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Where To Find The Best Doughnuts Shop In Melbourne?

The pure excitement of pushing through the lines of people to get your hands on a batch of hot, fresh doughnuts. Since their humble beginnings, those simple cinnamon buns have undergone rapid speciation, with Melburnians being able to acquire variants that are glazed, filled, and even cross-bred with croissants.

Whatever you call them, we're going to a dozen scrumptious haunts that will blow your mind and satisfy your doughnut desires. No longer do we fly home from Sydney Airport with a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts on our laps; those days are long gone. Rings may be purchased daily from a wide variety of excellent doughnut businesses in Melbourne. You can find them yeasted or cakey, glazed or filled, in Melbourne. These are some of our favourites.

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    Short Stop Donut and Coffee

    Anthony Ivey (formerly of Market Lane) and Sinye Ooi travelled to the United States and Canada to further their education before creating this quaint little shop in a back alley. The results of their studies ultimately benefit us. Although compact in size, Short Stop Coffee & Donuts' exquisite environment of white tiles, blond wood, and navy blue packaging belies its depth of experience and expertise. Doughnuts come in some really unique flavours, such as sticky date and dark chocolate, gingerbread, and mandarin, and quince and mulled wine. The iconic Rose and Earl Grey cake is very stunning, with bits of Earl Grey tea leaves baked into the batter and a light, aromatic rosewater icing. The herbal and floral notes of this doughnut's cakey interior will stay with you long after you've finished eating. In addition to their original doughnut, their peanut butter and milk chocolate variety is an unbeatable combination.

    Shortstop Coffee and Donuts is a mainstay of the laneway and a great spot for a quick pick-me-up. They offer cake, raised, and cruller doughnuts. Put in an order for a rose doughnut, an Earl Grey, a rose coffee, and a traditional vanilla bean. You may avoid disappointment by placing an advance order, and they deliver within a 20-kilometer radius of their business. Obviously, no one would pass up a cruller flavoured with honey and sea salt.

    Tucked down in the alleys behind Lonsdale and Elizabeth is a sleek doughnut business. Anthony Ivey and Sinye Ooi, the brains behind Short Stop, spent a year travelling around the United States to perfect their doughnut recipe. The outcome is dough that's light as air and loaded with flavorful toppings. In addition to the superb organic honey and milk crullers, look out for seasonal offerings like Earl Grey, Red Velvet, and maple walnut with burned brown butter.

    The Original Doughnut Shop of the USA

    the american doughnut kitchen melbourne

    Simply sampling one of their hot jam happiness bombs will demonstrate why customers have been willing to wait in line for them for decades. Since the 1950s, this family business has been serving the community with its famous doughnuts. On many Saturday mornings at the market, you may see a line of doughnut fans forming outside the van's white and blue windows. Inside, workers are busy slicing dough, tossing it into the fryer on a frisbee, and sprinkling it with sugar according to a recipe that has not altered in over seven decades. The heat factor makes these doughnuts exceptional; the short time between when they are fried and when you eat them makes them both crisp and hot on the outside and pillowy and soft on the inside. Then there's the jolting realisation that you might get red jam all over your business clothes. Authentic classics best describe the items made and sold at the American Donut Kitchen. Our hope is that they will continue to elevate the Vic Market for many years to come.

    Candied Bakery

    You're in for a treat if you make it over to the west side. Time Out Melbourne's 2017 People's Choice award for Best Bakery went to Candied Bakery, a uniquely Australian establishment that blends European and American baking styles (expect glories such as Philly cheesesteak rolls soft-serve ice cream). Never before have doughnuts of such multicultural splendour been the result of combining American expertise with European dough techniques. The vanilla slice and the salted caramel crumble, among other key subgenres, are all covered with assurance. Their raspberry pavlova is akin to a rich, cream-filled doughnut covered in a pink berry-colored frosting and topped with shattered meringue shards. It's an offbeat concoction that displays expertise and originality in its careful balancing of sweet meringue and sour raspberry. After finishing your meal, wash it down with an apple pie shake (which is essentially a meal in itself) and then head home for a nap. This is the stuff that dreams are built of.

