what is the best water park in melbourne

What Is The Best Water Park In Melbourne?

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    When the temperature rises, many Melburnians head to one of city's numerous exciting water parks to cool off.

    On a sweltering day, a refreshing dip in the pool or ocean likely sounds like heaven. The idea sounds even better when coupled with a desire to unwind by the water and the prospect of a holiday. Therefore, you should go to the Melbourne water parks.

    Gather the kids, grab a towel, and get ready to get wet; we've collected a short list of a few of our favourite local pubs so you can easily discover one that meets your requirements parks in Melbourne. Each park has great amenities and is thoughtfully designed to instruct as well as thrill.

    FAQs About Water Park In Melbourne

    Seville Water Play Park is one of the best water parks in Melbourne to enjoy some splashing fun and is even a great spot for picnics. The kids are surely going to love it because there is so much space to play around.


    If you want exciting water rides, then go to Funfields. If you want some water rides and a range of other activities, then head to Adventure Park Geelong. If you want to combine a range of animal experiences with a few dry rides and a good range of water rides, then take the trip out to Gumbuya World.

    WetSide Water Park

    WetSide Water Park, Hervey Bay, Queensland. This family-friendly water park has been named the #1 amusement park in Australia, and with good reason. WetSide Water Park offers a variety of slides and pools for kids of all ages.

    Although at first glance the park is quite expensive, it is definitely worth the money. I recommend setting aside a whole day if you plan to go as it is jam-packed full of stuff to do. The size of the park is quite small, so it doesn't require too much walking.

    Even the moderately scary rides shouldn’t be underestimated. If you’re seeking a little more thrill, you can go on The Tickler, the original Wild Mouse roller coaster, boasting sharp, hairpin turns, wild drops, all in a half-moon shaped car that spins 360 degrees.

    You spin so much that you never know where you’ll be when you face the sudden drop that makes the ride accelerate to its fastest speed.

    If you can stomach lying on your stomach, you’ll love Soarin’ Eagle, which you ride in a prone position with the track above you as you take fast turns and two inversions. You’ll feel like our national bird soaring through the sky.

    Melbourne's Coolest Water Parks

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    Wallan Community Bank Adventure Playground

    Kids of all ages have a great time at the Local Bank Expedition Playground, but when the sprinklers are on, the fun really begins! There are slides, swings, leaping foxes, seesaws, other fun things to climb, as well as a large fort & sandpit, a place to hide, and a lovely red railway to pretend to drive.

    A creek bed is available for smaller kids or people who aren't ready for as intense an experience as the water park's jets, pumping, and troughs all along waterbody, aqua drop bucket, and misty tunnel. Grassy places are plentiful, so you can either make a day out of it and take a break somewhere between being bombarded by the contents of a single drop bucket. A safe spot for children to play in the water.

    Located near the intersection of Northern Highway and Queen Street, Wallan

    Adventure Park Geelong

    Overlooking the Esplanade and around fifty minutes from the city centre, Adventure Park Geelong is a popular tourist destination. Simply said, there is no better place to cool off and have fun in the water in Melbourne than at this water park.

    Younger children can enjoy the park's shallow waters in the Tiny Tots Inter - tidal Zone, while older youngsters can thrill themselves silly on attractions designed just for their age group. Be certain to follow Adventure Playground Geelong on social media if you're searching for something to do with your kids over the Easter and Christmas breaks from school.

    Geelong, at 1249 Bellarine Highway.

    Ron Barassi Snr Park, Docklands

    For anyone staying in or around Melbourne's Central Business District in the spring and early summer, a trip to Ron Barassi Snr Park, one of the city's most popular water parks, is an absolute must. The constant flow of visitors has turned this area into a great hangout for friends and family.

    While it may not be Melbourne's largest water resort, Ron Barassi Sub - carrier Park is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages thanks to its wide range of thrilling rides and splashing good times. There is parking available just at Ron Barassi Sr Park, a contemporary, multipurpose park located next to the Bolte Bridge.

    The address is 500 Docklands Drive in Docklands.

    Seville Water Park

    Seville Swimming Pool Park, located a short distance away in the city, is open from September to April. Conveniently located next to the spacious Seville Recreational Reserve, the area is perfect for a day trip or picnic. Water is the

    Visit Ron Barassi Signal to noise ratio Park in the summer and spring if you are staying in or near the Central District with kids. The constant flow of visitors has turned this area into a great hangout for friends and family.

    While it may not be Melbourne's biggest water playground, Ron Barassi Sub - carrier Park is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages thanks to its wide range of thrilling rides and splashing good times. Parking is available at the modern and diverse Ron Barassi Sr Park, which is located next to the Hain na Bridge.

    20-28 Monbulk-Seville Road, Seville

    Riverwalk Water Play Park, Werribee

    With the stroke of a button, visitors to one of Melbourne's finest water parks may enjoy a constant jet of water for fifteen minutes. Kid-operated water pumps, liquid that shoots out of the ground, a water wall, waterfalls, jets, and more can all be found at Riverwalk Water Play Park.

