what are the rooftop bars in melbourne

What Are The Rooftop Bars In Melbourne?

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    While Melbourne is well-known for its laneways its street art, the city's wine bar scene is unrivalled. The journey upstairs has a little something for everyone, no matter what they're into, with its amazing food, great live music, and four elements in one day. Like Melbourne itself, the greatest rooftop bars in the city offer a winding tour through the cultural consciousness, complete with a multi - pronged approach to sipping and dining.

    The city has everything you might want, from rooftop bars to fine dining. Check out this top-notch compilation of rooftop bars in Melbourne as a means of easing daily burdens. Rooftop drinking is at least 20% more enjoyable than drinking in a bar or restaurant on the ground floor. The statement holds true. Go ahead and give it a shot. Get up on those steps or push that elevator button and see these magnificent treasures. A few of these are located in the city proper, but others offer excellent cityscape vistas from the neighbouring suburbs.

    FAQs Rooftop Bars In Melbourne

    Perched on the 3rd floor and also Melbourne’s 3rd oldest pub, the Imperial Hotel rooftop bar is located in the heart of CBD Melbourne and comes with a fantastic view over the Parliament House and the city skyline. Classic and modern waterhole for both locals and visitors.

    Undeniably the most exciting part of the QT Melbourne development has to be the huge indoor-outdoor split rooftop bar, appropriately named ‘The Rooftop’. It’s a sleek, elegant new addition to Melbourne’s bar scene that has a reputation for milk crates and astroturf.

    Melburnians love their rooftop bars, and with good reason! The city offers countless top venues for sipping drinks under a setting sun or starry night. From inner-city hotspots to scenic suburban haunts, Melbourne’s rooftop bar scene is something not to be missed.

    Rooftops have a way of cultivating a cool and cozy vibe that makes people want to gather and linger into late hours—but this means that guests can wait for two hours or more just to get in, the staff can end up serving hundreds of people for a long time.

    For a casual rooftop party, an appropriate tee and dressier pants, such as khakis, cotton shorts, or t-shirts, are the best options. A smart casual or casual outfit is most commonly worn to a bar. As the night wears on, you'll typically opt for smart casual attire.

    Rooftop Bars In Melbourne

    what are the rooftop bars in melbourne2

    Since there is no dearth of rooftop pubs and restaurants in Melbourne, residents and visitors alike may take advantage of the city's renowned warm weather while enjoying a drink and a view. To what extent do roofs vary in quality? bars in Melbourne?

    This all-inclusive guide offers everything you need to know about Melbourne's finest rooftop bars: Detailed instructions, including the venue's hours, dress code, and where to find it on several maps, are supplied. If you're searching for a chic rooftop lounge, an alfresco cinema theatre, or a busy terrace bar, Melbourne has something for you at every hour of the day or night. Here you can quickly and easily locate the best Melbourne rooftop bar for you.

    Naked In The Sky

    Take a photo of the ideal vista while sipping a shot of nude infused vodka in the open air. Don't resort to Mayfair or Valencia; instead, upload this 'naked' shot to Instagram. Your audience will love the genuine, #nofilter vibe you've created.

    Naked for Satan features both an interior restaurant on the ground floor and a rooftop bar called Naked in the Sky. Rooftop views from the fifth floor in Fitzroy are among the greatest in Melbourne, with sweeping vistas of the city centre. Enjoy a wide variety of wines , craft brews, as well as the infamous "Satan's Infused Vodka," in a hip and urban setting. Even though the restaurant serves heartier Australian fare, the terrace is stocked with delicious tapas.

    Rooftop Bar

    The most iconic rooftop bar in Melbourne It, as its name implies, is located on the roof.

    This popular hangout is seven stories high and features a breathtaking view of the city as well as a selection of tasty drinks. Additionally, they have a rooftop movie theatre where you can watch new blockbusters and cult classics throughout the warmer months. The regular bar will be closed during these hours, so make other plans accordingly.

    Rooftop Bar is on the top story of a building that also houses Mesa Verda, The Toff, and Cookie, three more popular bars. Since the buildings are connected by an elevator, we think a little bar crawl is in place.


