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What Are The Watch Shops In Melbourne?

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    Though the city is known for its coffee and culture, it also has some great wristwatches. It is why we have compiled a directory of all the Melbourne CBD Watch Stores. You can't go wrong with a Swiss watch, and Melbourne has some of the best watch stores in Australia.

    No matter what kind of timepiece you're after—new, used, or vintage—you can find it in the Victorian capital.

    It's for several reasons that Melbourne is considered Australia's fashion capital. Melbourne is home to a profusion of menswear stores and giant complexes selling the world's best brands for everything from suits and sneakers to luxury watches.

    After compiling a list of the greatest watch shops in Sydney, we now set our sights on the south Melbourne watch stores. So whether it’s your first Swiss piece or a luxury watch to mark a milestone, these are the Melbourne watch shops to be checking out for your next grand purchase.

    If you want your new timepiece to last as long as possible, it's a good idea to look into the top watch repairing & service shops in Melbourne once you've made your purchase.

    FAQs Watch Shops In Melbourne

    If you think you might make another watch purchase in the future, buying used watches can save you a significant amount of cash in the long run. In addition, you might be able to trade in the used watch for a generous discount. Collections Fine Jewellery is a leading destination for quality second-hand watches in Melbourne.

    Vintage Longines Conquest Rose Gold Plated circa 1960. At Collections Fine Jewellery, we’re proud to stock a wide range of quality second-hand watches in Melbourne. As an independent business with no single affiliation to any watch brand or house, we can be trusted to place the needs and wants of our customers above everything else.

    Choose the watch you want, from the manufacturer you want, all in one place. Unfortunately, some manufacturers depreciate much more than others from new to pre-owned—not good news if you bought new. Still, buying pre-owned opens up opportunities to afford far more exotic pieces than you would have otherwise expected.

    Hands. Although the hands don't seem like much, they're arguably the most important part of a watch. After all, it helps you read the time.

    Customarily, watches provide the time of day, giving at least the hour and minute, and often the second. Many also provide the current date, and some (called "complete calendar" or "triple date" watches) display the day of the week and the month as well.

    Watch Shops In Melbourne

    what are the watch shops in melbourne

    Whatever your interest—collecting, horology, or just the desire for a new timepiece—we have the timepiece for you, knowing the right stores to visit

    essential to making a smart purchase decision. The good news is that we have already done the legwork for you if you happen to be a Melbourne local.

    These are the top places to shop in Melbourne, Australia, from the chicest shops on Street West to the most dazzling department stores at Crown top watch shops to learn about and go see immediately. All the top names in high-end timepieces can be found in these trendy locales, and you might even stumble onto some truly unique antiques.

    Watches Of Switzerland

    A familiar and trusted distributor for luxury watches, The Melbourne watch store provides a service to customers that exemplifies why the brand has been successful for over two decades.

    They had Rolexes, Jaeger-LeCoultres, IWCs, and were the sole Australian distributor for A Lange & Söhne timepieces. Watches of Switzerland not only sells the aforementioned watches, but also offers after-sales care to keep their high-quality items running for as long as possible.

    Australia's Watches of Switzerland store was opened in 1996. The company has grown into Australia's premier official watch speciality retailer, stocking only the highest quality timepieces from Switzerland.

    This store is always striving to deliver the best selection of popular brands, including limited-edition items. Stores within shops sell luxury brands like A. Lange & Söhne, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, et Jaeger-LeCoultre at a boutique in Melbourne.

    The Hour Glass

    The Hour Glass, one of Asia's most prestigious luxury watch merchants, has over 40 stores in nine different cities, including Melbourne. Take the helm in promoting not only high-end timepieces, but horology as a whole, To watch enthusiasts and collectors everywhere, The Hour Glass aspires to be the preeminent cultural retail enterprise in the watch industry. They have more than fifty of the finest Swiss brands in stock at the moment.

