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What Can Couples Do In Melbourne?

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    We hear that Melbourne is plenty of romantic options, so we want to help you celebrate your big day in style.
    If you're planning a wedding, consider holding it in Australia's second-largest city.

    The ideal way to create a romantic getaway is with beautiful gardens, a breathtaking skyline, and exciting nightlife.

    In Melbourne, couples may enjoy anything from historic theatres to jazz clubs to candlelit dinner cruises.

    To make sure you enjoy the most amazing honeymoon ever, we've created a romantic itinerary just for the two of you.

    FAQs About Couples Do In Melbourne

    When it comes to kissing on a first date, it's important to remember that it's your decision. As no two first dates are alike, it's up to you to decide whether you'd like to kiss this person or not. And in most cases, this happens at the moment.

    Victoria's Most Romantic Places

    • Explore Hatley Park and Castle.
    • Discover beautiful flower gardens.
    • Rent a double kayak.
    • Ride in a horse-drawn carriage.
    • See Victoria from the air.
    • Unwind with a spa treatment.
    • Enjoy a scenic hike up Mount Tolmie Park.
    • Go on a wine tour in the Saanich Peninsula.

    45 Late Night Date Ideas for Couples: The Only List You'll Need!

    • Have a midnight picnic.
    • Play late-night TV bingo.
    • Have breakfast for dinner.
    • Hit up an all-night diner.
    • Enjoy some at-home wine tasting.
    • Go stargazing together.
    • Building the world's best and coziest blanket fort.
    • Seek out some live music.


    • Go on a picnic.
    • Take a walk.
    • Sing karaoke.
    • Eat at a restaurant you've never eaten at before.
    • Go to a coffee shop. We love this one! 
    • Play board games. It's amazing how much fun they are as an adult! 
    • See a movie. Flip a coin to decide who picks if you have differing opinions!
    • Go to an arcade.

    Not only is Melbourne a city packed full of arts, culture and wonderful cafes, but the city's nightlife will also draw you in (if you're into that kind of thing). The city is full of restaurants, secret bars hidden down the many cobbled laneways and booming live music venues.

    Romantic Activities In Melbourne For Couples

    Hot Air Balloon Flight

    One of the best ways to make a partner happy is to take them on a thrilling trip over Melbourne.

    Fly over Melbourne leisurely in the morning by taking off early.

    Views of a MCG, The Skydeck 88, and indeed the River Thames, among many others, are stunning from this vantage point high above Melbourne's central business district.

    We highly recommend Liberty Balloon Flights to anyone seeking for a gondola ride, since they put customer safety first.

    You may have a great view of Melbourne's central business district and a delicious brunch at the Sofitel on the 35th floor after you land.

    It's a safe bet that this would be a hit at any celebration you're planning. Whether it's an anniversary, a first date, or the day you decide to ask someone to marry you, there's always a perfect time to pop the question.

    Take in the stunning sunrise with your love while cuddled up close.

    Indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to soar above the clouds over one of Australia's finest stunning urban centres.

    Spirit Of Melbourne Dinner Cruise

    You can feel the love in the air along the picturesque Yarra River.

    With its numerous parks, fish piers, and other attractions, the Yarra River serves as the social centre of the city.

    Hop aboard a boat at Southbank or Princes Walk and stay the night just on water while you watch Melbourne go by.

    It's no surprise that the Spirits of Melbourne Boat Tour is a top pick among Melbourne's many fantastic dining options.

    Departing at Southbank Promenade, your cruise will take you past some of the town's most stunning landmarks while you enjoy a sumptuous four-course supper.

    Take in the beautiful Melbourne skyline and visit some of the city's most well-known attractions.

    Drink some wine, beer, or shots of liquor to set the mood for your romantic dinner.

    Melbourne Star Observation Wheel 

    Enjoy the breathtaking views of Melbourne from above.

    From the top of the Southern Hemisphere's largest Ferris wheel, the Victorian Star Viewing Wheel, you can view all of Melbourne.

    Enjoy a special romantic package at the Melbourne Star while you take in the beautiful views.

    Enjoy sparkling wine and a view of the city from 120 metres above ground with the "Sparkling Flights" package at the Observation Wheel.