    Siglo is an expert multitasker who goes out of his way to make everyone happy. You'll be taken care of whether you stop by for an Aperol Spritz and some sunshine on a sunny afternoon or for an extravagant party complete with caviar, cigars, and Champagne. If you want to avoid the Olympic-level competition that is finding a table by the window, the best time to visit is after midnight, when the after-work group has dispersed, the theatregoers have left, and the only people left are the night owls.

    The Grand Gunner is a potent nip made with two types of rum, fig with cinnamon bitters, nutmeg syrup, and frosted egg white.

    Siglo's renowned party pies can be found at the indoor bar, while refined bar bites can be enjoyed at your table. The marinated barbecued eggplant , Crust Armour salmon rillettes are like little gifts from old gay Paris; once you're ready for the main course, you can sit at the bar and get a cheap sarnie or a flaky spanakopita.

    Siglo, on Spring Street, is where all the cool people go. The wooden benches and patio furniture are encircled by a beautiful garden. St. Patrick's Abbey and Parliament House may be seen in the distance, providing a beautiful and calming backdrop to the lively and energising vibes. We are atop one of the most luxurious buildings ever restaurants in Melbourne.

    Rooftop At Qt

    We're a little partial, but we think the rooftop bar at the brand-new QT Hotel Sydney is the greatest in Melbourne. The hotspot, like its illustrious forebears, can be found smack dab in the midst of Melbourne.

    The atmosphere is lively and youthful, and the bar welcomes both hotel guests and outsiders. Cocktails with a late 1990s theme bring to mind a carefree time of alcohol, and the whole experience transports you back in time Melbourne experience.

    A modern and trendy rooftop bar, located at designer hotel QT Melbourne, centrally located within the urban area. Indulge in the panoramic views of Melbourne's skyline from the spacious rooftop patio. The Rooftop at QT is an indoor lounge and outdoor terrace that allows guests to enjoy curated cocktails and tasty bar bites, and it is open to the public seven days a week with an intricate yet relaxed atmosphere, perfect with after beverages on weekdays and also more colourful and stylish rooftop political vibes on weekend evenings complete with try living DJs and a trendy crowd.

    Doms Social Club


    Fun-having humans designed Doms Social Club. This three-story Italian eatery exudes a nostalgic, lived-in vibe and features a classic decor. Considering it didn't open until late 2020, this is quite an achievement.

    Take the stairs to level 3, and you’ll find their popular rooftop bar, complete with misters to combat Summer days. There’s a selection of tap beers, cocktails and three pages of wine -

    blended from both foreign and domestic stock.

    However, that's not all there is to see; the rooftop is just the beginning!

    The restaurant itself can be found on the ground floor, and it features an excellent menu with wood-fired pizza as the star. There is no Margherita pizza, but there are about seven other, more interesting options, most of them centred around meat.

    There's the pig cheek and pumpkin, as well as the "Pastrami & Marrow" (with a meat sauce). When you consider that Doms was created by the same people behind for Dexter, Melbourne's beloved'meat doughnut' BBQ restaurant, you can see why this is the case. Doms Social Club's second floor features a second bar and pool table, giving it a comfortable place to hang out for a while.

    Good Heavens Rooftop Bar

    There are hints of Miami in the air, what with the staff wearing floral-print shirts and shaking 80's themed cocktails while the cheerful locals dig into Tex-Mex-like dishes. Good Grief is a must this summer, since it combines the laid-back vibe of a beach cottage with the elegance of a six hotel lobby.

    Fable Melbourne

    Fly to Melbourne's highest rooftop bar, located 14 stories in the air. Enjoy a meal of Mediterranean small plates while gazing out at the city below. Myths and legends from all around the world served as inspiration for the one-of-a-kind drink menu.

    Try "The Birth of Venus" with vermouth, elderflower, and salted apple shrub. The grand opening is set for November 19th. If you're looking for a rooftop venue with a breathtaking view of Melbourne, go no further than Fable. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    Dine with friends or family in one of the cosy booths or at the bar. The menu features inventive takes on traditional Mediterranean fare. The energetic and experienced team at the helm of Fable ensures that every dining experience meets or exceeds worldwide standards by fostering harmony between the restaurant's food, drink, and service.