    Both your child and the playgrounds will be soaked. If the temperature outdoors is 25 degrees or more between October and March, you can come here between 9 am and 8:00 to cool yourself. There's also a dry park in the area if your group doesn't like water activities.

    The address is: Newmarket Road, Werribee.

    Crocodile Park Playground, Point Cook

    So called because of the huge bronze crocodile that graces its front. In order to avoid the crowds, you should avoid visiting Crocodile Park Playground later in the summer. Crocodile Park Playground, located in Point Cook's Freshwater Park Estate, is about 20 minutes away by car.

    The Melbourne water park is a favourite among locals and visitors alike due to its thrilling slides, diverse water attractions, and exciting rock climbing walls. The wading areas are great for infants and toddlers. Again, there's not a lot of shade, so make sure your kids have sun protection.

    Point Cook, at 260 Saltwater Promenade

    Funfields Water Park

    Many Melbourne locals may remember visiting Funfields Water Park as kids, and their parents may even recognise the park's memorable TV jingle from their own childhoods. About 40 kilometres to the north-west of the city, Funfields is an exciting theme park with many different attractions.

    Although the Kraken Raceway and Typhoon are the water rides that really get the crowd going, there are other quieter areas like Budgie Cove where smaller guests may have fun paddling. Spend the whole day here; there are plenty of facilities and things to do to keep you and the kids busy and active.

    Spot: 2365 Plenty Road, Whittlesea

    Nature Playground, Royal Park

    Earlier this year, the Australian Institute for Landscape Architects recognised the Nature Playground at Australia's most visited park, Royal Park, as the best playground in the country.

    Young children will have a blast splashing around in the sandbox and playing with the heaters, which they can use to direct the water flow. The playground's natural play as well as all amenities are what really draw people there, but the water features are a nice bonus.

    Parkville; address: 28 Gatehouse Street

    nature playground royal park

    Gumbuya World

    Even though this isn't a free water park in Melbourne, we felt compelled to add it because it is Victoria's premier watering hole. Tynong North's Gumbuya World is now an amazing animal park, adventure park, and water park thanks to a multi-million dollar makeover.

    Hours of wet and wild fun can be had by children on the park's massive water slides, 300-meter-long Lazy River, or Typhoon Island. Private cabanas are available, along with other water park staples including wave pools and hot rock pools.

    Tynong, at 2705 Princes Highway.

    Booran Reserve

    Booran Reserve is a great community gathering spot and is one of Melbourne's best water parks due to its abundance of facilities (including mini athletic fields, a large adventure playground, picnic and BBQ areas, and a massive water shock zone to cool down on hot days).

    One of the massive water play areas features a water fountain maze, a cement stream, a water spiral, and a miniature sluice gate that kids will have a blast exploring.

    Plan on spending some time at the playground; ice cream vans and snack carts frequently set up business in that area. It's nearly tough to get kids to leave once they've entered this area.

    Spot: Glen Huntly, at the intersection of Booran and Glenhuntly Roads

    The Best Water Slides In And Around Melbourne

    In and around Melbourne, you may find a wide variety of severe waterslides. You'll find a variety of the best Victoria area waterslides here, from vertical twisters through rides that make you feel weightless.

    Adventure Park

    • Attractions
    • Places where people can have fun and be entertained

    This Geelong staple is known for its various family-friendly water attractions, including the Tsunami, Emma's second triple helix water slide. The newest water slide at the park is as tall as 7.5 stories and as long as 172 metres. As you make your way through twisting tunnels and spinning funnels, you'll pick up speed and may even experience brief spells of weightlessness.


    • Kids
    • Playspaces
    • Melbourne

    Funfields is a favourite among families due to its three record-breaking waterslides. The Octopus Racer is a high-speed water slide that can reach 60 kilometers an hour in a straight line. We've arrived at the world's longest ballistic water slide, the Typhoon. You and your pal are about to spin all around bowl and drop 19 metres. Right now, we're at the last, most important stage.

    Looking at a Quantum Particle is indeed a unique and amazing experience. This monster, measuring in at 186 metres in length, is the longest, tallest, and biggest of its kind in the entire globe. As you slam up against by the nearly vertical wall, you'll have the sensation of floating. This is the closest you can get to actual space travel.

    Gumbuya World

    • Kids
    • Physically or mentally Engaging Occurrences

    "Gumbuya Park is where the city meets the country," as the adage goes. As a kid, you undoubtedly listened to the radio a lot and heard the jingle often. Nonetheless, thanks to an expenditure of $50 million, the dull Gumbuya Park is now the thrilling Gumbuya World.

    Four distinct areas—Oasis Springs, Nature Trail, Oz Adventure, and Outback Explorers—compose Gumbuya World. The quick slides at Oasis Waters are among of the most exciting attractions in the water park. As a result of its covert nighttime nature, the Sidewinder is our first pick.

    Aquatic And Leisure Centre Watermark

    • Active recreation and health
    • Greensborough

    At this Greensborough favourite, you can slide down one of two long, winding slides that protrude from of the side of the building. The best way to get to the pool is to start at the end of the Pipeline, which winds its way thru the and around the building.