    Since its inception, The Hour Glass has been committed to providing outstanding customer service and high-quality goods. The Hour Glass has the admirable goal of being the best watch store in the world, all the while uniting watch enthusiasts from all around the world to discuss their shared interest in timepieces. The Hour Glass has watches from over fifty different manufacturers, making it a strong contender for "best watch." shop Melbourne has to offer.

    You can find The Hour Glass on Collins Street, and they provide individualised service to all of their selective clientele. The Hour Glass has also set up shop in nine major Asian and Pacific hubs, and Melbourne is one of them. The Hour Glass is the authorised vendor of an exquisite selection of premium timepieces, making it a mecca for watch collectors and aficionados.


    A list of the best watch shops Melbourne Kennedy, it wouldn't be all that it could be. This store has a wide variety of the world's best-known labels and has a passionate dedication to providing exceptional service to each and every one of its clients. There have been regulars at the shop for over 40 years because of the quality of service they provide. Providing a vast selection of goods at competitive Melbourne shop

    It sells a variety of jewellery and accessories, but its timepieces are its bread and butter.

    In a fitting turn of events, Kennedy may be found in the midst of Crown Melbourne's glitz and glamour. The store is known as the go-to spot for carefully selected high-end timepieces, and its opulent gold facade further adds to the experience. The newly remodelled store also features VIP private salons dedicated to Patek Philippe, Cartier, and IWC timepieces. In addition, the shop is devoted to giving customers a genuine high-end boutique experience marked by its great customer care.


    Of course, you may visit one of the authorised Panerai boutiques on this list if you've set your heart on a Panerai chronograph, but going straight to the source would provide you with the greatest service. Panerai's first Australian outpost was on Collins Street.

    The Spanish architect responsible for the 60 sqm shop made sure it looked just like a Panerai watch. An enormous wall clock styled after a Panerai dial serves as the store's centrepiece.


    Any true horologist will tell you that a superb Swiss timepiece will always hold a special place in their heart. To best define Menards, think of a place that values quality, style, and craftsmanship. The Monards' staff has been in the business for over 20 years, so they have a deep understanding of their clientele and provide them with personalised service.

    Over 20 brands, including Omega, Vacheron Constantin, Breguet, and Piaget, are available at the Melbourne store, all of which are still owned by the original proprietor, Patricia Chiu.

    Menards has been serving customers for almost 20 years, so they know what they're doing. The family-run company has stores on the "Paris end" of Collins Street and in Crown, and it is known for its excellent selection of Swiss timepieces.

    8th Avenue Watches Co.

    8th Avenue Watches Co. is Australia's leading retailer of unique Swiss watches, and they carry a wide variety of timepieces—with one caveat: they must be of the highest possible quality. Located in Melbourne's The Plaza Shopping Centre, this watch shop boasts that customers are finally understanding that a timepiece represents more than just a functional accessory. Without a doubt, it is the case.

    The 8th Road Watch Co. is the best place to find unique timepieces produced in Switzerland. The astounding array of watches available at the multi-brand boutique is just one way in which the upscale shopping experience it provides is enriched. The expert team at 8th Avenue Watch Co. can guide you through the store's extensive collection of luxury watch brands like Corum, Bell & Murphy, Alpina, Victorinox Swiss Corps, Luminox, and Wenger.

    JR/Watch Co.

    jrs watch co

    At Melbourne International Airport, the newly renovated Terminal T2 retail zone is crowned with the chic JR/Watch Co. store. Its unique location allows those leaving Australia via Melbourne duty-free shopping for high-end timepieces. Omega, IWC, Jaeger, Chopard, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, and Tissot are just few of the luxury watch brands sold here.

    Watch time

    Watchtime has worked tirelessly to earn its reputation as one of Melbourne's and Australia's most dependable retailers of exquisite timepieces by paying close attention to detail, maintaining high standards of quality, and being completely forthright with its customers. Watchtime is a company that has been in business for over 25 years that deals in both new and used watches, with an emphasis on high-end modern and historical timepieces.

    Our watch boutique in Melbourne's historic Block Arcade has a servicing centre managed by a certified horologist, as well as a jeweller and watch-case restorer on staff with decades of combined experience.