    Johnny’s Green Room

    A bright and beautiful Saturday finds Johnny's Greenroom bustling with activity. The King & Godfrey on Lygon Street in Carlton has been expanded with a rooftop bar. Café service, deli goods, and a fantastic range of European and indigenous wines are now available for takeout at the decades-old gourmet market, which had been closed for renovations for more than three years.

    A large and bright courtyard bar with a full bar, wine, cocktails, and nibbles can be found at the top of the elevators. With this new rooftop bar, Melbourne's original hospitality precinct is showing that it can compete with the CBD and Fitzroy.

    Canvas awning and umbrellas provide ample shade, and the soaring vistas of the city skyline can be seen in all directions save for the tops of the plane trees in Carton, which are at their peak in the summer. There are at least 3 hen parties here tonight, but with no ceiling or walls to reflect the noise, it feels more like a festive celebration than an oppressive one.

    The attractive folks of Carlton drink Aperol Spritzes from the tap while DJs play easy listening music in the background. If you're coming with a large party, you should definitely make reservations in advance because the location, which can hold up to 200 people, is always packed on the weekends. You can't have your friends join you at your table without reserving a large group area, even if there's room.

    Despite the influx of customers, the bartenders are working at lightning speed. From opening day on, they optimised the space for strong traffic flow. On Sunday afternoons, the atmosphere is much more relaxed, and people of all ages gather here to socialise and soak up the sun. All of the cocktails are new and exciting, although they range in quality. A cocktail made with tequila + falernum tastes primarily of lime, whereas the iconic K&G Spritz is a sweet yet herbaceous combination of Italian Amari, grapefruit, and prosecco.

    Peroni with Mountain Goat Steam lager are two of the more approachable beers on tap, while a Garage Project NEIPA and even a Sample Heart Orange Spritz, which feels like a melancholy Fanta shandy, round out the selection. Caprese salads with a rainbow of heirloom tomatoes are a popular appetiser, as are cheesy arancini balls topped with a flavorful tomato sauce.

    An alternative to the traditional breaded and fried eggplant parma is one in which the eggplant is baked over layers of salsa and melty cheese. Although the bright and sweet sauce makes up for the dish's lack of firmness, this mound of mushy eggplant is rather tasty. Italian grape types are the main emphasis of the wines produced in this region. Zilzie rosé on tap is quick, crisp, and sun-friendly because its acidity perfectly complements the sweetness of juicy strawberries.

    This Carlton watering hole is ideal if you enjoy Naked to Satan, the Imperial's rooftop, or attending the Australian Open. It's another proof that in 2019, this area can offer more than just inexpensive pasta to visitors.

    Heroes Karaoke & Rooftop Bar

    Heroes, a three-story funhouse full of vibrant colours and delicious snacks, can be found in the middle of the city. Enjoy a drink (or 10) on the upper level, or stay on the bottom floor for some excellent karaoke. You're having a fantastic time no matter what.

    Bomba Tapas Bar and Rooftop

    what are the rooftop bars in melbourne3

    Gather your pals and come rumba with me at Bomba! Indulge in the delicious flavours of authentic Spanish tapas. After you've cleaned your hands and satisfied your taste buds, choose from a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, including beer, cider, gin, brandy, whisky, and vermouth. Having a fancy cocktail with your friends might be a great way to take the indulgence to the next level.

    Enjoy the company of your friends while taking in the scenery and refuelling with some tasty bar food and drinks. The best of the group are the cheesy croquettes, the chorizo sliders, and the eggplant chips. In the event that the unpredictable Melbourne weather decides s change its colours, a flexible roof is ready and waiting.

    Loop Roof

    Found right in the heart of Melbourne, Overlooking the concrete jungle, Loop Roof is a veritable garden haven. The Loop Roof on the building's third floor, which first opened in 2013, has been joined with the Loop Top on the building's fourth floor during 2019, providing a two-story open-air sky space that is almost a "must-see."

    The terraces have bright and comfortable lounge furniture, amazing views out over city skyline, and are surrounded by a beautiful and exotic vertical garden.

    The retractable awnings plus heating system make it comfortable in any weather, while the delicate misting system cools the space on hot days. The cocktail, spritzer, beer, wine, and Champagne list at the Loop rooftop bar is extensive and imaginative. Miniature but delicious snacks like octopus strips and chicken grande are available to accompany the drinks.

