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What Are The Nail Salons In Melbourne?

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    Wondering where to get new nail art but not sure where to start? Melbourne is teeming with creative types, so you'll have no trouble finding an outlet for your own imagination here. But how do you select which of the city's numerous manicure salons to choose? Find the top nail salons in the area right here! Melbourne you need to visit.

    Manicured nails are the norm these days, and everyone notices. There wasn't a naked nail in the house during New York Fashion Week, with nails decked out in everything from bold nail art to subtle nudes and pastels , sharp-edged stiletto claws.

    It's true that we enjoy giving ourselves a DIY mani after watching The Bachelorette, but let's be honest: we're more than willing to outsource that task, even if it means paying someone else to make sure our right hand nails look as amazing as our left.

    FAQs Nail Salons In Melbourne

    Melbourne Nails now nails. Whether you prefer acrylic or Shellac, SNS or a simple manicure, the team will shape, buff and polish your nails to perfection. Are your hands or feet in need of TLC, head straight over to Polished, Melbourne CBD. This award-winning nail salon has everything you need.

    We’ve searched the city, and hand-picked a selection of the best Melbourne nail salon deals offering a range of manicure and pedicure services – all you need to do is choose your favourite, book online, and turn up for your appointment. The whole process couldn’t be easier. Need more information?

    Sitting pretty on High Street in Armadale, Missy Lui is a breath of fresh air in the Melbourne manicure scene. Think white walls, hanging plants, blonde timber, and chairs that would look more at home in the pages of Vogue Living than your regular nail bar.

    If you're looking to get your nails done at one of the best nail salons in Melbourne, the team at MONSTERA has you sorted. Offering gel, acrylics, shellac, SNS, and spa nail treatments, there is something to suit every nail preference.

    A podiatry pedicure in Melbourne is incredible value as a 30 minute session is the same as a podiatry consultation fee. The range for a podiatry consultation is between $90 and $120.

    Nail Salons In Melbourne

    what are the nail salons in melbourne3

    The proper mani-pedi can make or break an otherwise well-put-together appearance. Therefore, whether you're in the market for a simple buff, cuticle oil, and polish, or long acrylics with zany and vivid nail art, these are the tools for the job Melbourne salons are keen to turn your nails into works of art. 

    Trophy Wife

    Nail art and other beauty services may be found all in one place at Trophy Wife. You may relax and be pampered in style at the "anti-salon salon," which features a variety of works by local artists and a unique decor. The Richmond-based coworking space Trophy Wife is home to a variety of beauty professionals, including makeup artists, hairstylists, and more.

    Additionally, Trophy Wife offers cruelty-free alternatives to all of their services. Trophy Wife is a manicure salon that specialises in intricate designs for your nails. If no one on the menu interests you, nevertheless, feel free to make a special request!

    Chelsea Bagan opened her salon in 2010 after years of dabbling in the nail business as a side gig. While they do offer traditional manicures, their specialised nail art is the real draw. Everything from tiny strawberries and intricate calligraphy to sparkly animal designs and intricate constellations is within Chelsea and her team's capabilities. Pick a template or get creative with your own pattern; either way, it's sure to be a hit on Instagram.

    Elizabeth Nails And Beauty

    At Elizabeth Nails and Beauty, you may get professional nail care at a reasonable price in a soothing setting. The technicians work quickly and effectively to give you the best nail treatments in the neighbourhood.

    They use medical-grade practises throughout all of their treatments, prioritising your comfort and health above everything else. They offer everything from simple glitter drawings to nail art with attached stones. They are also committed to always learning and implementing new strategies.

    High strength and high and strip waxes, along with disposable applicators and pre- and post-wax lotions, are used to ensure a smooth, hair-free appearance. To top it all off, they work tirelessly to deliver service that is both helpful and pleasant.

    The Deluxe

    Miss Fox is your small piece of heaven if you hate crowded manicure salons with bad lighting and questionable sanitation. On the second floor of a building on Little College Street, women can enjoy a wide variety of spa treatments, from spray tanning to facials, lash implants to waxing.

