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What Is There To Do In Melbourne At Night?

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    Daytime exploration of Melbourne is enjoyable, but it's after dark that the city comes alive. Nighttime activities in Melbourne are among the city's most exciting offerings.

    There are many exciting things can do in Melbourne after dark, from nighttime kayaking down the river to spending the night at a zoo, and everything in between.

    Even wandering around the city has its rewards, as Melbourne is utterly beguiling at night. Tram hours have been increased so that you no longer have to stay within the city's Central Business District (CBD).

    Here are a few things to do in Melbourne at night, to see the city from a different point of view.

    FAQs About Melbourne

    Melbourne At Night Bucket List

    • Ride the Melbourne Star.
    • Take in a sunset view at Eureka Skydeck 88.
    • Explore the laneways of the city.
    • Tour the Old Melbourne Gaol.
    • Belly laugh at The Comic's Lounge.
    • Grab a drink at a themed rooftop or secret bar.
    • Tuck into some food at the Queen Victoria Night Market.

    However, Melbourne, like any other big and populous city, can be violent and have criminals.

    There are certain parts of the city which should be avoided, although tourists are not a common target of the criminals in these areas. Bourke Street, Flinders Street Station, and Gray Street have a population that belongs to all social classes, from homeless people to drug dealers and prostitutes, which leads to all sorts of criminal acts.

    To protect themselves, tourists need to pay attention to strangely behaving people around them, to keep their possessions in front of them and remain cautious all the time while they are on the crowded streets of Melbourne.

    During the night, they should remain on the main streets, where there are lights and cameras, and avoid those city districts that are well known as dangerous.

    Melbournians take their nightlife seriously. There are thousands of live music performances across the city every week, as well as a profusion of late-night bars, restaurants and clubs.

    Down the famous laneways of Melbourne, you'll stumble across bars that bleed music and laughter into the city night.

    The framework will consider Melbourne's role as a local government, as a state capital city, the place of our CBD as the largest entertainment precinct in Australia and as an international cultural city that operates throughout 24 hours.

    At night time it is very busy, so there are no dark, quiet streets that should worry you. There is sufficient access to public transport as well so it is easy to get to and from your home. If you want an area that has great nightlife but also beach culture, then St Kilda is great for you.

    Fun Things To Do In Melbourne At Night

    what is there to do in melbourne at night2

    The food, the dress, the people, the lifestyle; oh, Melbourne. You're welcome here whether you're a long-time resident or just passing by on a quick trip, Melbourne is an amazing city

    Melbourne looks its best at night, thanks to the way the spotlights mellow down any rough spots. If you ever find yourself in Melbourne after dark, don't miss out on what makes this city so special. Plus, consider the following things to do in Melbourne at night with you.

    Take In The Views At The Eureka Skydeck

    We've already mentioned the lights, and the Eureka Skydeck is the best place to see it all in.

    The Skydeck at the Eureka Tower is on the 88th floor and provides breathtaking views over Melbourne after dark. However, only the adventurous will dare to take a ride on "The Edge."

    You can see the city in every direction from this thrilling and slightly nauseating glass box.

    See A Show

    Indulge your arty side and see a show while you’re in Melbourne. Naturally, there's a wide variety to pick from.

    The Princess Theatre, with its Victorian building and foreign performances and cuisine, is a must-see for any fan of the Victorian style. You may also visit the city's oldest theatre, the Athenaeum, which hosts anything from comedies to Shakespeare.

    Another well-liked venue is Her Majesty's Theatre, which hosts some of the best dance shows and musicals in town. It's the Regent Theatre, of course.

    place for blockbuster shows coming to Melbourne.

    The Malthouse Theatre celebrates creative and cultural diversity and features more experimental shows, while Union House features cutting-edge student works.

    Laugh Until Your Belly Hurts 

    There has never been a time when it was more vital to laugh for the sake of your mental, psychological, and physical well-being. For this reason, it's important that you include in at least one comedy show while you're making plans for your next vacation things to do at night in Melbourne.

    There are many comedy venues in Melbourne, You may see both established and up-and-coming comedians at Comedy @ Spleen (bonus: it's free on Mondays!) or at Local Laughs, a bar in the southside's European style.

    See a show at Lido Comedy in the jazzy room of a vintage theatre if you prefer a more cosy atmosphere. Friday nights are also fantastic for comedy now at Coopers Inn.