    Dunkin' All Day

    The inventor of the Taco Truck and Beatbox Kitchen, Raph Rashid, turned his culinary wizardry to doughnuts and found instant success with All Day Doughnuts. timber panelling, brown-brick walls, and laminex tables give the restaurant an instant 1970s suburban feel and are shared space with the fried chicken and Mexican restaurant Juanita Peaches. However, the doughnuts are thoroughly modern. For maximum freshness, these are produced twice day (even the sprinkles). The original buttermilk glaze, Iced Vo Vo, and lemon poppyseed doughnuts are all the better for this level of care and attention. And now, for the big, magnificent, crowd-pleasing finale: the strawberry cheesecake doughnut. The cream cheese inside is thick and creamy, and the strawberry frosting has a surprisingly natural flavour. The Don Homer, named after Simpson's favourite do(h!)nut, is a beautiful, bright pink tribute to Simpson's do(h!)nut of preference.

    The Works of Baker D. Chirico

    Some of the hottest hot cross buns, the nicest bread, and the tastiest beef ragù pies you'll ever taste. In the world of artisan baking, Daniel Chirico is without peer. His bomboloni are out of this world; they're sophisticated little balls, deep-fried to a golden crisp and dusted with granulated sugar that has a hint of citrous flavour to it. Those fillings, though! With just one bite, your tongue will be flooded with velvety custard flecked with vanilla bean seeds. An accomplished doughnut like this one costs $4.20, which is pennies compared to the price of admission to heaven. Look greedily at the quiche, mushroom brioche, and loaves of delicious bread on the counter of the pretty Carlton shop as you admire the checkerboard marble floor, pressed metal ceilings, and undulating wooden shelving. They also have locations in South Yarra and St. Kilda.

    It's well knowledge that Baker D. Chirico is a local hero in Melbourne. Their bomboloni are like a doughnut but with a different flavour. These large, spherical pastries are filled with vanilla custard that has been flecked with citrous zest. They're sprinkled with sugar and topped with lemon zest curls. Enjoy over the weekend with your favourite coffee. We are now offering takeout.

    Daniel's Donuts

    daniel's donuts melbourne

    Is there any other treat that more people can enjoy equally than a doughnut? Doughnuts for the people, by the people: that's what Daniel's is. It's cheap (six for $19) and open all night, and they do everything from the traditional (jam and glazed) to the cutting edge (Tiramisu, Nutella M&M, and the "Snickers Podnut," which has a full Snickers inside). All of Daniel's inventions are really feelgood, but the old-school jam-and-cream doughnut is the clear winner after considerable testing (and retesting). Light and sugared, it is split in half vertically to reveal a deep well that can accommodate the lightest cloud of cream and a dollop of strawberry jam. It's sweet, to be sure, but it's never cloying. And here's a doughnut care tip from Daniel's staff: keep the box lid slightly ajar so the cream doesn't dry out. When the line is out the door, knowing that the environment is clean and the service is quick and efficient is a huge relief.

    "Eat, sleep, Daniel's, repeat" is written in bright pink neon. Definitely a motto we can get behind. More than 40 outlandish tastes are available. Yes, there are vegan and gluten-free alternatives available. Most people want to eat like the Kiwis, thus fresh cream and jam are a staple. It's split in half horizontally and filled with that delicious filling and a dollop of jam is piped into the centre. Use Uber Eats for quick and easy delivery.