    Although the services at The Nail Bar are more expensive than average, we believe you are deserving of the investment because of the tranquil atmosphere, attentive treatment, and expert advice from our nail technicians. Choose from the super-luxe Signature Spa Nail, which includes exfoliation and a wonderful massage, or the more affordable Classic Mani with locally created vegan polish.

    If your nails are prone to chipping as mine are, long-wear gel is the way to go. You can choose from two different types of gel, Artistic Colour Gloss and Bio Contour Gel, which both nourish and protect your nails without causing any damage.

    Miss Fox

    Miss Fox Spa is the place to unwind with a personalised, expert manicure from their skilled staff. This salon, found in the centre of Melbourne's commercial district, is renowned for its highly trained stylists and friendly, professional staff. The crew takes great pride in always observing the strictest of cleanliness and quality control measures. Furthermore, you need not worry about Miss Fox if you are concerned about the potentially dangerous substances found in conventional nail products. The trained professionals only use cruelty-free, "10-free" polishes from Kester Black, so you can rest easy. This method eliminates the ten most dangerous compounds often present in nail polish. This spa in the Central Business District is ideal for relaxation, as it offers both standard and deluxe treatments.

    Sparkling Diamond Nail Salon

    The Sparkling Diamond Nail Salon is Melbourne's most eco-friendly and health-conscious nail salon. A variety of services, including manicures, pedicures, OPI nail polish, and even a private waxing and tinting room, are available.

    When performing a manicure, pedicure, or application of fake nails, they only utilise the most advanced procedures and the finest supplies available. They also have a wide selection of nail paints. Every single one of their employees is dedicated to giving service that is better than what the customer has come to expect.


    If you're looking for more than just a manicure salon in St. Kilda East, go no further than Beautyologist. Cosmetic procedures such as facials, makeup preparations, laser therapy, massage, laser rejuvenation, spraying tinting, eyelash lifts and tint, waxing, facial injections, and facial tattooing are all included here. They provide a variety of nail care services including nails, clinical pedicures, foot soaks and massages, and gel nails.

    Super Rad Nail Sisters

    Rohani and Rosalie Osman are two talented sisters with backgrounds in fine art, textiles, animation, and illustration. Thus, they resolved to utilise their artistic skills on the miniature canvases that are fingernails. They visited London and returned back with a pocketful of nail polish, which they used to launch Super Rad Nail Sisters. You should get your hair and makeup done by this amazing pair if you're looking for patterns as well as designs that are a little bit quirky and bold.

    Missy Lui’s Nail Salon

    The Armadale nail salon Missy Lui's uses only organic, non-toxic products. They are particularly concerned with providing treatments that will not harm your nails when the polish is removed. Missy Lui's Nail Salon provides comprehensive nail care to meet your every requirement.

    They have you covered if you need a quick treatment in 15 minutes or a full Japanese manicure that takes an hour to restore the nail health. Using cruelty-free products like Kester Black, Sparkle Dry, and ZOYA, the staff will make sure your nails look and feel better when you leave than when you came in.

    Absolutely Polished

    absolutely polished nails

    Polished offers top-quality service to its clients in the Melbourne area.

    Nail art is a speciality of the competent and pleasant staff at this salon. They only use the finest materials and polishes on your nails.

    The staff's collective objective is to make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated after your visit to the salon. The styling services they provide are second to none in both quality and expertise. In addition, they work hard to have the friendliest and most professional staff in the business.

    Collins Nail Boutique 

    Pay attention, women of CBD. A trip to the nail salon during lunchtime is highly recommended. The Collins Nail Boutique draws motivation from the worldwide community of powerful and accomplished female entrepreneurs. It provides a comprehensive range of beauty services and is tailored to the needs of today's working women.

    Included in this category are services such as SNS Healthy Nails, Luxurious Pedicure with Shellac, Deluxe Shellac Mani, Nail Art, Waxing, Eyelash Extensions, and Tinting. Did we mention the staff is among the most welcoming you'll find anywhere in town? That's the end of the story.

    Miss Nail Bar

    Miss Nail Bar recognises that it might be challenging to maintain a routine or make plans when there are so many other activities happening on in one's life, thus it is a walk-in or call-ahead just nail salon. Manicures begin at about $30, making them affordable even on a tight budget.