    Scare Yourself On A Ghost Tour At The Old Melbourne Gaol

    If you’re travelling with young kids, this probably isn’t the best choice of late-night Melbourne activities.

    However, if you and your travel companions happen to be of legal age, it makes for a fascinating and eerie way to while away a few hours.

    Melbourne Gaol was established in the middle of the 1800s until closed in 1929. It was a haven for dangerous criminals, the mentally sick, and the homeless during that time. The souls of those who perished there would be extremely tormented. Plus the 133 criminals that were executed by hanging.

    See what's going on throughout the city and get ready to be scared by booking a tour of the prison.

    Catch A Movie 

    If you’re struggling to find things to do at night in Melbourne, then why not fall back on an old favourite? Melbourne has a range of cinemas to accommodate a wide variety of preferences in cinematic style and architectural aesthetic.

    Visit the Astor Theatre for Art Deco ambience and a selection of classic films and double features. You may also check out the Palace Westgarth, often regarded as the city's most aesthetically pleasing movie theatre.

    Foreign films & documentaries are best seen at the ACMI, while Hollywood releases and independent films get the royal treatment at Palace Cinema Como.

    Enjoy The Queen Victoria Market Night Markets.

    Since its opening in 1878, residents have been making frequent trips to Queen Victoria Market to shop, eat, and mingle. It takes up two blocks of the city and features everything from food trucks to apparel.

    Check the schedule to see if there are any holiday-themed night markets happening while you're in town visit to Melbourne. There are many exciting events, such as night markets, street food fairs, and other celebrations, throughout the year, but none more so than during the colder months.

    Relax On St Kilda Beach And Take In The Sunset

    You wouldn’t think a beach would be on this list of Melbourne attractions You may still enjoy St. Kilda Beach at night without taking any unnecessary risks by swimming out into the ocean. Perhaps the most breathtaking way to end a day is by enjoying the world set over the ocean. day exploring Melbourne

    Get there early and browse the stores for a fun evening out. But you'll get extra credit if you get there before the sun goes down. Just as the sun goes down, the small penguins who live at St. Kilda Pier return home. One of the most endearing and cost-free activities in the city is watching them meander to their nests.

    beach sunset

    Take Flight On The Melbourne Star. 

    One of the best ways to see the city of Melbourne at night is from atop the Melbourne Star.

    At 120 metres in height, the Yarra Star is the tallest observation wheel in the southern hemisphere. Beautiful during the day, the vistas are even more breathtaking at night from this, the only enormous observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Take The Kids To Luna Park.

    Looking for something to occupy the kids for a while? Then, you should all go to Luna Park. The oldest amusement park in the United States, complete with dodgems, carnival games, and carousels.

    It's open late, so the kids can play there till they're tired.

    Drink With The Cool People 

    You can’t talk about Melbourne nightlife without referring to its bars. Many of these can be found in Melbourne's many nooks and crannies, including atop buildings and along alleyways. Listed below are a few of the city's most hip watering holes, perfect for a group night out:

    • Where to go for a glass in a dark fairy tale: Storyville
    • As the name implies, Heartbreaker is a seedy watering hole serving up premium libations.
    • Berlin Bar, where you may enjoy a classic ambience by sitting on either side of the bar at the Murmur Piano Bar.
    • Places like the Above Board Bar, which isn't even listed on Google Maps, and the Lay Low Bar, which is disguised as a clothes store, are just two examples of the city's many secret watering holes.

    Take A Dinner Cruise On The Yarra River.

    Taking a cruise along the river is one of the best things to do in Melbourne

    The city looks stunning at night when viewed from the ocean.

    There are a variety of cruise lines that will take you out for dinner while you take in the sights of the city from the sea, so pick one that seems fun to you. Obtain your tickets online.

    Watch A Movie Under The Stars. 

    There was nothing quite like the exhilaration and novelty of a drive-in movie for those of us who came of age before the digital revolution. There's something special about viewing a film outside under the moonlight that can't be replicated even in the most plush movie theatre.

    Keep in mind that many movie theatres close down during the winter months, as it is difficult to see a film while shivering.

    Here’s where to go in Melbourne city at night to recapture this experience: 

    • Moonlight Cinema
    • Cameo Outdoor Cinema
    • Federation Square 
    • The Lunar Drive-In for one of the few year-round outdoor cinemas
    • Classic Rooftop Cinema

    Stroll Southbank Promenade

    Planning what to do in Melbourne at night can lead to some amazing things.