    Doughboys had its humble beginnings in Walter McKenzie's mother's laundry in 2013. Doughnuts made by McKenzie and her partner, Brook James, and sold at markets and pop-ups to widespread acclaim were born in this kitchen. Workplace celebrations occurred last year when Doughboys finally settled into its new digs at the Bourke Street end of the CBD. It was a sugar-lanche in ultra-chic European surroundings, with its curving timber counter, black-and-white tiled floor, glass cabinets and pendant lights. The daily flavours range from coconut pandan to Pia Colada and pumpkin pie, with some featuring unusual fusions of Asian ingredients like strawberry and miso. French toast doughnuts are soft rings with a hint of yeasty flavour and a crumble of cinnamon-flavored, sugar-coated pastry. It's irresistible and energising, and it goes down far too easily with a cup of Small Batch (roasters) coffee.

    Every lockdown-weary Melburnian needs a quick hit, and Doughboys Doughnuts on Bourke Street provides just that. They will deliver a six-pack of their legendary elevated doughnuts, glazed with rich fillings including Boston cream, lemon meringue, and long maple john. Eat a bunch of delicious carbs, arrange a pretty bouquet, and relax.

    Rustica Sourdough

    We hear you enjoy crème brûlée. How about Nutella? Do doughnuts tickle your fancy? If you said "yes" to any of the above, you should visit Rustica immediately. Their cute little confection is stuffed to the brim with Nutella and topped with a brûléed sugar glaze. Whether you eat it with a spoon, a knife, or your paws, the important thing is the exact time that this Nutella delight renders you unconscious from its delicious hazelnut goodness. You can't go wrong with the lime and coconut cronut, which is light and flaky, or with the lovely strawberries and cream doughnut, which is topped with freeze-dried strawberries, from Rustica. This long, white bakery café is a sight to behold, and the friendly staff and delicious pastries further add to the experience.

    Bistro Morgan

    Most sixteen-year-olds worry about what to eat for supper, avoid eye contact with their parents, and spend most of their time on Snapchat. In other words, not Morgan Hepworth. This enterprising adolescent started baking for friends and family at an early age and has since moved to supplying the neighbourhood café with cakes and slices. In response to a question about whether or not he made doughnuts, he soon proved capable after some clever trial and error. He decided to open a doughnut store as the next natural step, and Windsor was the lucky spot. Morgan analyses spreadsheets and creates new flavours while his classmates struggle with Math Methods. Donuts at Bistro Morgan are stuffed to the gills with shattered cookies, Fruit Loops, Smarties, and marshmallows and then topped with a syringe. However, milder flavours like cinnamon, jam, and salted caramel are also included. The Golden Gaytime Crunch is always a customer favourite, even if the other flavours change. That's very understandable. Its luxurious wickedness is not for the weak of stomach. In the summer, enjoy it with a "pimped-out milkshake" or the ice cream sandwich variant.

    Bistro Morgan was founded by doughnut tyrant Morgan Hepworth when he was a teenager (just in case you weren't already depressed about where your life was headed). Bistro Morgan has exploded in popularity ever since, thanks in large part to its reputation for producing some of Melbourne's finest doughnuts. But his crowning achievement is the Creme Brulee: a brioche doughnut stuffed with homemade vanilla bean custard and topped with burnt crunchy toffee. A doughnut version of the traditional French sweet.

    Dandee Donuts

    dandee donuts melbourne

    No worthy doughnut roll of honour would be complete without this grand old man. Dandenong Market Donuts was started in the late '60s by the parents of current owner Susan Bell. Their well-known purple and gold doughnut truck continues to make stops all throughout Greater Dandenong, carrying with it a supply of hot, jam-packed doughnuts. Dandee's fresh-from-the-oil (but not at all oily) wonder balls are covered in crunchy sugar and stuffed with strawberry jam. In addition to being a life-affirming twist on traditional Nutella, their filling is pliable thanks to the warmth of the oil used to cook it. Dandee Donut hosts an annual why-stop-at-20 eating contest that is a glory-glazed sporting sensation for competitive eaters with the constitution of a rhino.