    The salon is located right near South Melbourne

    Spend some time roaming the market and then call ahead to let you knows when they're ready for you.

    When you need faultless walk-in treatment, look no further than Miss Nail Bar, a trendy concept salon. The South London Markets are home to a colourful, innovative salon that provides economical, eco-friendly services in a hurry.

    There is presently no way to schedule an appointment in advance, but if you need one quickly, you need look no further. Miss Nail Bar's colourful interior and welcoming staff make it the ideal spot for a low-key girls' day out on the weekend.

    Crown Spa

    Crown Spa, located in Melbourne's Crown Towers, may be the answer to your search for opulence. With a La Prairie vip manicure or pedicure, you may kick up your feet and unwind as as hands (or feet) are exfoliated and a mask is applied to prevent the signs of ageing.

    If your hands could use some extra TLC before a special event, this 2-hour treatment is the perfect way to spoil yourself. Consequently, if you're in the market for a luxurious experience, a visit to the Crown Spa is a must.

    The Bargain

    The Salon at Beauty EDU's urban campus is perfect for those who are looking into the beauty industry on a more modest budget than champagne. Although it is a gym (and co-owned by the immaculately groomed Bec Judd), no one can beat the prices at this establishment, which appears more like a luxury spa.

    You can get your hands done in 30 minutes for only ten dollars with our Express Mani, or spend an hour being pampered at our Spa Manicure for only twenty dollars. The remaining funds can then be used to purchase a six-pack.

    Goddess Of Nails And Beauty

    If you're out and about in the city shopping and realise it's been a while since you last got your nails done, this salon is conveniently located near many of the stores you'll be visiting. This QV salon, found on the building's top floor, provides manicures in addition to other treatments including spray tanning and massages. There are options for advanced booking, such as making a phone call, but typically you can just walk in.

    Downtown Nail Spa

    How about a thorough cleaning and polishing for twenty bucks? The great selection of colours with glitters at Downtown's low prices is just a bonus. The people of Adelaide have been trusting these seasoned professionals to give them gorgeous nails and toes for over six years, so you know they're pros.

    Your toes are just as deserving of TLC as your fingers, so for just $20 you may choose between a deluxe mani, a shellac mani, or a deluxe Pedi. Regardless of the event, these ladies have their nails covered.

    Blonde Tiger

    You should visit Blonde Tiger in Hawthorn if you feel like the standard foot soaks at manicure salons aren't helping your feet's problems. Owner provides clinical pedicures, which include a comprehensive consultation about your feet's health and issues, a variety of treatments, and a final polish.

    Reconstructing broken toenails or treating dry feet with callus reduction therapy are other operations that might be added. You'll leave with polished, soft, healthy feet and more than just the polish.

    The Super-Rad Nail Sisters

    Sisters own and run The Super-Rad Nail Sisters, which offers both traditional nail care and unique nail art. Nail art is their speciality at the Osman's shop in Collingwood. The Super Rad Nail Sisters can give you everything from a simple french tip to a custom design painted directly onto your nail.

    You have the option of selecting a design from their extensive catalogue, or coming up with your own. Every one of their unique designs is topped off with a high-quality manicure, which the sisters say is another point of pride. This way, you know your creative touch will last as late as necessary.

    Monstera Nails And Spa

    what are the nail salons in melbourne

    Monstera Nails and Spa, conveniently located in St. Kilda, provides an extensive selection of nail and cosmetic services. This spa has a stellar reputation thanks to the helpful and pleasant staff they employ.

    Monstera Nails and Spa is a one-stop-shop for all your nail care needs because they offer acrylic, filler, and SNS procedures. This salon provides a high standard of care without requiring customers to drive into the central business district (CBD). St. Kilda is home to one of Melbourne's most acclaimed nail salons.

    The Green Ones

    Nail salons like the one that sits elegantly on High Street n Armadale bring a new vibe to the manicure industry in Melbourne. Consider a nail salon that looks more like it belongs in Vogue Living than any other, with white walls, hung plants, blonde wood, and chic chairs. You understand roughly what's going on. Because you care about your hands and nails' long-term health and beauty, you use only the safest, most all-natural products available.