    However, there are occasions when it's pleasant to kick back and see where the night leads you. The Southbank Promenade is the perfect place to do just that.

    The promenade, which runs parallel to the Yarra River and is located relatively close to the heart of the city, is a favourite place to spend the evening. There are plenty of cute cafes and restaurants to stop at for a bite to eat while taking in the stunning scenery. The discoveries could be surprising!

    Catch An Afl Match

    One of the best things to do in Melbourne an Australian Football League (AFL) game at night, provided you're in town at the correct time.

    Even if it's your first time at an AFL game, you'll find yourself swept up in the excitement of the applauding (and jeering) spectators.

    AFL games are played at many venues around Melbourne, The MCG is one of the city's most recognisable landmarks, so if you can, plan your trip to coincide with a game there.

    See A Cabaret Show At The Butterfly Club.

    The Butterfly Club is quite difficult to spot because it is tucked away in a small alley. The unique cabaret events at this Melbourne institution draw in crowds of tourists and locals alike, so don't miss out!

    There are just a few spots available in the exclusive club, so purchase your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment. Visit the bar and order a Thai Butterfly, a speciality drink.

    Take A Moonlight Kayak Ride.

    Take a paddle tour down the Yarra River if you like getting a bird's-eye view of a city but prefer a more intimate setting. At dusk, tours depart from the Docklands and make a pit stop to fish and chips. Obtain your tickets online.

    Try Your Luck At The Crown Melbourne.

    The Crown Casino in Melbourne offers great restaurants and a plenty of exciting gaming opportunities. Even if you win a lot of money, you shouldn't waste your time gambling it all away. However, if you're willing to spend a couple of hours consuming and trying your luck, it can fun addition to your Melbourne at night activities

    Test Out Your Night-Time Photography Skills

    Melbourne nightlife isn’t all parties.

    Being a bystander in this fantastic city has its perks.

    Examine your artistic or photographic abilities by shooting the city at night. When you look at the world through an artist's eyes, you'll be astounded by the transformation.

    There are plenty fantastic places to shoot nighttime photographs, including:

    • It's the Flinders Street Train Station
    • Sunset photos over the sea at Birrarung Marr
    • When the sun goes down, visit the penguins at St. Kilda Pier.
    • Sunset on Brighton Beach is when the best light may be found inside the "Boxes."
    • Shot of the Yarra River from afar
    • Crown Casino and Luna Park on the Yarra

    Play Holey Moley Golf 

    Do you remember mini-golf from your childhood? The Tattered Moley Golf Club ups the ante with retro-themed holes and scenery from the '80s and '90s. There are multiple venues across the city, and younger kids will enjoy the craziness and enjoyment.

    Plus, the full-service bar has beverages and cocktails for those who would rather not be brought back to the 1980s. Late-night activities are more fun with a few drinks Melbourne activities even more fun.

    Listen To Some Live Music. 

    what is there to do in melbourne at night

    Melbourne is famous for its live music. The city's best and brightest musicians and bands, as well as up-and-coming acts, are regularly featured at the city's many nightlife hotspots. So, here's where you can go to revisit some old faves or explore some fresh new ones:

    • For some rock & roll, try The Trash or The Curtain.
    • Best jazz in town may be heard at either the Jazzlab or indeed the Paris Cat Jazz Club.
    • Performers from all over the world can be seen at the Prince Bandroom in the Princess of Wales Hotel.
    • If you're looking for a place to hear blues during the week and big names on the weekend, look no further than The Retreat Hotel.
    • The bars on Johnston and Hanover streets feature Latin, rock, jazz, and independent music every night of the week.

    Explore The Amazing-Ness Of The Planet

    Head to Scienceworks on even a Friday night for an adult-only interplanetary extravaganza if you're continually amazed by the stars, planets, and other science themes.

    Every month brings a new lineup of exhibits and films, but one constant is the stimulating intellectual atmosphere and the bar.

    Every night at 7.30 and 9 o'clock, there are two option with new performances.

    Hang Out In A Museum After Hours

    As the Capital of Culture, Melbourne is home to some world-class museums    With museum exhibits NGV Worldwide may be the oldest gallery in Australia, but that has nothing to do with how it has been run. Specifically, this exhibition space. hosts cutting-edge performances and cutting-edge after-hours gatherings.