    Brioche By Philip 

    The doughnuts at the well-known French bakery Brioche by Philip are truly exceptional. They're an added perk. Beignets made of brioche dough. These delicate delights come in a variety of basic flavours, such as cinnamon and dark chocolate. Specialty items including tiramisu, lamingtons, and matcha glaze are also available. Available for carryout, or see if and when they deliver to your neighbourhood.


    Initially, it was a mobile shop selling Greek pastries. After some time, Lukumades opened a permanent location across from the Queen Victoria Market. Choose from the tried-and-true combination of honey and cinnamon, or get creative with spreads like Nutella or crumbled Oreo biscuits. Also noteworthy are the matcha and white chocolate components. You can order food to be delivered or picked up using any app.

    American Doughnut Kitchen At Qvm

    This company has been in the family for generations. Hot jam doughnuts, a culinary legend, are executed here flawlessly. Normal people would just follow the crowd to the American Doughnut Kitchen trailer at Queen Victoria Market. Hot jam doughs stuffed with raspberry and plum are currently available for online purchase.


    The extraordinary pastries and world-famous sourdough bread of Rustica are what make the bakery so well-known. Croissants and tarts as light as clouds line the glass cases. Fabulous brioche doughnuts, with rotating daily flavours. Lemon meringue doughnuts are worth looking for. Tart lemon cream is piped inside, and then a meringue is toasted and placed on top. If you reside within 20 kilometres of their store, you can get all the delicious stuff delivered to you.

    Penny For Pound

    penny for pound melbourne

    Penny For Pound has quickly become a local favourite for its delicious and freshly baked pastries. Find their assortment of mouthwatering doughnuts by following the enticing aroma down a small street off of Bridge Road. The raspberry jam doughnut at Penny For Pound is stuffed with jam that's been dusted with cinnamon sugar, while the lime and white chocolate doughnut is filled with a velvety white chocolate lime custard. They've become a fast favourite among Richmond residents since debuting in 2018, and their pastry chefs are dedicated to helping you make smart carbohydrate choices among their delicious doughnuts.

    Cobb Lane

    cobb lane melbourne

    Cobb Lane in Yarraville is where all the creative types congregate, so you know the baked goods there are top-notch. They make doughnuts that will make you want to come back for more, and they also make memorable experiences. Visualize soft, fluffy pillows stuffed with different materials. You can treat yourself or a deserving dessert pal to one of their packed salted caramel, jam, or Cobb Lane surprise flavours. Don't worry if you don't often visit their west side store; their assortment of candies is now available at Stall 42 at the South Melbourne Market. To find out for yourself what all the fuss is about, pick yourself a box and take it along on your next outdoor excursion.


    Doughnuts have evolved quickly from their early forms in Melbourne. Sticky dates and dark chocolate, gingerbread and mandarin, quince and mulled wine, all make appearances as flavours. One of the most beautiful cakes ever made, the Rose and Earl Grey incorporates Earl Grey tea leaves into the dough for an extra special treat. What you'll find at the American Donut Kitchen are true classics. Candied Bakery was voted the best bakery in Melbourne by locals in 2017.

    Their raspberry pavlova tastes like a doughnut packed with luscious cream and frosted in a rosy hue. Simpson's favourite do(h!)nut inspired the creation of the Don Homer. Their bomboloni have the texture of a doughnut but a unique flavour. Delicious beef ragù pies, fresh bread, and steaming hot cross buns. It's been determined that the jam-and-cream doughnut is the best of the bunch (and retesting).

    There's a deep well in the middle that can hold a cloud of cream and a dollop of strawberry jam, and it's light and sugared. It has a pleasant sweetness without being sickly. Donut tyrant Morgan Hepworth opened Bistro Morgan. Even if the other flavours rotate, the Golden Gaytime Crunch will remain a client favourite. Use the ice cream sandwich version or a "pimped-out milkshake" to cool off from the summer heat.