    There's an Express Manicure that takes just 15 minutes, as well as Classic and Luxe Manicures that take 30 and 45 minutes, respectively, and a Japanese Manicure that takes an entire hour. Even though we were first dismayed that sashimi serve wasn't involved, this still sounds absolutely divine.

    Consider a pampering session where your hands are soaked in a warm solution of sea salt and oils before being exfoliated, cuticles are removed, nails are shaped and polished, tension is relieved with a soothing hand massage, and cuticles are treated to a nutritious hydrating treatment. Beeswax is used as a base, and then the nails are buffed with pearl rock powder. Even though you won't be applying lacquer to your nails, you'll be delighted to tolerate the lack of polish because of how beautiful and attractive your nails will be.


    It's true that St. Kilda is home to a plethora of nail salons, but this one is exceptional for a number of reasons. To begin with, there is an incredible variety of hues and goods to pick from. It's also worth noting that the painters have exceptional skill and can create stunning and complex nail art. Last but not least, there are the jaw-droppingly cheap pricing. Both the mani and pedi and the nail art are inexpensive at $50. You can't beat those costs if you're trying to look fabulous on a tight budget.

    Q&H Nails

    One of our favourite new aesthetic spots is Q&H Nails, a tiny nail bar tucked away in the Royal Arcade. What's the cause of this? Use organic gel, please. Not only had we not heard of it before, but now that we do, we are making sure everyone knows about it.

    Organic gel nails are a new sensation for those accustomed to Shellac or standard gel manicures. After having your nails meticulously polished, they will be dipped into a coloured powder. You will then be dipped in a glossing solution. You may start to worry about the dull look of your nails after witnessing this peculiar procedure. To put your mind at ease, a final layer of high gloss paint is applied. And the best part? There is no exposure to harmful UV light, and the drying procedure is straightforward. When you're done, your fingernails dry in an instant.

    What's more, we've heard that removing organic gel is far less of a hassle and gentler on the nails. We just got our varnish put on, so check in with us in a couple of weeks.

    Salome Nail Salon

    Salome Nail Salon's primary service is an organic, non-toxic manicure without compromising on the salon's usual, high-quality, expert standards. Salome, a nail salon with a prominent position on Brighton's Church Street, is known for its innovative and creative nail art.

    The salon has an in-house gallery for you to peruse as their skilled nail technicians work their magic on your fingertips, transforming them into miniature masterpieces. Even if you're not in the urge for nail painting, Salome's wide selection of one-of-a-kind hues guarantees you'll leave with a manicure that's as individual as you are. This Brighton gem consistently impresses with its friendly staff, beautiful interior design, and high quality of service.

    The Cray Cray

    If you want to display your national pride, you may buy a jar of Vegemite or a crazy cat lady flag. However, Scream Nails in Blackburn is the place to go if you want statement nails. Just keeping up with the routine Melbourne thing

    Celia Cecchi, a veritable "nail queen," opened a pop-up shop in Collingwood two years ago before settling down to stay. Collaborations with major local fashion and style labels like Kit and Sportsgirl have resulted in a thriving business.

    You might run into one of the twenty members of the Its Scream Nails crew at a local event if you can't make it out to the studio. Keep a watch out for their state-of-the-art, pedal-powered Nail Art Bike, which is essentially a mobile nail salon.

    Jet Nail Bar

    The best place to have your nails done in Brunswick is at Jet Nail Bar. Every one of their clients receives service of the highest possible standard from their team of highly trained professionals. The salon's vast list of regulars is a testament to its excellent service, which has earned it widespread acclaim. When it comes to beauty, nails are Jet Nail Bar's forte, however they do provide other services.

    Whether you want a traditional French tip something more modern, like an ombre, the staff can accommodate. With a convenient location in the heart of Brunswick and top-notch service in every respect, Jet Nails is a clear market leader.