    In the colder months, the Observation Wheel provides a "Mulled Wine Shots" package that includes hot mulled wine.

    In order to have a romantic evening alone, We recommend renting a cabin on this Ferris wheel.

    In case you're thinking about popping the question, the Viewing Wheel is a fantastic location.

    Riding In A Horse-Drawn Carriage Is A Very Romantic Experience.

    Would you and your significant other enjoy a day of royal treatment?

    Take in the views of Melbourne's downtown from the comfort of the a horse-drawn carriage.

    Classic Carriage Hire offers tours of King Domain Gardens, where visitors may go up close to the impressive Shrine of Peace memorial.

    The Elizabeth Gardens are another great park in which to take a break and admire a few of Melbourne's most unique sculptures.

    The carriage ride crosses the Princes Bridge, offering spectacular views of a Yarra River—the perfect backdrop for a steamy tryst.

    Park For Wildlife Protection In The Moonlit Sanctuary

    This trip is perfect for nature and animal lovers, and a twilight tour adds an added romantic element.

    At Melbourne's Moonlit Sanctuary, visitors can see amazing animals even after dark.

    Lantern-lit night tours of Australia's natural wonders are famous around the globe for giving visitors an up-close interaction with the country's indigenous wildlife.

    Find out where quolls, pademelons, & bettongs call home, as well as the secret lifestyles of nocturnal birds.

    Spend time in the bush, where the local wildlife, such as kangaroos and koalas, would appreciate your presence.

    Peninsula Hot Springs Resort

    Have you been craving a break from city life?

    That is to say, there is excellent news!

    Only ninety minutes from Melbourne lies a peaceful haven.

    Peninsula Hot Springs offers luxurious spa services in a beautiful setting.

    For those looking for some romance, the spa has several great couple's packages.

    The spa package includes a private mineral bath, a therapeutic massage, and a dip in a geothermal pool.

    Luna Park

    what can couples do in melbourne

    Rides aren't only for kids, and adults may have just as much fun as the little ones do.

    Fun for couples may be had by all at Luna Park, which can be found along Melbourne's Port Shore Bay.

    The location is perfect for both relaxing strolls and thrilling activities.

    There are about 15 rides available at the park.

    Try out the Scenic Railroad roller coaster and the carousel if you're feeling adventurous.

    One of the best ways to see Melbourne is on one of the many thrilling rides.

    A date at the park with a chocolate milkshake and a stroll is picture-perfect.

    If you're in need of a more relaxed form of entertainment, read on! Go to one of Luna Park's numerous events, like a concert or festival.

    Theatre, Shows & Musicals

    There is a wide range of theatrical offerings in Melbourne, from avant-garde productions to Broadway-style musicals through late-night cabaret.

    It's simple to see why so many people think of it as the cultural heart of Australia.

    The musicals Wicked, Marry Poppins, Jersey Players, and King Kong have all had their world premieres in Melbourne's theatre scene.

    Additionally, regardless of whether or not you like musicals, you ought to visit some of the city's old, more regal theatres.

    There are many different styles of theatre in the city.

    For example, the Melbourne Arts Centre is widely regarded as a forerunner in both architectural innovation and the presentation of cutting-edge art.

    Its blue spire is 162 metres tall and illuminated in the same manner as the Eiffel Tower.

    Overlooking the city streets, it serves as a signal to theatregoers from all over.

    Ghost Tours

    Unless you're a lover of the bizarre or Halloween, you should definitely book a spot on a spooky ghost tour right in the centre of Melbourne.

    A ghostly bookstore, a frightening prison, as well as a creepy mental institute are just a few of the eerie attractions that make this one of Australia's "priciest" cities.

    The city has allegedly been home to ghosts ever since it was founded.

    During this time, infamous criminals ran Melbourne.

    Supposedly, the ghosts of these killers still walk the streets today.

    In Melbourne, there are a few haunted places that manage to be both exciting and disturbing.

    If you're feeling brave, try a terrifying activity with your date.

    All couples will become close to one another as they listen to scary stories together.

    1eureka Skydeck 88

    Take in Melbourne from above at the top of the Eureka Tower.

