing a variety of classic films for your viewing pleasure.
    • Drive-In Theater in the Heart of Coburg Village
    • Village Cinemas' Coburg Drive-In is an iconic Melbourne landmarks
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