    Loop Roof & Loop Top is the ideal place to enjoy exotic and refreshing drinks in a hip yet laid-back environment. Make sure you get there early enough to have a seat at the table, as the venue is both popular and not huge.


    After consuming 3000 hamburgers over the course of three years, Jimmy Hurlston founded the Burger Kingdom. Above the ground, on a roof. This burger joint beats any cool spot in town hands down. A railway car is securely fastened to the top of a building that is at least five floors tall. This is obviously not your everyday conveyance. This is the stage where train graffiti is highlighted. Just picture Hosier Lane on a train.

    With only burgers on the menu, Easey's makes it simple to indulge in a cheat meal. Choosing a seat in the Yamaha train carriage is the only difficult part of the trip, so be sure to reserve yours in advance. The burgers on the burger fanatic's menu are as melt-in-your-mouth delicious as they are simple to prepare. You really must get either the Too Easy or Simple Cheesy burger.


    Do you ever find yourself thinking, "Well, you're in luck?" Those looking for a sing-along, South Southeast Asian street cuisine, and rooftop drink fix can check out Heroes, a three-story venue from the people behind Fancy Hanks. Locate the lift behind the Bourke Street nitro ice-cream shop and you will have arrived at the promised land. There, a helpful gatekeeper can fill you in on what's happening up top.

    There is a private karaoke area on the ground floor, complete with warehouse windows overlooking the street, silver tinsel drapes, a projection screen for your songs, and the only restrooms in the building. Ten people are required to reserve it, and the cost is $40 per person, so get your act together in advance if you want to do a musical number.

    Skewers of duck heart, chicken, and eggplant are charring on the second floor grills. Place your order and make payment at the kitchen counter, then take a seat one of the top tables grouped together under a ceiling adorned with Chinese New Year flowers. The space has a prom-like atmosphere thanks to the disco ball's gentle shimmers across walls covered with Asian kitsch.

    A majority of the available dishes are bite-sized, basic, and meat-centric; they work best as snacks rather than main courses. Szechuan brisket cubes served on a dish lack the trademark heat and fragrant spice for which the cuisine is known. In this case, the sambal with seafood is the better option. For lunch today, we have stingray, which has been rubbed with an aromatic paste before being grilled, and which is accompanied by a lime and fermenting shrimp sauce.

    There are a variety of beers to choose from, from light Asian microbrews on tap to the more complex Wolf of the Brook India Saison in a bottle. A chenin from Western Australia does what they want it to, all smooth and unchallenging, while the Adelaide foothills rosé on tap is lively and easy to drink.

    The rooftop has brightly coloured plastic furniture and fluorescent tubes that reflect off of the high, white walls, giving the area the feel of an adult crèche. Although a twist on the Asia Sling has all the makings of a tropical delight, the elements never quite come together . A delectable rye whisky and Campari mix is artfully garnished with candles for a slow-burning aroma, while a cozy drink of apple pie liquor and chai is earthy and soothing. When taken as a whole, Heroes comes off as muddled. However, the muddled state of affairs is entertaining, and you and your friends will have a fantastic time if you manage to book the karaoke room. Get blitzed to clear the airways, fill your tanks with meats on sticks, and fight like a man.

    Suburban Dining + rooftop

    Suburban Dining + Rooftop is found at the Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, a suburb east of Melbourne CBD.

    There's a dining, a public bar, a patio with private dining areas, and, most of all, a lush and magnificent rooftop bar, all spread out over three storeys. Actually, you won't find another rooftop beer garden between here and Melbourne.

    The rooftop bar and restaurant offers light bites and a wide selection of beverages, while the adjacent eatery and public bar serve hearty seasonal fare.

    Savour the finest alcoholic beverages the Victorian era has to offer. Pair your meal of halloumi buns or a cheeseboard with a local craft beer from the Public Brewers Co. or the hemp-based Maku, the specialty cocktail "Smoked Passion Margarita," or a classic "Negroni."