    Adventurers will love this place because it is on the 88th level and 300 metres above ground.

    From this vantage point on the Yarra River's southern bank, you have a bird's-eye view over the entirety of Melbourne.

    Places including Phillip Bay, Dockland, and the Central Business District's sports precinct are included here.

    If you're feeling brave, you can test your limits at the Skydeck's Edge Experience.

    The transparent cube that extends out from the platform by three metres not only provides a clear view of everything below, but also a commanding vantage point from which to survey the scene.

    Despite its intimidating reputation, a visit to this previously unseen area of London is well worth your time.

    Take your special someone out to dinner just at Eureka Skydeck 89 restaurant.

    Date Ideas in the Melbourne Area

    Melbourne is near the the top of list of best locations for weekend excursions with my partner. Sydney, Australia's second-largest city, has kept some of its small-town charm despite its rapid growth. From relaxing in a cute cafe to taking in some wild street art, it looks like there's no lack of romantic things to do in Melbourne.

    This place holds a special significance for me and Jeff because it was the destination of our first vacation without the kids. Since then, we have visited three times.

    Things to accomplish in Melbourne for couples focus around food or drink, and there is a lot of enjoyment to be had simply roaming around the city, which has a rich history, beautiful rivers, and inland vistas.

    Take Advantage Of Melbourne's Coffee Culture.

    The city's unique laneways are a big part of what makes Melbourne so great. Melbourne has established an entire coffee culture around its alleys, which in other cities can be used for dumping waste, parking automobiles, or participating in illegal activity. There are numerous cafes lining the alleyways, all of which are open during the day and serve a range of beverages & light meals (especially breakfast and lunch).

    Go On A Chocolate Tour To Spoil Yourself

    Remember that only chocolate can truly improve your morning joe. A chocolate tasting and strolling tour in Melbourne that lasts 2.5 hours and features ten cocoa samples and a lavish afternoon tea is a prime example of the enjoyable tours available in the city.

    Entice Yourself By Visiting Hopetoun, A Traditional Tea Room.

    We was trying to make its way through the Block Arcade when caught sight of the Maintaining proof of and data Tea Rooms and their tempting cake display. You didn't want to be roused from such a wonderful dream, so we asked for this table as as quietly as possible. Finally, We turned my attention to the surroundings and spotted the room's most striking feature: a glass that had been in the tea rooms since they were first constructed again for Victorian Ladies Labour Union in the late 1800s.

    Do Yourself A Favour And Treat Yourself To A Wedgewood High Tea.

    If you're looking for something a little more traditional in your high tea, go no further than the exquisite Langham Tea with Wedgwood. As if the extensive tea menu weren't relaxing enough, we were also presented with such a glass of exquisite Yarra Valley wine.

    The tea sommelier pointed us in the correct direction in our quest to find the perfect brew, a skill she displayed with a special Wedgwood ceramic pin after finishing an eight-hour work-related Delft training course. Classic three-tiered dessert plates were used to display the wonderful savoury and sweet meals we devoured. The Langham rose-decorated Wedgwood china added a touch of class.

    In St. Kilda, Get Some Sweets

    what can couples do in melbourne4

    On a recent vacation, we found ourselves enticed by the several bakeries in St. Kilda. We caved in, and by the time the sun has set, we were standing on the same pier where hundreds more penguins had spent a night before. We've heard that penguins are currently quite difficult to come across in the wild. We've also heard that nighttime in St. Kilda is "crazy" and entertaining.

    Discover Amazing Graffiti

    From the lifelike paintings of Matt Adnate to the brightly coloured street art, Melbourne is known all over the world. You may find "approved outdoor venues" (OPVs) all across town. We skipped the tour and instead downloaded a free graffiti art map from the city's tourism website so that we could find Melbourne's diverse and interesting street art on our own. We are on our own learning adventure when we unexpectedly ran across a guided group and realised how little we actually knew.

    Visit Melbourne's Haunted Old Prison.