    Japan Nails

    The strange, quirky, and wonderful may all be found at Japan Nails. There is nothing "special" about this. There is no seriousness in our intent. The folks at Japan Nails have ya covered whether you want a bunny engraved on your nail or diamond diamonds sprinkled all over your cuticles. This location oozes originality on every level. What you left the salon with isn't your typical mani-pedi, but it'll make you happy in a whole new way. Get a new set of multicolored unicorns painted on the ends of your fingers instead of the boring matte black nails that were so last year. To the contrary, we dare you. There's also Blonde Tiger on Collingwood and Super Mad Nail Sisters in Fitzroy.

    La Chiq

    Located in the Prahran neighbourhood, La Chiq is run by a kind family. Prices are affordable, with a complete SNS set including extensions costing as little as $40. This salon provides not only nail care but also waxing, extensions for both nails and lashes, and more. Visitors can simply walk in; reservations are accepted but not required.


    Salons offering nail art services in Melbourne are eager to cater to your artistic whims. These spas and salons provide a wide variety of services, from basic glitter drawings to detailed calligraphy. Nail art and other beauty services are the main focus at both Elizabeth Nails and Beauty and Trophy Wife. Check out some of our top picks for green and healthy remedies. Super Rad Nail Sisters is run by Rohani and Rosalie Osman.

    Missy Lui's, located in Armadale, only offers organic, non-toxic nail care services. When you need a high-quality service in the Melbourne area, look no further than Absolutely PolishedPolished. A fast, affordable, and environmentally responsible nail salon can be found at the South London Markets. You and your girlfriends will feel right at home at Miss Nail Bar, with its bright decor and friendly service. If you're looking for luxury, Crown Spa could be the place for you.

    At the Super-Rad Nail Sisters, you can get everything from a basic french tip to a one-of-a-kind pattern painted right onto your nail. When you have a professional pedicure from Blonde Tiger, you'll get a full consultation concerning the condition of your feet. There is a wide variety of nail and beauty treatments available at Monstera Nails and Spa. Nail salons are many in St. Kilda, but this one stands out for several reasons. At just $50, the manicure, pedicure, and nail art are a steal.

    When it comes to looking amazing on a budget, you simply can't top those prices. Those who are used to Shellac or traditional gel manicures will find that organic gel nails are a refreshing change. Easy drying without exposure to potentially dangerous ultraviolet light is possible. Nail salon Salome, located on Brighton's busy Church Street, is renowned for its avant-garde designs. In Brunswick, you can get the best manicure at Jet Nail Bar.

    In the future, be on the lookout for their cutting-edge, pedal-powered Nail Art Bike. There's also Super Mad Nail Sisters in Fitzroy, and Blonde Tiger on Collingwood.

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    • "Trophied" Spouse Visit Trophy Wife if you're looking for a one-stop-shop for nail art and other cosmetic services.
    • If you're looking for a nail salon that specialises in elaborate designs, go no farther than Trophy Wife.
    • A manicure from the trained professionals at Miss Fox Spa is the perfect way to unwind.
    • When it comes to nail salons in Melbourne, the Shining Diamond is your best bet for a clean environment and a focus on customer wellness.
    • In St. Kilda East, Beautyologist is your best bet if you want more than just a manicure.
    • Get all the nail care services you could ever want at Missy Lui's Nail Salon.
    • Look no further than Miss Nail Bar, a hip new concept salon, for flawless walk-in service.
    • Crown Spa, found in Melbourne's Crown Towers, could be the luxurious experience you've been looking for.
    • To that end, a trip to the Crown Spa is obligatory if you're looking for a truly exquisite experience.
    • What do you think about a twenty dollar deep cleaning and polishing?
    • If you find that regular foot soaks at nail salons aren't alleviating your foot pain, you should check out Blonde Tiger in Hawthorn.
    • Women with Extremely Cool Nails
    • The Super-Rad Nail Sisters is a family-owned and operated business conducted by sisters.
    • One of Melbourne's best nail salons can be found in St. Kilda.
    • Your fingernails will dry in a flash after you're done.
    • But if you want to make a statement with your nails, Scream Nails in Blackburn is the place to go.
    • In Brunswick, you can get the best manicure at Jet Nail Bar.
    • Japan Nails is a place where you can find the fantastic, the unusual, and the odd.
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