    Watchtime is situated in the historic Block Arcade in Melbourne. The store specialises on high-quality modern and historical timepieces, and is one of the leading dealers of such items in Australia. Watchtime carries a wide variety of brands, including Hublot, Vacheron Swarovski, Maurice Lacroix, and Cartier, but the Rolex collection is what makes the store famous. So, if you're interested buy or sell any Rolex in Melbourne, Watch time is the place to go.

    LK Boutique

    Founded by husband-and-wife team Louis Kennedy and Martha Kennedy in 1968, LK Boutique has become a stalwart in the American watch industry. The modest shop, which has come a long way from its 1976 inception and is now one of the most reputable watch merchants in the country, boasts five distinct boutiques spread out around the country Sydney and Melbourne.

    The Melbourne boutique stocks everything from jewellery when it comes to accessories, but it's their timepieces that really stand out. Even the most picky horology snob will be able to find a timepiece to their liking amongst the wide variety of options available, including such illustrious names as Rolex and Patek Phillipe.

    Watch Trader

    Watch Trader, keeping with the concept of resellers, has been in the business of selling previously used watches for close to two decades. Watch Trader, located in Melbourne's historic Carlow House, features a relaxing customer salon where clients can peruse the available timepieces and negotiate the resale of their own. Because of this, the Watch Trader is home to some of the best pre-owned timepieces in Melbourne.

    If you're looking to buy, sell, or trade a pre-owned luxury watch in Australia, go no further than Watch Trader, the country's premier watch dealer. Despite the business doesn’t have a traditional store in Melbourne, Setting up a meeting at its Flinders Lane headquarters is simple. You may shop with confidence at Watch Trader because of the high quality of their customer service, recommendations, data, and safety features.

    European Watch Gallery

    The creator of European Watch Gallery is widely recognised as one of the world's foremost authority on Patek Pascal timepieces and possesses vast knowledge of other high-end brands, earning the company a reputation as one of the best sources for fine watches in Australasia. This Melbourne CBD watch store not only lives up to its stellar reputation, but manages to continually improve upon it.

    The new and pre-owned European timepieces at European Watch Gallery are the store's bread and butter. The store's display cases are stocked with a wide variety of high-end Swiss timepieces. The European Watch Gallery features timepieces from Rolex, Omega, Breitling, Panerai, IWC, Breitling, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Tudor.

    Vacheron Constantin

    Another luxury watch brand called Melbourne,Vacheron Constantin is the first luxury watch brand to set up shop in Australia. Its store, also on Collins Street, invites customers into the brand's world, where they can peruse the many watch lines and learn more about the company's storied past.

    This posh retailer has released a line of restored classic pieces from the Les Collectionneurs collection, in addition to their high-end, athletic, and Patrimony watch collections. Make sure you have an appointment before you walk in and book it on their website.

    The Watch Gallery

    what are the watch shops in melbourne2

    The Watch Gallery is an integral part of the Central Business District watch industry in Melbourne. For many years, customers on Collins Street have relied on the shop to supply them with the best secondhand timepieces money can buy. The Watch Gallery has made a positive impact on the city of Melbourne by introducing the magic phrase "pre-loved"  to the city's economy.

    The Watch Gallery is a great place to shop for pre-owned and antique timepieces in Melbourne. The dedicated merchant offers a constantly evolving selection of authentic pre-owned and new timepieces. Both men's and women's luxury timepieces, such as vintage Rolex and IWC, can be found here. If you're looking for something a little more out-there, you can also locate some very unique and bizarre items.


    Although Piaget watches can be purchased via authorised dealer Menards (listed below), the best place to get an authentic feel for the brand is at the company's Chadstone store A short trip out of Melbourne CBD, sure, This journey, however, will lead you to a luxurious store. In typical Piaget design, the boutique is opulently furnished with gold accents.