    One may safely assume everybody has their own view of what constitutes a romantic pair. If you want to have fun by challenging yourself to do something challenging, then Old Melbourne Gaol can be the spot for you. Though historically significant, the site is now only haunted by the 135 people who were put to death there between the years 1840 and 1929. Famous criminals from Australia include bushranger Ned Kelly and serial killer Frederick Bailey Deeming.

    If you're looking for a haunted tours of a jail, we've heard that Inside a Prison is the place to go. The prison houses Australia's last man to also be executed and is located approximately 8 kilometres northwest of Old Melbourne Gaol. Established in 1850, this jail functioned as the state's major correctional facility between 1929 to 1997. There are 44 people buried on the property, and you and your partner will quake in one other's hands as you try to outrun their ghosts.

    Unique Melbourne Date Ideas

    Melbourne is full of unique date spots, and our list includes everything from an ice bar to a bouncy park to a cinema that will make you feel like you've travelled to another planet.

    Consider trying one of the following alternatives to the standard dinner-and-a-movie date if you'd like to make a good impression on a possible partner, secure a second meeting, or simply spice up your romantic life. Impress your date with one of these creative date ideas.

    Bounce Inc

    Learning to jump together is a strong bonding experience for couples. Bounce Inc. in Glen Iris is a bouncing park where adults can let go and reconnect with their inner children on massive, interconnected trampolines.

    You can also put your mobility to the test on the X-Park Adventures Challenge Track, the Big Bag Dive, or the Cliff Jump.

    The Salsa Foundation

    Go ahead and try to impress your date wit your dance skills without worrying about what other people think. It's not a big deal if you can't tell the foxtrot from the cha-cha. Even if you think you have two left feet, you may learn the fundamentals of Salsa dancing at the Salsa Foundation's free Wednesday and Thursday workshops.

    Is there a need for further explanation? Participate in their more advanced programmes. Do you know if there was a breakup? There's no need to worry; you can enjoy a day of dancing alone.

    Underground Cinema

    In order to maintain the air of surprise on your date, We recommend taking them to an Underground Cinema, which is a venue that attempts to do so by merging traditional forms of storytelling with cinema. At these events, guests dress up in costume and remove their masks in preparation to watch a film whose genre or subject matter are kept hidden until the last minute. In the future, the Hidden Cinema could appear in anything from a warehouse to a long-forgotten ballroom.

    Melbourne Planetarium

    A date at the Melbourne Space Center will be out of this world. Unwind in the pitch blackness of the planetarium's auditorium while staring at the stars just on dome ceiling, which measures 16 metres (53 feet) in diameter. Feel your love for each other soar to new heights as you contemplate the mysteries of the universe together, first through breathtaking audio-visual presentations and then through a live session of a night sky.

    Grape Stomping At Noisy Ritual

    Melbourne's first urban vineyard, Noisy Ritual, invites customers to help make the wine. Getting your hands and feet dirty during the entire process of creating wine (from vine to glass) is a great way to learn about wine and impress a date. Additionally, Noisy Ritual offers barrel tastings & winemaking workshops.

    Icebar Melbourne

    Take your date to Australia's first ice bar for a round of huge avalanche 0-1 and a drink. If the snowy capes, gloves, plus winter boots offered by the staff aren't sufficient to keep you warm, cuddle up with your loved other for the night.

    Chocoholic Tours

    If you're looking for a sweet date idea, consider booking a spot on Chocoholic Tours' Cocoa Lanes and Arcades Tour. You can sample cocoa powder and indulge your chocolate cravings at one of 10 locations across town. When a box of candy just won't cut it, take your sweetie on this tour where you may indulge in in-store discounts, coffee/tea, and a chocolate & wine pairing.

    Escape Room

    You & your date would be confined in a room & challenged with solving a series of puzzles in order to escape. Collaborate to beat the time and solve challenges including language, imagery, mathematics, space, motion, and logic. Throughout the Melbourne area, there are a total of six options.

    Hardrock Climbing

    Enduro Climb, a gym overlooking Swanston Street, has 28 lead walls that are sure to take your love to new heights. To climb without limits for the day, pay only $30 AUD (about $15.10), which also covers the rental of a harness and shoes (holds the rope). It's worth noting that there's a Hard Rock cafe in Nunawading, too.

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