    If you're ready for a challenge, join the lineup for Meltdown Alley (107cm in height or taller recommended), one of the biggest slides in the area. At about the halfway point, the lights go out, sending you careening through the winding corridors at top speed. There is a right turn in the centre that is the most important detail to remember.

    Casey Aquatic And Recreation Center

    • Active recreation and health
    • Pools
    • C.-E. Cranbourne

    Each of Casey RACE's two water slides offers a unique experience. The Space Bowl here is legendary. Seeing is believing when it comes to this dizzying wonder, which resembles a cross between a water slide as well as a dishwasher.

    Divers are spit into the bowl at the bottom of the slide, where they spin and spin until they reach a scoop hole at the center and are deposited back into the pool. Just picture yourself riding on a giant toilet bowl. There's a raft ride that you can go alone if you're feeling adventurous, or with friend if you'd rather not.

    Oak Park Aquatic And Sports Center

    After undergoing extensive renovations, this suburban pool now boasts one of the top waterslides in the whole northern hemisphere. In along with the two large slides, there is also a 50-meter outdoor swimming pool, a stone ’s throw away learner's hot tub, and a water activities splash pool.

    The raft matting on the blue slide means it can accommodate either one or two users at once. It's important to think forwards because both have multiple iterations. One must be at least 120 cm tall to ride the slides.

    Peninsula Aquatic Recreation Centre (PARC)

    • Active recreation and health
    • Pools
    • Frankston

    In PARC Frankston, you may enjoy the Python & Rainbow Boa water slides. Python is far more than a slide thanks to cutting-edge technology that fills the siphon tube with a rainbow of colours and a cacophony of noises. It's time for an exciting new experience. The Constrictor, which is 114 metres long and has a skin that is meant to evoke a snake's, is also navigable. Along with a friend, you'll barrel down the narrowing tunnel at a high rate of speed, bending yourself through a sequence of abrupt twists.

    Water Play For Free In Melbourne And Regional Victoria

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    Cool off with free water play at a water park near you in Melbourne and Regional Victoria!

    Water Play Melbourne – Cbd / Docklands

    Harmony Garden

    The tranquil Harmony Garden is located inside the Yarra's Edge community. Water is pumped out onto a twisting creek bed, and there are beautiful vistas of the Yarra River.

    The playground also features the standard fare of playground equipment, including outdoor games and huge grassy hills to rolling down.

    Ron Barassi Snr Park

    At the this Docklands playground, bluestone paving stones frame a water channel fed by a variety of water pumps. A big sandpit with with sand play scoops can be found in the water play area.

    This playground is situated near other Dockland monuments and has a tyre swing and a climbing tower with two long slides.

    Library At The Dock

    The water play area adjacent to the fort is equally as enjoyable as the Library just at Dock.

    Water Play Parks Melbourne – North

    Bundoora Park PlaySpace

    In this completely fenced, ADA-compliant playground, kids can play on a water table with a pressure gauge & jets on a sands table.

    If you're interested in seeing it, you should probably call before and make sure it hasn't been triggered, like it was when we went.

    Livvi's Place, Craigieburn ANZAC Park

    This park is part of the an accessible play area that also features natural play elements and playground machinery, and it's just a stone's throw away from a bubbling brook. When we visited, they were in the midst of installing a groundwater cascade.

    Melbourne Zoo Water Play

    At the Melbourne Zoo's Lion Gorge, which is fashioned after a watering hole, you can see lions, African feral dogs, as well as a Philippines Crocodile. A continuation into the Carnivores route has been built.

    The summer and spring months can be very warm, so take advantage of the design's watering hole and its lifelike alligator sculpture and cascading waterfalls that run into a small stream bed.

     Royal Park Nature Play

    A sizable playground with swings, two solid wooden climber platforms, slides, a wide hill for rolling down, as well as a water play area can be found immediately adjacent to the Royal Hospital for Children.

    There is a flat section with water jets and a river structure with jets, water pumps/fountains, and a sandbox below. The liquid play area is a favourite of Lady AB and Baby 2.0, so be sure to bring a swimmers or at lest a change of clothing for them.

    Bryant Family Reserve

    Oak Park's Bryant Family Reserve is an improved nature playground that features a gasoline pump that fills a river that winds down a moderate slope.

    There is a fountain for drinking water, picnic tables, and traditional playground apparatus.

    Eltham Lower Park Playspace

    A sandbox and a miniature water feature may be found in this fully fenced and wheelchair-accessible park centred on the Chatham Copper Butterfly.

    Community Bank Adventure Playground Hadfield Park

    The playground equipment, which includes a multi-story climb structure, swing, flying foxes, sand, and water elements, is suited for children of varied ages and physical abilities.

    In our case, we showed there when the water park is closed for maintenance, so if you're thinking of visiting, you might want to check its availability first.

    Clydesdale Park

    Clydesdale Park is a small sandpit in a Clydesdale precinct that is irrigated by a hydraulic pump which sends water cascading over rocks into the sand.

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