    Hardy Brothers

    Hardy Brothers, one of the oldest merchants of high-end timepieces, has a stellar relationship with the local watch industry. In 1853, John Hardy emigrated to Australia through England and opened a trading post in Jamison Street, Sydney. Eighty years later, in 2013, the company relocated to Hunter Street, where it remains today under the name Hardy Brothers.

    In 1918, Hardy Brothers established a storefront at 298 Downtown in Melbourne, expanding the company's reach into the Australian city. Unfortunately, it's not simple to create something that will last for generations. Hardy Brothers is well-known for its exceptional service, innovative store layout, and innovative designs.

    Hardy Brothers displays its Royal Warrant with pride because it was not easy to obtain. Omega, Breitling, Baume & Mercier, Ebel, Zenith, and Tag Heuer are just a few of the renowned Swiss watchmakers whose wares are available here.

    If you're in Australia and you're seeking for the greatest in timepieces and jewellery, look no farther than Hardy Brothers, which has been in business there since 1853. The store sells a wide variety of prestigious labels that are known all over the world. Hardy Brothers is well-known for its excellent service in addition to its illustrious history and extensive product range.

    Zaeger Diamonds & Watches

    The unwavering dedication of Zaeger Diamonds and Watches to its clientele is probably the single most essential factor in the distributor's continued success and, more crucially, renown. In addition to selling brand-new items, The Melbourne Watch store, located in Collins Street, provides shoppers with the utmost care and reliability. 

    The Watch Collector Co.

    Michael Chylinski, founder of The Watch Collector Co., gave up a promising dental career to pursue his true calling. The Watch Collector Co., found in Melbourne's central business district and open by appointment only, is a community dedicated to the finest in watch maintenance and service. The Watch Collector Co. is home to some of the best timepieces in Melbourne.

    Jaeger LeCoultre

    The vast roster of great high-end watch stores on Collins Street now includes Jaeger LeCoultre. All of the men's watches in their collection have simple, sleek designs that progress to perfect symmetry mostly on dial to give your wrist an air of sophistication. If you'd prefer a more understated accessory that will always be in style, they also have a wide variety of ultrathin timeless timepieces.

    Tiffany & Co.

    Tiffany & Co. is a must-see for any watch aficionado or anyone in the market for a fine timepiece. Any uninitiated on the exceptional craftsmanship and stunning beauty of the jeweler's timepieces are in for a treat. With both classic and modern timepieces, Tiffany's is sure to have a watch that is perfect for you.

    The Watch Culture

    Since the late 1980s, the family behind The Watch Culture has been purchasing, selling, and trading well before luxury timepieces. Each and every one of the pre-owned watches in their remarkable collection has been carefully chosen by a knowledgeable staff member to verify that it is a genuine vintage or collectable timepiece. They not only sell timepieces from the best brands but also service and repair them professionally.


    Zager has been a distributor of high-end timepieces for over 25 years, and the company's goal is to offer customers direct access to its wholesale prices. In other words, if you want to save a tonne of money on a brand-new or gently-used high-end wristwatch, you've come to the right place. You may save money at Zaeger without sacrificing the excellent service you'll receive. No matter if you're a first-time buyer or a loyal customer, this store is committed to providing you with the best possible service.

    Elita Collection

    Elita was founded in 2019, and it is a privately held business that sells the finest watches Melbourne residents can buy. This Melbourne-based company has gone global with the opening of branches in Hong Kong, New York, Moscow, and Dubai to meet the demand for its exclusive product line and high standard of customer care from across the world.

    Bell & Ross

    The founders of this legendary watch company began working together after realising there was a market for timepieces with an aviation theme. Bell & Ross has earned acclaim for their tastefully practical yet aesthetically sophisticated designs, which feature exceptional art and craftsmanship. This Melbourne shop is just next to Watches of Switzerland in The Block Arcade.


    In order to make a well-informed purchase, it is crucial to know where to shop. Over 40 locations in nine Asian cities make The Hour Glass one of the continent's premier retailers of fine timepieces. Luxury goods from companies like A Lange & Söhne, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, and Jaeger-LeCoultre are sold in boutiques within boutiques. The Hour Glass is a haven for watch collectors and enthusiasts as the official retailer of a stunning array of high-end watches. There are now separate private VIP salons for IWC, Patek Philippe, and Cartier timepieces in the recently renovated store.