    On select Friday evenings throughout the year, the NGV welcomes guests with DJs, live entertainment, drinks, and a full menu. Each week has a new performance to complement your gallery stroll.

    Dine-In Small Private Carriage Like Setting At The Toff In Town

    You can find some of the best Thai fusion food in the city at the Toff in Town, a popular pub where Thai and Western cuisines meet.

    Toff's interior is unlike any other restaurant because it was inspired by the design of an antique train car, replete with booth-style seating for diners. You must try the smoked eggplant with lemon, yellow curry, and banana chilli salad, just to name a few of the best dishes available.

    Spending roughly $70 USD, guests can dine with loved ones and dance until 5:00 AM on weekends while listening to live music and entertainment. When it comes to Glenelg's nightlife, Prat in Town is definitely a topic of conversation.

    Go Bowling And Karaoke With Friends At Strike.

    Those on vacation with pals may have a blast at Strike, which features an amazing bowling alley and a karaoke set with modern tunes to sing along to if your aim is awful.

    This activity centre, located on the third floor of Melbourne Central, provides a variety of exciting options for groups to experience new things every hour. As time has passed, this spot has gained popularity among the area's youth spots in Melbourne.

    It's a terrific deal for a fun night with family or family, considering the high quality of the facilities and the fact that they also provide fully - equipped bars and kitchens where you can order a wide selection of delicious meals and snacks.


    One of Melbourne's best features is the variety of fun things to do after dark. Melbourne's nightlife, from kayaking the river at night to spending the night at the zoo, is enchanting. To take it all in, head to the Eureka Skydeck. This isn't the ideal option for late-night entertainment if you're travelling with little children. Taking a tour inside the Old Melbourne Gaol is an interesting and spooky way to spend an afternoon.

    If you're at a loss for what to do in Melbourne at night, a safe bet is to revisit an old favourite. In the southern hemisphere, the Yarra Star is the tallest observation wheel. One of the nicest views of Melbourne at night can be had from the observation deck of the Melbourne Star. Dodgems and carousels can be found at Luna Park, the first American amusement park. Relaxing and taking in the nightlife is easy on the Southbank Promenade.

    One of the few outdoor movie theatres in Melbourne that is open year-round is the Lunar Drive-In. Enjoy a beautiful nighttime view of the city from the water on a dinner cruise down the Yarra River. Melbourne has many exciting places to go out at night, like the Crown Casino, The Butterfly Club, and Tattered Moley Golf Club. One can get a bird's eye perspective of the city via a kayak trip down the Yarra River, or one can play mini-golf in the 1980s and 1990s. The live music scene in Melbourne is well-known.

    Visit Scienceworks, The Retreat Hotel, or the Jazzlab on a Friday night for a galactic spectacular. The fact that NGV Worldwide is the oldest gallery in Australia says nothing about the quality of its management. Some of Melbourne's finest Thai fusion can be found at the Toff in Town. Located on the third floor of Melbourne Central, Strike offers bowling and karaoke. Whether you're going out with family or friends, Prat in Town is an excellent value.

    Content Summary

    • Scare yourself silly at the Old Melbourne Gaol's Haunted Tours.
    • This isn't the ideal option for late-night fun in Melbourne if you're travelling with little children.
    • Check Out A Film
    • If you're at a loss for what to do in Melbourne after dark, a safe bet is to revisit an old favourite.
    • See if there are any Christmas-themed night markets in Melbourne planned for your time there.
    • One of the nicest views of Melbourne at night can be had from the observation deck of the Melbourne Star.
    • Visit Luna Park with the Kids.
    • Then a trip to Luna Park is in order.
    • Enjoy a cruise down the Yarra River for dinner.
    • Have a Movie Night Outside.
    • The Butterfly Club has great cabaret shows.
    • Shoot some photos of the city at night to test your artistic or photography skills.
    • Live music has become an icon of the Melbourne culture.
    • Guests are invited to the NGV on certain Friday nights throughout the year to enjoy DJs, live performances, a full bar, and delicious food.
    • Small, intimate, and private dining at the Toff in town.
    • The Toff in Town is a popular tavern serving fusion food that combines elements of Thai and Western cooking.
    • The nightlife of Glenelg, and Prat in Town in particular, is often discussed among those in the know.
    • Spend Time with Friends Bowling and Singing Karaoke at Strike.
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