where to find the best biryani in melbourne

Where To Find The Best Biryani In Melbourne?

Culture diversity in Australia is often cited as the reason for the country's distinctive past. So many delicious dishes can be created as a result of this intriguing truth.

Discover Australia's attractions while dining on delicious local fare and international favourites. Try some of Melbourne's finest Indian and Pakistani restaurants, including some of the city's finest Biryani. A wide variety of restaurants and pubs are conveniently located here, so you'll never go hungry.

Check out this guide for the finest spots to find Biryani in Australia so you can eat, relax, and take in the sights. Indulge in some of Melbourne, Australia's finest Biryani at these restaurants.

FAQs About Melbourne

  • Hotel Shadab. Hyderabad, India. 
  • Cafe Bahar. Hyderabad, India. 
  • Bawarchi. Hyderabad, India. 
  • Paradise. Hyderabad, India. 
  • ITC Kohinoor. Hyderabad, India. 
  • Sarvi. Hyderabad, India. 
  • Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant. Hyderabad, India. 
  • Jaffer Bhai's Delhi Darbar. Mumbai, India.

The most famous Biryani in India, this variant is indeed every Biryani lover's favourite. The Dum method is used in the preparation, which infuses the correct flavours in the rice and meat.

In Biryani, you can't beat Lucknow. It's the yakhni, the way they cook it, it's just yummy. Hyderabadi Biryani is very heavy and a lot spicier. Lakhani is very smooth and gives you a cleaner stomach.

Momeni Biryani or Kutchi Biryani, derived from Pakistan Sindh Biryani, is one of India's spiciest varieties of Biryani. It comes from the Muslim dominated, Gujarat-Sindh region of the country.

The Biryani is a meal in itself. Served usually with raita or gravy by the side, like a salad that tastes great with the meal. Pickled onions and cut cucumbers are served along with the biryani meal. Biryani is a special weekend meal made on Sunday afternoons for lunch in many households.

Biryani House

biryani house

This modern restaurant is perfect for a quiet evening out with friends experience all focused on the food! The varied, savoury food and ample serving sizes will more than satisfy your hunger. The King Street Food or the Hoppers Crossing Menu, respectively, will be given to you at your chosen location. Vegetarian food, lamb dishes, and Chinese made in the style that India are just some of the various alternatives available. It's worth it to go out and find something to eat.

Biryani Palace

The Biryani Palace is a cutting-edge, clean restaurant where you can get some of the greatest biryani in the city. This restaurant consistently receives high praise from its regulars for its excellent service and delicious meals. It's not surprising that this eatery has received so many positive comments. Try their special if you're seeking for a hearty meal to satiate your hunger during lunchtime experience synonymous with Indian food.

Biryani Mahal

Biryani Mahal is a delightful restaurant where you can eat authentic Indian food in a modern setting. Biryani and chai samosa are just a couple examples of the delicious food that can be sampled here. Their dum Biryani has received rave reviews for being perfectly prepared and stuffed with delicate chunks of beef. Wow, it sounds delicious!

Bonfire Cafe Pakistani Restaurant

The Bonfire Café is a cosy eatery serving traditional Pakistani cuisine. It's no wonder there are always so many hungry customers at this restaurant because the cuisine is so good and the service is so kind. Customers' comments frequently emphasise the importance of a spotless environment. In addition, internet ordering allows customers to have the food brought directly to their homes.

Aangan Indian Restaurant

Do you long for a relaxing setting that celebrates Indian culture? If so, you're going to love Aangan Indian Restaurant. This restaurant has a great atmosphere, with modern touches added to the traditional Indian design. Get ready for a taste of India unlike any other, able by the high standard of the food produced here. There's a reason why everyone says this is the best Indian cuisine around.

Hyderabad Inn Indian Restaurant

The relaxed atmosphere at this Indian restaurant may be just what you need to savour each bite. Beautiful inside and out, this Barkly Street eatery is worth the trip just for the food. The dinner here is perfect because of the classy atmosphere. The dishes are sure to please with their deliciousness and attractive presentation. The masala dosa and Biryani both seem delicious. We guarantee that you will have a memorable time here.