    The Suburban rooftop is a terrific place to enjoy sunny, pleasant, and lush alfresco food and drinks at any time of day, but on summer weekends, they host a lively and bottomless brunch. The weekly "Disco Saturdays" dance party is followed by the Sunday "Soul Sessions," where you may enjoy live music, good conversation, and an endless supply of spritzes from noon to two.


    The views from the rooftop bar at Fitzroy's fifth level are some of the best in Melbourne. Wine, beer, and the fabled "Satan's Infused Vodka" are all available at Naked for Satan, which has a restaurant and bar on both the ground level and the roof. All the hip people hang out at Siglo, which is located on Spring Street. Mixing two kinds of rum, fig with cinnamon bitters, nutmeg syrup, and frosted egg white, the Grand Gunner is a strong nip. When it comes to rooftop bars, Melbourne can't compete with the new QT Hotel Sydney.

    The Rooftop @ QT is a bar and lounge with an indoor and outdoor space, serving up speciality drinks and bar snacks. The upstairs of Doms Social Club has a second bar and a pool table, making it a pleasant spot to spend some time. A new rooftop bar has been added to the King & Godfrey on Lygon Street in Carlton. More than three years had passed since the gourmet market, which had been closed for decades, reopened. The capacity of Johnny's Greenroom is 200, and on the weekends it is always at capacity.

    There is always a diverse crowd here on Sunday afternoons, enjoying the sunshine and making new friends. Caprese salads using a wide variety of colourful heirloom tomatoes are really tasty. The K&G Spritz, made with grapefruit juice, prosecco, and Italian amaro, is a classic cocktail known for its sweet and herbal flavours. Two stories up, you can take in breathtaking vistas of Melbourne from the Loop Roof and Loop Top. There isn't a hipper place in town than Easey's burger establishment.

    Loop Roof's cheese croquettes and chorizo sliders are the best of the bunch. The team behind Fancy Hanks brought us Heroes, a three-story club. Guests can enjoy their own private karaoke room on the ground floor, replete with windows that look out onto the street from an old warehouse. The soft shimmers of the disco ball give the room a prom-like mood. Located on the top floor of the Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, is where you'll find Suburban Dining + Rooftop. In addition to a full restaurant and bar, a lounge, a patio with separate dining sections, and a spectacular rooftop bar, this establishment has everything you could want.

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    • Find the perfect Melbourne rooftop bar for you right here.
    • All the hip people hang out at Siglo, which is located on Spring Street.
    • The rooftop bar of the chic QT Melbourne hotel, well situated in the city's hip Southbank neighbourhood.
    • The Rooftop at QT is an indoor lounge and outdoor terrace serving curated cocktails and tasty bar bites, open to the public seven days a week with an intricate yet relaxed atmosphere, ideal for after-work drinks during the week and more colourful and stylish rooftop political vibes on weekend evenings, complete with try live DJs and a trendy crowd.
    • Doms Social Club was created by folks who know how to have a good time.
    • A new rooftop bar has been added to the King & Godfrey on Lygon Street in Carlton.
    • If you're in Carlton for Naked to Satan, the rooftop at the Imperial, or the Australian Open, this bar is a must.
    • If you're looking for a cool, chill spot to enjoy some exotic beverages, look no further than Loop Roof & Loop Top.
    • Check out Heroes, a three-story venue from the same creators behind Fancy Hanks, if you're craving a sing-along, South Southeast Asian street cuisine, and drinks on the roof.
    • Warehouse windows face the street from the ground floor, where you'll find a private karaoke room with silver tinsel drapes, a projection screen for your songs, and the only bathrooms in the building.
    • Although a new take on the Asia Sling has all the potential to be a refreshing tropical drink, it falls short.
    • But the confusion is funny, and you and your friends will have a great night if you are able to reserve the karaoke room.
    • dining on a suburban rooftop
    • Located on the top floor of the Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, is where you'll find Suburban Dining + Rooftop.
    • Over the course of three stories, guests can enjoy the restaurant's varied dining options, a lively public bar, a terrace with separate private dining rooms, and, most impressively, a lavish and majestic rooftop bar.
    • Between here and Melbourne, you won't find another rooftop beer garden."
    • On summer weekends, the Suburban hosts a boisterous and bottomless brunch, but any time of day is great for enjoying the rooftop's sunny, comfortable, and lush alfresco dining and drinking.
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