    Susan Bell's parents founded Dandenong Market Donuts in the late '60s. An annual why-stop-at-20 eating contest is held at Dandee Donut. Donuts by By Philip are available in a range of classic flavours like cinnamon and dark chocolate. All of their baked goods are available for delivery within a 20-kilometer radius of their Richmond shop. The pastry experts there are committed to assisting you in making healthy carbohydrate selections from among their wonderful doughnuts. If you don't live near their West Melbourne shop, don't fret; their sweets are now also sold at Stall 42 in the South Melbourne Market.

    Content Summary

    1. No matter what you like to call them, we're visiting a dozen of the most delicious spots in the city to fulfil your cravings.
    2. Melbourne is home to a plethora of fantastic doughnut shops, where you can often purchase a ring.
    3. Melbourne is home to a wide variety of these baked goods, whether you prefer a yeasted or cakey, glazed or filled kind.
    4. In Other Words, We're Stopping for Donuts and Coffee Both Sinye Ooi and Anthony Ivey, previously of Market Lane, pursued higher education in the United States and Canada before opening this cosy small boutique in a side alley.
    5. The white tiles, blonde wood, and navy blue packaging at Short Stop Coffee & Donuts create an upscale atmosphere that belies the shop's modest size.
    6. Located in a frequented alley, Shortstop Coffee and Donuts is perfect for a fast pick-me-up.
    7. Doughnuts come in a few different varieties, including cake, raised, and cruller.
    8. Obtain an Earl Grey, a rose coffee, a rose doughnut, and a regular vanilla bean and place your order.
    9. Keep an eye out for limited-time flavours like Earl Grey, Red Velvet, and maple walnut with scorched brown butter, in addition to the excellent organic honey and milk crullers.
    10. Americana's First and Finest Doughnut Shop There's a reason people have been waiting in line for decades, and all you have to do is try one of their hot jam bliss bombs.
    11. This family-run business has been selling its delicious doughnuts to locals since the 1950s.
    12. What you'll find at the American Donut Kitchen are true classics.
    13. We anticipate that they will sustainably improve the Vic Market for the foreseeable future.
    14. Shop for Sweets When you get it to the west side, you'll be glad you did. Candied Bakery, a truly Australian enterprise that fuses European and American baking methods, won the 2017 People's Choice award for Best Bakery in Melbourne (expect glories such as Philly cheesesteak rolls soft-serve ice cream).
    15. Raph Rashid, the man behind the Taco Truck and the Beatbox Kitchen, tried his culinary skills with doughnuts and was immediately successful with All Day Doughnuts.
    16. Doughnuts, on the other hand, are a truly contemporary treat.
    17. Here comes the strawberry cheesecake doughnut, the grand finale that everyone has been waiting for.
    18. The Don Homer, so named because it is Simpson's go-to do(h!)nut, is a gorgeous, brilliant pink confection.
    19. Baker D. Chirico's Oeuvre Among the best hot cross buns, finest bread, and tastiest beef ragù pies you've ever had.
    20. Daniel Chirico is the best baker in the world.
    21. In Melbourne, Baker D. Chirico is a revered figure.
    22. Their bomboloni have the texture of a doughnut but a unique flavour.
    23. From the time-honored (jam and glazed) to the experimental (they sell six for $19), all your late-night pastry needs can be met here (Tiramisu, Nutella M&M, and the "Snickers Podnut," which has a full Snickers inside).
    24. After extensive testing, the traditional jam-and-cream doughnut emerged as the overwhelming winner among all of Daniel's ideas (and retesting).
    25. There's a deep well in the middle that can hold a cloud of cream and a dollop of strawberry jam, and it's light and sugared.
    26. The words "eat, sleep, Daniel's, repeat" are inscribed in fluorescent pink.
    27. There are more than forty wacky flavours to choose from.
    28. Vegan and gluten-free options exist.
    29. In an effort to mimic the New Zealander diet, fresh cream and jam are always on the table.
    30. It is filled with the tasty filling and a dollop of jam is piped into the centre.