Swadesh Indian Restaurant

swadesh indian restaurant

Be in a hip, modern, and fresh-looking Indian restaurant here in Melbourne!

The decor at Swadesh, an Indian restaurant, is particularly noteworthy. The delicious Biryani is just one option among several at this Indian restaurant. The coolness factor of the location is a huge plus. Check out the menu to see the variety of delicious options offered at this stunning restaurant.

Swadesh is a well-known and highly-recommended Indian eatery in the Beverly Huntley neighbourhood. The Hyderabadi Biryani and India strategic fare at this modest Indian eatery have made it a local favourite. Tell us what you thought of the food if you tried it here. This is not a fancy restaurant, but rather a cosy little cafe. We had a pleasant experience there, and not just because of the warm service we had and the delicious cuisine.

Palms Restaurant

The Palms Restaurant has received rave reviews for its welcoming atmosphere and great food. Take your time and soak up the posh atmosphere here. Vegetarians need not fear; dishes like veggie biryani and curry are available. Don't forget to order some of their world-famous pizza naan bread.

A popular multi Cuisine restaurant is featuring Chinese, Cuisines from both the southern and northern parts of India, as well as Malaysia, may be found at this Mount Waverley, Victoria establishment. The eatery, which first opened its doors in 1996, is known for its delicious specialities including Dosa, appam, fried rice, etc. The restaurant offers a live kitchen where you can watch as chefs prepare authentic dishes from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and India at separate counters. The café has a pleasant ambience and reasonable prices, so even those on a tight budget may enjoy the great food.

Lahore Biryani House Restaurant

Even though Lahore Biryani House is quite modest in size, it provides a wide range of delicious options. Try out this eatery if you're craving some authentic Indian or Pakistani cuisine. The relaxed atmosphere will provide for a pleasant meal, just what you need after a day of exploring Melbourne's top attractions on your own. The restaurant's location on a busy thoroughfare makes it convenient for patrons coming from a wide range of businesses. So relax with some delicious food at this eatery.

Jai Ho Indian Restaurant

The Jai Ho Indian Café is a popular destination thanks to its stylish interior and high-end menu. Try out the samosas and lamb kebabs, plus the classic biryani dishes when you visit here.

In several of the reviews of this establishment, the scrumptious sounding menu items are cited as a major selling point.

One of our most reliable sources just reported that the Indian food at Jai Ho in Richmond was better than they had imagined. This fine dining establishment is among the greatest Indian restaurants there in Richmond area, serving delicious, traditional dishes.

Pandus Indo Chinese Restaurant Melbourne

Dosa, idly, daal, biryani, and other traditional Indian dishes are also available. Pandus has excellent Indo-Chinese cuisine, and we highly suggest it. View some pictures of the Indo-Chinese food we enjoyed at Pandus.

Horn Please

Horn Please serves up food and decor as vibrant as the Holi celebration itself. You can choose from a wide variety of delicious curries and street foods and enjoy them with friends or on your own. For only $50 a person, diners can enjoy an assortment of entrees, lentils, rice dishes, naans, and desserts whenever the restaurant is not under lockdown.

Tandoori Den

Tandoori Den, located in Melbourne's east, has been a local institution since it opened in 1981, delivering dependably superb and authentic North Indian cuisine all the way up till 2021. There are many vegetarian alternatives, and tandoor bread is baked fresh daily, so you may want to rethink your low-carb diet after dining here.



You won't find better contemporary Indian cuisine anywhere else. Tonka combines the home cooking of Executive Chef Adam D'Sylva + Head Chef Hendri Budiman with global influences to create bold, flavorful dishes befitting a metropolitan restaurant. There are two tandoori ovens in the kitchen, where you can get your favourite naan and a wide variety of other little and large plates to share and graze on.