    When it comes to rare Swiss timepieces, no one does it better than Australia's own 8th Avenue Watches Co. At Melbourne International Airport, you can find JR/Watch Co., a duty-free retailer specialising in luxury timepieces. When it comes to satisfying customers, Menards has almost 20 years of experience. Watchtime may be found in Melbourne's old yet charming Block Arcade. Timepieces, both contemporary and historical, are the store's forte.

    Louis Kennedy and Martha Kennedy, a married couple, established LK Boutique in 1968. Watch Trader has been trading in pre-owned high-end watches for nearly twenty years. The Watch Gallery has been a mainstay of Melbourne's watchmaking community in the CBD for many years. The store's showcases are brimming with beautiful Swiss timepieces of all price points. When it comes to high-end timepieces, Vacheron Constantin is the very first company to open shop Down Under.

    Hardy Brothers is renowned for its cutting-edge products and cutting-edge retail design and layout. In Collins Street, you'll find Melbourne Watch, a store that treats its customers with the best care and reliability. If you're looking for a high-quality timepiece in Melbourne, go no further than The Watch Collector Co. Established in 2019, Elita is a Melbourne business that provides locals with access to the best timepieces Australia has to offer. For almost 25 years, Zager has served as a distributor for luxury timepieces. Bell & Ross is well-known for creating high-quality products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Content Summary

    • The Watches of Switzerland boutique in Australia first opened its doors to the public in 1996.
    • A Melbourne boutique features stores within shops selling premium goods including A. Lange & Söhne, Breitling, Cartier, IWC, et Jaeger-LeCoultre.
    • The Hour Glass is among the most renowned luxury watch retailers in Asia, with locations in over 40 cities around the continent, including Melbourne.
    • In addition to its original location in Tokyo, The Hour Glass now has branches in nine other major cities around Asia and the Pacific, including Melbourne.
    • The Hour Glass is a haven for watch collectors and enthusiasts as the official retailer of a stunning array of high-end watches.
    • Kennedy
    • An index of the finest timepiece retailers Melbourne Kennedy, it would not reach its full potential.
    • If you're looking for high-quality, one-of-a-kind Swiss timepieces, go no farther than The 8th Road Watch Co.
    • Melbourne International Airport's newly rebuilt Terminal T2 retail zone is capped by the stylish JR/Watch Co.
    • Travelers departing Australia can take advantage of Melbourne's duty-free shopping for luxury watches.
    • Watchtime is a family-owned business that has been selling new and pre-owned watches for over 25 years, with a specialisation in rare and valuable modern and historical timepieces.
    • Therefore, the Watch Trader is home to some of the finest pre-owned timepieces in Melbourne.
    • Check out Watch Trader, Australia's number one watch dealer, if you're in the market for a pre-owned luxury timepiece.
    • European Watch Gallery's speciality is new and pre-owned European timepieces.
    • In addition to becoming the first luxury watchmaker to open a storefront in Australia, Melbourne-based Vacheron Constantin is also the second luxury watchmaker to call Australia home.
    • If you are in the market for an antique or pre-owned watch in Melbourne, the Watch Gallery is where you want to go.
    • In 1918, Hardy Brothers extended their operations to Melbourne, Australia, by opening a store at 298 Downtown.
    • Hardy Brothers is renowned for its cutting-edge products and cutting-edge retail design and layout.
    • If you're looking for a high-quality timepiece in Melbourne, go no further than The Watch Collector Co.
    • The family behind The Watch Culture has been dealing in luxury timepieces and other collectibles since the 1980s.
    • If you shop at Zaeger, you may find a discount without compromising the quality of the service you receive.
    • Founded in 2019, privately-held company Elita is known throughout Melbourne as the go-to source for luxury timepieces.
    • Located in Melbourne's The Block Arcade, this store is convenient to nearby Watches of Switzerland.
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