    31. Doughboys In 2013, Walter McKenzie's mother's laundry room was the birthplace of Doughboys.
    32. Daily flavours include things like strawberry and miso, in addition to the more conventional options like coconut pandan, Pia Colada, and pumpkin pie.
    33. Red Sourdough from the Heart of the Italian Countryside You are fond of crème brûlée, we hear.
    34. Their adorable sweet is crammed full of Nutella and finished with a caramelised sugar coating.
    35. This is the Bistro Morgan. The typical sixteen-year-old is preoccupied with what to eat for dinner, avoids making eye contact with adults, and spends the majority of his or her time on Snapchat.
    36. Not Morgan Hepworth, to put it another way.
    37. The next logical step for him was to create a doughnut shop, and he believed that Windsor would be the perfect place to do so.
    38. Bistro Morgan is known for their stuffed doughnuts, which are piled high with broken cookies, Fruit Loops, Smarties, and marshmallows and topped with a syringe.
    39. Even if the other flavours rotate, the Golden Gaytime Crunch will remain a client favourite.
    40. Creme Brulee, a brioche doughnut filled with his own vanilla bean custard and topped with burnt crunchy toffee, is, however, his best achievement.
    41. The classic French pastry, but in doughnut form.
    42. Donuts from Dandee This spry senior citizen is an essential ingredient to any respectable doughnut roll.
    43. Susan Bell's parents founded Dandenong Market Donuts in the late 1960s.
    44. For the competitive eaters with the fortitude of a rhino, Dandee Donut presents an annual why-stop-at-20 eating contest that is a glory-glazed sporting wonder.
    45. Philip's Brioche Those who visit the famous French bakery Brioche by Philip will not be disappointed by their doughnuts.
    46. Brioche-based beignets, a popular French pastry.
    47. The legendary hot jam doughnuts here are made to perfection.
    48. Cost Per Pound Penny For Pound is well-known in the neighbourhood for its excellent, just-baked pastries.
    49. Down a little street off of Bridge Road, you'll find an assortment of delicious doughnuts.
    50. Penny For Pound's raspberry jam doughnut is filled with jam that's been dusted with cinnamon sugar, while the lime and white chocolate doughnut is filled with a velvety white chocolate lime custard.
    51. Since opening in 2018, they have quickly become a local favourite in Richmond, and their pastry chefs are committed to assisting you in making healthy, delicious carbohydrate choices among their many tempting doughnut options.
    52. In Yarraville, the creative types hang out on Cobb Lane, so you can rest assured that the baked items there are delicious.
    53. Both the doughnuts and the experience you have there will stick with you long after you've had your fill.
    54. You can reward yourself with a salted caramel, jam, or Cobb Lane surprise flavour, or buy one as a gift for a friend who deserves dessert.
    55. If you don't live near their west side shop, don't panic; you can now get their candy selection at Stall 42 in the South Melbourne Market.

    FAQs About Doughnuts

    Dunkin' Donuts is the largest doughnut chain, with 11,000 stores in 33 countries.

    Properly stored, freshly baked doughnuts (not cream-filled) will last for about 1 to 2 days at normal room temperature; Who should store cream-filled doughnuts in the refrigerator. How long do doughnuts last in the refrigerator? Freshly baked doughnuts will keep well for about one week in the fridge when properly stored.

    The largest doughnut ever made was an American-style jelly doughnut. It weighed 1.7 tons, was 16ft wide and 16inches high.

    As the story goes, a New England woman named Elizabeth Gregory fried some dough to send with her son for his voyage at sea during the 19th century. Elizabeth was the one who fried the dough with nuts, leading to the name 'doughnut,' but her son was the one who put a hole in the centre, giving us the classic doughnut shape.

    In Australia, Dunkin' Donuts opened in the 1980s, but by the late 2000s, they had left the Australian market in 2014; Dunkin' Brands global chairman Nigel Travis said there were no plans in the short term to return the brand to the Australian market.

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