Mr Brownie

In 2021, Mr. Brownie has already established itself as a staple of the local community thanks to its four stories housing a pub, bar, and curry place. After the success of Mrs. Singh, Daughter In Law, and Horn Please, Jessi Singh decided to open this fantastic establishment. At, the venue becomes active night with the speakeasy-style bar A beer garden, rooftop bar, and pool table may all be found here. The hardest part is finding a good spot to set up camp, but once you're there, it's all about the beer.


The spirit of Fitzroy's Mukka is one of generosity. Giving and receiving love via the sharing of appetisers, salads, and main courses. Their samosas are consistently delicious, pani puris are the perfect crunchy snack, and the tandoori mushroom spears are a customer favourite. We think it's one of the top Indian restaurants in Melbourne.


We'll overlook the fact that Aagaman's cuisine technically incorporates Indian and Nepalese flavours. It's as vegan as it gets, with a dedicated staff of chefs ready to serve up some truly delectable vegetables. Don't just take our word for it—go and taste for yourself why this vegan restaurant is among the best in Melbourne.

Punjabi Curry Cafe

The Punjabi Curry Cafe, located on Johnston Street, is a family-run establishment known for its excellent food. They've been successful for over 15 years because to excellent meals and welcoming staff. The selection of dishes is sure to whet your appetite, but if you want to try a little bit of everything, we recommend ordering the vegetable plate to start. It comes with samosas, pakoras, onion bhaji, and aloo tiki. You're the one drooling, not us.

Bala Da Dhaba

Bala Da Dhaba, one of Melbourne's greatest local Indian haunts, is a local favourite. You hotheads who think you can tolerate heat should try the lamb vindaloo. Chicken makhani, cooked in a tandoor and flavoured with tomato, spices, and fenugreek, is a popular option for people who prefer a lighter meal.


Bhang is just the best Indian food in Melbourne, regardless of whether or not you have any dietary restrictions. We understand how difficult it can be to eat outside when your nutrition is restricted, which is why we've coded the entire menu with signs for vegetarians, vegetarians, coeliacs, and anyone with nut allergies. Bhang is a restaurant in India that focuses on customer service and provides the finest in contemporary Indian food cooked over charcoal and accompanied by a wide selection of alcoholic beverages. All of the infusions and syrups are created in-house, and they offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages.

Curry Cafe N 

Curry Cafe, a Northcote tradition, is a no-frills Indian restaurant in the middle of bustling Westgarth on High Street. Dishes like grilled Tikka or Tan chicken served with spicy yoghurt are prepared in the restaurant's charcoal tandoor and are available on the menu, which is simple to navigate. The pumpkin stew and the soft lamb Rogan Josh like Pasanda are just two examples of the many vegetarian and meat-based curry alternatives. You can get $10 curries at happy hour on Sundays from 6 to 7 p.m., and the garlic thyme Naan is a revelation. Curry Cafe Canteen is located on Jockey Road in Flemington, and is their second establishment.

Babu Ji

The George facility on Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda is now home to Babu Ji, who has brought the spicy flavours of traditional Indian cuisine with him. The historic structure has a modern, refreshing vibe thanks to its spare interior design and towering, whitewashed walls covered in paintings. Traditional and innovative curries alike may be found on the menu, with dishes like beef Madras truffle Korma and an exceptional butter chicken. Additionally, it is notable for being one of the top Indian restaurants in Brisbane that serves gluten-free naan bread.

Daughter In Law

Jessi Singh's name is required by law to be mentioned multiple times on any list of Melbourne's finest Indians. The Little Bourke Street staple's Punjabi chef is one of the few modern Indian pioneers in Australia, thanks to his deft manipulation of culinary and cultural clichés. The inside of the eatery is brightly coloured and hip. The menu, meanwhile, is a veritable tour de force of exotic tastes and concepts, with dishes like the aptly called "inauthentic butter chicken," which swaps out the traditional richness of butter, ghee, and oil for a blend of peppers, garlic, fenugreek, and ginger. Grilled giant prawns with pineapple, jalapeo chutney, yoghurt, kingfish fillet in cashew milk, and a flawless chutney platter with plenty of papadums and naan bread are all highlights. Taking a more contemporary approach to Indian cuisine, it is livelier and more energetic than the typical oily Indian CBD diner.

Milan At Kew

You've probably only discovered this gem by accident while perusing Uber Eats' menu, but the emphasis on authenticity and statistical procedures is on full display alongside dishes that are suitable for western palates. Just because Milan doesn't have a celebrity chef or a flashy decor doesn't imply they provide mediocre Indian takeout. Though the menu is rather typical, the emphasis on high-quality ingredients makes all the difference. All of the dishes, from the appetisers to the main courses, are prepared to an extraordinary standard.

Babu Ji

Without St. Kilda's Babu Ji, which is now available in New York and - formerly - San Francisco and is famous for something like the chef's freewheeling commitment to contemporary Indian, Jessi Singh would not have achieved his enormous dominance. Not only should the lamb korma nor Kerala fishing curry be celebrated, but so should the blue cauliflower and chickpea curry. There's a nice balance between hearty and lighter options on the menu, and each one is bursting with flavour. The odd crispy calamari with weapons and curry-mayo is a fan favourite. The $65 "meal for two" is the first thing savvy diners consider; it includes two standard curries, huge rice, three different naan bread, and a jug of house wine. The extensive menu is reason enough to revisit this excellent St. Kilda establishment.


Bonfire Cafe is a cosy restaurant that serves authentic Pakistani food. Because of the great quality of the cuisine produced in India, you're in for a culinary experience like no other. Swadesh is an extremely popular and highly regarded Indian restaurant in the Beverly Huntley area. Swadesh is well-liked by the neighbourhood thanks to its Hyderabadi Biryani and other India-inspired dishes. It has been said that the Palms Restaurant is warm and inviting, and that the food is excellent.

A broad variety of tasty dishes are available at the reasonably priced Lahore Biryani House. The trendy decor and upscale menu at Jai Ho Indian Café make it a popular hangout. We highly recommend Pandus for its delicious Indo-Chinese cuisine. Located in Melbourne's Fitzroy neighbourhood, Mr. Brownie is a pub, bar, and curry restaurant. It's regarded as one of the best eateries and bars in town.

The best in modern Indian cuisine grilled over charcoal can be found at Bhang, an Indian restaurant that prides itself on excellent service. Babu Ji has opened a restaurant in St. Kilda serving authentic, flavorful Indian food. One of the best Indian restaurants in Brisbane, Curry Cafe Canteen also offers gluten-free naan. As one of the few modern Indian pioneers in Australia, Jessi Singh deserves special recognition. The quality of the ingredients used is highly valued in Milan. Two regular curries, unlimited rice, a trio of naan breads, and a bottle of house wine is included in the $65 lunch for two at Babu Ji.

Content Summary

  • If that's the case, you should definitely check out Aangan Indian Restaurant.
  • Indian Cuisine at Swadesh Restaurant
  • Indian eatery Swadesh has a beautiful interior.
  • Lahore Biryani House may be little, but it packs a punch when it comes to flavour.
  • The Indian food at Jai Ho in Richmond was even better than one of our most trusted sources had hoped it would be.
  • In Fitzroy's Mukka, kindness and sharing are highly valued.
  • And if you're looking for the best Indian food in Melbourne, Bhang is your best bet, diet or no diet.
  • Babu Ji has relocated to the George building on Fitzroy Street in St. Kilda, bringing with him the spiciness of authentic Indian fare.
  • It is also notable for being one of the few Indian restaurants in Brisbane to offer gluten-free naan bread.
  • Jessi Singh's name must appear several times on any list of the best Indians in Melbourne.
  • Punjabi chef at the Little Bourke Street mainstay is one of the few modern Indian pioneers in Australia, thanks to his skilful subversion of stereotypes in both food and culture.
  • Jessi Singh could not have become so dominant without the restaurant Babu Ji in St. Kilda, which is now located in New York and once in San Francisco.
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